The Three Day Pass Ch. 34

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This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is both your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me – all e-mails will be answered to the best of my ability.

Again I want to thank Chris and Frank for their help with editing. And again any errors are mine and mine alone.

The end of chapter 33:

Allie placed his hand on the back of Joseph’s head placing it on his broad shoulder as he pulled him closer his lips brushed Joseph’s ear and kissing it he whispered, “I know being alone in this big house can be overpowering, would you like me to stay the night with you?”


“Allie, I’m speechless. I really don’t know what to say!” Joseph said. “My brain should be telling me to ask you to leave right now before this goes any further, but to tell the truth, I can not deny that your offer is very enticing… “

That was the last word he was able to utter as Allie silenced his further protests by quickly moving his mouth and lips from Joseph’s ear and placing them over his lips. There he imprisoned Joseph’s mouth sucking on his lips with a passion that Joseph had never expected. The kiss literally took his breath away and left him drained. Allie softly ran his tongue over the soldier’s lips probing, seeking and testing for the slightest opening. Finding none he murmured, “Just say the word. You know the word. I know that you want and need this as much as I do. I can see the lust in your eyes.”

But the soldier continued to struggle and in order to stop him from pulling away his attacker tried to hold his head steady by entwining his fingers in the short hairs of Joseph’s military haircut. This proved impossible to do, so instead he moved his strong fingers to the back of Joseph’s head and there he attempted to hold Joseph’s head steady while he again tried to insert his wiggling tongue between the tightly closed lips.

But Joseph continued to struggle and was soon able to free his head a little. Turning his face away he asked, “Damn it! How can I say a word if you won’t let me talk?”

“What’s there to talk about?” Allie questioned him. “You just admitted that you were enticed by my offer.”

“But why? I never guessed that you were attracted to me in any way!”

“You must be joking. I thought you knew that I have always liked you and now that Fazzi is gone…”

“No I did not know that. How could I know that?” Joseph asked and said, “Both Fazzi and I had the impression that you hated me. We thought it was because of my outspoken political opinions and my unwillingness to submit to Islam. Fazzi was disappointed, as he always wanted us to be friends.

“By Allah, I was certain that you knew, I thought it was so obvious. I was attracted to you and I wanted you from the moment that first evening when Fazzi introduced you to Hassan and me. I knew from that very first instant that there was something going on between you and him. And it wasn’t that father-in-law-son-in-law shit. I saw the look on your face when you looked at Fazzi. There were sparks of passion that flowed between the two of you. I could see your devotion and lust for him and I became jealous. I wanted that. Hassan Segour may have hated you but not me. Oh no! Not me! Right then, that night, I wanted to pick you up and sling you over my shoulder and carry you home with me. That evening and every evening thereafter, when I put my head on my pillow I fantasized about you. You have no idea how many times I lay in bed at night unable to sleep. Images of the two of you making love together began eating away at me. Thoughts of him kissing you and the image of that bastard’s cock penetrating your love hole made me insane with lust. It drove me to the point where I wanted to kill him for even putting his filthy hands on the one I loved. I wanted you and I didn’t care what I had to do to have you.” He smirked as he recalled his fixation and then said. “About this time I came upon an old black and white movie called “King Kong”. Have you ever seen it?”

“Oh Yes! I’m a big fan of early films and it’s one of the classics.” Joseph said. “Let’s see that would be the 1933 version I think.”

“Yes that’s the one. I watched that movie over and over again. I pictured myself as Kong, the primeval beast, untying your struggling near nude body from that ‘Bridal Altar’. Then roaring and beating my bare chest, I lifted you up and carried you off into the jungle where I protected you from all those beasts that tried to steal you from me. In my fantasy, I was your ultimate champion. I protected you and I killed everyone that came to rescue you. Then, with you screaming and kicking I slung your naked body over my hairy shoulders and carried you off to my den high mersin escort on a hilltop. There, while I could have raped you, I chose not to take you by force. No, instead I took possession of you. I made passionate love to you and you learned to trust me, to need me and to love me.”

Joseph almost laughed out loud at this, and then trying to contain himself he said, “I have to ask you this. You didn’t kill Fazzi, did you?”

