Giving In To Desire Pt. 01

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I am a pretty average guy; six feet, maybe a bit thin at one-fifty-five, but I’ve got a killer butt that attracts both women and men. I’ve never actually been with a man, but with all of the times I’ve been propositioned, I can’t say that I haven’t thought about it…

I’ve even gone so far as to buy a little butt plug, for when I am feeling really horny at home. I love to smoke a lot of weed, stuff it inside me, and blow a big load while watching my favorite porn…Which is exactly what I was doing, but I had almost run out of pot. Luckily for me, my ‘friend’ was in the neighborhood, and could stop by real quick if I wanted.

I figured ‘what the hell,’ and threw some jeans over my girlfriend’s panties that were holding in my toy, grabbed a shirt, shoes, and my jacket and ran outside to find the guy.

He was parked on the corner, but there was someone else in the back seat, a big guy that I had seen at a bunch of shows around town. I figured it was okay since I was just jumping in and out, but the plug made me feel really self-conscious.

I hopped in the front seat, and was introduced to Daryl in the back. We shook hands, and he remembered me from many of the same shows, so the three of us were chatting like old friends in no time.

Our friend had to run, so I got out of the car. To my surprise, Daryl jumped out after me. It turns out that we live only a few houses away from each other, and he was getting dropped off. He had only stuck around, because he was curious about which of his neighbors was “talking” to the same “friend.”

He asked if I wanted to smoke a bit more before he went home; I had mentioned my bong, and he was eager to try it out. I don’t know how I could have forgotten about the plug in my ass and the panties holding it in, but the next thing I knew, we were taking our shoes off and heading into my living room. When we sat down on the couch, I must’ve sat a little too hard, because I was definitely reminded of the plug then!

I made a face, but if Daryl noticed it, he didn’t say anything. I was trying to be casual and quickly pack a bowl so that I could usher him out without being discovered. Anyone who’s ever smoked bong hits with a new friend knows there’s no chance of it being ‘one and out.’ After a couple more, we were chatting like old friends.

The toy was making me squirm a bit, but not enough to interrupt the conversation. Daryl mentioned some band that I HAD to check out, and before I could stop him, he opened up my laptop. Suddenly, the muted sound of the porn I had been watching earlier got a lot louder, and the screen lit up with a guy getting fucked by a hot, black tranny with a huge cock.

We both sat silently for a second before Daryl apologized, and said that he probably wasn’t supposed to see that. I apologized, and made some excuse about not expecting a guest; trying to ignore the fact that it was some ‘interesting’ stuff playing on the computer. I didn’t know at the time that we were trying to ignore it for different reasons.

Daryl closed the computer back up, and packed the bong again. We both took a few more hits, but I didn’t notice his getting closer. With his next hit, he grabbed me and pulled my face to his for a shotgun. I had done this plenty of times before, but never with such a sexualized edge to it.

When the smoke was in my mouth, his tongue followed. I kissed him back like it was the most natural thing in the world. After pushing away to exhale and take another breath, Daryl pulled me closer and started kissing me again. I kissed him back, hard. Our hands started to roam.

As his hands moved down, I suddenly became VERY nervous…I tried to squirm free, but he held me tightly, and continued to move his hand down towards my panty-clad ass. When he discovered my panties, he pulled away and smiled broadly. I felt a little worried about what might come next…

He apologized for moving too fast, but he said that my wearing panties was sexy as hell. He opened up my computer again, and the porn popped back on. This time, neither of us tried to ignore it at all.

Daryl packed the bong again, and asked if I ever did anything else. I didn’t know if he was talking about sexually or drugs, and was a little too embarrassed to ask. I responded that this was the first time anyone had ever known about my wearing panties.

He assured me that it would remain our little secret, but said he was talking about narcotics. I told him that I had done ecstasy with an ex-girlfriend, but that was about it…

He asked if I wanted to do some with him…He had just bought a bunch of capsules, and was eager to try them out. They were a brand new designer mix with no adverse side effects or hangover. As self conscious as I was, that still sounded like a lot of fun.

