The Rose Diaries Ch. 04

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Double Blowjob

Author’s Disclaimer: The Rose Diaries is an incredibly dark story focusing on forced (heavy emphasis on “forced”) feminization of a completely non-compliant individual. There are elements of non-consent, violence, and dark subject matters. In addition, this story depicts dysphoria, dissociation, and general depression.

I hope you do enjoy this chapter if you decide to continue reading. If you do enjoy this chapter, please leave a comment/feedback and let me know!

A warning: Chapter 4 is the darkest chapter so far. It amplifies all the things that would make one feel uncomfortable. Please continue with that in mind.

Thank you.


“Great! I’ll start right now then.” She cleared her throat as he saw everyone look at him with anticipation. “Hey Doll. Did you know that you’re a whore?” Miss K. smiled. He struggled for a moment with her words before it him.

Was this another insult? Miss R. had called him that before. So, what? Did she really-

His eyes widened with the revelation of her words. The mystery, the mention of his destiny, the makeup, Miss R.’s comments in the hall. Each word hit him harder and harder. All of it began to click into place in his mind as he felt the tears begin to form once more. He stared wide-eyed at Miss K. and R. who simply smiled back at him.

This couldn’t be it. This couldn’t be the reason why they kidnapped him. Peter’s mind flew into a dizzying array of excuses for his predicament. But unlike all the others, he couldn’t make one stick. Miss K. slid off the couch to lie next to him. She continued to smile as she stole a kiss from his lips and purred,

“My beautiful painted whore.”

“I’m a what?” He whined as he struggled to stop more tears from washing down his face.

“A whore. I’m sure you know the meaning.” He sobbed at her as Miss R. tightened her grip.

“It means people pay to fuck you.” She spat at him with a laugh. He was horrified.

“She didn’t know?” Miss A. asked as Miss B. shook her head.

“No, she didn’t.” Beth muttered. “I was trying to keep the truth from her for as long as I could.” She admitted sadly.

“No, no, no.” He sputtered, and Miss R. released him as he curled up on the floor shaking with fear.

“Yes, like I said earlier, Doll. You’ll learn to love it. That’s what I’m going to make you do. I’m going to make you love your new life. I just wanted to rip away your delusions before we begin. It feels nice to no longer lie to you. Roxy, a promise is a promise. Help me get her up so we can bring her to the playroom.”

“Finally!” Miss R. proclaimed as she grabbed hold of him and he began to thrash in her arms.

“See ladies, this is who Doll really is. She’s an emotional wreck who’s prone to violent outbursts. But she won’t be for long. Now if you excuse us, we’re going to go do some truly awful things to her that you probably don’t want to see.” Miss R. began to rise from her seat satisfied with herself.

“NO! NO! NO! PLEASE!” He cried writhing in their arms as they attempted to pull him up. Eventually, he proved too much for them and they relented.

“This would be much easier if you cooperated. Do you remember what I told you yesterday?” Miss K. purred. He didn’t move. He just buried his face back into his hands and sobbed. She scoffed loudly and began to stroke his hair. The others remained silent at this display. His sorrow didn’t faze them.

“I don’t hurt girls who obey. So, if you obey, you don’t get hurt. But when you sit here and struggle and make my life difficult I get upset. I know you don’t want that. You don’t want to hurt your dear mentor, Miss K., would you?” She purred. He shook his head no. It was a lie. But a necessary one. He would call her bluff. Perhaps she was telling the truth. After all, she was nice to him in the showers. Maybe she meant it.

“Good. Cause if you did, I’d have to punish you and you do not want that. So, will you get up? I promise if you do, I won’t make you eat that mush again.” He felt as if his neck was going to snap from her emotional whiplash. He removed his hands from his face and nodded rising to his feet. The other women looked stunned at his response.

“After you then.” As she motioned to the door at the opposite end of the room. He gazed around quickly and began to walk.

“We’ll see you all when dinner is ready.”

“Bye ladies!” Miss R. chirped as she guided him quickly out of the door. The three of them walked down the hall in silence with him leading then. They turned a corner and then the two of them immediately burst out into laughter.

“That was stupidly easy.” Howled Miss R. finally as the two devolved into hysterics behind him. He turned to look at them, but they weren’t even regarding him.

“Told you that’d work. Now you can do what you want, ok?”

“Oh, I know. I can’t wait. Are you as excited as I am Doll?” She looked back at him with a smile. He looked away quickly.

