Jan Makes A Meal Of It…

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It is was just a comment she had made. Just a passing comment. No more than that, at the end of a conversation at work the previous day. Yet that one comment could be the gateway to………………….

Jan had been complaining. Tallish, slim, late thirties, Jan was in charge of the office staff where I worked. She was one of those people who is very attractive, very sexy, but didn’t know it. She had a bubbly personality, but it was a sweetly innocent personality – unaware of the effect she had on those around her. And she was a good manager – people wanted to work for her – and she drew good work and respect out of the eleven office staff she managed. She was also married to Brian – a nice bloke who worked as a long distance lorry driver.

And it was Brian’s work she had been complaining about. He was often away, around Europe for a week at a time, leaving Jan at home with the kids.

It was over an afternoon cup of tea that Jan and I were chatting. “……………and do you know………” She was in full flow. “……tomorrow evening I will be all on my own as the kids sleep over at my parents on a Thursday Night!” Jan was totally unaware of the sub-conscious invitation in her voice. “It’ll be two weeks since we……um……you know…….what with my period last week and Brian away this, and here I am – going to be alone tomorrow night as well!”

The conversation quickly moved on to other things, but the simple comment she had made left me wondering if I could plan something special for “tomorrow night”. That evening my wife Judy and I talked about it, planned, and set the wheels in motion. Jan and Judy had always got on well, and Jan had sometimes confided quite intimate things with Judy, so we had the sense that as long as Jan knew Judy was involved, maybe she would play along with us. We sent the E.mail about eleven O’clock that evening………………

The first thing I knew Jan did when she arrived at work was read her E.mails. My office was to the side of the main office, connected by glass windows which had blinds – which were rarely shut – should I want some privacy. From my office I could watch Jan at her desk, could watch as she read her E.mails one by one. The first three seemed to be business, or trivial, and once Jan quickly replied with an E.mail of her own. It was as the she read the fourth I saw her face change. A look of shock came over her. She looked around to make sure no-one else was watching. She clearly read it again, then again. She moved on to other E.mails, but as she ended the E.mails she returned to the earlier one and read it again. And again. I could see her mind turning over what she read. Indeed I was imagining what she read in Judy’s E.mail……

“……………..you do not need to be alone this evening. Bill and I want you to come for tea, and then to stay the night. You will love every minute of it, but you must willingly do what we want. Anything we want. And as a token, by the end of the day you must put your panties in the top left hand drawer of Bill’s desk. If you do this, then we know you have accepted our invitation.”

Our hope was that by being “indirect” she would be intrigued, and by the end of the morning open to what we might do, that she would trust us to be nice to her. I knew it would not look out of place if she came into my office when I wasn’t there – she often did it to drop off messages, or pass on files.

The rest of the morning was fun – for me. I watched Jan return several times to the E.mail. I saw her agitation, her indecision. At the end of coffee time which I took elsewhere I checked the drawer but there’s wasn’t anything there. Several times I walked past her but she avoided my eyes.

I knew Jan preferred to eat lunch at her desk, so I told her I was going out for lunch, that I would be back in an hour, and ate at a snack bar around the corner from the office.

When I returned after an hour and a half I knew there was something different about Jan. A bit more nervous. Sitting in a slightly more demure position. Looking around with darting glances as if to make sure people couldn’t tell there was something different…….

I knew as I went into my office that her eyes were on my back, so I deliberately took my time, deliberately didn’t open the drawer until her mind had returned to her work, her eyes xslot had stopped glancing in my direction. Then I opened the drawer to see the pair of black panties lying there, with just some frills around the edge. There was a distinct smell of woman; the panties felt very damp.

I gave it another half hour, then pulled the blind shut and buzzed Jan on the intercom to come to my office. She came in very nervously, and was even more nervous as I invited her around to look over my shoulder to check a letter I had written. As she stood there and read, I reached down, put my hand under the hem of her formal thigh length skirt, and slowly ran my hand up the back of her leg. She clearly wasn’t reading now. I kept moving higher and higher until I cupped a bare buttock, and gently squeezed, before removing my hand. She had been paralysed by the effect of my hand, but as soon as I removed my hand I spoke to her. “I assume there is nothing wrong with this letter?”

For a moment she flustered as she stepped away “No, no, um, it’s fine.”

I continued. “And of course you will be coming home for tea with me in my car, so wait for me at the end of work.” Then I quickly dismissed her. “Thank’s Jan, that’s all”. She said nothing as she retreated from my office in a state of agitation.

After work I found Jan waiting, and led her to my car, chatting about the day, making small talk, although she said little. The 20 minute journey back to our house was the same, with me chattering away, Jan saying little but sitting very nervously. When we arrived at the house I invited her in as if nothing was about to happen. I took her coat and hung it on a hook behind the door. I spoke gently “Let’s go through and find Judy.”

