In the Flesch

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This story by far conveys my wildest sexual experience ever. Despite going to a modest public school in a rural part of NW New Jersey, my school had a fencing program. My guess is it was started a long time prior to my time there, and administration just forgot about it. Anyway, I actually became a rather good fencer and, when I was looking at colleges, my coach made one phone call and got me into the State University. Despite my doubts, I made the varsity team my freshman year and, therefore, traveled and competed with the team for all meets in which the University participated. The following story related the events that occurred during one memorable trip.

We had just completed a Regional Meet at a major Ivy League school in the Northeast. There were five colleges and universities represented at this tournament. After all the bouts were fenced, and the results were tallied and announced, we hit the locker room. I had just finished a grueling 15-touch bout against a senior. I lost by three touches; not really close, but respectable for a freshman. I was pretty beat and was replying the bout in my head while I got undressed getting ready to take a shower before the long trip back home. I wasn’t really paying attention when I walked into the shower area, but I was quickly brought back to reality when I encountered the scene occurring under the water.

The shower area was a classic “gang” shower configuration. There were nozzles along all four walls and two pillars with an additional four nozzles each. Between the two pillars, in the center of the shower-room was a rowdy crowd of guys, gathered around something going on in their midst. I stopped in my tracks as I noticed 25+ naked or towel wrapped guys standing in close proximity obviously not focused on showering. They were hooting, hollering, and cheering on whatever spectacle was being performed before them. More shocking, however, was the fact that many of them, the majority in fact, were obviously aroused and openly stroking themselves. This violated so many aspects of group shower etiquette, that I had to move closer to see what the commotion was about.

As I advanced, it became obvious that someone was on the floor of the shower in the center of the crowd. I quickly discerned a girl, dressed in a skirt and a school t-shirt. She had dark hair that was soaked. She wasn’t overly thin; kind of thick, really, but in the right places. The water and steam from the showers had virtually pasted the shirt to her ample breasts, yet this was the tamest thing about her appearance. For, when I finally got an unobstructed view, it became clear that she was eagerly servicing porno indir those around her. She was straddling some lucky guy who was sitting on the floor with his back against one of the pillars. He looked in ecstasy even though the girl’s attention was clearly focused on the cock in her hand and the cock in her mouth. This young lady was stroking the one cock while her head bobbed up and down the other. She was literally swallowing the cock in her mouth, her nose burying itself in the guys hair with each stroke.

I was mesmerized. I had never seen such a public display of raw sexual lust. I simply stared, probably with my mouth open drooling, as this vixen coaxed the cum from the dick she was sucking and, nearly simultaneously, the one she was stroking. The first fella filled her mouth with several substantial pumps. The girl casually swallowed what she could and moved over to catch what she could from the second cock shooting cum in the direction of her face and t-shirt covered tits. This girl was careless about where the cum was flying as she jerked both cocks erratically, flinging more drops of cum on, not only herself, but the closest bystanders as well. She didn’t make a point to linger with the cum or appear to savor it as you might see in so many porn flicks. She had an ample supply of cum filled balls, she knew it, and she was hungry to get to the next load.

She virtually pushed away the two guys who had just cum and reached for her next course. As she started to work on these new sperm straws, she began to focus on grinding her pussy on the cock buried in her. Her skirt was hiked up, wet and sticking to her thighs, and she was riding the lucky guy’s cock in slow, powerful strokes. She sucked a new cock in her mouth, held on to another one with her left hand, and moved her right hand down to her clit. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth, but didn’t move her head as it was apparent most of her focus was on her own pleasure pulsing from her loins. Her hand increased its speed until a blur, the guy under her began to really moan, and she let loose with a deep, guttural, primal moaning around the dick that was trapped in her mouth. The owner of that dick contorted his face as she sucked with such great force that, he told me on the bus ride home, she had left a black and blue hickey on his “junk”.

