Suck Me Once, Shame On You

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Melissa looked at the calendar and groaned. She had always been as regular as clockwork and the calendar showed that her time of the month was almost upon her. She should have known; her aching breasts had been feeling fuller but she’d put off acknowledging it as she was having a rare weekend off whilst her ex had the baby.

“Oh crap, tell me I’m not due. Not now.” She sighed.

Melissa hadn’t had a regular period in months and months, but what she had had was sudden and volatile lactation every 28 days. Her already enormous breasts got even bigger and liable to spray wildly if she wasn’t able to convince her little one to feed. The problem was that her little boy had weaned himself off her milk some time ago, but her boobs showed no signs of stopping production. In fact, it was getting worse. The swelling of her huge globes was really noticeable. So she had ordered a mechanical breast pump online from overseas that would efficiently drain milk from both breasts simultaneously and was awaiting its arrival, hoping against hope that it would get to her in time. She didn’t think she could take another 5 days of leaning over the sink for hours, squeezing away what felt like litres of breast milk with her hands, whilst she could and should be doing other things.

Milking her own breasts was slightly humiliating but also deeply stimulating. Melissa was as horny as hell the whole time that she was lactating to the point where she would intently stare at the postmen and delivery drivers who dropped off packages at her home, wondering whether they would appreciate being propositioned. The shame of her milky breasts always put her off making the offer in case she was rejected by a horrified driver – and maybe even reported. She couldn’t bear the news getting out around her local town.

Her phone rang and she sighed in irritation. Who the hell could this be? She didn’t have the time or the ability to concentrate on a chat. And if it was James again, well… she was finally going to give him a piece of her mind, the creep.

Two weeks ago, when her ex had last had the baby, she had gone out on the town with her girlfriends. It had been ages since she’d really lived it up and she was celebrating getting over another month’s milking, though none of her friends knew that as she was too embarrassed to tell them. Melissa had been really enjoying herself, dancing, drinking, laughing with her girls when she suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and stared at the man who still had his hand on her shoulder.


“Are you Melissa Jones? From Welbeck High?” Asked the man.

Suddenly the penny dropped and Melissa realised that she kind of recognised him;

“Ahh, erm, Jacob was it?” she hazarded a guess.

“Close! It’s James, remember? From your year? We shared a maths class together?”

“Oh yes, I remember now. Mrs. Sharden, wasn’t it? It’s been ages, hasn’t it?! How are you?” Melissa wracked her brain furiously for any significant memories that she could call on to cover her embarrassment that she had got his name wrong.

“Yes, that was her! Did you hear what happened to her after we left? Shall I get us a drink – no strings attached, honest – and I can fill you in on the news?” asked James.

Melissa hesitated. She barely remembered him. He had been one of the nerdy kids at school and she had never really spoken to him much. But her feet were aching a bit with all the dancing and her glass was nearly empty. A quick chat and a reminisce couldn’t hurt.

“Yeah, sure. Mine’s a vodka tonic.” And off they went to find a table.

One drink led to another and later, in a drunken stupor, Melissa had been hideously indiscreet, telling James everything about her lactation. She had needed to tell someone as she had been to see her local doctor already who thought that she was being hysterical due to her break-up and raising a baby on her own. It was too humiliating to let anyone else know and she didn’t want anyone to think she couldn’t cope, so she kept quiet. Until alcohol and James’s concerned interest undid her natural coyness, that is.


James was blown away by Melissa’s sudden appearance at the club: in fact, he could hardly believe his luck. Melissa had been one of the most beautiful and sexy girls at school and therefore always in demand. He’d tried asking her out once but she’d pretended that she couldn’t hear what he was saying and ran away giggling with her friends. From that point onwards, he’d just stare at her from afar, dreaming of what it would be like to touch her soft, warm skin; to see her full lips parting in expectation of his own; to see her gorgeous green eyes closing in surrender; to feel the silkiness of her thick, long, black hair in his fist as he pulled her head backwards; to cup her generous breasts in his hand…

He spent his school years storing pictures of her in his wank bank and even now, in his 30s, would sometimes refer back to them when in the shower first thing in the morning. Although, in the years since school he’d finally lost his virginity and had a couple of girlfriends, none of them were like her. He’d been dumped mardin escort by the most recent one because she couldn’t put up with his insatiable sex drive anymore and had been disgusted by some of the demands he’d made of her. He couldn’t blame her; he was a bit disgusted too.

