Iron Man

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Balls Caress

This story is a fantasy that contains scenes of bondage, spanking, humiliation, sex between men of adult age, and other erotic activities involving male and female adults. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

All persons, names, places, events, and descriptions, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, events, or descriptions, is totally unintentional and a pure coincidence. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without written permission from the author.

Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete, including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Chapter 1 – First Meeting



Within seconds, the characteristic double welt from a rattan cane appeared, an angry, blood red mark. It ran from the middle of his snow white muscular right ass cheek across the cleft to the middle of the left.

“What’s the matter iron man, did that hurt?” asked the cane wielding man, chuckling.


Ten seconds later, WOOOSH THWACK!

Again the big muscular man groaned, a penis gag holding his tongue down. He was struggling not to choke on the 3 inch silicone penis held flush with his lips and deep into his mouth by the leather and Velcro straps.


Another bright red stripe appeared across his ass, a half inch above and parallel to the other two.

“When you begged me to forgive you for standing me up last month and agreed to do anything to make amends, I told you to expect punishment. You begged me to punish you, ‘no limits’ you said.”

IronMan had been to The Master’s home once before, a month prior. He had met The Master online and had begged for weeks, to come over and try BDSM for the first time. IronMan had a full time live in girl friend and had, for years, wondered what it would be like to submit to another man, to test out his submissive bisexual side.

The Master, tired of all the one handed typist – wannabes online, was reluctant to accept a man for training that already had an established relationship. However, since he had nothing to do for a few hours and the man did disclose the other relationship, maybe he was legitimate. Maybe this would turn into a male and female submissive pair? That had some promise. So, finally he relented and ordered IronMan to immediately drop everything and come over. IronMan was told, now or never. “Get your ass over here now!”

Overjoyed, IronMan jumped into his truck, drove the 10 minutes to The Master’s home and nervously rang the bell.

The Master, a very experienced Top/Dominant about 45 years old, decided to go slow with this good looking young novice. He had him come in and sit down on the red Italian leather couch, gave him a soft drink and explained the basics of a BDSM scene, safe words, soft and hard limits, etc. After explaining the boundaries of the scene he intended, The Master asked if IronMan agreed.

Nervous, but excited that everything he had fantasized about was about to happen, IronMan eagerly agreed.

The Master took him downstairs to the Dungeon, had him strip, handed him leather cuffs and ordered him to put them on his wrists and ankles.

The Master ordered him to kneel and put his hands on top of his head with his fingers laced together. Inserting his highly polished leather boot between the kneeling young man’s knees, he directed, “feet together, knees spread wide, back straight, head up.” When he was satisfied with the position, The Master started walking slowly around the young trembling novice, inspecting the young man.

IronMan was a good name for this twenty-five year old novice submissive. He was about six foot tall, with broad shoulders, thick neck, large biceps, tree trunk legs and a narrow waist. There didn’t appear to be any fat on this bull like man. He was also covered with thick black hair. It was dense, almost like an animal, nearly obscuring his balls and decent sized cock.

“Damn boy, you’re a hairy son of a bitch,” remarked The Master.

IronMan looked at The Master and said, “Yes sir, I have been this hairy since junior high.”

“Smack,” The Master slapped his face, hard enough to leave a red handprint. “I didn’t say you could speak boy. Eyes on the floor, weren’t you listening upstairs? You may speak only when I give you permission or if you’re using a safe word. Do you understand? Speak.”

“Yes Sir, I understand. Please forgive me Master,” begged the muscular hulk.

“Good boy. Stand and back up against the cross with your legs spread and your arms above your head, ass against the cross,” ordered The Master.

He had him lean backwards against the polished wooden St Andrews Cross and secured his wrists and ankles to the top and bottom, spread-eagling him.

The Master then proceeded with a light session of CBT and nipple xslot pinching with Japanese clover clamps before flipping him face on to the cross. He was again spread-eagle and secure with his prominent bubble butt, seemingly begging for attention.

The Master then spanked the man with a double leather strap, proceeding slowly and lightly, intensifying the strokes progressively. He stopped often and ran his nails up the sides and down the back of the bound man, tweaking his nipples from time to time, allowing the endorphins to build. After roughly forty-five minutes, the novice submissive was floating from the flood of pain killing hormones and adrenaline.