“No.” He muttered. She walked forward two steps as she did xslot Peter retreated two steps of his own. The smile grew bigger.

“Do we really need to do this song and dance again, Doll?” She asked her voice never leaving the mocking tone one would use on a child.

“You’re both evil. I never thought I’d meet someone as demented as either of you.” He cursed them both to their delight. Miss R. reveled in his fear and anger.

“Thank you!” Miss R. cried but Miss K. strode forward ahead of Miss R. He took a few steps back away from her as she continued never hesitating or giving up her ground.

“Can I ask Doll, where would you even run to?” She picked up her pace. “Say, you were to run right now or fight the two of us off. What next? Did you think that far ahead?” She left her questions unanswered as she stopped suddenly.

“You have no idea what day it is, where exactly you are, and how long you could survive out there.” He stopped moving.

She was right. He had no idea where anything was. How far did that forest go outside? How long could he last with nothing? He had never been camping or hiking. He was totally averse to the outdoors. He would surely die.

“I’d live.” He confirmed.

“You’d die. But, if you don’t believe me, then just take some final advice. When you exit this house, an alarm can be tripped on that collar of yours. That will start sending shocks directly through you. Knowing you, you wouldn’t last six minutes. That’s why if you ever did get out, you would simply wait.” He stared at her as she crossed her arms and waited for his response. The three of them stood in silence.

“Why would I wait?” He humored her.

“Because otherwise you’ll regret it.” Peter scoffed at her cryptic bullshit but still heeded her words.

“And why is that?” He said deciding still to play her game.

“Think real hard for a fucking moment Doll. I know that you’re not a thinking type but really? Want to go outside? I’ll prove it to you.” He paused. As he looked her in the eyes he could see that she was completely serious.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then follow me.” She strode past him suddenly and beckoned him to follow. Miss R. shrugged did the same.

“Lucky girl.” She muttered as he followed them both down the corridor.


He like all the other times took careful note of how they left. Down the corridor, a right, and then back into the main hall. The main hall linked the manor by a grand staircase that led to the second floor. His room was somewhere upstairs in this maze. From down the corridor was the salon. Further down, led back into the center of the manor and the garden. His mental map was slowly coming together. The entrance to the manor was opulent as well. The walls were gilded, the marble floor polished to a sheen, and flanking the arched doorway was more statues of the feminine boy barely hiding his genitals with a flowing shroud across his form. The dim light of the late afternoon filtered in from a large window above the door. He gazed around as Miss K. pushed open the door and led him out for the first time.

There was a large fountain directly ahead of the entrance of which a driveway looped around. It was barren of any sort of vehicles of this moment. As he gazed behind himself to look up, he could just barely see his room by the heavy bars hanging above him. But the house itself was gargantuan.

It was by no exaggeration almost like a modern castle.

The air in the manor was stale compared to the rich fresh air of spring. He took a deep breath and smelled the green ocean of trees not too far away. As he descended the steps to the driveway, he could have sworn he felt a slight tingle surge through his body. He followed Miss K. and R. to his right and further towards the left side of the manor. He glanced down the long stretch of driveway but could not see the end. He gulped as he ignored the rough ground beneath his feet and opted to walk across the lush grass.

“Are we taking a car? How far out are we going?” Asked Miss R. and Miss K. shook her head.

“We’re walking. By the time we get back dinner will be served. Are you excited for dinner, Doll? You must be starving.” He picked up his pace to get closer.

“Surprisingly no.” The symphony of the wild rolled smoothly across the lawn. He noted that the only lights were from the estate.

“It’s the mush. It’s a miracle of culinary science I swear.” Miss K. chuckled to herself.

“If only it was tasty.” He added, and they laughed. The many windows of the manor were obscured, and no sound traveled through the walls. He wondered what kind of horrors were going on just out of his reach.

“I think I’ll have you behind me while I eat. I want to show you off today.” She said aloud to no one in particular.

“After dinner though she’s mine.” Miss R. laughed.

“Yeah, yeah.” Miss K. muttered dismissively. “She’s all yours.” Miss R. laughed before winking at him.

“We have such a late night ahead of us, Doll.” xslot Giriş Her lips curled into her smug smirk.

“What if I just run right now?” He answered back with his own smug smile. She sighed and put her hands up in defeat.

