My Encounter with Tabitha

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A few years ago, I was coming back from Europe on points, and my flight to New York was re-routed to Atlanta to a nasty storm front in the Northeast. As a result, I had an unplanned five-hour layover. I was a little perturbed, but surprisingly, Delta offered all the passengers rooms at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. There wasn’t enough time to go tour the city. I figured I’d make the best of it.

I dropped my bags in room 2249, hopped in the shower, changed into a new dress, and headed down to the Voya Bistro for a drink. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and the place was virtually deserted. I noticed a tall, voluptuous black woman in her early 50’s with full lips, big hoop earrings and brightly colored fingernails, wearing a figure-hugging white pantsuit with red pinstripes, sitting at a corner table with her book and a glass of red wine. She made eye contact with me and smiled, and I returned her smile.

The waiter ushered me over to another nearby table and brought me a menu. A moment later, the woman put down her book, got up and strode over to my table, hips swaying.

“Excuse me, I certainly hope this isn’t too forward, but you seem to be all by your lonesome, and I’m getting a little lonely at my table. Would you care to join me for a glass of Merlot or your favorite beverage?”

“Why, I’d be delighted,” I said. “I’m stranded for a few hours en route back to Seattle. Are you from here?”

“Oh my, a Seattle gal!” she exclaimed. “I love it up there. Well, I certainly am from Atlanta. Born and bred. Here today for business. Come on over. What’s your name?”

I told her and her smile broadened. “I had a little girlfriend by that very name back in high school. My name is Tabitha.”

We sat down together and our calves brushed. She didn’t move away and I felt the hot thrill of contact run right up my leg to my always-ready cunt.

As you know, I’m very, very tactile and love being touched – by the right man (or men), by a like-minded woman, by a total stranger. This layover was starting off well.

I glanced at the thick paperback on the table: Pure Power: A New Age of Female Joy by Tabitha Brown.

“What kind of business are you engaged in, Tabitha?”

“I lead personal development seminars for African-American women over 50,” she explained. “I’m a life coach and speaker. Business, thank God, is booming! Us boomer ladies are on the rise.”

“I’m right there with you, honey. Have you written many books?”

“This is my third one. And you know what? I just so happen to have a spare copy that is earmarked for YOU.”

She reached into her big, black leather handbag and pulled it out.

The waiter came out of the kitchen and looked confused because I wasn’t at my original table. Then he spotted me sitting with Tabitha.

“Over here, dearie,” Tabitha called. “She’s with me now.”

“No, she’s with me,” I said, sticking my tongue out just a little bit.

Tabitha pulled out a surprisingly thick gold pen and autographed the book with the inscription: “To the very sweetest thing I have seen at the Atlanta airport!”

“Why, thank you,” I said, feeling flushed with excitement. I rubbed my leg against hers and she shifted her chair closer to mine.

“So what do you do?” she asked.

“Health care,” Starzbet I said. “I’m very good at what I do.”

“Can I take your order?” the waiter asked.

“I want what she’s got,” I said brashly.

“Merlot, 9-ounce glass, coming right up,” the waiter said.

Tabitha placed her hand on mine. “So sugar, where are you coming from?”

“I spent a northern week in Italy,” I said. “Cooking classes in Tuscany, the Uffizi in Florence, a fashion show in Milan. It was a lovely getaway.”

“Oh my Lord!” Tabitha said. “That is the travel equivalent of an orgasm, if you do pardon my vulgarity.”

“Nothing to pardon,” I said with a smirk. “I can get quite vulgar myself, if you take my meaning.”

Tabitha stroked my hand knowingly. Fuck, she was making me hot. Even though I couldn’t see her cleavage, I could tell she had tits like ripe pomegranates from the outline of her top. Fuck, I wondered what it would be like to suck them. Or to have those full lips of hers wrapped around my nipples.

She gave me the once-over. “Well, I wouldn’t call your outfit vulgar – although it is quite provocative. Tell me, sweetheart, do you always dress up like this when you hit the airport lounge?”