When this little she-devil came down from her orgasm, she realized that the guy who had been filling her pussy had cum and was of no further use to her at the moment. By this time, I had slung my towel over my shoulder and was stroking my now hard cock along with everyone else. rokettube The girl stood up to let the spent fella under her get up (to resounding cheers from the rest of us). He looked slick with sweat and as if he had the wind knocked out of him, but he had the goofiest smile on his face. As I watched him walk away, I felt a hand pulling my cock. When I snapped my head around, I looked down into the eyes of this minx as she was pulling me towards her by my dick. She smirked and said, “You’re next,, buddy”. She guided me to the floor, which was very slippery. It was then I came to the realization that I was about to lay down in a puddle of semen. How many guys had already cum to produce that much scum? And now I was going to be sitting in it. The group, including many of my teammates cheered as she pushed me down by my shoulders. My towel formed a little bit of a cushion as I leaned back against the pillar. The girl stood in front of me and grabbed the back of my head. She crammed my face into her well used pussy before I fully grasped what was going to happen. She didn’t wait for my tongue to even get started and just began to grind against my face.

It took me a second or two, but I was able to get my tongue out of my mouth and it was quickly engulfed by a hungry, gaping, slick pussy. As I started lapping the best I could, I was rewarded with a mouthful of juices. As the ‘lady’ continued to rape my mouth with her cunt, it gradually dawned on me that I was eating the cum of the guy that had just unloaded into her. In fact, given the crowd, there might be more than one load in her from before I arrived on the scene.

That realization, however, did not prevent my dick from staying as hard as I had ever known. When this cum hungry slut came, she clenched her thighs around my head and practically sprayed her juices and whatever remnants were left all over my face. As her body relaxed, she slid down my body, her shirt lifting up over her tits. Her eyes were dazed as she reached behind her and fed my dick into her sopping wet hole. I moaned and reached up to cup her full breast in my hand. As I leaned forward to suck on her nipple, two guys stepped up on either side of us with their cocks pointed at her face. The whole crowd had been jerking off to this spectacle and my whole view was filled with cocks of various sizes being stroked, pre-cum dripping from a good number of them, including those that the girl impaled on my dick was now reaching for. Just above my head, she started working those cocks. She sucked the one to her left while stroking the one in her right hand. They were primed because within porno seconds, they were both shooting copious amounts of sperm. As she had her mouth on one cock, she aimed the other down towards her tits and, yes, my lapping tongue.

By this point, I was so turned on and there was such a pervasive atmosphere of lewdness, that I had not reservations about sucking down as much cum off of her tit as I could. Perhaps it was my apparent eagerness that caused her to moan around the dick in her mouth. When she let that mouth fall from her lips, a string of cum spanning the gap momentarily, she grabbed my head, pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply. It was my turn to moan as she pushed the cum from her mouth to mine. She spent a good amount of time swirling her tongue around my sperm filled mouth. When she reluctantly pulled away cum fell from our mouths and down our chins.

She smiled the most wicked smile as she looked me in the eye and reached for the next two cocks. She maintained eye contact as she slowly started to work the cum out of these two guys. She worked both cocks with her mouth and hands until they were dripping and ready to burst. She then aimed both directly at my face as she started to pump vigorously. I turned my face away and this prompted her to flex her pussy muscles around my cock, reminding me she was controlling this whole situation. I looked back at her and those two dicks. She was giving me a scolding look as if to say “Don’t even think of not doing what I want.” Her hands flew over the shafts with amazing dexterity. The first guy’s balls started to tense and I braced myself for the inevitable. She smiled as the first shots splattered over my face. Over and over cum painted my skin, hair, lips. I didn’t even notice the second guy had started to cum as it seemed a continuation of the same load.

She went wild as the cum started to drip down my face. She began to ride my cock hard and fast while licking and slurping the cum from my face. We shared another cum laden kiss as I shot a huge load deep inside her sloppy pussy. It took me awhile to catch my breath as she continued to lick little bits of cum from me. When, I had, she stood up, cum dripping from her pussy onto my legs. She helped me up, gave me a wink and smacked my ass saying, “I hope to see you around again.”

I stumbled away from the fray as the remaining guys stepped up in a circle jerk around her. I washed off and made my way to the waiting bus. I was starting to feel embarrassed at thought of having to ride home with everyone after they saw me ingest all of that cum, some of it theirs. But as I made my way through the parking lot, my teammates caught up to me and started slapping me on the back and pretty much congratulating me on getting to fuck her. That day became legendary and I was the focus of many stories told about it. Needless to say, I slept the whole way home on the bus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32