Bare There

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Ann sat on the bed and stared down at the red patch of hair that framed her pussy. Against her better judgment she was going to lose the hair. It’s what her lover wanted. No, it’s what her lover demanded. She had shaved it off once before and definitely hadn’t liked the itchy feeling as it grew back. She had sworn she wouldn’t do it again but here she was getting ready to lose it again and all because of a piece of paper.

She had agreed to basically do whatever he wanted for an entire day. She was going to give herself completely to him and completely submit to him. All of her holes were there for the taking and she knew that she could expect them all to be filled repeatedly with cock. The thought made her pussy twitch. She liked the idea of not being in control of what happened to her.

She stared at herself in the full-length mirror that her lover had propped up for her. She smiled to herself. A couple of years ago she would have said this would never happen. There was no way she would ever be sitting in bed, legs spread wide, staring at her own wet pussy and preparing to shave her bush. But one email from her frustrated lover had taken her down the path of sexual self-discovery and awakening and now everything was different. She picked up the scissors and bit her lip and began cut. Each tug brought a tingle to her moist center. As the hair disappeared she felt like she was losing a vital part of herself. Or maybe she was just becoming someone else.

She thought of her lover and how he always wanted a taste of her sex when the alarm clock sounded each morning. To start off each morning with her scent on his fingers and tongue. He would slide his fingers through her hair and dip into her moist folds, coating them with her wetness. She thought of that single Short links digit, circling her hole and then delving into the crack of her ass to lightly touch her tight asshole. She could almost feel his hard shaft nestled against her ass as he spooned with her in the early daylight. She rarely followed through with his desires in the morning hours with too much to do and not enough time for diversions. Still those little touches showed that she was desirable and it was a nice way to start the day.

She could see her slit clearly now that the hair was cleared away. Now she reached for electric razor that he had provided for the task. It was small and pink and specifically designed to trim her sensitive regions. She turned it on and touched it tentatively to her stubble. The pleasant humming vibration show through her skin and brought a flush to her chest. The razor was brand new so the blades were sharp and made quick work of what was left of her hair. She looked down and then looked in the mirror. Her pussy was glistening with wetness. She felt strangely younger as she stared at the slight 5-o-clock shadow that framed her honey-pot. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all, she thought.

She reached for the shaving cream and coated the area with a thick layer of the slippery lubricant. She spread it over her pussy and ran her fingers down toward her ass, spreading the cream and enjoying the sliding sensation. She paused to let the cream moisten and soften her skin before continuing. While she waited she closed her eyes again, and let her mind wander as she began to think about what the night had in store for her.

There was no doubt that she would be sucking a lot of cock tonight. It was one of her lover’s favorite things and she was pretty good at Short link it, if she did say so herself. She loved feeling that hard, hot fleshy spike impaling her mouth and plunging to the back of throat. When she concentrated she could get the head in her throat and get her lips all the way down to the base so that her lips were resting against his balls. She licked her lips as she thought about it and waited for the shaving cream to soften the stubble of hair left above her dripping pussy. As she licked her lips, she could almost taste the drops of pre-cum that oozed from that cock whenever it was in her mouth. She loved to pump the shaft and lick the tip as the tiny droplets bubbled up and dripped down over her hand. Her pussy twitched involuntarily as she thought about it. It was also almost a given that she would be swallowing a fair amount of cum. It was always exciting to know that it was her mouth that would bring on the flood of hot, gooey liquid pulsing up to spurt against her tongue and slid down her gulping throat. A little moan escaped her lips and she dropped her hand involuntarily between her legs and swirled her fingers languidly through the slippery cream, tracing her engorged pussy lips.

And that certainly would not be the only orifice filled with cock tonight, she mused to herself. If the contract she signed was any indicated she would have that same cock plunging into her wet pussy as well. She could imagine quite a bit of what the evening held for her. Legs spread as wide as possible, pussy filled with cock. She loved to feel the hardness buried deep inside of her and her lover did not often disappoint. She could count on a hard, prolonged fuck that would have her cumming over and over again.

If I keep thinking like this, I might start cumming right now, she giggled to herself. She found that her fingers had continued to stray between her wide-spread legs finger-painting the foamy shaving soap that covered her nether region. As she lightly touched the bridge of skin between her pussy hole and her asshole her mind went blank for a moment and then focused on her tightest hole. She had never believed that she would like anal sex after a painful first try but she had finally been convinced to try it again and things had never been the same. It was still slightly uncomfortable but she found that she didn’t just like it. She loved it. She shivered slightly, knowing that the night would not be complete without the total fullness she felt with a cock lodged in her tight anus. And if things went as she hoped she would be feeling doubly full with a real cock and a fake cock plugging both her holes simultaneously. Those were some orgasms she was looking forward to.

With an audible gasp she opened her eyes and stared at the woman in the mirror with the wide spread legs. I can’t wait, she thought. She reached for the triple-blade razor and dipped it in the bowl of warm water that her lover had left for her. With a slightly trembling hand she began to slide the blade through the cream cutting away the last tiny nubs of hair.

She watched the mirror as she carefully moved the blade over the edges of her pussy lips and down toward her crack. Soon the last remnants of her hair were gone.

She used a towel to wipe off the small traces of shaving cream that remained and then poured some mineral oil into her palm. She rubbed the oil over her skin. Just her own light touch brought a new tingle. It felt so different. She hoped her lover liked the new look. She couldn’t wait to test drive her bare skin. Her fingers strayed down as she thought about it. Her orgasm washed over her and as she lightly flicked her naked clit she realized that it was only the beginning of a very long night.