It’s A Man’s World Ch. 04

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As usual before proceeding with the story, I reproduce the last few lines of part 3:

When we had settled down Sarit asked, ‘What is so important that it could not wait till evening?’

‘Ladies, we have decided to divorce you,’ Shamit said. Sarit and I were shocked.

‘What?’ Sarit shouted, surprised.

‘But why?’ I asked as calmly as I could.

‘Because when you married us, you both were not virgins,’ Amit elaborated, ‘there was no sign of a hymen. Someone had fucked you before marriage.’

Now for part 4:

‘Shamit you are mistaken. I was a virgin,’ I said, crossing my fingers, ‘Absence of the hymen has no meaning. It can tear because of many other reasons also’.

‘Yes, that is so, ‘Shamit said, ‘but the choot (cunt) remains tight and not loose like yours.’

‘So was I,’ Sarit said nervously, ‘Amit, remember it hurt me so much that I screamed when you entered me for the first time.’

‘Yes my dear, how can I forget that,’ Amit smiled, ‘All I can say is that you are an excellent actress but not good enough to fool me.’

I saw beads of perspiration forming on Sarit’s forehead. I prayed to God that Sarit doesn’t lose her cool, as she had done when our sisters blamed us for sleeping with their husbands.

‘Shamit believe me, I was a virgin,’ I repeated.

‘Listen you two, we are not fools,’ Shamit said, ‘Before marriage we had fucked many girls, three of them were virgins. We know how it feels to deflower a girl.’

‘Yes, a virgin’s choot is tight but your choots were loose. Apparently you had been well fucked by someone before your marriage. Right brother?’ Amit added.

‘Absolutely,’ Shamit said, ‘Best course for you is to tell us everything.’

Sarit started to cry. I could sense that Sarit was about to say something foolish and tried to stop her. ‘Sarit don’t…’ I started to say but she was no longer thinking rationally. She ignored my warning.

‘Adi, I was afraid of this,’ Sarit said, with tears running down her cheeks, ‘I knew they would find out that we were not virgins and had been fucked.’

‘Good girl,’ Amit laughed, offering her a handkerchief, ‘Ab tum batao ki tumahari choot kissne phaardi aur shadi ke pahele kiss kiss se tumne apne ko chudwaya hai (Now tell us who took your cherry and who all have enjoyed your cunts before us).’

Sarit started to confess but I interrupted her, not knowing what all she might say in her present state.

‘Sarit, let me tell them,’ I interved. Then I told them everything except what happened on the holiday with our sisters.

‘Accha tau hamare jija logon ne tumhari choot phardne ka mazaa liya? (So it was our brothers in law who had the pleasure of popping your cherry?)’ Shamit asked.

We nodded.

‘Unhone tumahaari gaand bhi maari hogi? (They must have fucked your asshole also?)’ Amit inquired.

We nodded.

‘Tumne unka laurda bhi choosa hoga? (You must have sucked their cocks also?)’ Amit continued.

We nodded again.

‘I am glad that you have told us everything,’ Shamit said.

‘Why are you making such a fuss about it?’ Sarit asked, ‘We have not said anything to you about all the girls you say you have fucked before our marriage?’

‘Daaarlinnng,’ Amit drawled laughing, ‘you forget that it’s a man’s world. We’ll tell you if you want but the list is long, it will take time.’

‘Forget it we are not interested,’ I said, ‘Now that you know the truth what do you plan to do?’

‘Yes tell us, do you still plan to divorce us?’ Sarit asked, nervously.

‘We don’t know. We will have to discuss it among ourselves,’ Shamit replied, ‘We must go now but we will give you our decision at lunch.’

‘Oh Adi, I am so sorry. I have let you down again,’ Sarit said, when they had left and started to weep, ‘When I get nervous, I don’t know what I am saying.’

I embraced her and let her cry for sometime.

‘Sarit darling, don’t cry, it is not your fault,’ I said, trying to console her, ‘Actually I am to blame, if I had not tricked you in losing your cherry then at least you would have been a virgin.’

‘Oh Adi,’ Sarit said. Then we both cried on each other’s shoulder.

‘Our society is not fair,’ Sarit said, suddenly freeing herself from my embrace and wiping her tears, ‘A man can fuck hundred girls before marriage and every one says he is a great guy, a Casanova but if a girl enjoys herself even once, then she is damned.’

‘Such is life,’ I replied, ‘and as Amit said it is a man’s world, the men make the rules and we women have to live by them.’

‘What shall we do now?’ Sarit asked, ‘If our parents find out then they will surely kill us.’

‘Don’t worry, we will see it through together,’ I replied, ‘but first let us wait for their decision.’

‘Oh Adi, I am so glad that you are with me,’ Sarit said hugging me.