“She never learns.” She sighed once more. “Go for it, Dolly. But don’t be surprised at what happens when I catch you.”

“The same shit that’ll happen to me if I stay?” His frustration with her insistence on hurting him was beginning to boil over.

“Oh no,” She laughed again. “It’ll be beyond worse.” He scoffed and shook his head. As he did, he felt another stronger tingle run down his spine. He took another step and felt it once more. The two women stopped ahead of him when they took notice of his hesitation.

“Do you want to go back, Doll?” Miss K.’s voice was laced with concern for him. He shook his head and broke into a light jog to catch up to them.
A sharp jolt nearly caused him to fall.

He shouted in surprise as he stopped in his tracks. Miss R. grinned like a fool as Miss K. observed stone-faced and silent. He looked around in confusion before taking another step forward. Another jolt of pain surged through him. He stopped and tugged at his collar.

“Finally noticed?” Miss K. addressed him walking back to him.

“Damn.” Miss R. cursed under her breath. “I really wanted her to continue out further.” Her disappointment confirmed his suspicions.

“The collar…” He thought aloud before looking back at the women. “I’m getting shocked.”

“Yes, you are.” Miss K. applauded his statement. “Well, would you like to continue? Prove to me what a big strong man you are?” She sneered at him knowing his response.

“No.” He muttered kicking a small bit of dirt sadly. His own body ached already. He could likely not take another full shock from the collar today.

“Good girl.” She laughed. “Come, come, let’s go to the playroom to continue our lesson.” She said walking back.

“Miss K.,” His voice trailed off as he tried to politely word his thoughts. “What will it take for me to stop being hurt by you?” She nearly jumped in both surprise and joy.

“Acceptance, Doll. Pure and unconditional acceptance. I need you to adopt your new life now. Just give in and accept it. There’s no reason to fight us anymore. Doing so is only going to keep getting you hurt and it’s not like a chore for us. As you can plainly see, Roxy loves punishing the girls.” Miss R. waved as Miss K. mentioned her.

“It’s true!” She chimed in with another giggle.

“But-“He began before Miss K. shook her head.

“No. No buts or ifs or anything else. You seem to think you are in this position of power. But, you’re wrong. I keep on saying the same things to you. You ask for mercy, I give you a chance, you use it to scheme against me, I end up threatening you, and you go back to begging for mercy. I have been dealt with so many others like you. I remain but they do not. Now what does that say about your chances to succeed against me?”

“I’m not like them.” He muttered, and she laughed in disbelief.

“You are just like them. Would like to sit down and talk with me, Doll? No threats, no sarcastic comments, no anything but polite conversation I promise you. I can answer some questions and maybe you’ll become more agreeable to all of this.”

“I…” His voice trailed off at her proposal. He glanced around at the forest behind them. He felt his mouth go dry. He could see her smile fade with every passing moment.

“I could order you around, Doll. I could say anything I want. Your life? It’s mine. I could snuff it out in an instant if I so choose. But I choose not to. I want you to come to me willingly. I see something in you. Make no mistake that it is not some messed up kind of sisterhood. I think you’re a good way to spend my time. Do you understand any of this?” He nodded.

“So then do it.” He spoke once more.

“I’m sorry?”
“I am not your toy. I am a human being. My life is mine. You can’t take that away from me-“
“Watch us. I’ll show you how wrong you are.” Miss R. growled advancing towards him with malice clearly in her eyes. Miss K. held up a hand to her side and stopped her.

“Finish your thought Doll.” He scoffed.

“You keep offering kindness and then snatching it away. I can’t trust your words. This talk of yours? Could easily just be a scheme for you to torture me. That’s what you do, right? You just torture, tease, and hurt people. You-“

“Shut the fuck up Doll.” Miss R. ordered suddenly. He clenched his fists as he almost shook in fury.

“Not even going to let me finish my sentence? Fuck you, Roxy.” He sneered and spat in her direction.

“Kit-Kat?” She asked as Miss K. stood silent. She still had her hand extended.

“Kat?” She asked again but was only met more with silence.

“Katelynn?” Miss K.’s hand fell to her side and she deeply inhaled before rubbing the bridge of her nose in frustration.

