Holly and (What’s Left of) the City Pt. 02

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Holly walked out of Ashley’s house and hung a left down the street. She loved the feeling of cool air on her bare skin. Sirens still sounded in the distance while she walked to the bus station. On her way there, she noticed the street was mostly empty. Every now and then she noticed some random person running in the direction she just came from while screaming in fear.

“What’s wrong with people here? It seemed like such a nice neighborhood when I just got here…” She said as she reached the bus station and sat down. Her balls crushed into the concrete under her feet, they felt full again. “Ashley was such a disappointment, she seemed so promising. I expected so much more out of her…”

While Holly sat and waited patiently for the bus she kept seeing people rushing past her. She waited five minutes, then ten, then fifteen minutes, but no bus came. While she waited, Holly’s body calmed down enough to let her put on her green dress. “What the hell is wrong with this place?” Holly called out loud with frustration.

One nerdy girl stopped in her tracks and turned to Holly. She had glasses on and her pink T-shirt and black jeans made her stand out. She had long black hair and her breasts were a nice contrast to her thin frame. As the girl made her way over to the bus station Holly opened a friendly conversation.

“Hi, do you know what’s wrong with the buses?” Holly asked politely, “I’ve been waiting for over 15 minutes now, is something wrong?”

“Are you serious lady?” She wondered, “The whole neighborhood over there is ruined…”

“What happened?” Holly asked coyly.

“Probably nothing too big, the cops jokingly said it was some freak orgy. They wouldn’t joke like that if it was something serious, would they?”

“You mean my cumshot?” Holly asked, “did I hit the road leading here?”

“No, this wasn’t something a human could do,” the girl dismissed Holly, “probably some main pipeline went off.”

Holly looked down the road. Now that she thought about it she could see the remains of her orgasm on the horizon. “Well, you don’t have to believe me, but I did that,” she pointed to where people were running from.

“You’re one funny girl. The name’s Maria,” the nerdy girl introduced herself.

“I’m Holly, nice to meet you…”

“Excuse me,” a voice came from behind Holly, it was a young, blonde police officer, “can I please see your identifications?” She asked nicely.

“Sure,” Holly said and rummaged inside her little handbag, “there it is,” she handed the officer her plastic card.

“Are you Holly Green?” The officer wondered.

Holly nodded in confirmation, “I am her.”

“We’ve had a report from one of the residents in this neighborhood claiming you are the one responsible for the disaster east of here.”

Holly tried to figure out where east was for a moment, “yep, that was me,” Holly confirmed with a polite smile still on her face.

“Ma’am, do you understand the implications of what you’re saying?” The police officer asked, not wanting to force the innocent-looking woman to frame herself.

“Why won’t anyone believe me?” Holly said, feeling slightly frustrated, “I’m not going to repeat myself, I did that.”

“I understand Holly…” The officer, realizing she had no other choice, sighed deeply, “I’m sorry, but I have to take you to the station for questioning.”

“Sure thing,” Holly said, still smiling, “lead the way.”

Maria stood there, taking in the scene. She was surprised that Holly framed herself as a suspect so easily. She sat down on one of the seats and watched the scene play out.

The officer pointed to her patrol car, “I am officer Anna Dale with Titania’s Police Department. I have to read you your rights before I take you in.”

“Oh, it’s okay officer Dale, I know my rights and duties, but I’m not sure the car is a good idea…”

“Are you sure you don’t want to hear your rights?” Anna asked, surprised, “Are you claustrophobic or something?” Holly nodded no as Anna opened the back door with a gesture.

Holly glanced into the car, it wasn’t as bad as she imagined. The seat was clean and there was plenty of legroom. She carefully placed one leg inside and shifted her weight onto it as her body entered the car. The car started to groan and creak, struggling with the weight of Holly’s body. Anna took a step back, shocked by what she was seeing. The girl in the car looked like she weighed no more than 150 pounds but the car behaved like she weighed over a ton. The wheels strained and the bottom of the car hovered no more than an inch above the road.

Bam! The wheels gave with a deafening pop as the car crashed onto the road and the side windows exploded into glass fragments. “I’m sorry, but I told you it was a bad idea, officer Dale,” Holly said and stifled a giggle. She stepped out of the abused car as if it was nothing.

“How the hell did you do that?” Maria screamed from her bench. She was shocked by what she saw. Her mind refusing to accept a tiny girl like Holly Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort could do that to a car.

