The Weekend

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It finally happened. My wife and I finally got a weekend at home by ourselves. My parents had called and wanted to keep the kids this upcoming weekend. I told them that that was fine and made the appropriate plans. My wife was to bring the kids to my parents’ house after she got off work, as I worked later than she did. Later, we decided that we would just catch a movie on Friday night and just relax around the house for the remainder of the weekend. We knew that this was not an extremely romantic plan, but we really needed a weekend to just relax. We would meet my parents Sunday for lunch and to get the children back. That was the agreed upon plan. My wife, however, had decided to make this weekend unforgettable.

When I arrived home Friday evening, I was greeted at the door with a deep, passionate kiss from my wife. The only thing that she had on was her terry-cloth robe. I quickly stepped the doorway and shut the door behind me, not once removing my lips from hers. I opened up her robe to reveal her beautiful breasts. I put an arm around her and pulled her closer to me as we continued to kiss. My other arm fell between her legs and gently started to rub her. She then started to undo my pants. She then jerked my pants and underwear to the floor and started stroking me. Soon, we were both naked and making love in the middle of the living room floor. Once we recovered, we decided that we should get some showers before we left for the theater. On our way to the bathroom my wife asked me if I was feeling a little adventurous tonight. Had I been in my right mind at the time, I would have suspected something. What I told her was that I was up for anything that she might have planned for the evening. With that, she gave my butt a gentle rub and reached up to give me a quick kiss.

Before we got into the shower, I was informed that all of my body hair had to go. She then started smearing this cream all over my body and told me to stand still while she got the water ready. Once the water was ready, she told me that I could go ahead and rinse off the cream. I hopped in and rinsed the cream and my bodily hair down the drain. Just as I finished rinsing the stuff off, she joined me in the shower and said that I looked much better without all that hair. We then decided to wash one another and that I should go first. While I washed her, I made sure to spend extra time in certain “key” areas that I felt needed the extra attention. She then showed her appreciation when it was her turn. She took her time washing my nether regions and insured their cleanliness by giving them a good tongue bath. We eventually emerged from the shower and my wife told me that I should go ahead and shave my face while she located our clothes. I told her that as long as the night continued its current course of action that I would be happy to. We dried off, donned our robes, and set about our appointed tasks.

I was just finishing up, when my wife came in holding her clothes and told me that mine were on the bed. She said that we would get dressed quicker if we done it in separate rooms. I told her that was fine and headed through the door. As soon as I looked on the bed I realized why my body was hairless. On the bed lay a lacey black bra, matching panties, a short khaki skirt, a shirt, a pair of white sandals, and a closed box. I started to protest, but she reminded me that I said that I was up for anything. Being a man of word, I reluctantly told her okay. She then urged me to go ahead and put on what I could and that she would help with the items that I couldn’t manage on my own. With that, she went into the bathroom and shut the door.

The first thing that I had to do was find out what was in the box. Inside I found a pair of falsies. Apparently she planned on making this as realistic as possible. I put on the clothes she had laid out for me. Yes, I even managed the bra. I had seen her put them on backwards and turn them around. So I figured that I could do the same. For some reason I found that getting dressed in these things was really turning me on. Shortly after I finished getting dressed, my wife entered and whistled her approval. I turned to see hear wearing a short dress that just almost touched her knees and a pair of sandals similar to the ones that were on my feet. She had already applied her makeup and her hair was pulled up with a clip. She was looking extremely hot and I told her that I wanted her right then. She smiled and said that there would be plenty of time for that later. She told me that she had to finish getting me ready. I followed her back to the bathroom where she applied my makeup. She even painted my fingernails and toenails. She then pulled my shoulder length brown hair back into a simple ponytail and tied a ribbon at its base. Then she handed me a pair of clip-on hoops to put on while she grabbed me a purse. She decided that it would be best if she drove and I agreed. We then headed for the car.