Allie trying to recoup and shocked at the accusation said, “No! How could I? How could you even ask such a question? Look if I wanted you as my lover, my partner and a true friend, do you think I would do anything to harm you or those you loved? And Fazzi’s death would and did hurt you. No Yussef, Fazzi was an old friend and killing him was out of the question.”

Joseph replied quickly, “I was joking. I knew you wouldn’t do something so evil, but Allie, if I don’t tell you something now, I’m afraid that it is going to be me that will hurt you. And I don’t want to do that.” Joseph said trying to quickly think of a new plan that would at least give him some room to maneuver.

Now it was Allie’s turn to snicker. “Hurt me? How? Look at me! I’m a strong guy and while you are no weakling, I think I could still hold my own with you.”

“I was not referring to physical hurt. I think that before we go any further, there are a few things that you should know about me. The first is that while I was in deeply in love with Fazzi, he never possessed me. He never entered me. Until the last time before he left for Syria, I never really allowed or wanted it. Don’t get me wrong, we had wonderful sex-but he never fucked me. He was my bottom. Perhaps in time as our relationship grew, I may have allowed him to take my ass, but he was killed before we had a chance to do it.”

“You mean to tell me that all the time you were living in this house, sleeping in the same bed and making love together – Fazzi never entered your ___. You have never had anything up there!” Allie said, at first not believing him.

Blushing, Joseph said, “I never said that. We were planning on doing it. Fazzi and I had even purchased a dildo for me and we were planning to open me up. But he never got the chance to, how do you say it for lack of a better expression, breed me.”

“No wonder you are so skittish.” Allie smiled. “Now I understand. I see what the problem is and I know how to fix it. We will go very, very slow and we will take our time. We will start again from the beginning. I promise I will be patient, even if it takes a long time. You know in fact I think I will enjoy it even more this way. It will be like taking a young virgin. I will appreciate your final surrender more this way. I want you badly, but more important than that-I want you to tell me that you want me to take your body and really possess it. Just like in my fantasy, I want you to want me to teach and make love to you. I have had my fill of raping and being raped. What I saw between you and Fazzi was new to me. It is that love that I want for the rest of my life. Look, as much as I like my job and working for you, I would give it up if you asked me to-as long as I could have you. I don’t care-anything you want. Just let me make love to you. Let me be your teacher.” Allie pleaded. “Please, I can not leave you now. Not like this. Both of us are so hard that our balls are going to fall off it we do not do something to help each other. What have you got to loose? It’s not like either of us is a total virgin.

“No I’m not a total virgin and that brings up the second problem. There is someone else. There has been someone else all along. Both before, during and after Fazzi and I became lovers.” Joseph admitted. “Again, I don’t want to deceive you.”

“Is it Richard Worthington? Yussef I know you go for older men but he is old enough to be your grandfather.” Allie laughed and getting angry said, “Is that why he is so nice to you? Is that the reason he is taking you into his Wall Street firm? Now I understand. Now I can see things more clearly. It’s business. The whole thing is business. You little gold digging whore!” Then drawing his hand back he tried to slap Joseph’s face. However the soldier was too fast for him and stopped his hand in mid air.

“No! It is not Richard Worthington Senior. It’s his son Rich Worth. We have been friends for almost two years, even before I met Fazzi.” Joseph began his concocted story. And like all good cover stories it was based on truth. “Rich introduced me to his father and for some reason the old man became impressed with me and offered me an apprenticeship with his company. After this I met Fazzi and his daughter. You know most of the rest of that story. All this time Fazzi knew about Rich but he kept insisting that I continue to see the Worthington family. When I offered to stop and devote myself to him alone, he insisted that I continue. He said it was “IshAllah” the will of god. He told me that sometimes kocaeli escort there is a greater good that had to take precedence. In this case, it was, for the good of the Arab people. No matter how I tried to change his mind he insisted that for now, I should and must continue. Well during Fazzi’s trip and after his death Rich tried to comfort me; just like you are trying to do now. But we never did anything but ‘kid stuff’.” He lied.

