Broken Phones

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Skylar was rushing to get ready for class after waking up late. Setting her alarm was easy, but after practicing hard the night before getting out of bed seemed almost impossible. Her team was in contention for a championship and practicing was something that took up most of her time now.

Looking in the mirror, she put her long black hair in a ponytail and slipped on her panties and bra looking at her dark brown body in the mirror, hoping her face was presentable for the outside world. She did not need to look perfect, but just presentable enough to get through English, and Sociology.

After spending most of her life playing basketball she was never concerned with her body’s appearance. She knew she had a cute ass that had a perfect bump to it, and breasts that were a bit larger than a B, but bras that were meant for a C seemed just a tad too big. Although she covered her breasts with a sports bra most of the time, she decided to just throw on a sweater hoping nobody would stare.

Dwayne had just become her ex a few days ago and his constant text messages apologizing were now becoming annoying and blocking him was the only way she could focus on college and her game. The thought of him cheating on her still burnt red hot and even thinking about it hurt. There was no going back for her and moving on was her main goal now.

Although since he was on the men’s team it was hard at times since they shared the same court some days. Shutting her phone off before class was something done to cut down on his texts and calls trying to get her back.

Getting to class a few minutes late and finding a seat was an accomplishment. The professor had yet to pass around the attendance sheet, and she took that as a sign of relief knowing that the rush to get to class was a win. All she could do now was focus the best she could while thinking about the next game.

Skylar let her mind drift to playing basketball, and the hopes that a game will bring her one more step to winning a championship. She knew that her level of play was good, but needing to play better was always nagging at her. Her scholarship was only a partial one, and grades and on the court performance were still needing to be kept at a high level.

When the girl in front of her leaned back to give her a handout, she took it and looked on it with horror. It was a list of projects, and presentation deadlines. All of the later deadlines were filled and the only one that was not filled was the first spot which was a week away. She cursed the fact she did not listen to her teammate Beth about taking this class as the professor was known for not being fair.

The class was let go early and she knew a visit to the library needed to happen right away. Skylar had an hour to kill before her English class, and she needed to get two books before even starting the project. With her ability to hustle, getting to the library was easy. Knowing she got there before anyone else in her previous class made her smile deviously.

With a quick search, she found that there was almost no information on the project online. It was both an independent research project, and a book analysis wrapped together with a presentation. There was nothing about the books she needed online, and she would have to go old school and check out the books. The only thing Skylar knew was that if anyone else in the class was checking out the same books, she beat them to the library before them.

She breathed in deep with a sense of purpose, as she knew handling her school work was something she had over most of her team. She studied hard in high school and was able to hold her own on the SATs, and pass without any help offered to athletes with low grades and high abilities. Although she knew she was good, she was not a superstar like two of the girls on her team. She was a starter, but earned her place after her freshman year.

With a quick lookup in the library computer, Skylar realized her hope of a good grade was derailed. The book was checked out, and it was not due back until the end of the month. The odds of her finishing the project without this book were almost impossible. She would have to scour the internet to piece together the information needed and that was only if it was on the internet. Looking online to buy the book, she found it was offered for over three hundred dollars. Skylar knew that the price was jacked up because of the high demand.

She walked over to the librarian’s desk knowing that there was a chance that the campus could borrow the book from an outside library. She reached into her purse to pull out her student ID, and just as she grabbed it, her phone slipped out and landed right on the corner. Her heart dropped as she knew it was brand new, and the case was in the mail. She bought an expensive case just because she spent so much on the phone.

Before she even handed the lady her ID, Skylar picked up her phone to see that the edge was dented in and the screen completely gone. She could çanakkale escort not even see the screen as the glass was so badly shattered.

The urge to cry was only tempered by the fact the school could get the book in, but it would take two weeks. The project was due in two and a half weeks, and with all the research needed it was an almost impossible task. She walked out of the library trying to figure out how badly her GPA was going to drop.

Walking to her next class defeated, she saw an ad in the lobby for broken phones. It was someone on campus that fixed broken screens. It offered a guarantee to fix all phones. There was no price listed for the repairs, but it had both a phone number for pickup and a room number of a dorm that was right nearby.

Skylar knew a simple text to find out how much it would cost would be the easiest way, but she could not even see anything on her screen. She knew it was broken worse than anything else she had seen before. Going to this room number to find out the cost was her only option.

She walked up the two flights of steps to see a dorm that was filled with students who either did not make a fraternity, or were more interested in playing video games than anything else. It was a collection of geeks, and social outcasts. Skylar was a black girl basketball player in a dorm probably filled with guys who had yet to lose their virginity, and she could feel the stares on her.

Knocking on the door she was met with a voice saying that the door was open. She stepped into what could only be described as a room turned into some workplace shop for building computers. There were posters of all geeky things on the walls, and computer parts strewn across the room.

The only person in the room was a white boy in his very early twenties who was at a desk working on a cellphone. His brown hair was a mess, and she could tell he had never been picked to play a sport in his life. He looked lanky and almost awkward, but his attention perked once she entered.

“Can I help you?” he said almost nervous, but his voice sounded normal compared to the younger students in the hall.