“What are you?” Anna asked, her mouth gaping open. Under normal circumstances, she would have pulled out her gun, pinned Holly to the ground and called for backup. But she never imagined herself involved in such a strange situation.

“I told you already, you even have my card,” Holly sighed and started over, “I am Holly Green, I moved here a few days ago…” Holly suddenly stopped talking, she realized what was going on. “You have no idea who I am, officer Anna, do you?”

Anna shook her head no.

“Can you please run my ID on your computer?” Holly asked nicely, “I’m sure things will clear up once you do…”

Anna pulled out her phone and punched in Holly’s details. The phone beeped and flashed a few times while Anna’s eyes scanned the information. “No way…” She called in amazement once she finished reading, “I’m sorry for the trouble, miss Green, you are free to go as you please,” Anna apologized.

Holly smiled, “Thank you, Anna.”

Maria still sat in the bus station and looked at the two women. “Is that it? You’re going to let her go like that?” Maria wondered.

“Please do not intervene, miss,” Anna shot Maria a serious warning.

Holly shifted her body around, ignoring the two ladies. She took a deep breath, “officer Dale?” She called, “Is your station nearby?”

“It’s about 20 minutes on foot,” Anna explained.

“Look, I’m sorry for your car,” Holly looked at the white vehicle, “do you want to call for a ride or walk there?”

“I’ll call for a tow truck,” Anna said

“No need for a tow truck Anna,” Holly said.

“I can’t leave it here like this.”

“Actually, I’m super full right now…” Holly said as she lifted the bottom of her dress up and exposed her waking cock and balls, “won’t be safe to have sex like this… And your car is already decommissioned…”

Anna and Maria were both confused, Holly’s cryptic speech and her three feet cock made it impossible for them to understand what she wanted.

Holly felt her balls, they were way beyond full. It was so frustrating that Ashley left her like that, now she had to work extra hard to drain herself. She walked over to the police car and noticed a broken window on the back door, the perfect entry point. Holly grabbed her growing cock and aimed it into the car. The long shaft was so thick it almost filled the whole window. She took a step closer, and before long her whole cock was in the car. Behind her, Maria and Anna both looked with wide, unbelieving eyes at Holly and the violated police car.

“Such a downer that I have to use a car for this,” Holly said, “of course a girl would be better but a car of all things… I think a truck or a tanker would have made a better fit…”

While Holly was huge, her cock still had room in the car, even when it reached four feet long and pressed against the dashboard.

“Come on, don’t be shy Baby,” Holly encouraged her body, “I know you want it.”

Before the two women watching, Holly’s balls started to grow. It was unmistakable, the sack wasn’t taking baby steps. At first it ended just below her knees, but since Holly started talking to her body it already reached the floor and started to lift its owner about a foot off the ground. Holly moaned and the girls heard metal and plastic screaming as her cock moved around in the cabin, growing.

The sight before Anna and Maria was something out of a Hollywood movie. The tiny girl’s cock was now so big it lifted the almost two-ton car with ease and towered a few feet above Holly’s head. “How is that possible?” Anna wondered, paralyzed by Holly’s sexual prowess.

“Am I dreaming?” Maria mumbled to herself, “officer Dale, she is wracking your car, aren’t you going to stop her?”

“My orders are not to detain her,” Anna said, clearly more focused on Holly then on the question.

“Your car is great, Anna,” Holly called, “feels just right for now…” She was hoping the officer heard her and found some comfort in knowing her car was useful.

The window frame around the cock was struggling to contain Holly. With each pulse, the car was changed, seats crushed aside, the dashboard groaned before letting Holly through. It was a cacophony of metal and plastic struggling to hold their ground against the futa. Anna and Maria covered their ears as Holly screamed with pleasure. It was not the mild scream that made them do that, but the roar of a giant tsunami that suddenly filled the street.

Holly pulled her breasts out of the dress and grabbed her nipples. She started to play with them, her body shaking as her mind rode a tidal wave of orgasmic bliss. High above them, the car changed completely. All the windows were gone, the dashboard caved in and Holly could feel the heat of the demolished engine against her tip. The car only managed to cover the head of her cock and about a foot of her shaft.

The monolithic pole flexed hard, moving unimaginable reserves of cum at breakneck speeds from her balls to the gaping cum slit. Before the girls’ eyes, the car was blasted off of Holly and high into the sky. A steady stream of cum still came out of a screaming Holly when they lost sight of the car. It was hard to estimate how thick the stream was, but it was definitely thicker than Anna or Maria. It went on for over five minutes, a single stream that still had its tail deep in Holly’s balls.

