Condominium Ch. 04

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Chapter 4

Everyone arrived within ten minutes of six o’clock. As the host, I called everyone together for a moment in our living room, welcomed our newcomers, and urged everyone to ask questions of each other. I emphasized that there are no questions considered bad, embarrassing, vulgar, or lewd, but if they did find one like that I wanted to know about it. Everyone laughed and we went back to socializing.

I ended up talking with Cody and Sara Slarinsky. She was a psychologist and author who taught at the nearby college. He was a tall and handsome insurance agent. They asked about our circle and its activities and I told them how we’d started, and what we’d gotten into since.

Erin came up and slid under my arm, forcing one of my hands onto her thinly covered breast. She said to Cody and Sara, “This man is supposed to have something magical that he does to a woman that will ruin her for life, but in a really nice way. I’ve just talked to two of the women in his group, and they swear it was the most wonderful experience they’d ever had. They tell me they love him deeply because of it.”

Sara instantly turned to me with a wide grin, “Then I think I want to get on your dance card for later.”

I laughed, “That can be arranged, unless Erin wants first dibs?”

Erin nodded enthusiastically, “She does, but you can do it twice in one night, right?”

“I can, and I will. I think I have my initial pairings.” I chuckled.

Amber came up to us and slid under Cody’s arm, placing one of his large hands on a clothed breast. She said to me, “Hey, you can’t hog all the pretty women.”

I laughed and said, “Why not? I captured you, didn’t I?”

That got me a chorus of ‘Ooouuuus’ from the circle of men and women for overplaying a compliment to my wife. Amber laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. I then got a kiss on my cheek from her. There was never any doubt that she was the Big Number One in my life.

On that note we broke up our little circle and started to serve ourselves dinner from the buffet. Erin stuck with me, and Sara went off and latched onto Chris. Cody and Amber remained joined at the hip for the time being.

After everyone had eaten, I put on my dance mix on the stereo; mostly slow songs that encouraged close body contact and intimacy. Amber dimmed the lights, and I saw her slip into Cody’s arms, grinding here pussy in an erotic way against his leg. He looked quite happy with his new partner. Various couples started to dance, and others watched and then started to make out with their new partners where they were sitting. I could see a lot of compatibility with our new friends.

There was a total mixing of the two groups for the initial coupling arrangements. All the men from the second group were with women from our group, and their spouses and partners were with the men from our group.

Erin and I were making out, continually escalating our physical activity with each other. At one point, I asked, “Are you concerned about Travis?”

Erin nodded. “Yes. I hope he likes his partners tonight. I don’t want him to be disappointed. I tried to build up his excitement a little, and hopefully I didn’t over sell the situation. He was with Megan a few minutes ago just making out a little, and they were cute together. He has a shy streak in him sometimes, and it was showing up when he was with her at dinner.”

I glanced around but couldn’t see him. That was OK, because we couldn’t see a lot of the people. The living room just couldn’t hold twenty people – or rather ten couples that needed a little space around them, especially when they started to get prepared to do the horizontal mambo. The result was that about half the group migrated back to our three bedrooms that we had outfitted for the evening, including co-opting Penny’s bedroom and giving it an adult flavor through lighting, sexy music, and a large explicit poster of a romantic couple fucking that we’d had made up from a picture Amber liked on the Internet.

Erin saw me looking, and obviously happy that I could see Amber. She said, “It’s all right. When we started we needed to be in the same room together, but not any more.”

I agreed. “Amber and I were that way a year ago too. We still like to end the evening together in our own bed making love, although sometimes I might make that impossible by over-extending myself with others during the evening.”

Erin chuckled, “We were the same way. Now, it doesn’t seem as important. We each know the other is not going to run off with someone else.” We got into a long bout of French kissing, and ended up in one of our big overstuffed chairs in a corner of the room.

I pulled gently on Erin’s top. She was almost like a toy doll where if you touch it in the right place it throws its arms in the air. The message was clear – ‘Pull my top over my head.’ I did, and expressed my pleasure at finding that she was braless and had highly desirable breasts that needed sucking and fondling.

“Play with them,” she whispered. I did just that, also lightly pinching bursa escort each one and holding it to my mouth to suck on the very end of a nipple. I carefully used my teeth on them to change the feel of what I was doing to her. Erin was very responsive.