When I said yes, I knew that I was crossing adana escort a line. I was accepting an offer for a very sex-friendly drug with a very muscular man who knew I was wearing panties. That didn’t stop me, and I eagerly accepted it into my mouth when he held it out for me. I swallowed it down with some water, and watched Daryl do the same with one of his own.

Daryl said it would take a while for them to kick in that way, and did I want to split another with him that’d ‘get us there’ faster. Without even waiting for an answer, he had broken up another capsule, and poured its contents onto the table before cutting it up into lines.

I had never done anything like this before, but I knew this could be my only chance to fulfill long-held secret desires. I watched him snort up one in each nostril before doing the same. He followed his up with another bong hit, so I did too. After I had expelled my hit, he pressed his lips against mine and blew more smoke into my mouth.

We made out for a bit, and the harder drugs really started to kick in before breathing again…It was incredible. I was pressed up to this huge hunk of a man and tingling all over, so I started to hump against him. He grabbed my ass with both hands and massaged deeply, making me moan into his mouth.

He obviously saw that I liked that, because he started inching towards my crack with both hands. I started to panic; What would happen when he discovered the plug!?

I tried to pull away, but it was too late. He found it with both hands, and pushed the plug deeper inside me as his grin widened. I moaned harder, and started to grind back against his efforts.

This was all getting a little out of control too quickly…I pushed him away, and started packing the bong, saying that I needed another hit. Daryl watched me, telling me how sexy I was, and asking if I had any other clothes that I liked to wear when feeling especially horny.

I didn’t, but knowing that my girlfriend had stockings and a garter that would probably fit, I told him I could try them on. He told me that I’d have to put a show on for him, so I nervously went into the other room, and started taking off my clothes.

When I was down to the garter, stockings, panties, and a pair of my girlfriend’s slippers, I went back out to the living room. Daryl had taken off his shirt, and I was glad to see that he was muscular but smooth. He told me that he used to be into competitive fitness and got in the habit of shaving off all his hair. He looked like a porn star.

Daryl stood up, walked over to me, and wrapped me in his arms. I loved the way that his muscular chest felt against mine, and moaned as I looked up to kiss him again. He pressed his lips against mine, and as I felt his tongue lick playfully…then forcefully between them. I kissed him back and sucked on his invading tongue, enjoying my submissive role. If he weren’t holding me so tightly, I don’t think I’d have been standing at all.

I don’t know how long it was until he broke the kiss. Daryl whispered in that hypnotic voice of his how cute I look and how he is going to enjoy taking control and turning me into his unresisting slut. He led me over to the couch and sat me down. Grabbing a handkerchief from his pocket, he folded it into a makeshift blindfold.

He said that I’d have to trust him completely for it to work. I didn’t know what ‘it’ was, but I was eager to find out. Combined with the drugs we’d taken, his attentions were driving me crazy. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster as the anticipation built. The mask had blinded me, but it only made my other senses more acute.

I couldn’t tell where he was, but before I could say anything, he told me to relax and to pay attention to his voice. His hands started caressing me; wandering all over my body. It sent shivers all over my body, as I tried to imagine where Daryl was going to touch me next…

I gasped when his fingertips brushed against my nipples, and responded by arching my body toward him. Next, I felt his breath on my neck, just before he started planting light kisses, punctuated by brief licks from spot to spot.

His grasp tightened as the kisses turned to nibbles, and he playfully bit my ear. I was feeling so hot and horny, and kept trying to turn to kiss him again; but he would have none of that, and told me to say as still as possible. He said it would heighten my pleasure as he continued his teasing.

His nose nudged my nipple before I felt his breath, which caused me to gasp…but then he licked it quickly, and I thought I might explode. The blindfold and drugs seemed to multiply all the sensations as I struggled to stay still. He must have sensed it, because he held me tightly as his lips closed around my nipple, and he started sucking and teasing me as I had done before to so many girls. I was feeling helpless in his grasp and totally at his mercy.

He moved one hand towards my mouth, and slid his fingertip along eskişehir escort my lips as he continued to suck. I hungrily sucked on his thumb, and moaned with the pleasure he was giving me. He leaned back a bit, and smiled at my involuntary response.