Finally, with the strokes about medium to hard intensity and with IronMan’s ass bright red under the thick coat of hair, The Master stopped and began to slowly stroke the naked strong man’s hairy body. He was getting the man used to the intimate touch of another man.

IronMan’s thick seven inch cock was rock hard and wet. He loved the firm sure touch of The Master. First it was his arms and pecs with a long pause to pinch his hardened nipples. Then he stroked his washboard stomach and flanks, his firm hairy ass and thighs. Finally, The Master created a fleshy cage with the palm and fingers of his right hand. He enclosed the man’s cock with the palm brushing the head. He was barely touching the helpless man with his fingertips. Over and over he pressed the pads of his fingers to the base of the quivering submissive’s throbbing cock, drawing the tips over the sensitive skin, a gentle firm squeeze under the head to milk more precum, making his dripping cock twitch and throb.

When The Master determined the bound man was on the edge of cumming, he hugged the nude floating man around the left side to help him stand while releasing the safety snaps to take him down from the cross.

“Kneel as before boy,” ordered The Master.

The Master allowed IronMan’s knees to buckle causing him to slowly sink to the well padded Berber carpeted floor. Again, he nudged the man’s knees apart with his mirrored black boot and clipped his strong arms behind him, making him helpless once more.

“You did well for a first session, boy. Now is the time for you to show your appreciation. I want you to open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can.”

The man obeyed nicely and held his long wet tongue out as ordered, his eyes closed.

The Master unzipped his black leather pants, set his eight inch rock hard cock onto the man’s tongue and slowly inserted it into his hot wet mouth.

The man closed his lips around the thick cock and slowly drew it deeply into his mouth, sucking as hard as he could.

“If this is the first time you’ve had a cock in your mouth, swirl your tongue around the end of my cock.”

IronMan had sucked cock only in his fantasies. He started to eagerly polish The Master’s cock head with his soft wet tongue.

“Good boy, keep that up until I tell you to stop. Suck and lick,” ordered The Master.

Even though IronMan was very inexperienced and not a very good cock sucker, his enthusiasm finally prevailed and The Master started to get closer and closer to pouring a thick load of cum into the kneeling young muscle man’s, virgin mouth.

The precum of The Master started pouring out, the man licking it up and savoring it like the chocolate syrup on his favorite dessert.

Finally, The Master’s cock started lengthening and thickening, his full nuts pulling up, no longer thumping the kneeling man’s chin.

“You’re doing well enough for your first time and as a reward, I’m going to cum in your mouth. Don’t swallow it until I give you permission,” ordered The Master.

Nodding and sucking harder, the man intensified the swirling of his tongue against the sensitive underside of The Master’s cock until the inevitable happened.

The Master grabbed IronMan’s ear with one hand, holding him in place while he pulled all but the end of his long thick dick from the cock sucking man’s hot mouth. He began to rapidly stroke the remainder of his cock with the other hand. He held the submissive’s head in place while his thumb and fore finger slapped the man’s lips.

Finally, The Master came with a groan, shooting four strong blasts of cum and many smaller ones into the still sucking man’s mouth.

The Master calmed down, noticed some of his cum leaking from the corners of IronMan’s mouth and slowly pulled his softening cock from the hot wet lips of the still floating young novice.

“You’re not a very good cock sucker but with some training, you’ll improve. Lean your head back and open your mouth wide. I want to see if you can obey orders.”

The young man did as directed and there in his mouth was the large white mass of The Master’s thick cum.

“OK, swirl it around in your mouth to make sure you get a good taste.”

After a couple of minutes, “Good, swallow,” He ordered.

The Master walked around the kneeling young man and released the wrist cuffs. xslot Giriş

“You may stand and remove the cuffs. Don’t wipe off your mouth but don’t spill any on my carpet or furniture. Get dressed and come upstairs. I want to see my cum on your lips when you get there,” ordered The Master. The Master then turned and walked up the stairs to the living room.

