Good Neighbor Policy

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“Oh God yes Reggie, make me cum baby,” Bonnie crooned as her sweet 5’8″ curvaceous 130 pound 34DD-24-34 frame slowly rode up and down on Reggie’s rock hard throbbing 8 inch cock.

Bonnie’s tight wet and sweet newly shaven oh so perfectly pink pussy was gripping the sides of Reggie’s cock and milking it for all it was worth. Bonnie’s sugar walls felt like 1000’s of fingers made from the finest silk imaginable.

Reggie and Bonnie were in the throes of passion, enjoying their favorite daily ritual, the same ritual they had been enjoying ever since Reggie had moved into town the previous year.

Bonnie felt her pussy quiver and she knew it wasn’t be long until she came and flooded Reggie’s cock with her sweet sticky cream. Bonnie was riding Reggie slowly using long drawn out fucking motions to maximize pleasure. Reggie also had his hands on Bonnie’s hips guiding her motions as she moved her body up and down.

Bonnie’s sweet supple breasts jiggled freely swaying back and forth as she continued to fuck Reggie. Bonnie then pulled Reggie up so that he was now sitting upright and held him as they continued to fuck rocking back and forth.

Reggie put his tongue to Bonnie’s succulent breasts and began sucking on her nipples as they fucked. This made Bonnie even hotter and she purred with delight.

“Mmmmmmm yes baby, let mommy nurse her little boy,” Bonnie said with a lustful purr

It wasn’t long until Bonnie felt the passion inside of her reach its zenith and she gasped for breath.

“Oh God, I’m cumming” Bonnie moaned using every bit of strength she had to utter those words as her orgasm had hit her with such force and left her almost breathless.

Bonnie laid Reggie back down on the bed and continued to ride him. Reggie was on the verge of cumming. He felt his cock swell with cum and knew it wasn’t long until he spunked his load.

Reggie let out a low grunt and guttural moan and with a breathy voice announced that he was cumming.

“Gimme all of you baby,” Bonnie replied with a lusty moan. “I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside of me.”

No sooner than Bonnie had said that Reggie popped his top sending his jism spewing forth like hot molten lava from a volcano which had suddenly erupted after being dormant for countless millennia.

“Oh yes baby,” Bonnie purred with delight. “That feels so wonderful as always.”

Bonnie looked down at Reggie and flashed a loving contented smile at. Reggie looked up into Bonnie’s piercing and captivating crystal ice blue eyes which were able to bewitch a man and captivate his soul and hold it hostage. Once again they had succeeded in doing that to Reggie because he was helpless lost in her eyes.

Bonnie’s also took her soft hands and rubbed Reggie’s bare and muscular chest as she lovingly caressed his body. She then laid her warm soft sweet naked body on top of his.

Our lovers embraced and kissed as their naked bodies pressed against each other and melted together as one. Limbs intertwined and bodies moved in unison.

Bonnie and Reggie then turned and faced each other as their bodies still pressed together. Reggie’s hard cock was still buried deep inside of Bonnie’s sweet wet pussy and he stroked not only it to keep it hard but also because Bonnie had begged him to.

After 15 minutes of sweet intense afterglow, Bonnie rolled Reggie back over on his back and laid her body on top of his. She sighed a soft sigh as she looked into his stele grey eyes.

“As much as I have to say this sweetie, we have to get ready for work,” Bonnie said not wanting this moment to end.

“Too bad you couldn’t call in sick,” Reggie replied with a smile. “You could always tell them you came down with something and are going to the doctor.”

“Yeah that’s true,” Bonnie replied “but it’s getting close to the end of the year and subs are hard to get.”

Even though Bonnie said that, Reggie could tell she really wanted to stay at home and make hot sweet passionate monkey love many more times. The more Bonnie thought about it the more she liked the idea and then an idea hit her as her eyes lit up and a wicked grin crossed her lips.

“I could always call my best friend Jenna,” Bonnie said. “She loves filling in for me and besides she owes me a favor.”

Bonnie repositioned herself up in the bed so that she was propped up against the headboard of the bed with a pillow behind her. Bonnie’s knees were bent up her feet were flat on the bed and her legs were spread about a shoulder’s width apart

Bonnie then reached over to the head board and picked up her cell phone as well as her pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120’s and a lighter. She lit up a cigarette and proceeded to call Jenna.

