Sexy Shoes Ch. 03

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Marla clinched the covers in her fists for leverage as she slammed her ass back against Leland’s cock. She had lubricated her anal passage well for this special treat for her husband. He had been hinting around about anal sex for a while. She waited until he offered her the right incentive before she gave in.

It was a game Marla played with her husband, because he was such a tightwad. She would perform his fantasies only if she got something in return. A blowjob for a forty dollar pair of shoes seemed like a good bargain, or extra money to have lunch with her friends.

This time it was for a sexy little halter dress that cost almost two hundred dollars. It was far more than she had ever asked him for a dress. She had started off stroking his cock, while she asked him. When he resisted, she teased the head of his pecker with her tongue to show him that she was willing to negotiate. He started massaging her butt-cheeks and suggested that he might be willing to add in a pair of shoes to go with the dress if she’d allow him a ride on her bum. She only stalled to make it seem like she had to consider if it would be an equal trade.

Marla had enjoyed anal sex long before she met him, but the way he quantified just about everything gave her no reason to readily share that with him without some sort of compensation. Missionary sex twice a week was the price she had to pay to be able to be a stay-at-home mom, and Leland accepted no excuses when the time came. He’d even demand sex if the day fell on her menstrual cycle, though she demanded that he cleaned up the mess in the aftermath.

Marla wanted the cocktail dress to wear to a party, and she was trying to make sure that he had no excuses not to follow through on their agreement. She was careful not to rock forward so far that his cock might slip out of her asshole.

Her moans were fake when she began, but they became real as her pleasure increased. Her heavy tits swung back and forth like udders. Every now and then she would grab one and massage it.

Leland held onto her hips as he thrust his cock into her tight canal. He kept his eyes shut as usual. Marla believed that he was fantasizing about someone else. She wondered who he was thinking of, but allowed him his secrets.

Marla looked at their reflection in the mirror. She marveled over the fact that she didn’t get implants or tummy tucks to make her body look sexy. She had watched a few adult videos with Leland and felt that her body looked every bit as sexy as the young women getting fucked by countless well hung men. She kept her fantasy guy, George, in her bottom drawer.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Marla cried out for her husband’s benefit. She liked his six inch cock at times, but she usually took eight or more inches of George up her ass.

Marla glanced up at the karataş escort bayan mirror again, but this time she noticed another figure in the reflection. She snapped her head towards the door and saw her son, Holt standing just outside of the bedroom. Holt’s robe was open and she could see that he was stroking his cock.

Marla looked back up at the reflection of Leland’s face and waved her arm to motion Holt away from the door. Her eyes widened and she shook her head wildly as Holt entered the room stroking his cock and pointing it directly at her.

“Oh yeah,” Leland cried out his pleasure.

Marla couldn’t imagine what had gotten into her son. Holt and Leland were at odds over just about everything and nearly coming to blows over the colors blue and purple. This would surely give Leland cause to kick Holt out on his ass.

Marla silent pleaded with Holt to get out, while continue thrusting her ass back to Leland. She pushed him back when he got close enough to put the head of his cock to her mouth. He stroked it in a manner that made it obvious what he was trying to do. She looked up at him and nodded. Holt smiled, closed his robe, and backed quietly out the room.

“Ah! Uhg!” Leland cried out as he began shooting his cum into her asshole.

Marla was still shaking with fear as her husband finished and pulled his cock out of her, but her fear quickly changed to anger. She wrapped herself in her housecoat as Leland got into the shower.

She stomped barefoot on the hardwood floor as she made her way to her son’s bedroom. She found him leaning against his dresser with a beer in one hand and his cock in the other. She snorted, took two steps, and then slapped him as hard as she could.

Holt’s head nearly snapped completely around.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” she snapped in a hard hushed tone. “I should kick you out myself. What do you think your father would have done if he had caught you?”

“Saw that my dick is bigger than h…” he started.

Marla slapped him hard again. “In case you forgot, I’m your mother,” she said pressing her nose against his. She felt his hard cock push up between her legs and against her cunt. She grabbed hold of the shaft firmly. “I’ll rip this thing right out of its socket if you ever stick it in my face again.” She squeezed it tighter to stress her point.

“I bought you that dress you wanted,” he said closing his robe and shielding his cock with his hands when she released him.

Marla turned to see the dress hanging from Holt’s closet door. There was also a pair of five inch black sandal slides under it. She checked the tag and saw that it was her size. She also saw a black thong around the hook. She was softened a bit by the gesture.

“I heard you karkamış escort bayan talking about the only time you do it with dad is when he gets you something that you want,” Holt said.

Marla chuckled as she turned back to her son. “Holt, I want you to stop this competition thing you have going on with you father,” she said.