Once we arrived at the drive-in theater, we found a parking spot and decided to just relax and listen to the radio while we waited for the movie to start. As the sun went down, my wife’s hand started jojobet sliding up my skirt. She looked at with a smirk on her face and said that this was why she wanted me dressed the way I was. She then slid my panties to one side and pulled out my manhood. She gently started stroking me to the rhythm of the music. I reached over, slid my hand under dress, and discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She just grinned and said: “See, easy access.” As I went to slide my finger into her, I discovered that she was already rather damp. It wasn’t long before we had worked each other into a fever pitch. We quickly decided that we should behave ourselves like good little girls and actually watch the movie that was about to start. That lasted for about two minutes before we were at it again. We went back and forth bringing each other to point of climax without actually achieving it throughout the entire movie. As the second movie was getting ready to start, we decided that it would be best if we went home and continued out extra-curricular activities in private.

After we got home, we decided to get some quick showers separately before the festivities began. As I was getting out of the shower, my wife handed me a bag, said that I should put on what was inside, and to put my hair up in pigtails. I told her that I would and headed toward the bedroom. I opened up the bag to find a light blue babydoll with a matching pair of panties and two strips of light blue ribbon. I put on the lingerie and put my hair up as instructed. I even tied the ribbons into nice little bows at the base of each pigtail. I decided to watch a little television while I waited on my wife to emerge from the shower.

I was still flipping through the channels when my wife came into the room wearing a lavender chemise and matching robe. She smiled at me seductively and told me that I looked cute in my new outfit. She came over and gave me a long passionate kiss. That was when I realized that she was trying to hide something from me. I looked down and noticed an unusual bulge between her legs. I reached out and discovered that she was wearing a strap-on dildo. She then grabbed me by my pigtails, lowered my head to the tip of her phallus, and told me to go down on her like she does me. I started bobbing my head up and down on her pole as she moaned her approval. Once she was properly aroused, she pulled me up, removed my panties, and pushed me onto the bed. She then spread my legs and slid her cock into my butt. I screamed at the sudden invasion of my anus. Once I was used to the invader, she started slowly working her way in and out of me. Before long, I was moaning with pleasure. She started building up speed and I started begging for more. I had never felt anything like this and hoped that it would never stop. Just as she was reaching her climax, I exploded and shot my juices all over the both of us. She continued to have her way with me until she finished her orgasm. She then pulled out of me and collapsed next to me. We both just lay there until we started to recover.

She slipped out of her harness and started to manually and orally bring me back to life. I murmured my approval as she continued to polish my pole. Once I was back to my full length and girth, she pulled me on top her and told me that she needed me inside her now. Unfortunately, it didn’t take near as long to hit our second climax as we would have liked. After we hit the second time, I almost collapsed onto her and we both fell soundly asleep until morning.

I awoke the next morning with a slight throbbing in my anus from the pounding that it took the night before. I quietly slid out of bed and headed toward the bathroom and a shower. As I entered the bathroom, I had to stifle a chuckle at the image in the mirror. Here I was in a wrinkled light blue babydoll, untied ribbons hanging from pigtails that were now loose, and dried cum on my belly. I went ahead and let my hair down and laid the ribbons on the counter before relieving myself and hopping in the shower.

As I was finishing up my shower, I started to wonder if last night was the start of a theme for the weekend or if it was a one-time deal. About that time, I heard the bathroom door open and was soon joined by my wife. She pulled me close for a kiss and then asked me if I was okay with what we had done last night. I told her that I had and that I enjoyed myself a lot more than I thought I would. She smiled and said that was good, because she was hoping that her new girlfriend would stay for the rest of the next day and a half. I smiled at her and said that I was sure she would. With that I was rewarded with a deep kiss.

She pulled away after a few moments and I could see the lust in her eyes. She came closer and started rubbing my nether regions. Leaned up into my ear and told me that I needed to take her right then. Who was I to argue with her? We hastily made our way out to the bed, still dripping from the shower. I don’t think either of us had been that eager since our wedding night.

