Hidden Fantasies

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Catie stood at the door, one hand on the knob and breathed deeply. She looked up at the men around her and wondered if she really could do this. It was a fantasy, had been one for years, and of all the men in the world, she trusted these three most, but…it may well be something they’d never recover from. She leaned against the door and closed her eyes, blocking the hand that would’ve touched her to reassure her. She needed a moment and she would take it. She thought about the afternoon just past. She had been pampered – bathed, shaved, massaged and, she shuddered, been well cleaned from the inside out.

Enemas were not a big deal, she supposed, she demanded them from these three on a regular basis. Anal play was not to happen unless the receiver was sparkling clean. And since she was to be the receiver tonight, it had been her turn. She had been doing them more often of late, training her body for this night. She was sure most people wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it, and a rueful smile passed over her face in a flash of lightning, but she wasn’t just anyone. She was the Mistress here. She owned all three of these men. One, Jim, was a sub to be sure, and she jointly owned him with her best friend, but he was, nevertheless, owned. The other two, David and Dave, (how odd she had found two with the same name, at the same moment in time), were her slaves.

Tonight they were to have a power exchange. David, Overseer of the BDSM club she and Evelyn owned, would be in charge this evening. He would take command of her body and her mind, as well as directing the actions of the other two. She had given him that power before, and always found it returned to her without a problem, never a flaw in his service. But she worried about Dave and Jim. They had been in her service for 5 years now but never had they seen her as anything but the Mistress in full control. Could she be the craven slut she needed to be for this and come out of it with their respect?

She opened her eyes when she felt David move closer to her. She smiled into his dark eyes. She harbored a deep affection for this one and knew it was returned. At 6’1″ he was the second tallest of the three. His black hair, dark eyes and broad shoulders made him look like a pirate here in the Bahamas and she grinned at the thought. She loved playing with his body, the responses were finely tuned and he always knew precisely when, if, to turn the tables on her and take command. He had learned fast what she needed and how to read the signs. His cock rose and fell at her command. She stared at his mouth, the mouth that could beg and plead, that could be soft and loving one moment and harsh the next, the mouth she could not live without anymore. Her insides reacted with a clench as he curved a corner of his mouth up in a wicked smile.

Her eyes moved to Dave next. Six feet tall, also dark haired, but with brilliant blue eyes; his body was long and lean and hairy. It made the hair free pubic area stand out like a full moon in the night sky. His cock too, rose and fell at her command. A touch from her would have him wriggling like a happy puppy. He was sweet, adorable and totally devoted, had been from the first. She was pleased to see that he had remembered to shave this evening; his beard was heavy and scratchy. He was ten years younger than David, but he had made up for his lack of experience by learning everything he could.

Jim smiled at her when her gaze moved to him. He was 6’2″, also darkly good looking with his black hair and blue eyes. Her eyes flicked from Dave and back to Jim. She’d never noticed the resemblance before. She smiled back at him. He had been a sub when Evelyn had found him, 27 and a total anal slut. Catie had trained him, taught him everything he wanted to know, learning a few things herself along the way. He was still a total anal slut. Next month there would be a ceremony to mark him as Evelyn’s slave. It was his wish to take the next step and she was very pleased.

Suddenly she felt dwarfed by these 3 powerful men. She was no slouch at 5’8″ but she suddenly felt very small. She was slim, curvy in all the right places, with large, heavy breasts that were often displayed by custom made bras that provided a cleavage men and women alike wanted to dive into. Her green eyes sparkled with humor and her long auburn hair was most often braided to be out of the way as she worked on building this resort. She had been involved from the beginning, planning it with Evelyn, the only woman in the world who meant anything to her. They had built it from the ground up and it would be the only place for Dominants to vacation with their slaves and subs. The grand opening was in a week, and they had two very special guests attending that only Evelyn and she knew about. However, tonight was about her fantasies.