“Yeah. I broke my phone, and was hoping you could fix it,” Skylar replied, handing over her phone. She was more worried about the cost than his ability to fix it.

“Ahh. The new IPhone. You really did a number on it. I can see it’s not turning on so that means one of the ribbon cables is broken too. Design flaw that they had not counted on. These new phones are temperamental and they break easy. It will cost you about two hundred just for the parts, and I charge a hundred. The ribbon cable is expensive and Apple changed the type of screens they use, so I can’t use the older models for parts. I am sorry but I can’t go lower than three hundred.”

“Fuck…you don’t have any spare parts you could throw in there. I don’t have three hundred dollars,” Skylar said as she knew that replacing the phone would cost almost a grand. It was all the money she had and even buying food for the month was hard because of buying the new phone.

“I mean, I can sell you another phone cheap, but you have the newest phone and there are no cheap parts yet,” he said, giving her back her phone.

Skylar quickly looking around the room saw that he had phones all over his room in various stages of being taken apart. He had a large bookshelf that was filled with books, and another one next to it filled with movies. She thought about something she could trade him, but all she had was a spare computer that early worked.

“I can get fifty to you by tomorrow, could you do that…please?” Skylar plead, hoping that it might work, and saw that he was looking at her as if he was attracted to her. She dismissed it though, knowing that he was a white boy who was probably not going to budge for a black girl, and not for an athlete at that.

“Sorry. I can’t. I still have to order the parts, and I don’t do loans. Do you have anything to trade?” he replied, not sounding moved by her plea. Although she knew she did not put any real effort in sounding desperate.

“I have a Mac. I got it about 6 years ago, would you take that?” she answered, opening her eyes wide as she thought it would be enough.

“I don’t trade for Macs, and an old Mac is not worth more than a hundred. I will do this for you…I will order your parts and fix it now, and when you have the money, you can pick it up. This way you don’t have to wait when you do have the money.”

“Okay, I can do that. I have some money on me now, and will put money towards you fixing it,” Skylar replied with a smile, knowing it would give her some time to ask to borrow money from some of her friends. She knew her old boyfriend Dwayne would not give her a dime, but Jessica on her team might loan her some.

She pulled open her purse and fished out the money she had stuffed in one side pocket. Just as she began counting the money, the library loan slip çanakkale escort bayan came out with her money.

He picked up the slip and looked at her “Skylar right?” he asked while holding the book loan slip.

“Yeah, you know me?” she asked, wondering if she had a class with him before, or he might remotely be a fan of girls’ basketball.

“I am Brad. You are looking for this book?” Brad asked, almost smiling.

“Yeah. The library says their copy is out and I have to do an inter-library loan to get a copy.”

“You have Sociology with Professor Franks then,” Brad said still smiling wide.

“Yeah. Are you in the class with me?” Skylark asked as she tried to remember seeing him in the class.

“You have that research presentation due on human behavior in the work place, and then an analysis on comparing it to the writer’s view point right?”

“Yeah. Are you doing the same one?” she asked, hoping that he might be the one who borrowed the book.

“I had Professor Johnson last year and he did the same boring project. Franks took over after Johnson had his heart attack. I did the same project as you.”

Skylar felt her day just get better. She knew that Brad was the key to solving her problem with the book. He either had the book, or all the work needed for her to do the project.

“Do you have the book, or could I at least look at your project?” Skylar asked, sounding both desperate and happy at the same time.

“Don’t have the book anymore, but I am selling the paper. I never submitted the project because Johnson had his heart attack before collecting it. Someone in your class already contacted me about buying it for four hundred.”

Skylar felt her hopes dropping as she knew she was back to square one. “Please…please…I will do anything.”

He gave an apologetic look at her. “I am sorry, but I already told someone that they could buy it. I can’t just give it to you, besides you are still owing me money for the phone.”

“So all you want is money? There is nothing I can give you in exchange?” Skylar asked, wishing she could take back what she just said, but also hoping there was something he needed.

“Unless, you can get me some playoff tickets, you don’t have anything else,” Brad quickly replied as Skylar wondered why a white boy would be interested in girls’ basketball. There was only two white girls on the team and he did not look like a fan of any sport.

“You interested in girls’ basketball…or the girls?” she asked, wondering if he was interested in the girls of the sport.

“Does it matter?” Brad answered almost defensively.

Skylar now looked at him puzzled. She knew that the two white girls on the team were gay, although they were cute. Since the rest of the team were black girls, there was a good chance that he was just interested in black girls. She now wondered if he was into black girls or just wanted to scalp the tickets like so many others did for money.

“It does matter. I didn’t think white boys like you would be into black girls. I mean you don’t look like the type that is interested in sports…no offense, but you just don’t seem the type is all.”

Skylar could see the look on his face change to a more worried and upset look. She knew either she upset him, or she was right. The thought of getting the paper and her phone fixed still were her top priorities, but now she knew she had something on him.

She quickly thought that she could entice him into giving up the paper and fix her phone for something any man would want. She knew she would regret it later, but it would save her money and the stress of the project. She also realized that he was shy, and she would have to bring it up. She figured if she offered him a boob flash, or something like that he would relent.

