Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 16

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Anri Okita

Diane strained against the ropes that were knotted tightly around both of her ankles and then secured to the corners of the bed posts. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned into the pillow where her head rested. I stood back to admire my handiwork.

A pretty efficient job I thought to my self. Diane’s was in the middle of our bed, on her knees, sort of. She was bent over at the waist with her gorgeous bottom stuck up in the air. Her legs were spread, and a sturdy rope was tied around each ankle. The other end of this rope was looped around the bedpost and then passed thru a hitch knot and then drawn tight. The end result was Diane’s legs were unmovable. Her hands were behind her back, cuffed tightly; the cold steel of the handcuffs biting slightly into her flesh, not enough to injure, but enough to be uncomfortable.

The best part, I decided, was how I had managed to prevent her from simply backing up and taking the tension off of the ropes tied to her legs. Attached to each of Diane’s nipples was a small clip with a small ring attached to it. Thru the rings was a small chain, a necklace in fact; a necklace that happened to be one of Diane’s favorites. On each end of this necklace I had affixed another, sturdier chain that was then clipped to two eye hooks screwed into the headboard of our bed. The consequences of pulling sumo web tools back to loosen the ropes on my lovely wife’s legs were obvious.

And so she remained in the position I had placed her. In fact, if anything Diane was straining to keep the ropes around her ankles as tight as possible so as not to place any stress on her beloved necklace. I grinned broadly to myself. I had indeed pulled a good one here. I admired my beautiful wife struggling in the predicament I had placed her in. She was wearing only her garters and stockings, and her heels of course. Her garter was dark blue, almost black, and her stockings were of a shade that accentuated her tanned legs perfectly. Her heels were also dark blue, sexy ankle straps with a four inch heel. Again Diane moaned softly into the pillow as she shifted her wait and the clips on her nipples pulled ever so slightly.

I reached under Diane and felt her sopping wet pussy. She was dripping with excitement as I ran my hand up and down the folds of her slit. Dipping first one finger in and then another I probed deeper and deeper until my fingers slipped inside her. I felt forward and up, searching for her G spot. Finding it I rubbed gently slipping my fingers in and out of her dripping snatch. Setting up a good rhythm I brought my other hand down on sumowebtools her bare ass in a hard slap! Diane winced and groaned. Again and again I smacked her bottom with my wide palm eliciting gasps and moans from my prostrate wife. Soon I had her ass glowing an angry pink as I plunged my fingers in and out of her pussy. I felt Diane tense up and then clench around my fingers as she came hard drenching my hand with her juices.

Bringing my fingers around to her mouth Diane willingly opened up and accepted my offering. Sucking her own juices off of my hand I let her lick me clean before I turned my attentions elsewhere.

I climbed up on the bed and scooted my self up and behind my bound wife. My cock was rock hard and had been for some time. I rubbed the head of my cock on Diane’s soaking wet pussy, smearing my oozing pre-cum with her wetness. I positioned the head of my throbbing cock against her slit. “Want do you want me to do now?” I asked.

“OH GOD FUCK ME!” Diane gasped as she struggled to maintain her position on the bed.

“How do you want it baby?” I teased rubbing myself up and down her dripping slit.

“Hard Baby! Fuck me hard! Please!” Diane begged.

With that I pushed the head of my aching cock into my wife’s pussy. Getting just the head in, I paused and then inched in farther, slipping deeper and deeper into my gasping wife. I was into her all the way now, my heavy balls resting against Diane’s ass. Taking her hips in my hands I held her firmly and pulled out nearly all the way and paused before plunging my hard cock into her fully. Diane moaned again and again as I fucked her, pulling her hips toward me to meet my forceful thrusts. I could feel my orgasm start to build up and I concentrated, determined not to come until the last possible moment. Again and again I slid my throbbing member into her deep until my balls slapped loudly against her ass.

“OH! OH! OH!” Diane shrieked as her own orgasm started from deep within her. Gaining momentum it continued welling up until it burst forth overwhelming Diane’s senses as she came again and again. With that I released my own torrent of hot cum deep into her clenching pussy, ejaculating again and again, filling her with my seed.

Exhausted, I fell backwards on my heels, my spent cock slipping out of Diane with a soft pop. Standing up I reached around and pulled the clips off of her nipples releasing my thoroughly spent wife from her prone position. Diane responded by scooting backwards and then collapsing on her belly breathing heavily.

“Un-cuff me love” Diane whispered as I reached for the keys on the nightstand. I unlocked the handcuffs and kissed my lovely wife on her cheek. “Now let’s go watch Jimmie Johnson crash during warm-ups!” I teased.

“Buttmunch.” Diane scolded into the pillowcase.