She was dressed in something David had chosen. It was a short, sleeveless red dress. It covered her from neck to mid-thigh without revealing a thing but the way the fabric clung to her hinted Starzbet at the bounty beneath. Sheer stockings were held up by a black lace garter, the match to the bra that confined her breasts. David had been pleased with himself. Around her neck he’d managed to get a symbolic collar – a slim, plain, black lace ribbon. Her hair fell down her back in a straight waterfall of shimmering fire. He had insisted on a black ribbon to hold it off her face. Her face was clean of make-up except for black eyeliner and mascara to open her eyes and make the emerald color shine. Black patent leather Mary Janes with 3 inch heels completed the outfit. He said she looked like a little girl and a whore at the same time.

“Catie…” David’s voice caused a rumble within. “You’ve kept us standing outside this door for several minutes now. It’s time.”

She took a deep breath and looked at him. She smiled and offered an almost imperceptible nod. Then she looked to Jim and Dave again. “You understand that what is about to happen is a one time thing? Neither of you lose your status, when this is done I will still be your Mistress. David is in charge of what happens in this room tonight, what he says might as well come from me. Is that clear?”

Jim bowed and kissed her hand, “Yes Ma’am. We’ve been over this before. Many times.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, promising punishment for the sass. She looked at Dave.

He smiled again. “Of course Ma’am, you can be sure of that.” He’d always been able to see her emotions and always responded to them.

She turned the knob on the door, turned and stepped inside. The room was lit with candles on the walls. All furniture except two pieces had been removed. The bed had been moved to the center of the room and was little more than a platform covered in pillows and satin bedding. There was a small table placed near the bed, on it was a carafe of ice water, a bottle of lube and a couple of toys. She paused two steps through the door and closed her eyes, preparing herself mentally to let go. She was given the space of two breaths and then her upper arm was seized in a firm grip.

“Into the room baby, all the way.” Her eyes were still closed as David led her further in. He turned her to him and cupped her face in his hands. He tipped her head back and lowered his mouth to hers. He traced the shape of her mouth with his tongue and left two feather light kisses on the corners before taking her mouth fully in a brutal kiss that made her moan. The kiss lasted 30 seconds and left her mouth feeling swollen and bruised already. She groaned when it ended. He stepped back from her and gestured at Jim. Jim kissed her the same way. Then Dave. By the time Dave’s kiss ended she could feel her pussy getting wet.

Her last thought to herself was Maybe I am just a slut. Then her dress was unzipped and pushed off her body. A mouth, David’s she thought, fastened on to her neck, sliding up and down it in hot wet kisses. A hand pulled a breast out of her bra and pinched the nipple. Other hands guided her feet, lifting them one after the other out of her dress before it was flung away. Those hands slid up her legs, stroked the suspenders on her garter and curved over her ass. She moaned at the sudden onslaught of sensation. Hands and mouths slid over her, leaving her swaying. The hands on her ass pulled her hips forward so a tongue could slide over her freshly shaved slit and she gasped.

Her chin was grasped and her head turned roughly to one side. She opened her eyes and gazed into the chocolate of David’s eyes just before his mouth descended on hers. He crushed his mouth to hers; bruising her lips on her teeth as his tongue drove into her mouth. Thrusting, sweeping, tasting and teasing, the kiss went on and on. Her bra was unclipped and the straps pulled down her shoulders. There was a dim thud as it hit a wall. Both nipples were being sucked on at the same time as her tits were squeezed together almost painfully. Fingers parted her lower lips and a tongue fluttered against her clit. She gasped, her knees buckled and she almost fell.

David ripped the satin ribbon from her hair and slid his hand over her skull, tangling the hair around his fingers. He gripped her head tightly and tapped the other two. “We need to move her to the bed now, we don’t want her falling.” Dave and Jim stood, then positioned themselves on their knees on either side of the bed. They watched David as he leaned to whisper in Catie’s ear.

His breath was hot on her ear and his words slide into her brain and lodged there. “We’re going to use you fully now, treat you like the slut you secretly are inside. No one is going to forget this night.” His tongue flicked out and caressed the shell of her ear. Her hands lifted themselves and she clung to his shoulders, shivering as he continued. “Those two will treat you as their revered Mistress, as they have always done, and eventually they will wonder if it really was as good as they remember. Starzbet Giriş They will beat off to the thought of your tight ass – because we’re all going to have a turn – and they will do it when they think you’ll never find out.” He sucked her lobe into his mouth briefly. “But I am going to remember well, I know the feel of your body pliant against mine. I know what is like to bend you over and take you like *I* own *you*. You have given yourself to me before, and you will again my love. This night will always be fresh in my mind. And I will make sure you never forget it.”

