Heat – Post Graduate

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This story is a fantasy. I haven’t tried any of these things, and do not intend to outside of my mind.

If you are stupid enough to try any of them don’t blame me for any consequences.


This story will make more sense if you read Heat — Freshman first.


Jim’s name showed on the screen of my phone as I answered it. He didn’t waste time in small talk.

‘How would you like to take your ‘Testing your Limits’ course a bit further?’

I thought back to the intensity of that day and wondered how much further I could go.

‘What would it involve?’

‘Not over the phone. Can we talk about it face to face somewhere private?’

‘Yeah, I s’pose.’ Now I was intrigued. I valued Jim as a dom, but he sounded nervous about this. I wondered what he had in mind as we arranged a time to meet at his house. The only time Jim had shown any nervousness in my presence before was when I asked him to retract my ‘safe word.’ Clearly whatever he had in mind was risky.

‘Some people I know are setting up a new club, with some extreme ideas, and are looking for people willing to suffer for them and their audiences. When I heard they wanted somebody to withstand heat, guess who I thought of? The evening I think you’d enjoy is not without risks, not least because you would be under their control not mine. If you volunteer to be my slave again, for twelve hours, I can sell you to them for the evening, but in doing it I surrender control. I know you can take a lot of pain, but what they want to do could be excessive, and there would be no safe word or get out. Once they have you, they will finish what they start.’

‘That’s the catch out of the way, now what do they want to do to me.’

‘I can’t tell you. They demand secrecy, even … no, especially from the victims.’ Jim looked a little guilty.


‘Yeah, that’s the word they use. You have to go into this in complete slave mode — pledged to do anything they want. They promise not to deliberately kill you, disable you or to rape you, but anything else goes.’

‘There’s a lot of leeway there.’

‘It’s the whole point.’ Jim’s voice was flat, his face grim.

Although I regularly attended a couple of BDSM clubs regularly, my life had lacked excitement recently. As shown in the past, my most exciting times were when my limits were tested — or even passed. I took a calming breath.

‘Okay. I’ll do it.’

‘As my slave?’

‘Yes, master’ I looked down demurely, as a good slave should, but my voice gave me away.

‘For real?’ I looked up again. He was being serious.

‘Yes, master.’ Putting all the sincerity I could find into my answer. I had pledged myself to him in the past, why not again?

‘If you’re still ready to do it on Saturday meet me here at noon.’

‘Yes master.’

Eleven fifty nine. I stood outside Jim’s door waiting for the hour to strike before knocking. I wanted my time as his slave to start as I meant to continue, and follow my instructions to the best of my ability.

Jim was silent as he let me in and gestured me into his front room, and to sit at his table. Lying on the shiny surface was a printed document and a pen. Jim walked away, leaving me alone to read xslot it through. As I read it was clear what I would let myself in for if I signed it. It would give him the right to do anything he wanted to my body in the next twelve hours. When I had finished reading I lifted the pen, an antique-looking fountain pen. I handled it with reverence as I signed, careful to avoid forming blots. I don’t think I had ever held a proper fountain pen before.

As I handed the paper to Jim he spoke for the first time.

‘Strip!’ The bark in the word emphasised my new status. I quickly followed orders and stood before him in all my glory.

‘Good girl’ his voice softened a little. I was happy because he was pleased, but I knew I was not yet in the true slave mode he had invoked in me during my initial test. I was acting more than feeling.


I did, staying still as Jim left the room, leaving me on my own for several minutes. I was becoming aware Jim was deliberately keeping his orders to single sharp words to help me get into my role. When I saw the dog-collar and lead he was carrying when he came back I knew I was truly a slave.

Minutes later I was lying, still nude, on the back seat of his car, covered in a blanket. I wondered whether it was to keep me out of sight or to prevent me seeing where we were going. Either way it was hot under there, and as the drive lengthened I felt myself dozing.

I was roused by the sound of the hand brake as Jim parked.

The blanket was pulled away, and I shivered in the sudden cold.


I eagerly followed orders, until my feet hit the ground and I sank to my ankles in mud. I looked longingly at the knee high wellie boots Jim was now wearing then shook myself back to reality. I was a slave with no say in what I wore. We appeared to be in a farmyard, in front of a large barn. The car park was large, but at the moment there were only two other cars in it. Jim had mentioned an audience, so presumably it would fill later. Without a word Jim took my leash to take me into a small room. The whole room was made of undecorated concrete, grey and drab. The floor was of bare earth, covered in mud-coated straw.

A man came over and ran his hands over my body impersonally, from neck to shin. With an effort I managed to stay still and not resist his cold hands.

‘Could have more meat on it. Nice breasts though.’ He opened my mouth and examined my teeth carefully. I wondered what he was looking for. It was probably meant to intimidate me. If so it was succeeding. Jim started haggling with them over the price they were going to pay for me. Jim, bless him, pointed out all my good points, including my obedience. I wasn’t sure whether it was good or bad when one of the men pointed out my thin legs and lack of stomach. Eventually money changed hands and my new master led me away. He was joined by another man. I had no chance to say goodbye to Jim. I knew I had agreed to this, but I had no way to know whether I should trust these men as I did Jim. After all he had acted as my dom for over a year, and now was my master. My stomach flipped, Jim was my ex-master, and the nameless man pulling on my collar owned me for the rest of my slavery time.