After a few minutes, the blushing, still very aroused, now dressed, young man, wobbled up the stairs and into the living room. He felt like he was drunk and was having some trouble walking straight but he was fully aware of what he had just done and experienced.

It was much better than he had ever hoped. In addition to the euphoria he was feeling from the endorphins, the taste of The Master’s cum was sweet and not the gross experience he had expected. It was pretty easy to swallow, not the horrible act his girl friend made it seem.

“You did pretty well for the first time,” The Master stated when IronMan was again sitting on the soft leather chair.

A broad smile spread across the cum covered man’s lips. “Thank you, Master. I enjoyed serving you.”

“I’m glad you’re so obedient, you still have my cum running down your chin. Use your fingers and lick the cum off of your chin and lips. When you’re finished eating, you may have the rest of your soft drink.”

IronMan thanked The Master for the experience and asked if he could come back again but this time, to get fucked.

“Well, I am available Saturday but I have to juggle some appointments to make that happen. Since you have been so obedient I’ll make the necessary changes. Be here Saturday at 1 PM. Don’t be late. I don’t tolerate impolite, thoughtless slaves. Understand?”

“Yes Master, I won’t be late, thank you Master,” agreed the flushed, excited young man.

“Good. Stand up, drop your trousers and briefs,” ordered The Master.

“Here is a Kleenex. Masturbate for me. Don’t cum until I tell you it’s ok. If you get close, let me know.”

Blushing, the bull like young man did as ordered and started slowly stroking his cock. It immediately started to leak into the Kleenex held in his other hand. Soon, he told The Master, “I’m getting close Sir.”

He was ordered to slow down until the feeling receded, then ordered to speed up until he was close again. Over and over, the prolonged masturbation and edging was repeated, slow down, speed up until after half an hour, The Master told him to finish.

He started to pump his throbbing cock as fast as he could. Groaning, the young man, his pants around his ankles and his now angry red cock as hard as it had ever been, came over and over, soaking the Kleenex and coating his hand until his cum almost spilled onto The Master’s thick pile carpet.

Just as he started cumming, The Master took a digital flash picture of IronMan while he stroked his large red cumming cock.

“Don’t spill any boy or you will get punished like you never dreamed. Lick your fingers immediately.”

Obediently the still aroused novice submissive did as ordered and stuck his dripping fingers into his mouth, swiftly licking and swallowing his own cum like his life was at stake.

Smiling, The Master took another picture.

Exhausted, IronMan started to wilt to his knees, breathing like he had just completed the last quarter of the football game by running the length of the field with two pro linebackers chasing him.

“Stand straight young man,” barked The Master.

IronMan recovered and stood straight with a visible effort.

The Master showed him the pictures he had taken with cum dripping from his face, cock and fingers. “That’s a good look for you. OK, boy. Get up. Get dressed and get out of here. Don’t be late!”

IronMan, sheepishly pulled up his shorts and pants, buttoned them and left.

His ass still burned and tingled. He had never cum so hard or so much. He had loved every minute of it!

It never crossed his mind that he had just cheated on his live in girl friend with another man.

Chapter 2 – Saturday

It was 1:30 PM on Saturday and still no IronMan. Shaking his head, The Master signed on to his internet account and sure enough, no messages. It was too late to revive his previous schedule so he changed and went to a movie.

Another flasher. Another wannabe. “I am really getting tired of this shit,” complained The Master.

Well, he would give the man a day to e-mail or come over and explain he had been struck by lightening or hit by a train or ordered to work or give a really good reason for why he couldn’t honor his commitment to The Master.

Across town in his apartment, IronMan was laying on his back, nude on their king sized bed. His arms were tied to the corner posts with nylon sailing line using slip knots but his ankles were not secured. They were spread and held apart by the beautiful naked body of his kneeling girl friend who was slowly stroking his rampant heavily oiled cock.

They had just watched “Fire On xslot Güncel Giriş The Mountain: Male genital Massage ©” by Dr. Joseph Kromer, Ph.D. It had just come from

Gail loved the DVD and insisted on practicing all of the new techniques for driving her boyfriend crazy.