‘What are friends for?’ I replied hugging her back.

As promised, our husbands came home at lunchtime. We ate our lunch in silence. After lunch Sarit couldn’t control herself and burst out, sarışın porno ‘What have you two decided?’

‘Ah yes, our decision,’ Amit replied, smiling, ‘We have decided that we will not divorce you pro…’

‘Thank God for that,’ Sarit said, sighing with relief.

‘Don’t start celebrating yet, let me finish,’ Amit chuckled, ‘Where was I? Yes! We have decided not to divorce you provided you fulfill two of our conditions.’

‘What conditions,’ I asked.

‘Paheli hum tumhari behnon ko chodenge (First is that we get to fuck your sisters),’ Amit said.

‘Hai, aap humaari behenon ko chodena chahate ho? (O my God, you want to fuck our sisters?)’ Sarit asked, dismayed.

‘Why not?’ Shamit said, ‘Their husbands fucked our wives then why can’t your husbands fuck their wives also.’

‘What is the second condition?’ I asked, keeping the real issue in focus.

‘Let me explain what I am about to say,’ Shamit said, ‘In our society, when a man gets married, he looks forward to the pleasure of deflowering his virgin wife. In our case, your brothers in law or shall I say our respected brothers in law had already taken care of your cherry. Therefore our second condition is that they provide us with a virgin each to deflower in lieu of the cherry, we should have had but because of them didn’t. This would make us even.’

‘Now you are being unreasonable,’ I replied, ‘Firstly, where would they get a virgin for you and secondly, for argument sake, if they did have one then do you think she would still be a virgin today?’

‘I agree with you,’ Shamit laughed, ‘We would have done the same. Anyway this is their problem and they alone have to find a solution for it.’

‘Be sensible, where would they get a virgin of your choice?’ Sarit repeated in desperation.

‘Oh, we are not choosy,’ Amit snickered, ‘She could be anyone, a relative, a friend or even a servant girl but she must be young and a virgin.’

His words “a servant girl” gave me an idea. ‘What would you say if instead of them we gave you a virgin each to fuck?’ I inquired.

‘Matters little to us who the provider is. As long as our motto, eye for an eye, choot for a choot and a cherry for a cherry, is complied with,’ Shamit laughed.

‘Agar yeh baat hai tau hum aap ko Basanti aur Shanti dete hain. Aap unki choot phard lo (If that is so, we give you the choots of Basanti and Shanti. You can pop their cherry,’ I replied with a triumphant smile.

‘HA! HA! HA!’ they both laughed loudly.

‘You mean deflower our Basanti and Shanti? You think they are virgins?’ Amit replied, doubling up with laughter.

‘Why not? I am sure they are virgins,’ Sarit asked, getting worried.

‘My dear, we took care of their cherry many months before we married you,’ Shamit chuckled.

‘Impossible! I don’t believe you!’ I replied.

‘Ask them! They will confirm our statement,’ Amit said still laughing.

‘I will just do that,’ I replied stubbornly.

‘All right ladies you do the asking but we have to get back to the office,’ Shamit said, ‘One more thing. Till our conditions are fulfilled we will not sleep together. You both will sleep in my room and we will occupy Amit’s room.’

‘WHAT! YOU CAN’T DO THAT. IT IS UNFAIR,’ Sarit screamed.

‘If you won’t sleep with us then whom will you screw?’ I asked incredulously.

‘Basanti and Shanti. Who else?’ Shamit replied grinning.

‘Our maids? How degrading for us,’ Sarit complained.

‘Well, that is how it is going to be my love,’ Amit replied, ‘Bye! See you later.’

‘Gosh, these two bitches. They look so sweet and innocent,’ Sarit said in a rage, ‘I would never have thought that they would be fucking our husbands behind our backs.’

‘This is what our husbands have said, ‘ I replied, ‘but let us first ask them before we hang them.’

‘Adi, I have an idea,’ Sarit whispered, ‘If these two bitches can give pleasure to our men then why can’t we also get our pleasure from them.’

‘You mean ask them eat our pussy?’ I whispered back.

‘Yes. If we have to survive without a cock then their tongue is a much better option than using our finger,’ Sarit giggled,

‘What if they say no?’ I asked.

‘If they refuse then we can always threaten to tell mama that the maids did not obey us…’

‘…and they are shit scared of her, this would persuade them to do what we want,’ I said completing her thought process.

‘Side by side we can revive our old idea about the football team or explore other possibilities,’ Sarit laughed, clapping happily.

‘Omigosh Sarit you are a genius,’ I replied hugging her.

‘Now that everything is settled, let us put the show on the road,’ Sarit said impatiently.

‘No not yet, first we must find out if our husbands were telling the truth or not. ‘ I replied, ‘We will question them in my room’.