“All units be advised,” Anna’s radio sounded, “We have reports of cum raining over the downtown area.”

“This is officer Dale, I am on site,” Anna talked into the radio while holding Holly’s Identification, “please run ID number 2YR54T3,” the Radio buzzed for a few moments. While Anna waited for a response Holly kept draining herself.

Just as suddenly as the shot started so did it end, the tail of the draconic blast disappeared out of sight. Just as Maria and Anna thought it ended Holly let loose her second barrage, just as big as the first if not bigger, it roared through the city and vanished in the sky. All the while, Holly was busy pleasing herself. She twisted her nipples and moaned with pleasure as her body underwent a much-needed release.

“All units, this is a code 203, mayhem in downtown area, I repeat, 203 in downtown,” the radio resumed, “suspect is related to the Aeston incident, do not engage. Evacuate all civil personal to designated shelters.”

Maria managed to tear her eyes off of Holly and her cock to catch a glimpse of Anna, “what’s a code 203?” She wondered.

“Natural disaster with damages. I never heard it used before…” Anna was clearly shocked, both by the call on the radio and the sight before her. Holly repeated her trick for half an hour and released over a dozen colossal streams before her body came down. As her cock and balls calmed down a little and started to shrink she could feet the ground under her feet once again. Still, Holly’s cock was bigger than a grown man and her balls big enough to host both Maria and Anna inside.

“What do you think Maria? Believe me yet?” Holly turned her head back and teased the girl with the glasses.

“What are you?” Maria asked, amazement clear in her voice.

“I’m Holly, I thought I introduced myself when we first met.”

“All units be advised, the 203 has ended,” the radio announced.

Holly carefully turned around to face the two girls, her balls dragging on the ground behind her while her cock coiled behind her, almost twice as big as she was. “I think you better tell the other cops I’m not done…” Holly advised Anna.

“You have more?” Maria and Anna asked in unison.

“Yeah, Baby here is really filled,” she tapped her cock, “I think I have another couple of rounds before Baby calms down.”

“You just came an ocean,” Anna tried to wrap her brain around what Holly said, “and you need to do it again?”

“Got that right girl,” Holly smiled at the officer, “Baby won’t let it slide, it wants a little release.”

“Do you know how much damage you’ve caused already?” Anna tried to reason with Holly, hoping she could prevent another disaster like the last two the futa created.

“I don’t really have control over Baby, Anna,” Holly said with a moan, she started touching her nipples again, her huge pale boobs wobbled with the motion.

“No way I can change Baby’s mind?” The officer tried talking to Holly’s bodily needs.

“I don’t know, I mean, look at my balls,” she tapped them so hard they could hear it, yet the orb didn’t wobble, as if it was made of rock. “Come over here girls, feel them yourself,” she invited.

Anna and Maria took a cautious step towards Holly. “You can touch my sack. Don’t worry, Baby won’t bite,” she offered.

Maria pressed her hand against the warm flesh. Applying pressure, the skin refused to budge, “you’re full…”

“Almost right, Maria,” Holly corrected her, “I’m way past full, girl. What you’re feeling is condensed cum. I actually store more cum that it looks, that’s why the car gave out.”

“How much more?” Anna wondered.

“Well…” Holly thought for a moment, “I don’t really know… I never ran dry in my life. But I can tell you it’s a lot.”

Anna took a step back, “Titania has no chance…” She sounded depressed as she noticed the massive cock started to heavily leak cum onto the road.

“Don’t worry Anna, Titania will make it, Baby’s just pissed off,” Anna and Maria looked baffled by the redhead’s statement, “you see, Baby was supposed to get some pussy today, but the skimpy girl refused to take care of us once she saw our cumshot. So now, Baby is acting like a baby…”

“You mean it’s throwing a tantrum?” Maria asked.

“Spot on, girl,” Holly smiled.

“Listen, Holly,” Anna gave it another shot, “you are Baby’s owner, get it under control…”

Holly started to laugh hard, “I’m Baby’s owner? Look at the size difference, you really think I have control over Baby?” Holly was right, she had no real dominion over her needs.