Robert, IronMan, was mesmerized by the DVD as well. It depicted two young fit men swapping back and forth, demonstrating each skill of eastern cock and balls massage techniques, one doing the other and switching seamlessly while the steady calm voice of the narrator explained each technique in detail.

Gail must have memorized every word because he was nearly levitating his ass off the silk sheets as she played his cock like a virtuoso.

He was bridging his back and ass, his heels digging deeply into the firm mattress as she teased him over and over, periodically applying more lubricant.

While she stroked, changing techniques and naming them while she changed, she spoke to Robert like they were sharing breakfast instead of an out of this world erotic experience.

“Robert, I spoke to daddy this morning,” she calmly stated. His hot red cock was in her fist so that only part of the head was sticking out. The sensitive area under the crown was exposed along with a good portion of the head. She took her recently lubed, dripping other hand and teasingly rubbed the head with the sweet center of her small delicate palm, slowly polishing his cock head in a circle, over and over, while he gasped.

“He says that the foreman’s job on that Iron Worker’s project for the new bank will be decided on Monday. It’s between Peter and you! I told daddy that I would be very unhappy if he gave the job to that cheating bastard. I think it may have worked. I told daddy that if Peter had no trouble cheating on me, the Boss’s daughter, then he would have no trouble cheating him, the Boss. He nodded and made a call to the superintendent of the job as I was leaving.”

He finally shouted, “God Gail, quit teasing me and let me cum. You’re driving me crazy.”

She stopped, stood up in the bed and pealed her wet thin bikini panties down her beautiful well formed slender legs. Kneeling again, she grabbed his balls and squeezed until his mouth gaped open in pain. She then thrust the panties, dripping with her pussy juice, into his mouth and then resumed her tormenting massage.

“You’re not paying attention to me and this is important. All you’re thinking about is your cock and not our future.” She lubed his cock again and straightened her hands out flat. Then she started to swiftly rub her hands back and forth with his hard wet dripping cock between them like it was a stick and she was trying to start a fire, boy scout style. “This is called ‘Fire,'” grinned the happy excited woman.

Robert was going crazy. How could he concentrate on what she was saying when she was doing that?

After a half hour of tormenting her groaning boyfriend, she took some “Kama Sutra: ® Pleasure Balm” and spread it on his throbbing cock to desensitize and deaden the inflamed nerves. Then she slipped a lubricated condom over his throbbing cock and straddled him. She slowly sunk down on his stone hard nearly eight inch cock, groaning as it sunk into her hot wet shaved pussy.

She began, rising and falling like she was riding one of her horses, squeezing her muscles to tighten the contact on the upstroke and releasing on the down. She was milking his inflamed cock with her talented pussy while giving her red puffy pussy more pleasure. Up and down, tighten and loosen, over and over.

Finally, she quickened her pace, bent over and pinched his nipples as hard as she could as she started to spasm into a series of powerful orgasms.

The pinch of his nipples and the grasping spasms of her pussy drove him over the edge and he began to cum wildly into the condom, arching his back and causing all but his heels and head to pull away from the mattress, lifting both of them high above the bed.

After what seemed an eternity, he collapsed in a heap with an “OOOFFFF” as she landed on his slackened belly and ground her hot sensitive clitoris against his pelvic bone to extract the last bit of pleasure from the sweating hot body of her lover.

They were both puffing and panting, Gail almost fainting from the wild session of hot kinky sex.

Finally, they got their breath back and Gail dismounted her still bound and helpless boyfriend. She carefully fisted his still hard cock and slowly bent it over while she peeled the full condom from his slowly softening cock.

Pleased that she had not spilled any of the precious cum, she lay down on top of her boyfriend, her firm full, still reddened breasts pressed against his hard pecs, her sensitive nipples being scraped by his thick hair. She told him, “I’m going to pull out my panties and I want you to keep your mouth open. If you don’t, I’ll leave you here and go to the movies. Promise?”

He nodded his head, vigorously.

“Great, open wide.” She held his nose with one hand, pulled the soaked panties out and upended the condom over his wide open mouth with the other hand. She dumped the huge load of her boyfriend’s cum into his mouth, then the condom. She quickly held her hand over his mouth to keep him from spitting it out.

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