“How? How can you be so stupid?” She sighed xslot Güncel Giriş and grit her teeth. “Here’s the choice. You can enjoy a warm drink and a pleasant conversation with me OR you can spend the next few hours unable to move as tears stream down your face during the worst pain of your entire life. Those are your options. Have a few seconds to choose.” She tapped her foot rhythmically as she began to count to herself. Peter screamed in fury allowing everything to come to the surface finally. He screamed until his throat burned and his voice faltered. Miss R. began to applaud sarcastically as she laughed at him.

“Feel better? I can’t wait to hear how that changes when you can’t lash out. Please for me, Doll, be rebellious. “She grinned as she took a step forward past Miss K.

“Your time is up, Doll. Choose now.”

“I’ll talk with you but not anywhere else but here.” Miss K. laughed as clapped her hands. It was not joyous laughter but instead complete surprise that had overtaken her.

“I can’t believe you’re still doing this! An ultimatum? Seriously, Doll? After all that, did NOTHING I say get through to that pathetic little brain of yours.” Miss R. smirked.

“So then?” She asked aloud without turning to face her. Miss K. shook her head.

“Go for it. But, I’m gonna ask her questions.” Miss R. lunged forward at him with no hesitation. Her smug smile had vanished, and an angry almost emotionless face had taken its place. He jumped back in fear as she a laugh broke through her lips.

“Just kidding!” She held a small device towards him. She laughed as he heard the collar beep once more. He felt the jolts tear through him. Each wave of cascading pain somehow worse than the last. He couldn’t process anything more than the feeling of what felt like thousands of burning hot needles being constantly driven through his skin. He couldn’t scream. He could barely move. Instead, he remained convulsing on the ground as somewhere off in the distance Miss R. laughed hysterically at him.

He felt the last wave slowly fade away as he finally and steadily began weep and gasp violently for air. He grasped a handful of dirt as he tried to get back up.

“Oh? Did that hurt?” She teased as she took a few steps forward. He struggled to wipe his tears from his eyes with his shoulder.

“Have you ever had sex with a man, Doll?” Miss K. asked ignoring his obvious condition. Miss R. crouched over him and waved the device in his now dirt covered face.

“Answer the question.” She smiled.

“N-N-No.” He struggled to speak. His chest burned as he spoke. As if the air fought to remain inside him just as hard as he fought to get new air to come into his lungs.

“Have you ever masturbated anally?” Miss K. droned again not even looking at the two of them.

“No.” He cleared his throat and tried to look up as Miss R. slowly pushed his head back into the dirt and held it there.

“They’ll pay good money for a virgin.” Miss R. sneered.

“Oh, I suspect Doll will make the house an awful lot of money using her charms. Roxy, I don’t think she’s learned her lesson just yet. Would you make sure our point gets across nice and clear?” Miss R. giggled as she held him steady once more and then clicked the remote again.

He writhed like a worm in the dirt as the waves crashed against him once more. She kept on laughing as Miss K. approached.

“Oh dear, she seems to have ruined her nice clothes.” She teased as she stood next to Roxanne. “Again.”

He barely could see her through his own tears. He could barely feel anything aside from the pain as he felt more and more waves. Eventually, they came to a stop and he felt light-headed and faint.

“I’ll give you a bit to catch your breath but then we’ll adjourn to our playroom and continue. You might not be able to stay awake till dinner.”

“What do we do if she falls asleep?” Miss R. asked, and Miss K. smiled.

“Oh, I bet we’ll find out. You look tired Doll. But don’t you dare drift off yet. I still have a few questions I’d like you to answer. Let’s skip right to the fun ones.” She bent down to his level aside Miss R. He attempted to steady his breath.

“Who, if anyone, would come looking for you?” He opened his mouth and coughed violently.

“My friends.” He muttered as loudly as he could.

“Any cute ones?” Miss R. asked and the two laughed. He didn’t answer.

“I’d love to meet them. In fact, we should go to Glendale and speak to them ourselves.” Miss K. smirked as Miss R. laughed to herself.

“Let’s bring Dolly with us. Perhaps we can offer them a nice discount on her services.” She laughed even harder at her comment and Miss K. rolled her eyes with a slight smile. He tried to move but found himself far too tired. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing.

“Aww, look how tired Doll is.” Miss K. cooed from somewhere outside the steadily approaching warm darkness. He could taste bile and sick in the back of his throat.

“So cute. Should we get her a pillow?” He heard Miss R. joke.

“Well, we can continue our questioning later. Not that it matters. You can go ahead and rest if you like. Help me bring her inside Roxy.” He felt her grab him by the wrists, but he shook his head.

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