Around the room, other clothing was being rapidly shed. Only a few feet from us, Ryan had stripped all of Sara’s clothes from her sexy body. He was fingering her, and playing with her boobs at the same time. Sara was well endowed.

Next to them on the sofa, Amber was just losing the last of her clothes as Cody helped her set them aside. He pulled off his shorts and t-shirt revealing some six-pack abs and a long hard cock, and I knew that Amber would be in for a delightful fuck because of his endowment.

The dance floor had been taken over by two couples lying on our plush rug: Chris and Monroe, and John and Crystal. In the matching chair to one we were in, Kelsey and Jason were getting ready to merge their bodies together. The emotions around the room included love, curiosity, enthusiasm, excitement, arousal, passion, and raw sexual lust. I could detect no negative energy.

Erin’s lips wrapped around my cock, and she devoured me. She tried to deep throat me, and nearly succeeded. In any case, she’d gotten me up to a ‘ten’ out of ten, and I wanted to be inside her. She straddled me, and we mutually turned our union into a slow penetration where only a quarter-inch of my cock would advance into her hot velvet cavity on each of our very slow thrusts into each other. This was a playful way to start having sex, but it was also erotic and arousing as all hell.

Between each mini-thrust, we kissed with lots of tongue action that made us sexually hot for each other with warm loving feelings. It wasn’t all lust; there was a lot of romantic and psychic heat between us too. We were merging our two bodies and souls together.

We took over three or four minutes to work my cock all the way into her body. When there wasn’t another millimeter to use, Erin started to rub her very erect nipples across my chest. She told me she was spelling something, and I had to decode her message.

The message was ‘I love you.’ That in turn led to some further hot kisses. We were barely moving our loins together. We were all about twitches, the feeling of fullness, the warmth of her surround of my cock, and then we started to move slowly. This was so sensual.

Erin crooned in my ear, “Oh, you are such a great lover. Any other man would have just started to pound his cock into me – wham bam thank you ma’am. You understand the relationship between arousal, sexuality, and motion, plus the power of restraint.

I sucked on one of her breasts as I jacked my cock up into her body at irregular intervals, each time sending a jolt of electric pleasure through her from toes to the top of her head, but centered on her vagina. From time to time, she closed her eyes to fully enjoy the spurt of pleasure I’d just delivered, and then she’d open them and smile at me before kissing me.

We changed position in the chair, so I could thrust into her in a dominant way. She lay back, wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me into her to deepen the impact and depth of my thrusts. Again, however, we were keeping it slow, smooth, and sexy.

“When I get ready to cum, how do you like it?”

“Dripping out of my cunt for the next week,” Erin said in a sexy way. She added, “Go deep.” After a few seconds she added, “I rarely tell that to any man, but you’re so different and so loving. Give me something to remember you by.”

When I felt my body hit that point, I sped up, and then I was going faster and faster, and so was Erin. I became a blur, and then Erin and I both froze in the paroxysms of our simultaneous orgasms.

I could feel the semen surging from my body into hers – spurt after spurt of raw lusty white male seed juice. There was no way she couldn’t feel every jet. We were kissing, and each pulse resulted in a contented purr from Erin. I was sure I’d filled her pussy; my last few thrusts and shots of cum yielded a squooshy sensation of fluids coming out rather than going in.

We stayed locked together for five or ten minutes after we’d finished, just kissing and cooing sweet words of affection to each other.

Eventually, we separated and tried to lie side-by-side in the chair. The result was again Erin more in my lap than beside me. Our positions worked well, especially when Jess appeared, knelt in front of Erin, and ate her pussy for several minutes until Erin had another orgasm and had given up some of my cum.

I had been right. Erin was oozing my white semen in gallons from her pussy, and it was all my doing. Jess made comment on the volume, and she’d cleaned up my messes before.

The two women kissed and snowballed something between them before Jess kissed me, gave me some of my own stuff that now included Erin’s juices and her saliva, and then we went to the kitchen.

One couple in the kitchen bursa escort bayan had commandeered one of the kitchen stools. Tyler and Brittany were fucking using the stool; she was lying back on it against the counter, and Tyler stood in front of her bottoming out on every thrust. Brittany squeaked on every thrust as well.

