Lovely Linda Ch. 02

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**Please read Lovely Linda first as there is no recap**


As I caught my breath after the greatest experience of my young life (so far), Linda stood and removed her panties. She had a full bush of black curly hair covering her pussy (this was the 70’s after all). It was not out of control like some pussies I saw in Playboy or Penthouse and I could just make out her slit and labia. She saw me staring and said with a slight giggle, “I trim it, we can’t have hair peeking out of my bikini bottoms, can we?”

Placing a knee on either side of my legs, Linda sat on my lap. Her lovely face looking down at me, while her beautiful tits were just inches from my face. As I looked from her perfect tits to her angelic face, I realized we had not yet kissed. She must have been thinking the same thing as she leaned in to kiss me.

At first our lips softly touched. I thought her full, sensual lips were the softest thing I ever felt! As our kiss deepened, I felt her lips part and her tongue graze my lips. Getting the message, I parted my lips and let my tongue tentatively touch hers. I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue but she still was the sweetest thing I ever tasted. As my excitement grew, I could feel my flaccid cock start to swell slightly as she rubbed her pussy on it. I grabbed the back of her head and tried to stick my tongue down her throat. Pulling her head back, she said, “Easy baby, slow and gentle, let the passion build.”

We spent quite a while just kissing with the occasional word of encouragement or instruction from Linda. I guess I was doing better as Linda moaned into my mouth and started to rub her pussy harder into my cock. I could feel her juices start to coat my cock and her pussy lips part along my rapidly hardening shaft! “Kiss my neck and nibble my earlobes. This a good way to progress from kissing. Listen to your girl’s moans to see what turns her on,” instructed Linda.

She moaned, “Mmmm, that’s my spot, right where my neck meets my collar bone. Always be attentive to your lover’s responses, every girl is different. Oh yeah, right there!”

I could wait no longer as I moved my lips down to her incredible breasts. I placed a hand on each gorgeous globe and brought her nipples to my mouth to suck on the objects of my desire!

“Not so fast sweetie, take your time. Kiss them all over, squeeze them gently, make love to my whole breast. Build the anticipation before moving to my nipples,” she said.

Being a good student I did just that, I could have spent hours worshipping these beauties. I had dreamed of doing this so often (usually with my penis in hand)! Finally I could wait no longer and started to lick her puffy nipples. I could feel the bumps on her areola with my tongue and finally sucked her right nipple into my mouth. Her nipples seemed sensitive as she moaned while I sucked her right nipple and gently squeezed her left with my fingers. I switched to lick and suck her left nipple as well. I even lifted them to kiss and lick the underside of these lovely orbs. Linda was really moaning and squirming in my lap now!

Again she pulled back and started to get off my lap. “What’s wrong,” I asked?

“Nothing sweetie, just getting more comfortable. Stand up and remove your clothes,” she replied. As she sat down on the couch, I looked down and realized I still had my shirt on with my pants around my ankles!

She laid back and spread her legs as I removed my clothes. “Kneel down on that pillow like I did earlier, so you can get better acquainted with my pussy,” she giggled.

I leaned Bycasino in for a closer look and could see her slightly parted lips glistening with her juices. Her pubic hair wet and matted in her excitement. I could smell her female essence as I moved my face even closer. It was intoxicating. I had never seen anything so erotic in my life and was glad Linda had made me cum once already. I may have shot off without even touching myself otherwise!

I reached my index finger out to touch her pussy, just rubbing her pussy juices around, listening for her moans to find the sensitive spots as instructed. As I rubbed her little nub at the top of her pussy, I got a long moan from her. “Yes baby, right there. That is my clit and it is very sensitive. Give it a little attention now, but save more of that for later. Slide your finger lower and slowly into me. Oh yes, like that,” she said.

She was dripping wet so it slid in easily. I moved it in and out and all around, exploring my first pussy. “Add another finger…mmmm…now turn your hand and curl your fingers up toward the top of my pussy. Feel that bump? That’s my g-spot, rub that…ohh so good,” she said. I kept that up for a while as Linda’s moans got louder.