‘Give me a minute to change into my night gown so that if everything goes our way then my choot is easily accessible,’ Sarit chuckled, ‘I suggest that you also do the sex hikayeleri same.’

‘Brilliant, Sarit, brilliant,’ I grinned, ‘okay, we will meet in my room in ten minutes.’

‘I’ll be there, I think we might as well get used to sleeping together,’ Sarit replied, laughing naughtily.

When we had settled down in my room, we called Basanti and Shanti.

‘We are going to ask you some questions and want truthful answers,’ I said to them.

‘Didi, we promise to tell the truth,’ they replied in one voice.

‘Are you both virgins?’ I asked.

For a moment they looked nonplused by my question but then Basanti replied, ‘No didi, we are not.’

‘Tumhaari choot kissne phardi? (Who deflowered you?)’ Sarit inquired.

‘The young masters,’ Shanti replied blushing.

‘You mean Shamit and Amit?’ I asked.

They nodded.

‘When?’ I continued.

‘About eight months ago,’ Basanti said.

‘Did they rape you?’ Sarit asked.

‘No, no nothing like that,’ Shanti replied quickly, ‘It was our kismet.’

‘What does that mean, tell us what happened?’ I asked.

‘Didi, it is a long story,’ Basanti said.

‘Go on tell us, we have ample time,’ Sarit said.

‘Didi you probably know that Shanti and I are first cousins. I am two hours older to her,’ Basanti started her story, ‘On our eighteenth birthday, ignoring our protests but with the blessings of our mothers, our fathers took us in the presence of the master. Master, mistress and chachu master were present in the room.’

‘Master,’ Jamroo, my father, said, ‘this is my daughter Basanti and the other one is Jaggu’s daughter, Shanti.’

‘Both have become eighteen today,’ Jaggu, Shanti’s father added.

‘Congratulations!’ master said, then turning to chachu added, ‘Chachu, tell the estate manager to give them a suitable gift.’

‘No, no, master,’ my father protested, ‘We have not brought them here to receive a present from you.’

‘Then why have you come?’ malkin said tersely, ‘Come to the point quickly and stop wasting our time.’

‘Yes mistress,’ Jaggu said, ‘It is our humble request that you take them in your service.’

The master laughed, ‘They are very pretty but I have enough maids to look after my needs.’

‘Master, they will give you much pleasure. They are untouched by man,’ my father said, ‘Their mothers tell me that their body is even prettier than their face.’

‘Yes master see for yourself,’ Jaggu chacha (uncle = father’s younger brother) said, then turning to us added, ‘take off your clothes and show master your body.’

We were not prepared for that but had to obey the orders of our elders and started to unbutton our blouse.

‘No! There is no need undress,’ the master said, ‘Jaggu, I take your word for it.’

‘Thank you master, your decision has made us very happy,’ my father said smiling.

‘I did not say that I will accept them,’ the master replied.

‘Please master, don’t say no, we came with such high hopes. If you refuse it will break our hearts,’ both my father and Jaggu chacha pleaded, grabbing master’s feet.

‘Jamroo, Jaggu listen to me. I have already told you that…’ the master started to say but the mistress interrupted him.

She said, ‘Shamsher, don’t break their hearts, accept the girls. After enjoying their young bodies you can always send them to work in the fields or just give them away,’

‘That’s a good idea,’ the master said, more to himself than to the others, ‘Maybe later I can oblige an official,’

‘Yes, yes, master they are yours, do what you like with them,’ my father said, getting excited, ‘Enjoy them, beat them or slit their throats, if that pleases you.’

‘All right, I grant you your wish,’ master said, ‘from today both these girls are in my service.’

‘Thank you master, we are highly obliged,’ Jaggu chacha said bowing low.

‘What are you lingering here for? The master has accepted your wish, now go,’ the mistress said brusquely.

‘Yes mistress, we were just leaving,’ my father said and after making their salaams, both of them backed out of the room.

‘Chachu, they are really very pretty,’ the master said, watching us with half closed eyes.

‘Brother, what do you plan to do with them?’ Chachu master asked.

‘That is what I am thinking,’ master replied still in deep thought, then he suddenly sat up straight and added, ‘Chachu if you want them, you can have them’.

‘No brother, I did not mean that,’ chachu master replied, hastily.

‘Chachu, if my memory serves me right, you deflowered their mothers,’ master said, with a naughty twinkle in his eyes, ‘now you can pop their daughter’s cherry and then fuck mother and daughter together. This would be a novel experience even for you.’

‘Yes, you are right but they are too pretty and young for a man of my age. They deserve someone better,’ master chachu replied, ‘Why don’t you give them to the twins? They are old enough to have their own maids.’