As if on a signal, her cock belched out a single shot. It was a drop compared with what Holly released moments ago, but the force of it was just as potent. The blast flew down the road, hovering a few inches above the concrete. It soon started to lose height, falling down and crashing into the road a few yards away from them. The impact was so strong it torn the concrete off the ground as cum splattered everywhere, leaving behind a deep crater in the earth, as if a meteor landed there.

“Baby! Take it easy,” Holly exhaled, “See Anna, I don’t really control Baby. It will stay like this for a few more days before the tantrum fades away. Unless it gets some pussy…”

“Baby wants sex?” Anna wanted to make sure she understood what Holly and Baby demanded, “or it will go like this for days?”

“Exactly,” Holly approved with a foxy grin on her face.

“I’ll do it…” Anna volunteered herself.

“What do you mean?” Holly wondered.

“Baby can have me, it’s the only option we have,” the blonde officer said, “my duty is to defend Titania. According to what you’re saying this is the only way to do it.”

“Are you nuts, Anna?” Maria expressed her concern, “think what that thing will do to your body…”

“Baby won’t harm her,” Holly defended her cock, “I prefer keeping my lovers alive.”

Anna found solace in the thought her sacrifice will save Titania. She stepped closer to Holly, “so how do we do this?”

“Well, first off I need you naked.”

The officer quickly undid the buttons of her blue shirt and exposed her white bra. Holly asked herself why Anna needed a bra, her chest was so flat she practically had no breasts. The blonde folded her shirt and placed in on the pavement, moving on to her black pants. The button and zipper undone, she let the garment drop. Her long, smooth legs beckoned Holly’s eye as she turned to the pavement and placed the folded pants on top of the shirt. Now only in her panties and pointless bra, Anna was ready to fulfill her duty.

While she exposed the remainder of her body, Holly kept playing with her nipples. She waited patiently for the officer to accept her fate as her cock kept leaking and flooding the road, unleashing gallons by the second. Maria kept looking as the play before her unfolded.

“What next?” Asked the naked Anna, her triangle was shaved and her skin was shiny.

“You probably know you’ll get pregnant going down this road…”

“I’m on the pill, so I don’t think that’s a concern,” Anna sighed.

Holly laughed, “silly Anna, you really believe a tiny pill can stop this?”

“I hope so…” Anna started to doubt her conviction.

“It won’t dear,” Holly was blunt with the truth, “At best it might prevent a permanent pregnancy…”

“I’ve sworn to defend Titania, even with my life.” Anna stuck out her chest with pride.

“Your willingness to protect us is really nice, Anna,” Maria interrupted the conversation, “but just how are you going to take a cock as thick as your waists?”

Holly giggled, “Baby can be very compliant once it learns it’s going to get what it wants.”

Sure enough, before the girls’ eyes, the massive cock began to shrink down. It pulsed just like before, when Holly came, but each pulse seemed to make it shrink instead of grow. The girls saw it shrinking from a monolithic monstrosity to a much more manageable size. Still, it was more than Anna or Maria ever saw, towering about a foot above holly’s head.

“You are something else,” Maria whispered. Even though she was not the lamb led to the slaughter her nether regions were dripping wet watching Anna and Holly getting it on.

“You better mount Baby with your back turned to me. We don’t want the load to crush you, right?” Holly directed the policewoman. Anna turned around and holly pushed baby onto her, it landed lightly on her back. The skin of Holly’s cock was warm, its texture surprisingly tender. “Start walking until Baby has enough space to work, “Holly ordered.

Anna did as she was told, taking measured steps. She felt Baby’s touch, sliding along her shoulder blades and down her lower back. Soon it rested against her butt cheeks.

“Right there, Anna, you can stop there,” Holly ordered the officer, “now bend down, use your hands for support.”

Anna braced herself, hands against the ground. She thanked god for yoga classes and the flexibility they brought her. Anna felt afraid of what Holly might do to her, but at the same time, she felt excited, knowing this was going to be a ride of a lifetime. Holly aimed Baby at Anna’s tiny, soaking flower and gave a little shove with her hips. It wasn’t such a strong shove, but it was enough to make Anna lose her balance. She stumbles forward a little.

“Sorry, Holly,” she apologized, “you’re just too big…”

It was true, Anna’s slit was a tiny little thing, no bigger than a cent. Holly, on the other hand, was about as thick as her thigh. Holly knew one failure was no reason to quit, but understood they need some help.

“Nerdy girl,” Holly called, “you, Maria.”

The black-haired girl looked up at her, “yes, Holly.”