Linda then said, “Ok sweetie, now remove your fingers and bring your face closer and lick me.” I was nervous but also intrigued by doing this. I wasn’t sure I would like it, but would do anything to please my dream woman!

As my tongue touched the bottom of her slit, I licked up, like eating an ice cream cone. Her moan sounded like a growl as my tongue slid into her pussy then on up to her clit. I found her taste delicious, slightly tart but sweet at the same time, like nothing I had ever tasted before! With my face pressed tightly to her pussy, I feasted on her, never wanting to stop. Linda grabbed my hair, pulling my face tighter to her pussy while yelling, “Oh fuck yes, eat my cunt!”

Later it occurred to me that I never heard her swear before, it made me proud of myself! She then said, “Suck my clit baby, yeah like that! Now stick your finger in and rub my g-spot. Oh fuuuuck! Keep doing that! I’m cuuuummming!”

Suddenly, her juices gushed, coating my face as Linda screamed and tensed her whole body, arching her back and grinding her pussy into my face! I thought I might suffocate but could not think of a better way to go! Finally, she pushed my face away telling me she was getting too sensitive.

As Linda laid back recovering from her orgasm, I looked down at her beautiful face, her gorgeous tits and her spread legs. Then I looked down at my cock which was back to full mast. Being a good student, I decided that no instruction was necessary, and took my own initiative with my next move. Linda’s eyes opened and lips lifted in a smile as I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips until I found her opening.

We both moaned as the head of my cock pierced her lips and slid into her wet pussy. I could not believe how hot her pussy was! So hot, soft and slippery. This was unbelievable, I was now a man, making love to the hottest woman (in my eyes) on the planet! As I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, Linda reached a hand behind my head to pull me into a soulful kiss. She aggressively kissed me and licked her juices off my face as I increased the pace of my fucking. Linda moaned and urged me to fuck her harder, “Put your arms under my knees and lift my legs up and back. Yes, like that. Now lean forward and fuck me hard. Harder! You won’t hurt me baby.”

I started to fuck her as fast and hard Bycasino giriş as I could! I was out of control and knew I would cum again soon. Wanting to cum with me, Linda reached down and started to rub her clit rapidly. Watching that spurred me on even more! We were both sweating, moaning, with Linda almost chanting, “Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!”

I yelled, “Oh fuck, here it cums!”

Linda rubbed her clit even harder. Both moaning and screaming, we came together in an explosive orgasm. It felt like every part of my being was shooting out the end of ny cock!

I let her legs down and just laid on her, both of us trying to catch our breath. Linda wrapped both her arms and legs around me and just held me. I could have stayed in her embrace forever. Linda murmured in my ear, “Sweetie, that was incredible! I have not cum like that in a while. Are you sure that was your first time?”

I lifted my head and looked at her smiling, beautiful face and said, “That was unbelievable, so much better than I imagined. Thank you, I think I love you!”

Linda smiled and said, “Thanks baby, but let’s not confuse lust with love. We will always have a special bond, but you know we can not have that kind of relationship.” That kind of threw a little cold water on how I felt, but nothing could ruin what we just shared. Plus deep down, I new she was right.

Linda asked if I could stay longer or if I had to go. “There’s a few more things I could show you sweetie,” she smiled.

Still living at home, I told her I should call home to let my folks know I would be late. I told my mom I was going out to eat, then to a friend’s house for the evening. We then took a shower together, soaping each other’s body, concentrating on the good spots! Of course, I got another erection and wanted to fuck in the shower (oh to be 18 again), but Linda was hungry and wanted to eat first.

She told me, “We’re gonna need our energy this evening, sweetie.” Then giggled again.

We dressed in robes and headed to the kitchen (I did not ask where the men’s robe that I was wearing came from). Linda just fixed us some sandwiches and chips, while I poured us some cokes. We talked a bit while we ate and I think Linda (now sober) was feeling guilty about taking advantage of me. I assured her that not only was I okay, but this had been the single greatest day of my life! I told her to look at it as her civic duty to help out a young man in need.

