Club Seven Gloryhole

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Chad stepped out of the shower, steam filling the bathroom like a nice sauna. He grabbed a nearby towel and dried head to toe, making sure to get his hear nice and ruffled like he liked it. His hair a shade of brown that looks nearly red in the right light. Chad continued to dry off his well-sculpted body. No super model, yet Chad took great pride in his body. His pecks are nicely toned, and just slightly south of that a slowly growing six pack forms. The towel trails lower still, now drying Chad’s seemingly perfect cock; only three inches when soft, but a nice seven inches when fully erect, and close to two inches thick. It’s something Chad has always boasted about to the girls. The towel makes it’s way along each curve, vein, and crevis along his cock and it’s head.

Standing in front of the mirror, Chad admires his own body, gets himself hard and stares again.

“Now that’s a sexy man,” he says with a grin and doing the cheesy Hollywood movie pointer-finger.

Finally getting over his own reflection, Chad begins to dress in some of his nicest clothes. A sexy black Versace club shirt with small purple pinstripes along it. Matched with a black grommet belt and pair of slim-cut dark washed jeans. Though we don’t want to feed his ego anymore, he’s right; that’s a sexy man!

“What the hell are you doing in there!?” Chad’s sister screams at him while banging on the bathroom door.

They both had come up to visit family, they haven’t lived together in over 3 years, so having to share a bathroom for the past week has been hell. Luckily, Chad was getting some release and planned to head out with some friends to a sexy club…a fetish club to be exact. Half of the room was the usual; dance floor and bar. The other half included lap dances, massage bars, and of course Chad’s favorite, the glory holes. It’s been over a month since he’s been laid, hell even since a nice blow job, so this is a major relief.

“Hurry the fuck up!” Chad’s sister once again screams at him. She also has night plans.

A few squirts of some Eau Frechue and he’s ready for his hot night.

“Sheesh, alright alright, it’s all yours, don’t get your tampon in a twist”, Chad began to search for his “hot club shoes” as he calls them.


Cindy had already taken a shower earlier, but has been waiting on her brother Chad to get out of the damn shower. Wrapped in nothing but a towel, she brushes by him and slams the door shut. Her brother and her had never been greatly close, about average for brother and sister they believe. She stands in front of the mirror and lets the soft pink towel drop to the floor. She’s absolutely beautiful, standing only 5’5″, her silky blond hair with small curls and ‘crinkles’ in it. Cindy dabs some of her strawberry scented lotion on each of her palms and rubs it along her soft chest, moving down to her amazing 18yr old breasts. They were only B cups but are nicely shaped and perky; Cindy’s nipples stand at attention no matter what she did, but she has the cutest pink nipples and dollar-coin sized aureoles. Her body is fairly thing, not quite toned, but very petite. She turns around to check out her pride and joy, her sexy ass. It’s much larger and rounder than most of her white friends, so they always pick on her saying she has a black-girls booty! Though Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort Cindy always thinks of it as a compliment. Cindy turns on some music to get into the mood, she can’t wait to get on the dance floor with her friends again. Dancing around naked she turns the blow dryer on and gets her hair to her signature sexy, soft, silky look that drive the men wild. Finally she begins to dress, still dancing. She slips on a long sleeve white shirt that comes down just to her belly button, a sexy g-string, black and very thing, then a pair of black loose pants. To top it of she wears a short sleeve, black denim jacket, the torso part only comes just to cover her breasts, which of course she has safely secured in a push-up bra showing her sexy cleavage. She’s in hopes of getting some action tonight, she doesn’t quite care who with as long as he’s super sexy. Finishing off her stunning look with some makeup, body glitter, and lip gloss, she heads out to the club.


Chad arrives at “Club Seven”, their usual dance floor slash sex club. He meets up with his friends and they immediately pick on his fashion as usual. Chad was always keen on fashion and always the best dressed of his friends. They take it to the bar and get a few drinks, Chad was having fun celebrating his newly legal-drinking age, only being 21 for about 3 months now. A rap song remix of “Low” came on and Chad and his friends hit the dance floor, grinding up against any girl they could find who would stay next to them. Chad put his drink down long enough to slide his hands up and down this sexy 19 year old’s hot body. The redhead giggles and flirts with Chad a bit, leaning in pretending she’s going to kiss him, then pulling away and winking. She slowly grinds her hot young ass against his crotch. She feels Chad get harder and harder beneath her ass, then she begins to rub the length with her hand. Her eyes widen a bit and she grins, waving her finger, subliminally saying “naughty boy”. Chad pulls her close and plants a kiss on her neck, then whispers

“Maybe we should head to the back?”

By this of course he was meaning the private dance room and glory holes. The sexy redhead continues to rub his cock thru his pants, then does the cruelest thing a woman can do…she stopped, smiled at him, then left. Chad couldn’t believe it, he was hoping so badly he was going to get at least a hand job from her. Defeated but still rock hard Chad decides to go to the back of the room himself. This is definitely one of Chad’s favorite rooms. As he walks by he sees a sexy brunette giving a middle aged man what looks like an amazing blow job. She really knows how to use her lips and tongue just right. He watches for a bit then moves on. Finally, Chad sees his long-sought desire: the glory hole booths.