He turned her head and bit her lower lip. He tilted her head back and placed his open mouth on a pulse point. He was gratified to find that her heart was racing, the blood coursed hotly through her. He sucked hard, biting and licking, bringing blood to the surface and leaving a mark on her neck in a place that could be hidden by her hair, but that she would see. It was dark and would take several days to disappear. She would almost cum whenever she saw the mark for several days. For weeks after she would stroke the spot and feel her pussy moisten.

Now he pulled her to the bed by her hair. He turned her to face Dave and Jim, he pulled her back to arch her back and display her body. He stroked her with his free hand, fondling her nipples and slipping a hand into the growing wetness. He covered each nipple with her arousal and invited the others to feast on it. They did so greedily, licking and sucking it off. He covered her nipples again and she was cleaned again. He did it twice more, until her nipples were rocks, large and almost purple with blood. Then he pushed her forward, pitching her onto her face. Her arms came out at the last second and she caught herself, landing on all fours.

Immediately Jim was at her face, his cock, hard and throbbing, shoved at her mouth. She eagerly parted her lips and stuck her tongue out. She licked around the crown and pressed her tongue against the underside as he slid into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and held her mouth in place. He fucked her face, precum and saliva filling her mouth and slipping down her chin. He watched, amused, as she lavish attention all over his cock. She had given him blow jobs before, because she loved the feel of a cock in her mouth and as part of many a torturous session of orgasm denial, but never had she so slavishly wrapped her mouth around it. The suction she applied was powerful and he could already feel his balls pulling up. It was heady, this control over her. He knew it would be a struggle to kneel before her again, but he knew, because he loved Evelyn, that he would get past this and treat her again as one of his beloved Mistresses.

Dave slid under her to play with her tits. They hung low and inviting. The pale globes were tipped with dark pink aureole and thick, sensitive nipples. He squeezed them both together and reverently licked the nipples before sucking one gently into his mouth. He worried it with his teeth and she moaned. He had been concerned about this, not entirely sure it was what she wanted. He’d seen the way David was with her. Treated her like a princess, like his Dominant but he was almost possessive with her too. The way he looked at her sometimes…Well, Dave wasn’t going to think about it. David was a superb slave and he was the man for the job of Overseer. As much as Dave had wanted the coveted position as Catie’s personal slave, he didn’t mind not being there. She paid as much attention to him as he wanted, almost. He was happy being in her service. And, he shrugged mentally, if being treated like a slut for the night was what she wanted, so be it. He would always be hers.

David spread open her ass and cunt. He viewed the deep pink of her inner lips and the tight rosebud of her ass and contemplated how to go about this. He knew that as much as he wanted to just drive his cock into her ass she needed to be opened slowly, gently, so he didn’t arouse fears she still carried deep inside. She had been training her ass to accept intrusion more easily, with his help, but there was always that first tense few minutes. He leaned forward and licked her from clit to ass. She jumped in surprise, bolting forward and driving Jim’s cock further down her throat. David pressed his tongue against her ass, licking the tight ring. Then he slid his tongue back down and dove into her sweet pussy.

He fucked her with his tongue until her hips were wriggling, then he moved his tongue back to her ass. She was a little more relaxed this time and he was able to push his tongue inside. A low moan vibrated her throat and Jim’s cock. Jim pulled out just before he came, barely restraining the urge. He lowered his head to hers, still holding her by the air and kissed her deeply, tasting his precum on her tongue. Then he nudged Dave, told him to trade places. Catie’s mouth was empty for maybe 15 seconds before Dave’s cock was driving into it. Not as thick as Jim’s, Catie was Starzbet Güncel Giriş able to use more finesse with her tongue and she quickly aroused him.