James had only gone out that night because he couldn’t think of an excuse not to go. He had been dragged out with some friends to the only club in their local town and, joy of all joys, seen Melissa again. There she was with her friends, wearing the tightest of long black leather leggings, a little sparkly vest top and killer heels. He could also see a monster-sized bra with huge straps holding in tits that surely belonged on a woman three times her size. His mouth fell open and he nearly drooled on the floor when she appeared in his view line. His mates teased him about talking to The Untouchable Melissa Jones and how he had crashed and burned so badly all those years ago. But something about her made her seem a little bit more approachable, perhaps a bit vulnerable, and he went over in the guise of an old friend checking out how another old friend was doing.

A few drinks later and Melissa was pouring out her life story of how she’d got pregnant with her then boyfriend and found out he was cheating on her as she was about to give birth. She’d kicked him out and started raising the baby on her own although he had access every other weekend once the baby was weaned. A few drinks more and she was telling him – well, everything. At first she held back, but modesty was soon abandoned and once she had started she couldn’t stop. James barely spoke but took it all in.

“I just can’t bear it. I mean, it’s just so embarrassing! My boobs are so big I can’t find any pretty bras and I ruin most of them with the milk anyway. I mean, who would want to date a human cow?! Oh God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this! You won’t say anything to anyone, will you? Promise on your life?” Melissa babbled away drunkenly and James slowly shook his head and solemnly promised not to breathe a word of this to anyone.

At first, his mind nearly blew with what she was telling him. He’d always had a massive weakness for big boobs – the bigger the better – but late night internet searches for ‘huge knockers’ and ‘enormous tits’ had led him to fetish sites that revealed women lactating, squirting milk as they squeezed their swollen jugs and bouncing those huge breasts in the faces of the men fucking them. Something about them had appealed to him deeply. The rounded curves of those women, their milky tits, their compliance and the way they gave and gave and gave – it made his testosterone rocket. He wanted to make terrible demands of them; he wanted to sink into their flesh; he wanted to protect them and be enfolded by them; he wanted – oh how he wanted – to fuck them. He had often tried hard to imagine what it must be like to press his face into a warm, soft mass of tit flesh whilst he fastened onto a big nipple and suckled away, his fingers on one hand searching out the other nipple to rub and twist and the other hand reaching down for the slippery wetness of the nameless woman’s cunt. Drinking her in as he slammed his prick into her…

But how many single, gorgeous and lactating women did he know who actually wanted to be in the same room as him, let alone allow him access to their bodies? He wasn’t bad looking but he wasn’t good looking either, just an average joe: average height, brown hair, not thin but not fat, quite amusing at times, some friends but not the life and soul of the party. It was easy to pass him by. What he did have going for him was his brain and the devious way that it could sense out a situation to his best advantage.

He felt himself drifting off into fantasy land as Melissa spoke. It was incredible to him that she, The Untouchable Melissa Jones, was lactating and actually seeing it as an embarrassing problem when it was his wildest fantasy. Unfortunately, she still saw him as that nerdy kid from years ago, even ruffling his hair and apologising for ignoring his request for a date, so there was no way she was interested in him. He nearly threw himself on her there and then but decided against it. He was too sober to suffer that kind of rejection and besides, another plan was forming in his mind…

The next day, he asked around old friends from school and found out where Melissa lived and where she worked. Over the next few weeks he sent her flowers and chocolates and hung around places where she might see him.

She started to panic, especially when he got her number from somewhere and started texting her ‘just to see how you’re doing, sexy’. Was he going to tell anyone her secret? Melissa got especially flustered when he sent her a link to a video of cow being milked. In fact, she was really angry: was he bloody joking?

Her flusteredness turned to horror when he sent her another link to a video of a woman being milked in a similar, though adapted, machine. The woman in the weird metal and leather contraption was squirming and groaning – in pleasure? In shame? She was shocked and deleted mardin escort bayan the video before she could watch it again, almost imagining that people could tell she’d seen such a dirty video. But she was fascinated too, and scenes from it kept popping up in her head during everyday activities, making her squirm and turn red.