‘Brilliant idea. I was thinking şişman porno on the same lines,’ master said excitedly, ‘I have decided, Basanti goes to Shamit and Shanti will serve Amit. Durga you take charge of these girls till they come. Make sure that in the meanwhile they don’t get into any mischief.’

‘Don’t worry on that count. I will make sure that no man comes near them,’ mistress said, ‘You two, go to my chambers and wait.’

As we were leaving we heard mistress say, ‘The boys will be ecstatic, I think I will give them the good news.’

‘Durga don’t do that, otherwise they will leave their work and rush home,’ the master laughed.

After two hours, the mistress came to her chambers.

‘So you are the daughters of Rama and Sharda, not bad, not bad at all,’ she said going round us.

We were too scared to even nod.

‘Take off your clothes. Let me see what you are hiding behind them,’ she ordered.

For a moment we were nonplussed but knowing the consequences of disobeying her, quickly disrobed and stood at attention, unsure of what will happen next.

‘Very beautiful, your boobs are very shapely,’ she said, fondling them and pinching our nipples, ‘ah! Very firm too.’

We blushed but remained silent.

‘What happened to your bush?’ she said, poking her finger at our shaven choots.

We remained silent.

‘Come on, I am waiting for an answer,’ she said smiling.

‘Our mothers helped us shave them this morning,’ Shanti ventured, nervously.

‘Your mothers are wise, they know what pleases a man,’ she said, ‘Keep them this way.’

‘Ji malkin (Yes mistress),’ we nodded.

‘Kissi ne tumhain choda tau nahin hai? (Has anyone fucked you?)’ She inquired running her finger between our cunt lips.

‘Nahin malkin, humaari choot bilkul kori hai (No mistress, we are virgins),’ we both replied.

‘Good,’ she said and walked around us again grabbed our bottoms and said, ‘Ah! They are nice and hard. My sons are going to like them.’

Then suddenly pressing our clits between her thumb and finger asked, ‘Tumhain maloom hai mere bete tumaare saath kya karenge? (Do you know what my sons are going to do with you?)’

‘Didi, I would like to add that we found her touch very pleasant. Under normal circumstances our choots would be leaking by now but the fear of displeasing her they remained bone dry,’ Shanti said, interrupting Basanti.

‘Good that you have clarified it, I was about to ask you about it,’ Sarit said, ‘Basanti what happened next?’

We knew what is going to happen to us but were too scared to utter a word.

‘Woh tumhari choot phardenge aur phir chodenge. Ho sakta hai woh tumharii gaand bhi maarain (They will deflower you and then fuck you. It is possible that they might fuck your ass holes also),’ she said grinning.

We expected to be fucked but just thought of our ass holes being ravished scared us, well at least it scared me,’ Basanti said.

‘Me too,’ Shanti said, agreeing with Basanti.

‘There is nothing to be afraid off,’ the mistress said, reading our minds, ‘after the initial pain fucking, in the choot or gaand is lovely. I am sure you will also enjoy it.’

‘Yes mistress,’ Shanti mumbled.

‘Fuck as much as you like, enjoy yourself to the hilt but I will be very angry if you were to get pregnant,’ she said.

This was very confusing to us. ‘Malkin, agar woh hamain chodenge tau bachcha tau hoga (Mistress, if they fuck us then we will get pregnant)’ Shanti asked, innocently.

‘Not necessarily, mistress said, ‘Remember, it’s a man’s world. Man wants only his pleasure and does not bother about the consequences. It is for us women to make sure no complications arise.’

‘I don’t understand. How we can…’ I said but the mistress interrupted me.

‘Here take these,’ she said pressing two bottles of pills in our hands, ‘take them regularly as per directions on the label and you will not get pregnant. If you do get pregnant then I will know that you have disobeyed me and I will take you to task. You know what that means?’

Of course we knew and therefore hastily assured her that we would not let her down. She then sent for our mothers.

When they arrived she said, ‘Rama, Sharda from today Basanti and Shanti are in our service. They will report for duty to me at six in the morning and stay here till six in the evening. You will come to leave them and pick them up. When they get home, you are not to let them out of your sight. At night you will sleep with them. Understood?’

‘Ji malkin (Yes mistress),’ our mothers replied, dutifully

Six weeks later the young masters came for a visit. After dinner the mistress took us to their room. They were dressed only in their pajamas and were preparing to go to bed.

‘Boys, I have brought a gift from your father. Shamit, Basanti here will be your maid and Shanti will serve Amit,’ she said, then turning to us added, ‘from today they are your masters. Obey them and ensure that they are comfortable.’

‘Yes mistress,’ we replied softly.

‘If you want their loyalty,’ she said, with a twinkle in her eyes, ‘then my advice is that you look after them well.’

I knew that today we were going to be fucked. Just this thought made my choot wet and my body tingled with anticipation.

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