Florida Adventure Ch. 02

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My sweet Erica. I wanted to see her again. I wouldn’t get many chances. My wife and I were in Florida for only a week. We had been here three days already. We had arrived late on Friday afternoon. Time was passing and growing shorter. If a person could fall in love in such a short time, it must have happened to me. I had fallen in love.

I had known Erica online for over a year now, but this was our first chance to meet in person. It had been enough to prove to me that I adored her, and I knew full well that she shared that feeling. She told me so every time I spoke to her on the phone.

Our apartment was in Kissimmee. It belonged to my wife’s sister, and we were using the mother-in- law apartment attached to the larger town home. I had discovered that our key fit the town home and had used it for a tryst with Erica the second night we were here.

She had been the perfect little submissive slave. I had never felt such power, and I reveled in the way she looked at me, and the way she was completely mine to use any way I wished. I loved the little blond.

Today we would spend at Walt Disney World Resort. My wife would enjoy it a lot. I could take or leave theme parks, but I was trying to be a decent husband, while all the time I was dreaming of being with Erica again. I had to come up with something, for the both of us to share ourselves again. I made sure that my little slut would not be working during the coming week.

It finally struck me that I needed some nasty sex with Erica today. Something we would both remember fondly. Just as she had given me a blow job yesterday under the pier at Clearwater Beach. That had been incredibly intoxicating. My cock had never felt like that before, and my feelings were shared by my little pet.

Now I was on the phone talking with her as my wife finished getting ready in the bathroom. I had told Erica last night to be ready to meet me any time. She knew how to follow orders, my little slut. This was Sunday. I told her to meet us there at the park. She knew it better that I. She suggested we meet just inside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom Park. When my wife and I entered she would follow us.

We would take the first chance we had to meet again. I knew my wife would want to spend lots of time shopping for souvenirs. We would see what luck presented to us.

It was around eleven o’clock when Kathy, my wife, and I entered the Magic Kingdom Park. The whole complex was huge, but this was really the oldest part. It had followed the plan of the original Disneyland out in California. It some ways, that is, but not all. Still, it was a good introduction to all of this stuff if you enjoyed it. It was neat and perfectly clean, like everything Disney.

We didn’t go on any rides at first. We were just orienting ourselves and doing the typical tourist sightseeing thing. Walking around the park and seeing what was where, using a map we were given. At last we stopped at the Plaza Restaurant to get some lunch.

You must know that as soon as we entered this park I had spied my Erica sitting on a bench watching as people entered. She saw me as I saw her. I smiled and she smiled back. Kathy didn’t notice. She was too busy looking at the map they handed out at the gate. Erica arose and began following us discretely. She looked very pretty. Her long, blond hair was blowing in the soft breeze. She was wearing sandals and a sun dress. I could see she was braless. That suited me fine.

When we entered the restaurant I saw that it was going to be crowded. We had to wait for a table. Erica was in line behind us. We were sitting down on a bench waiting to be seated at a table. This being a Disney park, there were lots of people being friendly here. I suppose it rubbed off on them.

In any case, my wife complimented Erica on her sundress. Erica was sitting next to me, so my wife had leaned forward to speak to her. Erica smiled and thanked her, and complimented the hat that Kathy was wearing to protect against the sun. This was becoming interesting.

A waitress finally approached to seat us, and Kathy and I rose to our feet. Kathy looked at Erica.

“Are you here alone? It seems silly to take a table just for the two of us. Why don’t you join us? You don’t mind do you Peter?”

“Me? No, of course not. Waitress, is there room for three at the table?”

“Certainly. It’s actually intended for three people. Follow me please.”

“Thanks, so much. I don’t usually mind eating alone, but it’s always nice to have company. I’m Erica, by the way.”

“Erica, I’m Kathy, and my husband ankarakazan.com is Peter. Oh, here’s the table. I’ll get inside and you and Peter can sit on either side of me. Is that alright, Erica?”

“That’s perfect. This place is so nice. They even have these gingham tablecloths. So old fashioned. I love this park, don’t you? I always loved everything about Walt Disney’s films and stuff.”

I was actually a little astonished at this turn of events. It was almost as if Kathy knew something. But I really didn’t think so. Anyway, we sat and chatted. After we decided what to eat, and ordered, we talked some more. My wife enjoyed interacting with other women. She always had. I didn’t mind just sitting back and listening.

As I was glancing around the room I suddenly felt a bare foot rubbing the side of my ankle. Kathy was turned a little towards Erica, so it wasn’t her. My little pet was being a minx! She caressed my ankle and then moved up my calf. I was wearing bermuda shorts. In fact, I hadn’t bothered to put on underwear. I liked going commando when I could.

Her little foot was rubbing on my thigh now. I was getting hard, if you must know. I couldn’t help it. Then her toes were inside my pants leg and I could feel her touching my balls. It was quite a nice feeling. My prick was hard as concrete now. I was hoping my wife wouldn’t look down and see it. I was wearing a Hawaiian style shirt that covered my lap and the tablecloth seemed to be covering it also. But I certainly couldn’t have an orgasm here. Not now.