They seemed oblivious to us, and we ignored them, got some cold water bottles, and headed down the halls to see what was happening in the bedrooms.

A glance back into the living room revealed Sean and Monroe going at it on the floor, John and Megan next to them with her riding high on his cock, and Travis and Jess just starting to get it on.

The first bedroom was normally Penny’s room. Tonight it had our sexy makeover. Inside were Christopher, Alice, and Kelsey. Chris had his cock buried in Alice, as Kelsey sat on her face while she kissed Chris. They’d apparently been doing this for a while because I could see cum splattered on Kelsey’s mons.

The guest bedroom contained Crystal who was being double-teamed by Jason and Matt. At that point she was riding Jason who was buried in her pussy, and Matt was buried in her backdoor. They seemed to be keeping her happy, although her eyes were closed. She did have a slight smile on her lips.

In the master bedroom we found Amber being fucked in the missionary position by Cody, and beside them Sara was being eaten by Ryan. They’d moved to more comfortable quarters apparently. Both women were moaning. The tableau was erotic and I felt myself harden watching my wife get pummeled by another man – a new man in her life, at that.

At the same time I got that shot of arousal, I also felt a jolt of possessiveness or jealousy. I pushed it aside. It was a negative thought, and I could control those.

Erin and I went back to the kitchen. I did notice that Chris was now fucking Kelsey doggie style as she ate Alice who was lying back and enjoying the attention.

We each got a glass of wine, and went out on the balcony, stepping around the couples in the living room. The night was cool, but we were still nude and worked up from our sexual athletics, so the cool air felt refreshing instead of objectionable.

Erin said, “What was that thing I wanted you to do to me – that Jess said you were really good at?”

I set my wine down, and then took her glass and put it beside mine. I pulled Erin over to the two-person chaise that we’d gotten for events such as this. We both lay down, and I started to romance her again. She was more than willing, and I could tell we felt a real romantic connection.

I gradually worked my right hand into her pussy, until all one could see was my wrist. I worked on her G-spot, and that made her crest, especially when I went down on her and focused my tongue and left hand on her clit.

I kissed her mons and said, “Now, for the serious attention you deserve from anyone that truly loves you.”

Erin looked skeptical. The G-spot orgasms were near peaks for her, probably close to if not surpassing anything she’d previously experienced. I was good at those too.

My fingertips stroked around inside her and suddenly she popped her eyes open and gave me that deer in the headlights, ‘What did you just touch?’ look. I had just stroked her A-spot. That became my new focus, and with my left hand and mouth I continued to work around her clit.

Erin lasted about ten minutes, and then it began. Her whole body started to bow up off of the chaise so she could push into my hand and the sensations harder. She was panting, and talking loudly about how great the sex was and how good I was to her. The more of a bow, the dirtier her recounting got. The dirtier her recounting, the closer she got to a massive orgasm.

Erin finally peaked, and announced to the entire condominium complex in a near shout, “OH, GREAT FUCKING JESUS, WHAT A FABULOUS FUCK YOU ARE. YOU’RE …”

She never got any further. I reached up and pinched her right nipple hard and then drove two fingers of that hand into her ass as I lightly bit on her clit and lapped broadly with my tongue; the rifle shots of pleasure and pain around her body added to the colossal A-spot orgasm, and were too much for her; she passed out. I wondered if anybody had heard her. I remembered that most of my partners did that in some way, when I gave them that experience. I chuckled. Having those words floating around the condominium complex was a great way to troll for new members to our little swing group.

Erin woke up just as Sara appeared in the patio doorway. Sara asked, “I heard her scream; is she all right?”

I said, “Yes. She just got overloaded with pleasure.”

“You said you’d do that to me too.”

“Let’s do it in the master bedroom. I don’t want a second woman screaming about sex from our balcony. It might adversely impact my professional image. I don’t want to be thrown out of here.”

Sara laughed. “Don’t worry; I’m on the Condo Board. Maybe we’ll give you a medal, although escort bursa you might have to do that to the other two women on the Board.”