We went through to the kitchen where Judy was cooking. Judy came over to us beaming at Jan, welcomed her and put her arms around her. Jan reacted as if it was just a welcoming hug, but as they went into the hug Judy put her mouth to Jan’s and kissed her hard, clearly thrusting a tongue deep into Jan’s mouth, holding her firm so she couldn’t step away. Jan wasn’t objecting, but through nervousness responded little to Judy’s aggressive kiss, which Judy held for two or three minutes before she stepped away. Jan stood looking very embarrassed.

It was Judy who broke the moment. “Jan – take off your skirt and give it to me.”

Jan looked stunned, tried to speak, but couldn’t. Judy spoke even more strongly. “Jan – take off your skirt and give it to me – now.” Again for several moments there was silence, then Jan slowly reached behind her, undid the navy blue skirt and coyly let it drop to the floor, then bent down and picked it up and handed it to Judy, keeping her hand in place to hide as much as she could. I looked over Jan as much as I could – she had beautiful, slim shapely legs, a lovely rounded pert ass, and a neatly trimmed bush that she was trying to hide with her hands.

Judy behaved as if everything was perfectly normal. “Let’s go sit and have a cup of tea,” she said with an almost nonchalant voice. The two girls went through to the sitting room while I made a pot of tea and took it through. Again, I was aware that Judy was making small talk, Jan responding with embarrassed “yeses” and “noes”. I poured tea and we all sat down and chatted. Or at least Judy and I did – Judy mostly, explaining what might happen through the evening!

“Jan,” Judy spoke. “Real thanks for coming here. You know that E.mail?” Jan nodded, so Judy continued. “It said that you had to agree to anything we wanted, but promised that you would enjoy it. You happy with that?”

Jan thought for a few moments, trying to work out in her mind what that might mean, before cautiously nodding.

“Okay”, said Judy, “You sure?” Again Jan nodded.

“Okay, Jan, this is what we are going to do.” Judy spoke as if there was no other option. “When tea is ready in about half an hour we are going to tie you sitting on that coffee table,” – Judy pointed to a particularly strong coffee table we had made especially for us – “…..and we will feed you. Your hands won’t be free. We will use silk straps so they won’t hurt, but you will not escape – you will not be able to escape. That might be a bit messy, so we will probably give you a shower after xslot Giriş that. Then for the rest of the evening we will let you experience some of our toys, before we go to bed and share the bed together. In the morning you return to work, as if nothing has happened.” Jan’s face had turned pale. She had expected nothing as extreme as this, but we knew that she would enjoy the humiliation, that the humiliation would more than add to her ultimate pleasure. Deep down Jan did as well, and as much as she looked shocked her breath was in smaller gasps. Judy continued. “You have no choice but to accept this, Jan, because you agreed to do anything we wanted.”

Twenty minutes later Jan was sat on the coffee table as I finished tying her as we had promised – she had put up no resistance. Her arms were tied behind her back at her elbows and wrists. Her legs were tied – one at each end of the table – at ankle and knee. She was still wearing her blouse, but as I stepped back it was the first time I had seen clearly the treasures between her legs, beautifully glistening with dampness. As Jan realised I was looking she went bright red and struggled a little, but there was no escape from the table or my eyes.

Our evening meal was good fun. We all giggled – even Jan – as we fed her the casserole with a fork and spoon. At times food spilt out of her mouth, and there were gravy stains all down the front of her white blouse. Occasionally when I fed her I would softly flick a finger across her clitoris and she would gasp as she swallowed. Once I plunged a finger deep into her pussy as I plunged a spoonful into her mouth – her gasp of surprise let the food run out and down the front of her blouse. The mix of being exposed, having her “treasures” toyed with, of being humiliated by being fed, of appearing like a messy little child was clearly having an effect on Jan as a slight trickle of moisture ran down the inside of her leg, leaving a little dampness on the table.

“Pudding time” Judy called out, bringing in plate with a slice of gateau for each of us. She turned to Jan. “Jan, you have to eat all of this gateau, but we won’t bother with cutlery – we’ll use this.” Judy brought a bar stool, placed the gateau on the stool, and placed the stool just where Jan could lean forward and eat it with her mouth. Jan looked shocked, almost like this was a step too far, like she would rebel, but Judy spoke first, sternly. “Jan. Eat it!”

As we started on our gateau, so Jan leant forward and began to eat – it was a very messy business as she had to put her face into the food! She ate as well as she could, as much as she could, but her face was left smeared with cream and chocolate. As she clearly couldn’t eat any more, but there was some cream left, I took the cream and smeared it into her hair. By the end of the meal Jan looked a real mess, but the small damp pool on the coffee table had got bigger, and her pussy seemed to glisten even more. The temptation was too much – I moved towards her and plunged two fingers deep into her sopping pussy, then moved them slowly in and out for a minute or two, leaving Jan gasping.