She smiled and said, “Well, I don’t want to fail in my duties. I kind of enjoy teaching you new things.”

After we ate, Linda put on some soft music, and we sat on the couch and talked a bit. Feeling bold, I put my arm around her and Linda snuggled in close. We started to softly kiss again. I started to fondle her tits and then play with her pussy. As her pussy became wet, she started to fondle my cock. As things heated up, Linda suggested we move to her bedroom. She grabbed my dick and used it as a handle to guide me into her room.

We lay on her bed kissing and fondling each other, when Linda pushed me on my back. Working her way down from my mouth, she kissed, licked and sucked my neck. Then down to my nipples, spending time licking and sucking them before kissing her way lower. My cock was already hard when Linda started to suck it. She then surprised me by shifting her body around, putting her knees on either side of my head and lowering her pussy to my face.

She lifted her head and said, “This is called 69, just eat my pussy like before while I suck your hard cock.”

It Bycasino güncel giriş was tough to do as good a job eating her in this position, but I did my best, concentrating on her clit. After a while Linda spun around again, placing her pussy over my cock. She rubbed it back and forth a bit before slowly sliding down my hard shaft. I again marveled at how hot, soft and wonderful her pussy felt! Having cum twice now, I felt I could last longer, and just laid there reveling in the feeling of Linda sliding up and down on me. Her tits bounced enticingly while riding me and I reached up to fondle them. I started to pull on her nipples and Linda moaned sexily as I almost guided her up and down my cock by her nipples.

Just as I was starting to feel the urge to cum soon, Linda stopped and said, “Do me doggie style.”

She got on her hands and knees, I kneeled behind her and she reached between her legs, grabbing my dick and bringing it to her pussy. I started to slowly stroke my cock into her while she reached between her legs to again start rubbing her clit. As I increased my pace, Linda started to rub her clit faster and push her ass back against me. As she moaned out her pleasure, Linda said, “Spank me!”

“Wh..What,” I brilliantly replied?

“Spank my ass, I’m getting close, spank my ass,” Linda yelled!

So I started to fuck her harder while spanking and grabbing her ass. Her ass started to go from pink to red. Linda got more vocal as her orgasm approached, “Fuck yes, spank it. Manhandle that ass!”

As I grabbed her ass, my thumb touched her asshole making Linda moan louder. Her pussy juice had flowed down to her little rosebud and my thumb slid in her ass! I left it there and used it as kind of a handle while I fucked her and spanked her ass. Linda pushed backed harder while yelling, “Yes, yes, yes!”

She kept rubbing her clit and came again, though not nearly as hard as last time. I was getting close now too, as Linda fell forward onto her stomach. Being so close to cumming too, I just followed her down and fucked her as hard as I could while she laid there and moaned. My orgasm was not as intense as last time either but still incredible as I pistoned my cock into her tired pussy! Spent, I rolled to the side trying to catch my breath.

Linda turned onto her side to face me and we just snuggled for a while. Linda finally sat up and with a smile suggested another shower. We washed each other again but were too tired to do more. Linda could feel my cock stir as she washed it and said, “Oh no sweetie, no more for me tonight.”

As we were drying off, I realized my car was still at work. I reminded Linda of this, and since she was now sober, offered to drive me back there. We dressed and talked about how our relationship would be now as we drove to the office.

We decided on a “friends with benefits” scenario, with each helping the other out when needed. This lasted a few months, with Linda teaching me quite a few more things, until she met and started to date a guy several years older than her. She left the company to get married and I left shortly after to go away to college.

We only saw each other again one time a few years later at the local grocery store. She was with her husband and two young kids, she had gained a little baby weight but still looked fantastic! We could not really talk with her family there, but caught each other up on our lives briefly, and went our separate ways. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes and said, “You take care, sweetie.” Then she walked away.

I will never forget her and have a special place in my heart for her. I thank you Linda, and so do the girls I was with after you!


**There are some more stories of the things Linda taught me and helped me experience. Let me know if you would like to read about them**