Breaking our embrace, I could hear him fishing around in his pocket. He lifted the blind and said that he needed to get me really high before he started pouring some white powder on the table. It didn’t come from the capsules, and even though I had never tried coke before, I knew what it was without asking.

He didn’t ask either…Just handed me a small straw, and moved out of my way. I knew that I would probably regret whatever decision I made, but I really wanted to impress this gorgeous man, and keep him attracted to me. Little did I know that he would have stuck around, no matter what I did or said. I barely registered his lusting stare as he waited for me to do my line.

After the first, he did two, and handed me back the straw. While I was doing the last one, he took another bong hit. Each line made my ass throb against the toy. Daryl moved the blindfold back over my eyes and grabbed me. I knew what to expect, and wanted his lips on mine. I eagerly parted them as he leaned in to exhale into me. He started to really kiss me, and work his tongue into my mouth as both hands played with my nipples.

I was moaning into his mouth as I submitted and lay back against the couch. He covered my body with his, and pulled my hands over my head with one of his. Mentally, I was begging him to let me free, so that I could touch him.

Daryl must’ve read my mind, because he broke the kiss and told me to be patient. He said that once I had become his totally sex-crazed slut, he would let me do whatever I like…

The warmth of all the combined drugs spread through my body, and the thought of being even more helpless beneath him was a huge turn on. His lips returned to mine, and I melted into his embrace. His expert teasing was making me even more hot and horny. I was already completely out of my mind with lust, but it must not have been enough.

After breaking the kiss one more time, he stopped suddenly, and I felt him lift a bit before feeling around in his pocket. He must have taken out his phone because I heard him texting. He told me there was one big step before he could turn me into his total slut. He asked if I was ready, and assured me that if I didn’t trust him completely, he would just walk away, and no one had to know. I practically begged him to make me his slut; he had me so worked up that all I could think of was to let him have his way with me.

Daryl kissed me again, and asked if I had any rope. He said that he only needed a few feet, to make sure I stayed where he needed me when I was told. That scared me a little, but not enough to stop from telling him where he could find a full set of restraints that my girlfriend and I had purchased years ago.

After retrieving the padded cuffs from the other room, he came back in and had me get up before confidently leading me into my bedroom. He told me to lie down on my back, and spread my arms and legs. I did it immediately and without question. He smiled at that and told me to stay put while he went back to the other room.

He again let me see, because he had came back with the coke piled on a DVD; telling me to do another couple of bumps before he put me in a position that would make it more difficult. I was so eager to please that I vacuumed both lines and lay back quickly. I moaned as I felt the plug shift inside me. He didn’t even bother to do his lines before cuffing my limbs to the corners of my bed. He said I was going to make such a good slut as he tied me down and moved the handkerchief back into place. I don’t know if it was the drugs or knowing I was turning him on so much that caused my heart to race.

Once I was secure, he snorted up some more coke before sliding into the bed with me. He reminded me that I had to do whatever he asked, without question or hesitation. He said that if I wasn’t really into it, he was going to just walk away…maybe even leaving me in such a compromising position. I reassured him that I was very into whatever he wanted. I was so aroused that I knew there would be no turning back.

I heard the lighter, and in my heightened state, could even hear the sound of the flame and that point of ignition as Daryl lit up a joint. He held it to my lips, and told me to hit it. He made me take three more before taking one for himself…and even that one, he blew right into my mouth before following the smoke with his tongue. I sucked on his tongue as I kissed him back, feeling the waves of pleasure flowing through my body.

He broke the kiss so that I could exhale, and he started tracing his tongue down my neck, sucking on one nipple before moving over to the other. His fingers traced around the first, wet with his saliva. I moaned again, my mouth gaping open as I sakarya escort tried to remember to breathe.

Suddenly, he pulled away and I was about to protest, but I felt him moving up the bed until I realized that he had taken off his pants. His hardening cock brushed against my thigh as he continued toward my head. I was already anticipating the taste of that warm cock. The drugs and his attentions driving me wild.