As the phone was ringing Bonnie began to softly caress Reggie’s head and Reggie scooted over so that he was now resting his head on Bonnie’s bosom with his lips practically touching one of Bonnie’s nipples.

Reggie then began softly sucking on Bonnie’s nipple as Bonnie Bycasino ran her fingers through her hair. Just then Jenna answered the phone.

“Hey sweetie,” the voice on the other end of the phone said.

“Hey doll, “Bonnie replied

“What’s shaking hon,” Jenna asked.

“Well sweetie, I need a really big favor,” Bonnie began. “I know its last minute but I really need a sub for today and probably tomorrow too.”

“No problem babe,” Jenna replied with a smile. “You know I love subbing for your classes. They are always a lot of fun, especially the dance team classes. It gives me an excuse to let loose and strut my stuff.”

When Jenna asked Bonnie what was going on she told her that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to stay in bed and recuperate.

“Let’s just say I overexerted myself and I need to stay in bed and recuperate if you know what I mean.” Bonnie said with a wicked grin and laugh

“Ahhhh I see,” Jenna replied as she smiled catching on to Bonnie’s mean. “Now Reggie wouldn’t have been involved with this now would he,” Jenna added with a wicked grin.

“I plead the Fifth on that one,” Bonnie replied with a wry smile. As she looked over at Reggie.

“I see,” Jenna replied. “Well it’s a good thing I’m not busy and were such close and intimate friends but it’s gonna cost ya.”

“Name your price,” Bonnie said guessing what Jenna would say. “You know what I want,” Jenna said in a coy voice. “I wanna test drive that hot man of yours and see for myself just how good he really is.”

“I think that can be arranged, Bonnie replied with a grin as she looked over at Reggie and smiled. “Of course you know that I’m gonna have to be there to chaperone you two.”

Reggie was now kissing his way down Bonnie’s torso and was reaching her pubic region. Bonnie’s legs instinctively parted and Reggie repositioned himself so that now his whole torso was between Bonnie’s legs and he began to softly kiss Bonnie’s dripping wet pussy.

“I would have it no other way,” Jenna said with a naughty grin. “Of course you would have to be in on it too. Besides I need a good pussy licking.”

Reggie had now gone from simply kissing Jenna’s pussy to using his tongue as a little cock and was eating her out. Bonnie had grabbing Reggie’s hair and was holding his head to her pussy.

“Oh God yes,” Bonnie moaned instinctively.

“Did you say something,” Jenna replied guessing that Bonnie was in the middle of sex.

“Mmmmm,” Bonnie moaned again not being able to control herself. “Oh God Reggie make me cum baby,” Bonnie added and dropped the phone leaving it open as Jenna listened to what was going on.

Bonnie gasped for breath as the next orgasm hit her. She bucked her hips up and began fucking Reggie’ face and pulled his head down so that it was right against her snatch.

Bonnie let out several guttural moans and within a minute she let loose the building torrent inside of her and came flooding Reggie’s mouth with her sweet sticky cream.

Bonnie then came to herself and realized what was happening and picked up the phone.

“You still there Jenna,” Bonnie said as Reggie continued to eat her out.

“Yeah baby and I heard every word,” Jenna replied with a grin.” You two go on and have your fun and I will cover your classes. We will talk later.”

“Thanks hon,” Bonnie replied. “Luv ya bunches.”

“Luv you to doll, Jenna replied, “but save some for me later.”

“Don’t worry hon there will be more than enough,” Bonnie and with that she hung up the phone and pulled Reggie to her.

Reggie and Bonnie ended up making hot sweet passionate money love all day as well as the whole weekend. They hardly left the bed taking breaks for only the necessities such as bathroom breaks, eating (most of which was order in) and an occasional naps between sex sessions as well as sleep at night

Come Monday Bonnie was back at work and she phoned Jenna to see how things went and to give some details about her weekend. Bonnie would eventually end up repaying Jenna but that is another story for another time.

So how did Bonnie and Reggie end up becoming lovers in the first place? To find out let us turn back the clock and see. It all started the previous April when Reggie moved into town to take a job offer.

The company he was working for put him up in a temporary apartment for three months until he could find a suitable place to live. The apartment complex was in a nice quiet neighborhood and about 10 minutes from his job and walking distance to the shopping plaza that contained and Grocery store drug store as well as other businesses.

Reggie was living in a nice one bedroom corner apartment on the second floor and it even had a balcony that he could get to from his bedroom and the balcony was shared with his neighbor who just happened to be Bonnie.