As we recovered, we decided that if I was going to be her girlfriend for the weekend jojobet Giriş that we need to come up with a feminine name for me. We decided on Allison or Ally for short. My wife then told me that I should stay in bed until she got her shower and got dressed before I got rinsed off and dressed. Then she would do my hair and makeup before we went to fix breakfast.

She reappeared from the bathroom in a floral sun dress that almost came down to her knees and white sandals. Her hair pulled back from her face with a small clip. She had small hoop earrings in and minimal makeup on. She said she wanted to be feminine, but comfortable. I told her that if she got uncomfortable that I would be more than happy to help her out of her clothes. She smirked and told me that that wasn’t very lady like of me. I laughed and asked her if I looked like a lady to her. She said no, but that would soon change. She then told me that it was my turn. So, I got up and went to rinse off.

When I stepped out of the shower, my wife was there waiting on me. She told me to dry off and put my hair up in a towel while I got dressed and she did my makeup. As I finished drying off, she handed me some pink satin and lace boyshorts and a matching bra. Then, she handed me the falsies from last night. Next, she handed me a pink cotton wrap-styled dress. I asked her if she was going for some kind of theme. She just said that she thought that she would make sure that I would feel as feminine as possible today. I told her that she was doing a good job of that. She then handed me the white sandals that I had worn the night before.

Now that I was fully dressed, she sat me down in a chair and started working on my makeup. I didn’t need to shave since my facial hair grows slowly and I had shaved that night before. Once she was done with the makeup, she undid the towel on my head and got to work on my hair. She started blow drying my hair and I kind of zoned out for awhile. Part of me was wondering how I let myself get talked into this and part of me was just enjoying the moment and all the pampering. The next thing I knew she told me she was done and to look in the mirror. She had French-braided my hair and left some face-framing tendrils fall on either side of my face. She had even woven in some small pink ribbon into the braid and used the ends to tie off a bow at end of the braid. With the makeup and hair done, I no longer saw myself, but an attractive woman staring at me in the mirror. I was speechless at the job she had done.

I was taken out of my trance by the rumble from my stomach. My wife laughed and she guessed it was time fix breakfast. I had to agree, but before we went to the kitchen she attached the earrings from last night and placed a silver heart-shaped pendant necklace around my neck. She then gave me quick peck on the cheek and said that she thought that I was beautiful. I just blushed and thanked her.

Saturdays are usually my day to fix breakfast and this day was no exception. Well, there were a couple of changes to the normal routine besides my feminine appearance. On this day everyone in the house was already awake. Usually the kids come in about halfway through and go watch cartoons until I finish. My wife usually comes in right as I’m finishing up. Today, however, she sat at the kitchen bar and we made small talk while I set about getting things going.

I have to admit that I rather enjoyed the feel of the dress swishing about as I moved around in the kitchen getting things set up. I didn’t really notice it the night before while in the skirt. That probably had to do with my fear of being seen by the neighbors and the fact I basically just walked to the car and back. Now, however, I was relaxed and doing a lot more moving about than the night before. It was kind of trippy to see and feel my “breasts” bouncing while I moved around, too. I also noticed my wife staring at my rear from time to time whenever she thought I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know if she knew that I saw her, but I have to admit that it was a bit of a turn-on for me to know that she was checking me out like that.

While I was working on getting the skillet hot, I heard my wife yell for me to wait a second. I gave her a funny look and asked why. She said that I needed an apron on before I started cooking anything. I must have given her a funny look again, because she went on tell me that the reason I needed an apron was so that I didn’t mess up my pretty pink dress. I told her that we don’t own any aprons, but that I would be extra careful. She thought for a second and finally agreed with me. A few minutes later, we were sitting at the dining room eating our eggs, bacon, and toast.

After breakfast, we decided to go relax on the couch and watch some TV. We didn’t quite get that far, though. My wife was behind me and told me that my butt had been driving her crazy all morning and she was going to have to have some of it soon. I decided to play along. I looked back at her, raised the hem of the dress a little, and told her that she could have as much as she wanted. That was all it took for her pounce. jojobet Güncel Giriş We were soon making out like teenagers on the couch. After a few minutes, she pulled away and told me that she would be right back.