“Why do I have to stop it? Why can’t he stop it?” he replied.

“Because you’re trying to compete for me,” Marla said. “And you don’t see why you can’t win. You come waving your dick around to show me that you have a bigger dick than he does, and then you toss this dress up in my face.” The look on his face told her that he wasn’t getting her point. “I’m not going to sleep with you.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“You must have fallen and bumped your head,” she said.

“Come on mom,” Holt said. “I saw the way Uncle Mike was grabbing you. You’re not going to tell me that you’re not doing it with him.”

“What I’m going to tell you is that’s none of your business,” Marla said pointing her finger in his chest. “Why can’t you just stop this?”

“Because I want to sleep with you,” Holt said. His cock started to rise again. “I watched you with him. Most of the time you’re faking it.”

“Do you want me to slap you again?” Marla asked.

“Look, just try on the shoes,” Holt said. He put them at her feet.

Marla stepped into the high heels.

“They fit, don’t they?” he said. “And the feel good, huh?”

Marla conceded with a nod. She leaned back against the dresser as she looked down at the shoes.

“Mom, I’ve been paying attention to more than just dad,” he said. “I bet that thong will fit too.”

“If you’ve been paying as much attention as you claim, you’d know that I usually don’t wear underwear,” she said.

“Not usually, but when you do you wear a thong,” he said. “Since this is one of those women things, you’re probably going to wear one.”

“Holt, you’re not listening,” she said. “You’re my son, and I’m not going to sleep with you.”

“Okay, how about a hug then?” he asked.

“So that you can grope my body, huh?” she said. “How stupid to you think that I am?”

“Mom, if you noticed or not, I’m not a little boy anymore,” he said.

“How can I not? You shoved the damn thing in my face,” she replied.

Holt pulled her by her waist against me. “Come on mom. Haven’t you done something you weren’t supposed to before?” he said.

“Holt, don’t make me slap you again,” Marla said. She felt his hard cock rise up between her naked thighs under her robe and against her cunt.

“How about if we just stay like this for a little while,” Holt said holding her more firmly.

“Don’t you see how this would change our relationship?” she kilis escort bayan asked him. “If we do this, you won’t look at me like your mother anymore. I’ll just be a piece of ass that you want to fuck. Do you really see the relationship that I have with your father? We have none. He gives me what I want and I let him screw me. There is no real love there. I love you because you are my son. Do you really want to jeopardize that?” She didn’t try to stopped his hands from gripping her butt-cheeks. “Holt, you do this and it will change everything between us.”

“I promise, it won’t be bad,” he said massaging her butt-cheeks and grinding against her pussy. “It’s going to feel real good.”

“Only for a little while,” she said allowing him to open her robe. “You’ll enjoy it while you’re doing it. After you come, you’ll just want to roll over and go to sleep.”

“Not a chance,” Holt said taking both of her big tits in his hands. “I always loved your boobies. I bet I loved breast feeding.”

“You might enjoy yourself now, but after the novelty wears off you won’t even want to see me naked anymore,” Marla said. She didn’t resist him as he brought her nipples to full erection.

“I’d want to see you everyday,” he said sliding his hands down her body and around to her buttocks. “I dreamed about sleeping with you so many times.”

“Trust me Holt,” Marla said. “It will never be like your dreams if you go through with it. You won’t have that fantasy anymore. Everything you’re feeling right now will be lost. You really don’t want me, you want the fantasy of me.” She hoped that if she kept talking that she could change his mind. Everything told her that he would only be satisfied if he made the decision himself.

“You are so sexy mom,” Holt said licking at her nipples and feeling her smooth skin.

“Sure I am, but so are so many other girls,” Marla said. “Why me? Is it because of your father? Is it because I’m your mother? It’s natural for boys to have fantasies about their mothers, but it is wrong to try and live that fantasy.”

“Look at this mom,” he said pulling his cock up to rub against her stomach. “Does it look like a fantasy to you?”

“Yes it does Holt,” Marla said. “You think about pushing it deep inside of me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“You keep pushing, and pushing it deep inside of me,” she continued rocking back and forth pressing the head of his cock against her soft belly. “You’ll make me come and come all over it.”

“Yes,” Holt said drunk with lust. His breaths quicken and he massaged her butt-cheeks more vigorously.

“And then…and then,” she lowered her tone to moans. She felt him tense. “You cum…and cum…”

Holt squeezed her tight as his cum shot up between their bodies. “I love you mom,” he said burying his face against her naked breasts.

“I know, sweetheart,” Marla said. She held his head against her breasts. She knew that her little boy was lost to her. He would continue trying to manipulate her into having sex with him. Her role as a mother was over. She knew that she let things go as far as it did, so that she could have the dress and the sexy shoes.