Reggie’s neighbor Bonnie James was a rare succulent exquisite beauty, a very sexy and vivacious woman in her late 30’s Bycasino giriş (38 to be exact). She stood about 5’8″ tall weighed about 120 pounds, with long full and naturally curly honey golden hair that came down to between her shoulder blades.

Her other features included a killer body with very little if any body fat on her. Bonnie also had pouty ruby red lips, piercing crystal ice blue eyes that could captivate a man’s soul and hold it hostage and finally long slender well-toned dancer’s legs.

Bonnie had the looks, stamina and energy of a woman in her early to middle 20’s. She also had very little body fat which came from her dancing as well as jogging.

To get a good idea of what Bonnie looked like, just imagine the well know porn star Adele Stevens and you would have Bonnie. She could have had any man she wanted but fate would ordain that he and Reggie would become lifelong lovers and eternal soulmates.

Bonnie was a drama/theater and dance teacher at one of the local high schools. She taught four classes of theater and drama and was the dance instructor for the school’s elite dance troop known as “Images.” Bonnie also taught on Monday and Wednesday nights at a nearby Junior college. The class she taught was The History of Erotic Literature.

Reggie saw some mornings when he was coming back from his morning run. She would be on her way out They would say hello to each other on occasion and would check each other out.

Two to three weeks later they began to talk more but it wasn’t until Reggie had been there for six weeks that they would actually introduce themselves to each other and within a span of less than an hour would become lovers.

It was a normal spring day in late May during the last week of school which in the high school was exam week. Reggie had just come home from work around 5:30 in the evening and did what he did on any other beautiful and warm spring day. He sat out on the balcony and drank a beer while reading the news as well as a novel on his tablet.

The balcony he had was shared by Bonnie as well and since Bonnie had a two bedroom apartment, the balcony was accessed by the kitchen. It was here when Reggie and Bonnie finally started to get to know each on a more intimate basis.

Reggie was so engrossed in the Fantasy Novel he was reading that he didn’t hear the balcony door from Bonnie’s apartment open.

“Well hey there handsome,” a sweet sexy female voice said from behind him and it caused Reggie to come back to reality with a start.

Reggie turned around and looked in the direction that the voice came from and was not prepared for what he was going to see. Bonnie was standing in the doorway leaning up against the door frame and was wearing nothing more than a long sleeve light blue Oxford men’s dress shirt and a pair of white cotton panties.

The shirt was unbuttoned and open in the front and anyone with a set of working eyes could not help but see her sumptuous breasts as they hung free. Bonnie also had a cigarette in one hand and a mixed drink in the other.

“So how’s it going” Bonnie said with a sultry voice. “It’s about time you and I finally got to know each other better. I would come out there where you are but some of the neighbors frown on people who don’t have much clothes on so why don’t you come in and join me.”

Reggie was beside himself and couldn’t believe Bonnie was asking him into her apartment and dressed the way she was. Part of him wanted to resist and go back into his own apartment but Reggie managed to push that part aside with no trouble at all.

Reggie got up from the table he had been sitting in and walked over to where Bonnie was. Bonnie flipped the cigarette off the balcony onto the sidewalk and took Reggie by the hand and led him inside the apartment. Once inside, Bonnie closed and locked the kitchen door then led Reggie into the living room where she sat him down on the couch.

“You want something to drink hon,” Bonnie said as she went into the kitchen. “I’ve got ice tea, lemonade or soda or if you want something with a little more action to it I can make you a 7 and 7 or rum and coke.”

“That last one sounds like a winner,” Reggie replied.

“One rum and coke coming right up,” Bonnie said with a smile.

When Bonnie had finished making the drinks she came over to where Reggie was and sat down right beside. She handed him his glass and then put her arm around him on the back of the couch.

“Mind if I smoke hon,” Bonnie said with a smile.

“Nah, go ahead” Reggie replied like it was no big deal.

Bonnie then reached into her panties and pulled out her pack of cigarettes from the front part by her pussy. She reached in the pack and pulled out a cigarette and the lighter. She then lit it took a long puff and then exhaled as she blew the smoke out.”

“Wanna drag hon,” Bonnie said smiling offering Reggie the cigarette.

“Sure why not,” Reggie replied and took it and took a puff.

“Hope Bycasino güncel giriş they are okay. They are Virginia Slims Menthols 120s the only brand I smoke. You don’t mind smoking a woman’s cigarette do ya?”