David reached to the table and grabbed the bottle of lube. Water based and colorless it was also tasteless. Something Catie had hunted for, for some time. It wouldn’t interfere with the taste of her. He shifted position and latched his mouth onto her swollen clit as he poured lube on his hand and wriggled one finger into her ass. He felt her push back against his finger and moved his mouth long enough to whisper, “Good girl.” He massaged the lube into her. He bit her clit, sliding his teeth gently back and forth around it. He used his other hand to slide two fingers into her sopping hole. More lube in her ass, another finger, twisting, turning, opening her up.

He sucked her clit hard, flicking his tongue over it while he pounded his fingers into her. He could feel her muscles clenching and knew her orgasm was coming closer. Catie was lost. Her mind was completely awash in sensation. There was no room for thought, not that she wanted to think. She was in her glory. The mouth and fingers on her nipples, sucking, chewing, twisting and pinching were driving her to distraction. The mouth and fingers in her cunt were driving her arousal higher and higher. The cock in her mouth tasted like ambrosia and she wished she could be in that moment for ever. The sensations were spiraling higher and higher, her body was becoming on coil of pleasure about to explode.

David had two fingers in her ass and three in her cunt and he was sucking on her clit for all he was worth. She was stuck on the brink he knew, she needed something different. So he told Jim to get the vibrator off the table, lube it up and turn it on. He was to fuck her with it David told him, fuck her ass. Jim slid out from under her gleefully and quickly did as he was asked. He chose a 6 inch dildo that was only an inch and a half thick. It was a little bigger than David’s fingers but not much. He lubed it up, dribbled a little more onto her ass and started pressing it into her. When it was half way in and she was moaning he turned it on. He didn’t start slow and turn it up, no he cranked it on full blast and the sudden vibrating set her whole body to shuddering.

Catie ripped her mouth off of Dave’s cock for fear of biting him and screamed long and loud as her first orgasm crashed over her. It was huge and she gushed cum, soaking David’s hand and his neck and chest. Jim had a hard time moving the vibe as her ass clamped down on it. She positively quaked with each wave of pleasure that wracked her frame. David slowed down on his assault on her clit and reached to turn the vibe down, then off. He slid out from under her and she collapsed. He pressed the vibe deep into her, leaving just enough to grab to pull it back out.

“Do not let go of this,” he told her, “or you will be punished.”

A muffled, gasped, “Yes Sir,” followed his command and he lifted her to a wobbly standing position again.

“Lie on your back Jim. Dave you come over here.” David clenched his teeth as he watched them get into place. Once Jim was lying down he forced Catie into position, straddling Jim’s hips. She came out of her orgasm induced fog long enough to get the idea and she eagerly reached between then to guide his cock to her entrance. She was about to lower herself when David stopped her. “Not yet,” he said. She pouted at him, but waited, poised there as her wetness dripped down to cover the head of Jim’s cock. David handed Dave the lube. Dave got the idea quickly and slathered it all over his cock. He pulled out the vibe positioned himself at the entrance of her ass and waited. David climbed onto the bed and slid his cock into her mouth. He indulged himself with two hot, wet strokes before pulling out again.

“Now!” His hands were on her shoulders and he pushed her backwards and down, impaling her on both cocks at once. Jim’s slide easily into her and Dave encountered little pressure before his head popped past the tight ring of muscle and he slide into her depths. Catie opened her mouth to scream and David slide his cock back in. Her ass burned briefly with a flare of pain then there was nothing but pleasure. She became nothing. She was merely a vessel for these three men to fuck, holes for their use, a place for them to get their pleasure. This thought passed through her fevered brain and she came again, moaning around David’s cock. Jim and Dave set up a pounding rhythm, they withdrew and slammed back in together. David matched this pattern, slamming his cock deep into her throat.

For several long minutes they kept these places, this slow drive. Then David insisted they switch. He moved Dave to her mouth, Jim to her ass and he slid beneath her. This time the rhythm was different, it was faster and more frenzied. She struggled briefly as Jim’s thicker cock spread her open more but a slap to her ass stopped her. Jim’s hand tingled at the contact and he watched, awed, as his hand print appeared on the snowy white flesh. His cock thickened and he bit his tongue to hold back the orgasm. He and Jim were still fucking in tandem, but this time David was sliding in as Jim pulled out and the extra sensation of the heads sliding against each other was almost too much.

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