Skylar smiled as she had a strong feeling that he might give up something for a quick peek at her tits. “Since you into black girls…would you consider the phone for me flashing you?”

Skylar knew it would be harmless to just flash him, and it would save her money. She figured there was no difference than what she did at a freshman party not too long ago for free for her ex-boyfriend.

“You’re gonna show me your tits, for me fixing the phone?” Brad replied, almost shocked that she offered.

“Yeah…why not. I really need my phone fixed. Are you into black girls though? I don’t want to be showing my tits to someone who isn’t into black girls. And I don’t want to be seeing my tits online either, so no pictures,” Skylar shot back, concerned that he might be some white kid that just wants her to behave like some slut and then spread a rumor how he got some black girl on the team to show him her tits.

“You are so beautiful, I would so be…please. Trust me, I will not say anything, and no pictures at all,” Brad quickly answered while looking scared.

Skylar could see that he probably had either never escort çanakkale seen a girl nude before or was really into black girls. He looked shy now and she knew showing him her brown breasts would be the highlight of his college life.

“Okay. I will show you my tits for you fixing my phone. You can touch them for awhile too, but no freaky shit.” Skylar smiled as she looked around to see if there were cameras or anyone hiding in the corner.

“What would you do for the paper and the phone? I mean, you would offer more right?” Brad asked, looking almost worried about asking.

“Both of them…like you want me to suck your dick or something?” Skylar countered, knowing that getting both the paper and her phone fixed was more than she hoped for.

“I will take that deal,” Brad said, giving her a look like the offer was too much for her.

“You want me to suck your white dick for the paper, and you fixing my phone for free?” she repeated, confirming with Brad what she was getting and trying to convince herself that she needed the phone and paper more than anything.

“Would you?” he replied, still looking like a desperate college kid.

“Be keeping your mouth shut if I do. I swear if you tell anyone bout this, I will have some of the black guys on the football team rip your white ass apart,” she quipped back scowling, trying to scare him and hoping the whole thing would not come back to haunt her.

She quickly thought about sucking his white pecker and knew deep inside she was just being some slutty hoe that sucked any cock put in front of her. Skylar pushed it aside and knew that once it was done she would not have to see him again and could forget the whole incident.

“Okay get on the bed and take off your pants. I swear, if you say a word about this you will die.” Skylar shot back thinking that if he had a hidden camera she could be embarrassed to the point of having to leave this college.

She watched Brad move to his bed and start removing his pants. Skylar walked over to the bed and stood right in front of him. When his attention was hers, she began to pull her sweater over her head and then drop it on the floor. Her brown breasts were now before him and his eyes were glued on them as if he never saw a girl naked before.

Skylar could not help but smile as she watched Brad stare at her chest as if it was the greatest moment of his life. “So you like my black tits?”

“ God…you are so beautiful.” Brad almost moaned his reply without moving his eyes.

Skylar knew she had to do the rest as his pants were still not down, and getting this sexual incident done was something she needed to get done so she could begin to forget it.

She got between his legs and pulled his pants down to his thighs and then pulled down his boxers to reveal his white manhood. It was already erect and was a good five or six inches. It was smaller than her ex-boyfriend’s but looked normal sized for a white boy she thought.

Without teasing it or kissing the tip like she always did for her ex, she quickly engulfed the tip, swirling her tongue around the head tasting his male skin. Brad was already moaning and Skylar slipped more of his girth in her mouth until it was all the way in. She was able to deep throat his entire member, before going back to tongue the tip of his white spear.

Skylar grabbed his shaft and began to slowly stroke while matching her rhythm of her mouth. She kept her dark lips tightly wrapped around his shaft to simulate fucking while her spit coated the shaft for easier sliding. She continued with pleasing his cock this way, knowing full well that he was already throbbing in her mouth from it.

She never heard a man moan so loud and looked up to see his excited face as she moved her mouth off of his white sex organ. “You like me sucking this white dick of yours?”

Brad nodded his head and cried out, “Ohhh yes…oh God it feels so good.”

Skylar smiled back and began to once again slide her lips up and down his white shaft while his moans grew louder once again. She could feel the pulse of his member and knew that he must be having the time of his life. The thought that he was enjoying her mouth so much made her push out the thought that he was white and it was for an exchange of goods.

With each stroke of her hand and pulse in her mouth Skylar knew his white member had to be close, and when he began to grunt, she knew it was going to happen fast. She thought he would last longer, and did not know if it was because she was that good, or he was so excited from it. The fact of him getting close to coming quick was a turn on as she thought he was truly into it and was thinking about her.

Skylar moved her mouth up so it was covering his mushroom tip while her hands began to stroke faster. She figured the direct pressure of her dark lips on his cock while stroking him would be enough to make him spurt out his entire hot load right onto her waiting tongue.

Brad was shaking and she knew he was only a few strokes away from bursting his white cream in her mouth. The thought of tasting his cum not entered her mind. With a quick decision, she decided to taste his essence and let him blow his white sperm in her mouth. It was something she did every blow-job she gave her ex-boyfriend, and she wanted him to really get off.

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