She came back with tent under her dress. I told her that I had just the place for her to put that thing. Within moments, I was bent over the arm of the couch with my dress hiked up and my panties in the floor. She had her hands on my hips and was having her way with me. I was moaning in pleasure. I never thought that I would enjoy having my backdoor used like this, but now I don’t think I could ever get enough. The night before it was enjoyable, but this morning it was even better. I could also tell that she seemed to be enjoying it more this morning, too.

When my wife hit hers, she slammed her member deep inside me as she pulled my hips tight towards hers. She then undid her harness while still leaving me filled, had me lean back on the couch, and went down on me. She bobbed up and down on me while working the dildo in and out my anus. Needless to say, it didn’t take long before I filled her mouth with my cream. She left the dildo in me as she crawled into my lap, grabbed my face, and passionately kissed me. It was then that I realized that she hadn’t swallowed my load. I found my mouth getting filled with my own cream. It wasn’t as bad as would have thought it would be and she made sure that I swallowed it before she released me.

As she pulled away, she told me that she might have to have me again real soon. I told her that she could have me anytime she wanted. With that she laughed and called me a slut. I just grinned and told her that I was her slut. She smiled and told me that we were each other’s sluts. At that I had to laugh. We soon got ourselves put back together and cuddled up next to one another on the couch.

After awhile, my wife asked me to sit in the floor so that she could play with my hair. I said okay and got into position. Part of me didn’t want her to undo the braided look that I was currently wearing, but the other part was curious to see what she would with my hair next. Plus it always feels awesome when she plays with my hair. If her fingers are messing with my hair, I have no worries. This time was no exception.

As my wife was messing with my hair, she started chatting about various things. She mentioned several different things that she might do with my hair that would be cute. She mentioned a couple of times about how much she would like to see me as a red-head. She started musing about how if we had more time that she would totally take me to the salon to get my hair dyed and to get us both manicures and pedicures. She was really getting excited about having a girls’ day. In the back of mind, I was thought that that would be cool, but wondered when we would get a chance to do something like that.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time and I was now sporting a high ponytail with the pink ribbons tied in a bow at the base. It wasn’t as ornate as the braid, but I thought it still looked good. She even left the tendrils loose on either side of my face like she did with the braided look. I rather enjoyed the way my hair swayed as I moved my head. Usually, if my hair is in a ponytail, it is low. So, this was a nice change. She told me that she wanted to do something different with my hair, but that she didn’t have anything else to use. I assured her that it was fine and that she could always change it later.

I got up and was smoothing out my dress when she asked me where I wanted to go for lunch. I had panic course through my body at the thought of being out in public during daylight hours dressed like I was. It was one thing to dress like this at home or at night where I stayed in the car, but I just knew someone would find me out if I went out dressed like this during the day. We lived in a small town. So, I just knew someone would figure it out.

She must have seen the stark terror in my eyes, because she took me by my hands and looked up at me with her big brown eyes and told me that everything was going to be okay. She then told me that she had worded the question wrong. What she meant to say was that she was going to go get lunch and wanted to know where I wanted lunch from. It felt like someone had taken a load of bricks off of my shoulders. She then smiled and said that one day she would like to show off her new girlfriend, but that our hometown was not the place for that. I finally got my heart rate back down to normal and placed my lunch order.

While my wife was gone, I took the opportunity to walk around the house and enjoy the swishing of the dress and ponytail. I’m pretty sure that I twirled around a bit to further magnify the experience. I just couldn’t believe the turn of events that had led to me being dressed completely en femme parading around the house while I waited for my wife to bring home lunch. It was then that I realized just how crazy the weekend had been so far and the fact that both of us were not only okay with things, but they we were really enjoying ourselves. It also hit me just how little time I had left to be Allison and the fact that I didn’t know when, if ever, I could be her again. I sat down in my recliner, kicked my sandals off, pulled my feet up under me, and decided that I would just enjoy the ride for as long as it would last.

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