I was wearing a new black velvet knee-length dress I’d picked up in Milan that exposed most of my shoulders and the top of my cleavage, along with sheer black silk stockings and a pair of black-and-red Versace pumps.

“Seems like it’s the best way to make new friends,” I said with a smile. “You look very provocative yourself – in a professional way, of course.”

Tabitha laughed. “Oh my, I like it. That’s exactly what I go for. God, your hand is warm.”

The waiter came back with my wine. “Thanks,” I said, not looking at him. I was gazing deep into Tabitha’s eyes and our shared hunger was making my cunt so fucking wet. I wondered if the guy could smell my cunt heating up. I sure hoped he could. I hoped I’d leave a big, wet stain right on this fucking lounge chair.

We gazed for a long, long while. Tabitha ran her tongue over her teeth. “Honey, you’re forgetting your wine.” She picked up the glass and I opened my mouth sensually, allowing her to pour the first sip on to my tongue. Delicious. So incredible.

She put one hand on my knee.

“Mmmm,” I sighed. “The service here in Atlanta is exceptional. So, tell me: what do you focus on at these seminars?”

“It’s all about personal development,” said Tabitha. “Most of them, like tonight’s, run about three hours. I focus on five main areas: travel, gardening, finance, health, and sex. And I’m sure you can guess which of those areas is my personal favorite.”

Our thighs were pressed together now as the waiter watched from across the room.

I smiled and took another sip of wine. “Well, as much as I do love to travel, I do have my guess. And I’ll bet it isn’t gardening.”

Tabitha laughed heartily. “Honey, I do believe you are quite intuitive.”

“Do you have any exciting travels coming up?” I inquired. I put my hand on her knee and she closed her eyes and smiled with pleasure before responding.

“Why, yes. I’ll be taking a Caribbean cruise in March. Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, a few other ports of call.”

“That sounds heavenly. I imagine you’ll have no Starzbet Giriş trouble attracting admirers down there.”

Tabitha finished off her Merlot. “I get all the men I want, baby. And I imagine you do too.”

My voice lowered. “That goes without saying. But what I really want is women. I cannot get enough. I am fucking insatiable.”

Tabitha’s eyes lit up. “Kiss me.”

I leaned in and gave her a long, lingering kiss right on the mouth. Full bi ecstasy. I could feel my clit throbbing. You know how it swells up when I’m hot. God, I wanted to play with myself right there in the Voya Bistro. Tabitha’s skin felt incredible as I placed my hands on her face, relishing this public kiss – tongue to tongue – with a black woman my age.

“Oh God, girl,” said Tabitha. “So good. So beautiful. What are you, anyway? German? English? You’re gorgeous.”

“Irish,” I said. “You’re close. I’m also 90 percent exhibitionist.”

We kissed again, deep and passionate, tongues interwined, tasting her saliva. I ran my hands over her curves right there in the bar. As she leaned forward, she accidentally tipped my wine glass over. It didn’t spill on us but ran toward the floor.

“Shit!” Tabitha exclaimed. “I couldn’t help it. I’m just so – “

“I don’t give a fuck,” I said. “It’s you I want.”

Tabitha pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and slapped it on the table. “You!” she called to the waiter. “Come clean this up, sweetie! Me and my girlfriend here got business.”

The waiter smiled and nodded. “Thank you, ladies.”

I took her hand as we stood up. “Come to my room.”

In the elevator, we made out passionately, ignoring the businessman who got in on the third floor and watched agape. It felt fucking amazing.

As the guy got off on the seventh floor, Tabitha reached down boldly and squeezed my ass cheeks. “God, you’ve got it going on everywhere, girl.”

I kissed and sucked the side of her neck. “I know exactly what I want from you.”

“I love doing what I was told I never should,” she moaned. “I was raised a preacher’s daughter in Louisville, Kentucky. Now I live for seduction, live to get with other women. Group, private, it don’t fuckin’ matter.”

“I was raised Catholic and I feel the exact same fucking way,” I told her vehemently.