I almost started to beg by the time I felt him tapping the head of his cock against my lips. I could feel its getting harder with each tap, and the taste of his precum that remained was incredible. I licked my lips after each time, trying to get more of it into my mouth.

Daryl noticed my longing because suddenly, he was poking the head of his cock between my lips. I strained upward to get it into my mouth, but didn’t have to try for long…He soon shoved more than I could handle straight down. I gagged a bit, and he backed off until just the head was in my mouth. Now coated with my saliva, he started sliding it in and out slowly as I sucked and licked all over.

He was soon pushing it into the back of my throat as I struggled to take as much as possible. His fingers were busy teasing, pinching, and playing with my nipples as he kept telling me to relax my throat. I tried my best, and was getting more and more with each thrust. He withdrew suddenly, blew another hit from that joint into my mouth, and stuffed his cock right back in before I had a chance to react. It was all making me so horny, and I could feel my body tingling as my ass twitched on the toy that was still buried so deep inside.

I hadn’t even noticed how hard I had gotten from all the stimulation, but as Daryl’s hand brushed my cock, it felt like fireworks going off in my head. He gave it a quick squeeze, and then cupped my balls as he used his fingertips to push the plug in deeper. I couldn’t believe that I was sucking my first cock, while this hot black guy was teasing my ass with my own toy! Just thinking about it made my cock throb, and I could feel the precum that had started to soak the panties.

Daryl told me that I was his now definitely on my way to being his slut, and doing a great job on his hard cock. As if to reinforce his words, I felt his cock give a few good hard throbs as he held it still in my mouth. I was so turned on by the thought of sucking my first cock that I was torn between begging him to cum in my mouth or to pull out that toy and fuck my cock-hungry ass!

As he drove his cock into my mouth, I heard his phone ring. Without missing a beat, he answered it. I was shocked to hear him giving my address to whomever had called, but still too aroused to stop sucking on that huge, throbbing cock. It was thick, but I couldn’t tell how long it was. I only knew that I hadn’t felt the whole thing yet.

Daryl pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth, and started to fill in some details of his plans. As I’d guessed, his friend is coming over. He said that I was going to be begging to have two cocks at the same time. I couldn’t deny that he was right, because I already wanted it. I’d trusted him this far, and was having the best sexual experience of my life.

I was taking it all in when he started teasing me by tapping his cock on my lips again. He said I was going to be his slut, and he was going to have me dress the part. The plug in my ass, his cock on my lips, and the drugs combined to have me agreeing to whatever he wanted to do to me.

I started begging him to untie me, so that I could touch him all over. Daryl replied that I would be free soon enough. Right at that moment, there was a knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat as he went to answer it. He left me tied up and blindfolded with a butt plug firmly in my ass. Instead of struggling to get free, I started to wriggle against my bonds, begging to be used.

I heard them both walking into the room, and it filled me with anticipation. I had fantasized about being used by two cocks at the same time, and it looked like it was about to happen.

I felt the bed dip as both of them crawled on and started sucking on my nipples. Each had taken a side, and both were stroking their hands along my body. I could feel them alternating between sucking and light kisses, but couldn’t tell which was Daryl, and which was his anonymous friend.

One pulled away for a minute, but the other kept teasing me, occasionally touching my cock or pressing the base of my toy. I felt a straw put in my nose, and told to inhale deeply. My nostril burned as I felt the rush of the cocaine fill my body, making me moan. This was repeated in the other nostril, and then once more in each.

My head was spinning when Daryl told Don to take a break. I moaned and strained against my bonds as I waited for either of them to come back to touching me. I heard the joint getting lit while Don snorted beside me. I felt Daryl’s lips and could only moan as he blew another big hit deep into my lungs.

Before I could exhale, I felt the plug pulled from my twitching ass. Smoke poured from my mouth as I held back a scream. Before it could close, I felt two fingers dip inside my slightly gaping hole. I thought that I might cum right then, and ground hard against those invading digits. He must have sensed my enthusiasm, because he quickly added a third.

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