Erin pulled my head to hers for a passionate kiss. “Thank you. That was … a peak experience I’ll never forget. You were right, I do love you with all my heart. THAT was fabulous.” We slipped off the chaise and the three of us headed back inside. Erin headed off to the bathroom.

Sara and I replaced one of the couples on the king-size bed in our bedroom, and a half-hour later we attracted the attention of all the other couples when Sara let out a bone-chilling scream that had a sudden ending to it as she passed out.

The women who’d already had ‘The Experience’ with me smiled knowingly at what had just happened to their new friend and condo-mate. The others got a worried expression. Erin went around and assured them that all was well – actually better than well; it was the best experience that Sara had ever had.

* * * * *

Sara and I made love about a twenty-minutes later after she’d more or less recovered. She was passionate and went out of her way to be sure I knew she would be my devoted lover, sex slave, and anything else I could think of for the rest of her life. I had realized that much of the time I did ‘The Experience’ that this was the expected result – love, devotion, and dedication. Sara didn’t disappoint.

I suspected that Cody would strongly object to the whole situation and get mad at Sara because of her vocal and physical affection to me, but he just smiled when I tried to explain. He said, “I’ve never seen her so happy with sex, plus that was the hottest fuck or whatever you call it I’ve ever seen her have. I’m glad for her, and it gives me something to strive for with her and the other women I connect with.” I appreciated his positive attitude.

Several of the men consulted me on what I’d done to Erin and Sara. I gave a little anatomy lesson, glad that I’d done my own homework months earlier when I wanted to focus on Amber’s orgasms. Of course, no female volunteered to be our demo doll during my impromptu lesson, but Brittany did stand in the doorway and listen while I talked.

John observed in my ‘class’ that it was funny that we study all sorts of topics in our lives, but never how to improve in delivering pleasure to our mates. We take sex for granted, and accept whatever skill level we happen to have as the end result we’ll use the rest of our lives.

When we broke up to rejoin the rest of the party, Brittany singled me out. “Jon, I’m not ready to have that A-spot experience you were talking about, but I would really like to make love with you. You seem so knowledgeable about a woman’s body, plus I feel some real chemistry with you.”

I smiled at her, “Brittany, you turn me on too in multiple ways. You call it chemistry, but I feel a resonance with you in mind, body, and spirit – a connection on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions. Come and let’s go outside.”

I figured we were OK to be on the balcony chaise again, since I thought it unlikely that we’d be seen on the fourteenth floor, and without The Experience, I thought she’d also be relatively quiet.

Brittany and I made out for a while as we fondled and touched each other in interesting sexual places. There was a lot of oral too. Brittany apparently liked devouring my cock, and I found that I was having a dessert on top of dessert when I went down on her. She tasted divine.

Our lovemaking went on quite a while. This was my third round of the evening, and I was peaked but still I am also a mere male of the species. We went for over forty minutes, having fun playing in different positions and seeing what contortions we could get into and still be able to kiss one another. Brittany was also multi-orgasmic and I found her various buttons, without resorting to my A-spot ploy. She was relatively quiet.

We worked together to bring ourselves to a simultaneous climax. Brittany knew the right things to say and do to help make that happen. I didn’t object at all. I guess we were a little noisy in our orgasms, but we weren’t too bad compared to Erin’s outburst a couple of hours earlier that had echoed around the entire city.

While Brittany and I had been making love, about half of the other couples had snuck away. I understood the protocol of not interrupting the host or hostess if they were in mid-fuck to thank them for the party. I knew we’d hear from them later.

As it turned out, Brittany’s husband Matt had finished up the evening with Amber about the same time we came into the living room. They were lying there wrapped around each other still connected. Amber’s full pussy was quite evident despite the presence of Matt’s cock still in residence.

Brittany smiled, and pulled her husband’s cock from Amber’s flooded pussy. She sucked him clean, and then lapped at Amber’s pussy, also using two fingers to pull some of the cum from deep inside. I got hard again just watching her deft display of sexual prowess.

At one point, Brittany came to me with a load of whatever she’d collected from Amber’s hot twat. She kissed me and thrust some of the fluids into my mouth. She was trying to gross me out, but I’d been in this game at this point many times before, and so I just happily played along with her. It was only some interesting tasting fluids as far as I was concerned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32