The other man xslot Giriş was huge, the sort of intimidating man employed by pubs in the rougher parts of town as bouncers. His muscles barely bulged as he lifted me and laid me on my back on a large table in another room, my head hanging over the edge. A wooden pole was forced it into my mouth. At first I gagged until my years of practice of swallowing cocks kicked in, and I made myself breathe through my nose. Master was doing the same thing to my pussy.

Abruptly I was rolled over to lie on my front. I saw the big man carrying a thick pole towards me and felt the weight as he rested it on my back. He lifted the pole which was in my mouth, and pushed the larger pole forward until I could see a metal loop set into it, with two large screws to adjust it. When he had tightened the loop around my pole I could only face forward. My body was held tight when the pole in my pussy was similarly fixed in place. It was uncomfortable, but not painful, although the position of my stretched neck promised pain in the future.

The bouncer-type pulled my elbows tight against the pole and the lower parts of my arms were tied there tightly. While he was doing this my legs were folded back and also tied in place in what came pretty close to a hog tie but I was bound to the pole as well. These poles seemed an elaborate way to achieve that, there had to be more to it than this. I remembered Jim promising me something to do with heat, but there was nothing hot in this room. I tried to calm my panic. I could do nothing to change things, and worrying was pointless. It wasn’t easy to reach my calm place without Jim’s help though, as was a major part of his dom expertise.

A door opened behind me and I could hear voices from behind it. I guessed this was the audience, and shivered, suddenly dreading whatever was going to happen to me.

‘Hey, Jed!’

My master called across the room.


The voice sounded rough, and the footsteps which approached were heavy.

‘Take this end, will you.’

‘Yeah, boss’

With my head held in place I was unable to see anything that wasn’t straight in front of me, but I saw the man at my head grasp the long pole firmly. The man on the other end must have been doing the same, because suddenly I was no longer resting on the table, my weight was held by the poles and bonds which held me helpless.

Strapped to the pole, I was carried through the open door and heard cheers. The pole was rested on a metal structure, and heat hit my stomach. The two men fiddled with the pole and the structure until I heard clicks at both ends.

All became clear as the pole started to rotate and I felt the heat on my arms. I froze stiff in fear. The gathering was a hog-roast, and I was the pig. Occasionally people crossed my line of sight, mostly men carrying drinks. Added to the physical pain of the heat and dizziness from rotation was the mental pain as many of the men were chatting away and not even looking at me. What was the point of me going through all this if they were not even going to notice me? At one point I thought I caught a glimpse of Jim, but it was probably wishful thinking. His height and build were right, but I couldn’t see xslot Güncel Giriş his face.

Somewhere along the line I remembered reading about ballerinas combating dizziness when spinning by concentrating on one unmoving point. I tried it, and to my surprise it worked, easing the nausea which had threatened to embarrass me. Eventually my body managed to accept the heat too. I wasn’t actually being cooked but it felt that way. I breathed a sigh of relief when the spinning stopped and I felt the pole lifted. Thank God it was over.

I had a nasty shock coming. Instead of carrying me away from the fire, the pole was pushed into another pair of holes, below the ones I had been in before, which brought me nearer to the heat. The people surrounding me showed more interest as I now attempted to writhe in my bonds, trying to escape the heat. My horror was even greater when I looked down my nose and realised that there was another hole below where I was suspended.

I was beginning to be surprised that my sweat wasn’t putting out the fire, yet at the same time the rod in my pussy felt slightly looser as I moistened around it. I was surprised by the powerful orgasm which abruptly swept over me, making me feel even hotter. Nobody cared, the pole kept turning relentlessly as I fought to recover.

‘Now we’re going to cook you like the pig you are.’ Master sneered as the pole was pushed down to the lowest notch.

I had thought I was sweating before. I wasn’t – formerly I was just giving off a dribble, now I couldn’t see as sweat ran from my forehead into my eyes. The pain was like my branding, but over my whole body. I could feel the world slipping away from me, and I became convinced my flesh was turning to meat. In my delirious sub-space I couldn’t see this as a bad thing. My inner pig had escaped, I was no longer human I was food. I wondered why they hadn’t slaughtered me first, without particular concern. My master would be pleased if I made good bacon.

‘Hey, little pig, how’re you feeling?’

I blinked as Jim proved his ability to read minds once again.

Before I could answer he thrust a straw into my mouth. I sucked at it, desperate to feel the cool water run down my stiff neck.

I could feel Jim’s magical burn salve over most of my body. Jim took my hand, and stroked it gently. That was when I lost my calm and exploded into tears. As he lifted me onto his lap I did my best to dissolve his shirt as I remembered believing I was a pig on a spit. Jim patiently held me for a long time, making sure I drank plenty in between sobs. When my sobs turned to hiccoughs he reached behind him and brought forward a sandwich, pulling it into smaller pieces, holding one to my mouth.

I had a horrid thought: ‘It isn’t pork is it?’

Jim smiled ‘No. cheese.’

He fed me pieces of the sandwich and I gobbled it up, hungry. He picked up another.

‘How about this one?’

Something in his voice made me suspicious.

‘What’s in it?’

Jim kept his voice serious, yet casual.

‘Oh it comes from the girl they barbecued before you. Tasted delicious.’

He burst out laughing at the look on my face so I punched his chest. Hard!

When I tasted it, it was more cheese.

I had a good idea what my dreams would be about for a while.

‘D’you want to stay at my place tonight?’ Jim asked, knowing I would need more after-care.


After all, his scheme had caused the dreams I knew were coming, why shouldn’t he suffer the consequences.

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