“The old bastard was crafty and in this case he was right.” Allie mussed and realized that it was not only Fazzi, but also most likely the Emirate that were using Joseph and not the other way around. No wonder the Emirate had not ordered Joseph’s throat cut. They wanted Fazzi to keep Joseph in the picture. Who knows for sure if they had not insisted on Joseph being involved from the beginning? Fazzi always said that the Emirate not only knew what he was doing but also insisted that he use Yussef. Maybe Hassan was right about Yussef being planted in the army all along. Without Joseph and the Worthingtons the whole thing would fall apart.

What do you want me to do? Should I tell Rich that it was all a mistake and that I was grief-stricken and did not know what I was doing? Joseph asked. “I will be glad to be through with this deception.

“No Yussef, you have to keep up this charade. If the younger Worthington were to think you were being unfaithful to him-he could convince his father to destroy the Fund. My poor darling, Fazzi never loved you; he used you to get into Wall Street. You have no idea what you are into here.”

“I guess I don’t know it all, but you are wrong about Fazzi.” Joseph insisted. “He did love me. Otherwise why would he adopt me as his son and heir? He did not have to do that. I did not even want it. He did love me and I loved him enough to do whatever he said and wanted.”

“I can’t answer that. I don’t know.” Allie said putting his arm around Joseph. “Maybe it was because he was a lonely old man and he wanted a son to love him. I am not as old. And I do not want a son, but I do want a lover. I love you and I still want you. As far as Mr. Worth goes, it is true; we will have to be careful. We would not want him to spill the apple cart over. Would we?”

Then you don’t mind about Rich?”

“Do you think I’m crazy? Of cause I mind, but we will work around him.” Allie said as he again picked up where he had left off by kissing Joseph.

Joseph pretended to struggle at first but then gave in. “I, uh…. I…Oh the hell with it!” Joseph moaned as he leaned into another hot embrace. He raised his hands cradling the Arab’s dark face and pulled it to him. Fuck it, this evening hasn’t gone exactly as I had planned it but…what can one do? I even think it is better this way Maybe he was right and I am a whore. In any case, this guy does have such magic lips and I’m finding it impossible to resist him or his damn lips.

The handsome Arab’s lips while still insistent had now become both soft and supple. At last, parting his own lips, the soldier not only allowed, but also welcomed the hot Arab’s tongue as it slid past his teeth and into his mouth like a snake. Yes, that’s exactly what it reminded Joseph of, a slithering reptile. And it was one hungry reptile at that. As it moved deeper, its fangs flittered in and out, touching this and then touching that erotic spot. It was always seeking, exploring, investigating and devouring everything in its path as it entangled, invaded and possessed his mouth. Oh my Lord, this guy can sure kiss, Joseph thought. He felt his once strong body becoming a mass of useless body parts, each one surrendering to this all-pervasive irresistible force. He gave in. He was going to let it happen.

Allie, sensing the soldier’s capitulation eased up on the kiss because he now sensed that he could afford to take the time to enjoy his victory. He drew back a bit and seeing the lust in Joseph’s eyes he basked in his moment of glory. Why rush, he told himself, there is plenty of time now. He will not fight me any more. I have him. He will do whatever I want. He may have belonged to that old bastard Fazzi before, but now I have him and he belongs to me. He is my property, at last. Soon I will take him away from that actor. I’ve had others before, but this one will be different. I will make him into a white sex slave, my white sex slave. He will be special, like none I have ever had before. His mouth again touched Joseph’s and he started to nibble on the bruised lips, his neck, and his ears first licking and then sucking them. This erotic activity continued for some time and the two of them felt like they had been making out for hours when they finally pulled away from each other.

“You are beautiful and I want to make love to you forever.” Allie whispered

Joseph felt exhausted as if all his manliness had been drained out of him. He was weak and unable to resist. I need time to think this out, he thought. Rich samsun escort never made me feel like this. I must be a mess. I must look like hell.