On the 22nd floor, we practically ran to my room, overwhelmed with lust. I dropped the key card outside my door, and as I bent to retrieve, Tabitha leaned forward and pressed her face into my ass. So base. We were thinking the same way.

Inside, we tore off our clothes. Tabitha had huge, distended, dark nipples and she moaned as I climbed on top of her on the queen-sized bed and sucked them animalistically into my mouth. She crudely put her hand over my engorged cunt and began squeezing it, feeling it up. My juices smeared across her fingers.

“Oh yeah, welcome to the fuck zone,” she groaned. “I can’t believe how fucking hot you got me. So fast.”

“I’m a bad woman,” I told her. “Real fuckin’ bad. Now you put my tit in your mouth and you fuckin’ suck it for me. Were you thinking about that as soon as you saw me?”

“Oh yeah, I was. I wanted to suck those beautiful white tits of yours so much.”

She ran her tongue around my right areola and locked Starzbet Güncel Giriş on. Oh my fucking God. Now I reached down and played with myself. Rubbing my fucking bead just like I’ve masturbated on beaches, in movie theaters, in my car, wherever I want. Doing it with this gorgeous hungry black woman.

“Your tongue makes me feel so good,” I told her. “I love how bad you want me. I love that you’re giving me my fantasy in real life. Right the fuck now. I’d do this anywhere.”

“You got no idea,” she gasped. “I wish we were doing this in my daddy’s Baptist church right now, baby.”

“I got fucked in church one time, Tabitha. Another time, I used a vibrator to get off at Mass. Oh, I’d love to do that with you – and then take a piss on the altar. Would you join me, baby? Would you?”

“Any time.” She sucked me in deeper, swirling as I rubbed my clit hard.

What I wanted was to come on Tabitha’s face. I’m base, disinhibited, and raunchy. I deserve to get worshipped – and what better place than this airport hotel?

Taking charge of the situation, I swivelled and moved into a 69 position – with me on top. Goddess style. Grinding my cunt into Tabitha’s face. Sheer perfection.

We were naked, moaning loudly, and the curtains were wide open. There were suites kitty-corner and I could see a guy watching us from across the way.

Tabitha ate my pussy hungrily, her tongue delving crudely between my soaked folds to find my bead. She flicked it fast with her tongue, and it felt like a delicious combination of my Hitachi and my Womanizer – enhanced by her hungry moans.

“Eat me,” I told her. “Suck me. Yeah. Suck me!”

I was building up fast. I wanted to lick her black cunt too. She was hairy like me, unshaven and raunchy with thick black curls. Her heavy raw musk got me even more excited. I spread her roughly and saw just how fat with excitement her clit was, like a purple plum.

I ran my tongue over her clit, tasting her fuck-juices. She writhed with pleasure beneath me. I let out a raw cry as she lapped at my hole, relentless on my fucking bead.

“You want to make me cream?” I rasped. “You want to make me come on your face?”

Tabitha almost jumped as I started to suck on her, eating her cunt out like a professional slut. She was servicing me and I was servicing her at this anonymous fucking Marriott. So good. Now I was building up, my tongue fully extended, just flicking her bead as I lost every inhibition. The intermingled smell of our aroused cunts was overwhelming.

I knew that guy across the way was watching as I fucking let loose and creamed on Tabitha’s face. I pushed down, using her, using her, using her. My eyes were closed as I screamed out and flicked her clitty, and she had a huge orgasm underneath me.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” she screamed. “Jesus fucking Christ!”

Screaming with pleasure feels un-fucking-believable. Especially when you’re doing it with your new black lover – a woman who’s as hot and hungry for you as you are for her.

We spent the next three hours exploring each other’s bodies. I almost missed my flight to Seattle because I couldn’t get enough of Tabitha – and more importantly, she couldn’t get enough of me. We arranged to meet again when she had another speaking engagement in Portland. And there were more meetings after that, which I’ll tell you about another time.

Pure Power: A New Age of Female Joy. That title was bang-on. I learned new lessons in boldness that day in Atlanta, and they have served me well.