Melissa couldn’t remember for the life of her whether she had gone as far as telling James that she had ordered this special lactation machine from abroad and that she was desperately awaiting its arrival. Had she? There were few producers and she might have been silly enough to tell him where she had bought it. Surely he had been drinking too and wouldn’t have remembered such a little detail, if she’d told him at all?


And now here she was in her kitchen, looking down at her clamouring phone. Thankfully, it wasn’t that weirdo James. It was a friend which at least put him out of her mind for the time being. She’d have to be firm and deal with him the next time he got in contact; she couldn’t be harassed like this. In the meantime, she desperately needed that breast pump to arrive. Her tits were swollen and aching and her milk was definitely on its way. Her nipples were hardening and starting to rub on the inside of her bra. She couldn’t concentrate on the conversation with her friend as she wondered whether she had better go and stand by the sink as soon as she had finished talking. As her friend made her goodbyes, there was a knock at the door and Melissa looked through peephole. There was a man in a delivery driver’s uniform carrying a large box – at last! She said a hurried goodbye to her friend and put the phone down as she opened the door, all smiles for the delivery driver.

As he stepped forwards, he handed over the box. She moved backwards to put it down in her hallway and the man followed her in through the doorway. Melissa looked up under the brim of the cap to see James smiling down on her. He quickly kicked the door shut behind him and said, “Surprise!”

“What the fuck…?” stuttered Melissa, appalled that he was in her house. “What the hell are you DOING?” He smiled even more broadly.

“Well, I knew you’d not let me in without a little persuasion. So I used my background in computers to change the delivery address on your special order, had it delivered to my place and got all dressed up to come and see you. Aren’t you pleased to see me?!”

Melissa gasped at his audacity. She was about to scream when her huge boobs throbbed and a wave of desperation to milk them came over her.

“No I am not! How dare you come in my house?!” she vented as her breasts swayed. “Drop the box and get the hell out of here. I need that machine right now!”

“I’m going nowhere. I want to help,” said James as he put down the box and moved closer to her.

“Just get out of my house or I’ll call the police!” she yelled.

“I don’t think you will though, because if I’ve calculated it correctly, you are on the verge of letting down your milk and you need what’s in this box more than you need the hassle of calling the police.”

He reached out and grabbed a fat breast in his hand, squeezing gently. She groaned as a tiny damp patch appeared on the front of her top. “So maybe if you help me, I can help you?”

“What do you mean by that, you slime ball?”

“I can suck you if you return the favour.” He suggested.

“You can go to hell!” she muttered as she fought the pressing need to let her breasts feel the open air and to gush freely.

“I can tell you’re close. So close. I can help you for a little help in return…”

“I’ve got to have that machine, please.” She begged.

James grinned wolfishly, his timing had been perfect. “Then get down on your knees and help me out.”

Melissa was horrified but in a desperate position. Maybe if she just sucked him off quickly – something she knew she was good at – then it would all be over and she could get her hands on the pump. Fighting back her repulsion, she took a deep breath, dropped to her knees and unzipped his trousers. She fished out his stubby cock and was slightly surprised by the thickness of its meaty purple head. In her hands it started to swell. The horror of what she was about to do grew in her and almost overwhelmed her. This was disgusting! How could she let herself get into this position? She ought to send him packing and call the police. But the warmth of his length in her hands and the thickness of it was hypnotising her with its slow heartbeat. How long had it been since she’d last touched any man and how desperate had she been to have a dick – any dick – inside her? Could she really be doing this? Could she actually let it happen? Still hating herself for not throwing the sleazy bastard out and with her boobs throbbing, she swallowed her pride and his cock. As she slipped her lips over the top of it, she felt it growing to an impressive hardness in her mouth.

In a kind of dream of ecstasy, James grabbed her thick black pony tail in his fist. He gently pulled her head back and looked at her pretty face sucking escort mardin on his lengthening erection. Then he grunted as he shoved his hips forward and into her mouth. He hit the back of her throat and, like a pro, she took it and kept sucking. Time felt suspended as he thrust again and again into her hot wet mouth. Spit formed and dripped onto the canyon of her cleavage as the sloppy sound of her sucking filled the hallway. She took his prick out of her mouth and ran her tongue over his frenulum and then down his shaft to his balls. Slowly bathing them and sucking them into her mouth with a pop, she gently pulled them away from his body. The backs of James’s knees started trembling as she worked her magic on him. He could barely stand up. Looking down at the top of her head, he spoke to her again,

“Take off your top; I need to see your tits.”