“Kathy, I need to go to the men’s room. If you two ladies will excuse me.”

I allowed Erica to remove her foot as I slowly got up from the table. Luckily my long shirt was covering my boner. I headed towards the restrooms. I knew that Erica would follow if she could. We had talked about this during my phone call. Any chance to be alone together we would take.

I walked down the hall to the men’s room, glanced behind, and saw her smiling as she followed me. I quickly opened the door, checked inside, and saw no one there. Maybe someone was in a stall, but I couldn’t see them. Erica was right there and we almost ran to the closest stall that was open.

Closing the door, I was fast to pull my pants down. I released my hard on and sat on the toilet. I whispered to her to sit on me. She did so, facing me, putting her arms around me. She had been smart enough not to wear panties. Great. Our minds thought alike. Her pussy was wet as she lowered herself down onto my prick.

Jesus, this was so fucking out there! I wanted that pussy, and I was getting it as much as possible. And I knew she wanted her Master. Her mouth was working on mine. She did love kissing me. And her cunt was grinding down onto my crotch, taking all of my meat into that juicy pussy.

I was holding her tightly on me as I humped up into her. Her knees were pulled up and I didn’t think anyone would notice anything, except my two feet on the floor, if they happened to glance under the stall door. I didn’t really care right now. I was fucking my little pet. I held my grunts down as I kissed her.

She was sucking on my tongue and trying to bounce up and down on my cock. I was getting a good fucking done here. The best for naughty, public sex.

This was a fast fuck. Quick and sweet. We couldn’t take too long or Kathy would wonder where we were. I fucked my slut faster and faster and she was moaning into my face as she hugged me close. Then I released my spunk up into her pussy. It kept spurting and filling her up. I knew that when we separated all that sperm would come out, so I gathered wads of toilet paper to be ready.

I stopped when I could not come any more. I smiled at my baby, and then she put her feet down and lifted up off of my prick. Her dress was up and I wiped her pussy juices dripping from her cunt. Then she got down on the floor and sucked me clean. My pet loved the taste of my cock.

I had heard a few men entering, pissing, washing up, and then leaving. They had not noticed anything. We waited until it was quiet, and as we did so we tried to make sure our clothing was neat as possible. Finally, when it seemed no one else was in there I opened the stall door and we moved out to the entryway.

I glanced out, saw no one, and we both exited. I went first. It always seems to take women longer, so I thought it would be less suspicious if she waited a few minutes to follow me. She could go in the ladies room and get cleaned up a little more.

We were served our meals shortly after we both had returned to the table. Kathy didn’t seem to have any idea what had happened. We all chatted while we ate.

“So, what are you doing today, Erica? Being alone must not be the most fun for you. I know it’s more fun with Peter with me.”

“Oh, I’ll be meeting someone later. That’ll be great fun.” She smiled at me.

“Well, we need to get going. I want to see a lot today. We may go to Epcot later. We’ll see, right Peter?”

“Yep, we may get in late tonight. You have fun Erica. I know I will. Let’s go Kathy.”

Kathy and I started to walk away, towards the various activities here, while I saw Erica leaving. She turned and waved at me with a smile on her face. I knew she would show up at the town home again tonight. I was looking forward to that. Now it was time to make the wife happy. We spent the rest of the day doing whatever she wanted.

I think she had lots of fun. I didn’t really have a bad time myself, but I did think of that restroom fuck the rest of the day.

It was a long and tiring day. We got back after eleven that night. We had stayed in the park to watch the nightly fireworks. Kathy was happy with the day, and so was I. I was now looking forward to the night. We both got ready for bed. We had twin beds there in the little apartment.

After putting on our night clothes we kissed each other and Kathy climbed into her bed. I was going to do some work on my computer. I often did so. There was nothing unusual about that. As she slipped into sleep I was emailing Erica.

I was wearing some sweat pants and a tee shirt. I slipped on some canvas shoes. There was a doorway between the apartment and town home. It had a simple sliding bolt lock on both sides. I had noted that when I was in the town home last night with Erica. I unlocked our side. I had done the same on the other side when I was there. This little trick allowed me to enter the town home without going out and around.

Now was the time to really begin the night for me. And also for my little slut, waiting outside in her car. I slipped through to the town home. I locked the bolt again. Going straight to the front door I opened it, looked out and saw my pet hopping out of her car upon seeing me at the door. She skipped up the steps and into my arms. I had allowed her to be a little presumptuous around me on this vacation. But she would need some disciplining. She couldn’t forget who was the Master.

“First of all get on your knees, little whore. Did you bring the toys I asked for?”

“Yes Master, I did. I’m sorry Master. I’ll be good. I need to be punished, I know. I hope I pleased you today. I want nothing else.”

“You were fantastic today. You were the perfect pet. I don’t mind praising you when you do well. But remember your place. Yes? You’re the slave and I am the Master. Hand me the things you brought with you.”

She held out a gym bag she was holding. It should have some things I wanted to try tonight. I opened it and smiled.

“Get up and follow me into the bedroom. You may take off my clothes for me. You may touch me to get me aroused. Come on little one. I want to use you now.”