Stepping into one of the booths, Chad eagerly gets his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His smooth, thick shaft is completely hard now, just the idea of being in such a room is enough to make the head of his cock drip with precum. He waits patiently, and it’s not long til the small red light at eye level came on. Chad knew this meant some hot young girl awaited his throbbing cock on the other side. he quickly slide into the hole until his balls were pressed firmly against the wall. He felt what he knew was a hand, it was very soft. It slowly stroke his eager shaft, almost admiring it with her fingertips. Finally, he felt an amazing warmth engulf the head of his prick, a tongue lashing along the curves, then finally sliding forward inch by inch til her lips met the wall. The stranger’s tongue wound over each of Chad’s veins, making small slurping noises Chad could barely hear over the club’s music in the background. Chad holds onto the wall as he breathes heavier, rocking his hips a little along with the strange woman’s tongue and lip lashing. For a moment, Chad thought it was all over as he no longer felt the heat of her mouth around his cock. But then he felt his cock being stroked once more and a tongue licking at the head. The woman’s tongue dance along his shaft then slid slowly from the bottom of his shaft all the way along the length, then to the tip of it’s head. He could hear her giggle as she began to lick up his sticky precum that’s now oozing slowly from his cock. Once again, the wonderful strange mouth engulfs Chad’s rod, sucking long and slowly, deep throating him and moving her throat muscles to massage the mesmerizing member in her mouth. She quickly opened her mouth a bit wider but still licking at his shaft as she heard Chad moan louder and slightly bang against the wall. Chad groaned loudly as his hot seed emptied into the strange, wanting mouth. It felt like a waterfall of cum, Chad hadn’t cum in so long. Each pulse of his orgasm sent a white light feeling over his body. The mouth on the other side gladly accepted Chad’s load, sliding it down her throat, and sucking harder as if wanting more; But Chad is spent. He retreats and heads out of the glory hole booth, making sure he’s zipped up before heading towards the bar. Chad hears the glory hole door open, it’s pretty hard to miss since no one has put WD40 on those doors since they were built. Curiosity gets the best of him and he turns to see who the amazing girl was on the other end of his orgasmic adventure.


Cindy and her friend Jessica arrive at the club to have a wild night. They all agreed they need to just let loose and have some fun. They decided to go out to a club they had only been to a few times, a place called “Club Seven”. Cindy and her girlfriends immediately hit the dance floor, just dancing with each other at first, laughing and having a good time. A few of her friends started dancing with random men, and finally it was Cindy’s turn. He’s very cute, Cindy thinks to herself. He must be in some type of military force judging on the haircut, but other than that it would be hard to tell. He’s dressed very nicely, almost a little too formal for this kind of a club, wearing a dress button up shirt and nice black slacks. But wow was he tall! Cindy always had a thing for tall men, even though she’s only 5’5″ herself. They danced for a few songs, finally he asks if he can buy Cindy a drink. Well of course she’s not going to object to the offer, since being 19 she couldn’t get a drink herself if she wanted to. They sit at the bar and talk for a bit. Well, damn, turns out this guy is in the military and has a wife back in Arizona. So much for that guy! Cindy finished her drink and told the man that he is very cute and she hates to sound rude but she’s here to meet single men. He graciously understand and lets her on her way.

“Jennifer, how the hell am I supposed to get any action tonight? All the guys here are gay or married!”

Cindy put on a force pouting face as she vented towards her friend.

“Well Cindy,” Jennifer grinned, “Have you ever heard of a glory hole?”

Cindy blushed. She had heard of them plenty of times, she had just never used one. She told Jennifer this, and without blinking, Jennifer grabbed Cindy by the arm and pulled her toward the boxes.

“Okay Cindy, see this is where the girl goes, hence the spray painted G. No, the G doesn’t mean Girl, it means “Giver”, the other box has an R for Receiver.” Jennifer explained.

Cindy giggle and her friends urged her in. Cindy did so but told her friends they had to go back to the bar and wait for her til she was done. Cindy was nervous, she sat there for a while and almost thought about getting out, but as soon as she thought that a nice, thick, long cock entered right above her face. She stared for a while, wasn’t sure what to do. Nervously she started to stroke it slowly with her fingers, practically dancing with her fingers along his soft yet hard shaft. She begins to stroke it in full length, she’s amazing how firm it is yet still smooth. Cindy gets extremely turned on and can’t help but to slip the amazing cock’s head into her mouth. Her tongue slowly twirls along every inch of the head of his cock. She can taste his sweet precum which turns her on even more. Cindy can’t help but to please her curiosity. She slides the length of his cock into her wanting mouth one inch after another until she feels her lips hit the wall. She begins to work his cock like magic, she’s always been able to drive the boys wild with her plump soft lips and powerful tongue. She makes sure her tongue hits every vein and every muscle she can taste and feel. Moving her head back and forth, she takes him as deep as possible, then finally deep throats his cock. She nearly gags but gets her composure and begins to move her throat muscles, massaging the strange man’s wonderful cock like a precious muscle in need of a good workout. Cindy slips the mans cock from her throat, but before she can think of what to do next she feels a hot, thick wetness enter her mouth. She blinks hard at first, then is more prepared for the next few loads that enter her mouth. Cindy continues to suck and lick the amazing cock now spilling his seed over her tongue and mouth. She was so surprised how great he tasted, not anywhere near as salty as her boyfriend. The man’s cock begins to soften, Cindy swallows the amazing load and waits for him to retreat his cock. Cindy had been rubbing her swollen clit the whole time, she brings her fingers to her tongue and licks off her incredible juices. Something about her own pussy juice has always turned her on. Cindy waits, she hears the door open and the stranger leave. She counts to 30, surely that’s enough time he would have already been gone by then. Cindy fixes her hair and leaves the booth, she goes to meet her friends at the bar.

Suddenly, Cindy stops dead in her tracks, jaw open, and slightly shaking. She sees her brother at the bar staring at her in nearly the same deer-caught-in-headlights way.

“Is it possible?” Chad thinks to himself, “Did I just get that amazing blow job from my own sister?”

“There’s no way!”, Cindy exclaims in her own mind, “There’s just no way that was my brother in there with that amazing cock”