She stopped what she was doing and his prick slipped out of her mouth. Melissa pushed away from his thighs but, before she could get up, he strengthened his grip on her pony tail and forced himself back into her. She choked on him and tried to fight back but she was going nowhere. Gagging, she squealed and tears came to her eyes. He looked down at her with one eyebrow raised. Reckoning that this would bring this whole revolting episode to a quicker end, Melissa nodded. She fell backwards off his dick, got back to her knees and did what she was told. Besides, her boobs were killing her now and she needed to get them out of her restrictive bra. Sucking him off had disgusted her but at the depths of that disgust she felt something else stirring. Her milk coming in always made her outrageously horny, but somehow James’s authoritative manner and lecherous demands were making her incredibly wet. Her pussy was buzzing, waiting to see what happened next.

As she slipped her top off over her head and undid the catch on her bra, her amazing breasts tumbled out and jiggled as she flicked her hair back out of her face. They were just huge, perfectly round and tipped with big, pink, pointed nipples. James was captivated. He bent down to touch them and squeeze them in his hands, watching as they gently knocked together. Melissa’s skin was burning hot to the touch and her tits felt hard and swollen.

“Is your milk coming in right now?” asked James as he saw tiny beads of white forming on the tips of the nipples.

“Mmm” whimpered Melissa as she closed her eyes and nodded.

“I think I deserve a treat for having brought your special machine round to your door, don’t you?” he insinuated.

Melissa didn’t answer. James reached down and tweaked a nipple which made her shudder in horror, pain and dark desire.

“Stand up and open your legs,” he demanded.

She did as she was told before he pinched her aching nipples again. James reached between her legs and slipped a single finger inside her lacy knickers. They were drenched. She flinched as he ran his finger up and down the sopping gusset.

He snickered in her ear, “It feels to me like you’re enjoying this, Melissa. Are you? Are you enjoying it?”

She stayed silent but her body was betraying her. His finger started stroking the soft outer lips of her pussy instead.

“Tell me, Melissa, are you enjoying what I’m making you do?” James’s finger slipped into her damp slit and over her clitoris. She gasped and gave a tiny nod. “Tell me.”

“I can’t!” she whispered.

“Tell me or I’ll stop.”

“Oh God, no!” she cried.

“Then tell me how you love it and how you want more. I want to hear the words.”

Melissa didn’t want to say anything but as her pussy started to gush, she felt her milk being let down in her boobs. Panicking at the sensation, still embarrassed by it but utterly desperate for relief, she said the words, “Please don’t stop. I want to be touched. I want to have your hands on me. I want you to…”

“…to what, Melissa?”

Sobbing, she cried out, “I want you to suck my tits!”

Another barrier broken down – he smiled from ear to ear. From now on, he was in. She couldn’t throw him out if she wanted to; she needed him to help her and a deeply hidden part of her had come to the surface and begged for her humiliation. He pushed her back against the wall and, carefully pinching one nipple closed, he ran his lips over the other one, feeling the weight of her breast behind it and the fierce heat radiating from her. He stuck out his tongue and flicked it over her aching tip. As he did so he felt the shudder running through her dripping cunt that was pressing against his finger. She was panting with need now and could not wait any longer.

“Suck my fucking tit, you bastard!” she yelled as she wrapped her fingers in his short brown hair and pulled him towards her, shoving her throbbing breast into his mouth. Melissa opened her legs wider and wrapped one around his waist giving him full access to her. He opened wide and engulfed as much of her juicy breast into his mouth as he could manage then pulled back and sucked at the same time. The milk burst onto his tongue like a sweet explosion and flowed and flowed and flowed. Melissa groaned in relief and wouldn’t let James pull away by a centimetre. He pushed his finger into her wet slit and out again, then slipped in another finger. James sucked hard at her beautiful breast, feeling the milk shoot into his throat, hot, sweet and good. His hand still pinched at her other teat to prevent it leaking and his other fingers started to ram into her silken folds.

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