She eagerly arose and we went into the bedroom with its large bed. The room was opposite from the apartment Kathy and I were staying in. Not much chance she would hear us. Erica began striping off my few pieces of clothing. Just the tee shirt, the sweat pants and my slip-on shoes.

She giggled when she saw my cock was engorged. She knew it was for her. She caressed it because I had allowed it. I shivered with expectation of the fun to come. I loved her touch. I knew I loved my little pet. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Come here pet. Let me take off your clothes. You’re not to come, no matter what I do. Understood, little slut?”

“Yes Master.”

She approached me with a smile on her lips. She might not be smiling soon, but she would be feeling the lust and sexual passion I would give to her. I took my time taking her clothes off. I touched her as each item came off. She had changed clothing from earlier today.

She had showered to clean up well for me, and her pussy was newly waxed. Her nipples were like little rubies. She was mine to use, and I did. I sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy. It was wet, but I don’t think she had come. I could see her struggling to control herself.

“Get on the bed now. We’re going to have some fun, pet. Spread your legs and open that pussy for Master. That’s good. Now, I’m going to clip these clamps onto your nipples. Nice, aren’t they? They hurt a little but you want it, I can see that. Now the other end of the chain has two clamps for your cunt lips. Let’s attach those and spread your swollen pussy apart for me.”

As I clipped the clamps to her she was smiling and then moaning a little but she was my little slave and she took it without complaining. She was going to enjoy this, because I was. That’s how it worked. Pleasing Master was her goal now. I was in the mood for pussy.

I laid between her legs and licked her thighs. She quivered as she felt the tickling of my tongue. I bit her flesh and saw the juices begin to glisten on her cunt lips. She could not control that, but she didn’t come yet. Licking more aggressively I moved up to the treasure between her legs.

When my mouth descended onto her clit she rose up to meet it. I bit it and then sucked it into my mouth. She had a nice clit that was big enough to nip and suck, too. My fingers were entering her cooze now, spreading it open. My lips moved down and I nibbled on her labia. They were red from the clamps, and from lust.

My tongue entered her slit and licked her vagina and then I sucked it. She whimpered as the chain, stretched from her tits to the cunt lips, tightened when her back arched. I was ready to allow her to come.

“Give Master your juices pet. Come for me now. Do it now or you can’t do it at all tonight!”

Oh, it was a pleasure to hear her little howl of passion as she came for me. I stuck a finger into her cunt and she squirted out onto my face. That was fun and I laughed. I kept finger fucking her and she kept coming for me. Just for me. My pet was pleased with her Master.

“That was perfect little whore. Now you need something else to make the lovemaking even better. I see you brought the butt plug. That’s great. Let me grease it up and you can have that.”

I found some lotion in the bathroom and slathered it on the plug. Erica was still lying spread-eagle on the bed. I knelt between her legs and slowly pushed the plug into her tight ass. As I did her moans were music to me. I knew it was tight because she had told me she was virgin there. We would certainly change that someday. Tonight it was taking the plug while I fucked the cunt.

“Would you like me to fuck you again, pet? Want Master’s cock in your sleazy cunt? Yes, sweet little slave?”

“Master, oh god yes. Please fuck me hard. I want it hard and deep Master. May I come too, Master?”

“Yes you may come all you want. I need your cunt to be wet and slippery for my prick. I want it to slide in and out fast and hard. So come all you want. And I’ll come too, when I want to, little whore.”

So I started feeding my purple cock into her sloppy pussy and she moaned. As I pushed in it also pulled the chain tighter, and her nipples were stretched out with the clamps attached. As I began screwing her I felt the butt plug tight in her ass. And I watched her face as she felt both pleasure and pain, with the toys both hurting and enhancing the pleasure for her.

It pleased me to know I was using her as I wished, and she was enjoying being used. It was the perfect master and submissive experience. I was just beginning to fuck that pussy of mine.

“I know you came as soon as I put my cock in your cunt. I could see it on your face, little slave. Here comes more cock. Feel it? Ah, your cunt is sweet, babe. Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Her grunts as I thrust deep into her faster and faster made me even more horny for that sweet come I would have soon. Damn, I loved her sweet cunt! Fucking her was heaven for me. I kept ramming my prick as deep and hard as I could. It was jerking the chain tighter as her back kept arching and the nipples stretched on the clamps. I knew she was enjoying it because her pussy was getting tighter with each orgasm she had. I was getting so close to coming.

“Here it comes, slut! Take my come. Ahh, fuck!”

I started to spurt and jerked my prick out and grabbed it. I want to hose my little bitch down. I shot my first big string of come up onto her face and then continued squirting on her tits with the clamps still tight as hell. I gave her all my hot come and she loved it, of course. She loved me. I tightened my grip on my dick so I still had some for my baby.

“Quick, pet. Get up here and suck some come. It’s what you want. Oh damn, that’s nice. Oh, oh, it’s so fucking sensitive. Damn, careful baby. That’s it. Suck your Master’s come babe.”

She had scrambled quickly to get my milk. She loved it. This was sweet love making. The best.

I couldn’t love my little sub more. She was perfect. We still had some time. I could make love to her again in the next few days.

I needed that, as much as she did.

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