Nah I think I am man enough to hand it,” Reggie said with a grin.

“Oh that you are baby, that you are,” Bonnie said in a lustful moan as she began rubbing Reggie’s shoulders and caressing his arms.

Bonnie told Reggie all about herself. She told him she had a grown daughter who had just turned 19 and was out on her own. She was attending college to become a nurse and was engaged to be married.

Bonnie also told Reggie how she moved there two years ago after her divorce. She told him that she taught theater and dance at the high school as well as a lit course in Junior College.

Lastly Bonnie told Reggie she was very free spirited and fun loving. She was very proud of her body and loved showing it off any chance she could get. And if that was not enough, she proudly told Reggie her favorite activity was good hot passionate sex.

“So hon tell me a little about yourself, Bonnie asked inquisitively. ” I wanna know all about you. Where are you from? What do you do? What hobbies do you have and what do you like to do for fun.”

Bonnie then would add something that took Reggie by surprise. “Oh yeah I forgot, what is your favorite sex position and what is your wildest sexual fantasy.”

Reggie didn’t know what to think about that. He opened his mouth to try to respond but closed it again. He was at a loss for words.

Bonnie noticed Reggie’s bewilderment and Decided she needed to explain why she said what she did.

“I hope I didn’t upset you but there is something I need to tell you to know about me a little something about me,” Bonnie said lovingly but without shame. “I am a very candid person who is not afraid to say what is on my mind no matter what it is.”

“Also when I see something I like, I go for it and I don’t stop until I have it,” Bonnie added. And right now I see something I want very much, you, and I intend to be making hot sweet monkey love with you before the sun goes down.”

Reggie didn’t know what to say. He thought he was dreaming but Bonnie assured him that she was for real.

I tell you what hon, why don’t you just stick with the general stuff about yourself and you can forget about the intimate details if you want,” Bonnie said with a sweet smile.

“Nah that’s okay, Reggie replied. I will tell you the juicy stuff. Well, let’s see now: My favorite sex position would be the woman sitting in my lap facing me as we embrace and kiss deeply and passionately with our hot naked bodies pressed together as we fuck.”

As far as my favorite sexual fantasy goes, I would have to say I would like to have a woman do a strip tease for me dressed like a naughty little school girl. The dance of course would have to be a very up close and personal one and very interactive.”

“Mmmmmm that sounds deliciously and delightfully naughty “Bonnie said with a seductive purr and lustful moan. Now that is a sexual fantasy I would love to make cum true. I think that can be arranged.

“Sounds good to me, Reggie replied. Now let me tell you the boring things about me,” Reggie added with a laugh to which Bonnie chuckled at as well.

Reggie told Bonnie that had been in the Navy for the last 12 years. He joined right after college as an officer because he had studied Nuclear Engineering and was in the ROTC program in college.

When Reggie went into the Navy he went in as an officer and worked as a Nuclear Reactor Officer on a sub marine and rose to the rank of Lt Commander.

“Mmmmmm I just love sub marines,” Bonnie said with a lustful seductive moan. “They are so long, hard and full of seamen,” Bonnie added as she lustfully licked her lips.

“I am also definitely a sucker for a man in uniform,” Jenna added with the sexy purr. “I bet you looked stunning in it.”

“Yeah I would have to say I did,” Reggie replied playfully.

Bonnie’s next response caught Reggie off guard but he figured he should have expected that seeing how Bonnie had told him how open and honest she was and that she spoke her mind without worrying about what others thought.

“I bet you are even sexier out of uniform if ya know what I mean,” Bonnie said in a seductive purr as she looked Reggie up and down and licked her lips.

Even though the comment was surprising to Reggie it was flattering as well. It made him feel good. Hell what guy wouldn’t be flattered by a sexy woman wanting to see them naked.

“So Reggie what’s a girl gotta do to find out,” Bonnie asked in a sexy tone. “Show me yours and I show you mine,” Bonnie added as she stood up. Bonnie then let the shirt fall from her body and then removed her panties so that she was now totally naked in front of Reggie.

“You like what you see hon,” Bonnie said proudly as she cupped her breasts and ran her hand over her body. Bonnie’s sweet and of so perfectly pink pussy was glistening and Reggie could see juices trickle out from it.

Reggie was planning to say that Bonnie looked great but instead before he could stop himself Reggie blurted out “Oh God baby you look so fucking hot!!!!”