Her voice was a whisper. “Please let me cum.” I was surprised she would ask, but removed my fingers.

I spoke gently to her: “You will cum plenty Jan – but in our time, not yours. Jan didn’t speak again, but her eyes were pleading for release, for the release we wouldn’t give her – yet.

It was Judy who spoke, who broke the moment. “We had better get ready for our outing”. Jan looked startled. “Yes,” said Judy, “our outing.”

Half an hour later Judy and Jan appeared, Jan having showered, washed and dried her hair, and now dressed in a pink miniskirt and black T-shirt. There had obviously been a lot of caressing and touching in the previous half hour, but it was obvious Jan had not yet been allowed an orgasm. I lifted Jan’s skirt and noticed she had no panties on.

“Jan ,” I spoke to her. “We have some very special panties you are going to wear.” I showed her the panties with the vibrator attached to the crotch. I showed her the radio control through which I had control of the vibrator. “Please put them on.”

Jan did, the vibrator slipping easily into her. Ten minutes later we were in the quiet alcove of xslot Güncel Giriş our favourite bar, despite Jan finding it a bit difficult walking with the vibrator inside her.

“Mandy”, Judy cried out. A waitress whom we knew well came over to us. “Mandy this is Jan – she’s ours for the evening.” Judy had a broad grin on her face as she said it. Mandy knew what this meant and leant over to give Jan a hug. As she did I pushed the button on the remote control, and Jan gasped and began to squirm as Mandy held her in the hug. I saw Judy give Mandy a big wink. Mandy kept holding as Jan’s breath became shorter and shorter – but I stopped the vibrator before she could cum.

As Mandy stepped back, Jan had a look of disappointment and humiliation on her face. Mandy whispered into Jan’s ear but so we could all hear. “Babe – this is going to be the best night of your life!”

We stayed in the bar for about an hour. Twice more Mandy came over to us and we took Jan to the edge with the vibrator, but no more. Once when Jan was returning from the toilet I turned the vibrator on as she walked back to us – she desperately held on to her dignity as the sensations went through her and again took her near to an orgasm. As we walked back to our house I again played with the vibrator, keeping Jan near to orgasm but never giving her relief.

It was about nine o’clock when we reached the house with Jan in tears of desperation for relief. Judy and I were ready for the next stage of Jan’s evening – the special part we had organised earlier.

I again stripped Jan, and again tied her hands behind her back and her legs to the coffee table as we had done earlier for tea, while Judy went and prepared. We had placed the coffee table in front of sliding doors which led into our other downstairs room. Again for a few moments I allowed my finger to circle on her clitoris, putting another finger inside her soaking pussy.

After Jan had begun to gasp in arousal I opened the sliding doors. There, five feet away, was Judy being fucked by Brian, Jan’s husband!

We had organised it earlier – for Brian to come home a day early, for Jan to be aroused beyond belief, for Brian to have the chance to fuck Judy – he had so often hinted to me that he would like to do it.

Jan screamed: “Bill, what are you doing? No……………..” But even watching them added to her arousal as she suddenly realised this was what she was going to do this evening with us with Brian away.

Brian and Judy fucked hard until both cried out in orgasm, Brian pumping his cum deep into Judy, Jan more and more aroused by what she was seeing.

But then we all knew that Jan needed the ultimate humiliation – Brian withdrew from Judy, went over to his wife, pushed her head to his cock and ordered her “Lick me clean, slut!”

Jan hesitated, then begun to lick, then took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and swallow the mix of Judy’s juices and Brian’s cum. It was clearly something special for Brian – he was already stiff again. Within seconds we had untied Jan and the two were fucking hard – within a minute Jan was screaming out in one huge long orgasm which never seemed to come to an end, her body shaking and bucking as wave after wave of orgasm ripped uncontrollably through her body, an orgasm which sent Brian over the edge as well.

Twenty minutes later we were sat around drinking coffee – the other three were naked, I was still fully clothed and feeling very horny – all I’d seen and all I’d done – except get off! However I knew that later Judy and I would have a great time in bed, and knew that although Jan and Brian only had eyes for each other at this moment in the afterglow of orgasm, she was now available to me through work and our friendship and I would take her the following week. Half and hour later Brian and Jan left presumably for more fun. I knew it was my turn now and I turned to Judy……..

“I’m sorry Bill.”

I was puzzled. “Sorry?”

“Yes, sorry,” said Judy. “Sorry Bill – that session with Brian brought on my period.”

“Brought on your period?” I was open mouthed.

“Yes, and you know how I get terrible pains and fuzzy headed and a headache. I just need to go to sleep with a paracetamol. Please, I can‘t manage anything now.”

Judy had disappeared before I could respond. I sat there open mouthed. All I had been part of this evening, never got my end off, refusing the five-fingered widow on principle, with no prospects for the next few days? Life isn’t fair……….!!!!!

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