Not so to the Arab. He thought his new slave looked just right, vulnerable and sexy as hell. Again the excitement took over. He could not contain himself any longer. He was on a roller coaster ride. His nimble fingers started undoing the buttons of Joseph’s shirt. First one and then with lightening speed that surprised even himself he almost ripped the remaining buttons off. Then, changing moods he forced himself back to calmness. Don’t rush he admonished himself. His fingers carefully and ever so slowly moved the two shirt openings aside and as if he was a stagehand opening the theater curtains he revealed the hidden treasure behind them. His dark skinned face broke into a big smile. No undershirt to hinder him. Nothing was there except that exquisite nude chest; even more beautiful than the one he had fantasized about. The skin was so light and taunt that had the dark skinned Arab not known otherwise he might have taken Joseph for an albino. A pair of broad shoulders that tapered down to a very narrow waist. A pair of well-defined and developed pectoral mussels set off by reddish brown areolae the size of quarters topped by two darker pronounced nipples. The chest itself was sparsely covered by blond hair, now a shade darker than the hair on his head and getting darker now as the chest was covered with a light sheen of sweat. The matted hair flowed down to reveal a deep bellybutton that begged to be tongued. On and on it continued in a narrow pathway between a set of hard abs, heading south to what promised to be the “Garden of Eden”. Allie’s dark fingertips reached out gently and slowly, as if he was afraid to break the spell and he ran the quivering digits over the upper torso spread out before him like a second helping of shish-ka-bob to be licked and tasted and eventually devoured.

Joseph, caught up in the eroticism of the moment, found his breathing becoming deeper, his chest expanding and contracting, as he gasped for air. He just lay there unable or unwilling to fight anymore, his steel blue eyes locked on to Allie’s dark eyes. He watched in a hypnotic like trance as Allie moved his lips down his now heavily sweating chest. A stream of air blowing thru Allie’s lips leaving a trail of goose bumps as he moved towards his target. The Arab never blinked his eyes. He kept them fastened on Joseph’s eyes waiting for a reaction. Joseph let out a deep sigh as he felt those magic lips just above his nipple. Then the snake tongue darted out licking the sensitive area around each nub. His tongue licked one exposed nipple then the other. Then he closed his eyes and let out a gasp as he felt the strong white teeth tease and nibble on his sensitive erect tit.

Joseph moved his hands up Allie’s back, pulling his muscular body against him. He continued up and buried his fingers in his dark soft hair. Gripping his hair, he pulled the Arab’s mouth away from his tits and brought that hungry mouth back to his own as he sunk his own tongue deep into it. Now it was his turn to explore every nook and cranny of this hot cavern and he found it delicious. All this had not stopped the Arab’s fingers and what he was doing with them was driving Joseph insane. The Arab had unzipped Joseph’s fly; his fingers reaching in, roaming over Joseph’s under shorts and finding the opening he grabbed the hard cock and pulled it out.

“It is beautiful.” He said squeezing the soldier’s hardening tool and again moving his mouth down the body licking and nibbling along the path to Joseph’s hard and leaking cock. That reptile like tongue flitted out and lapped the precum. Then, as if sampling a fine wine, he smacked his lips savoring the taste. Then lowering his head, he kissed the foreskin. His lips nibbled on it and his tongue tip licked around the head and over his piss slot and then dived under the loose foreskin.

By this time, Joseph was almost beyond the pale. Unable to control himself, but knowing that he must. If he allowed Allie to continue he would loose all control. This he could not and would not let happen. “Allie, please we have to stop. We must stop! NO more.” Joseph moaned as he tried to push Allie away. “I think you better go before we both do something we will be sorry for.”

“Be sorry? I will never be sorry. Don’t stop me now. Don’t reject me now.” Allie pleaded. “You need me as much as I need you. You know this is true. Please don’t throw me out. I will do whatever you want only let me make love to you. I need you and you need me. Look, I know you loved Fazzi and that it will take time to get over him. Take all the time you want. All I ask is that you let me stay close to you and let me love you. Please don’t send me away.”

“Send you away—-I am not sending you away. It is just too soon to even think about falling in love again.”

“Nonsense, where is your bedroom?”

“Upstairs, Fazzi’s old room.” Joseph said as he got up and put himself together. “This is a big mistake and I know we are going to regret it in the morning.”

“Let the morning worry about itself.” Allie said taking Joseph’s hand in his and leading him to the stairway. “We will go slow and be very careful. I just want to show you how much I love you.”

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