Company Party

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I never minded functions like these. Black tie, formal everything. My company had made some amazing Q3 gains, and so in proper hoighty toighty fashion, the board of directors had felt it warranted celebration. I didn’t feel it warranted this much celebration, but as CEO, what do I know?

The event was being held at one of the board members homes in the mountains, which was possibly the lowest budget part of the evening – not renting out a ballroom. Everything else was to the nine’s, including valet parking. Like I said, normally, I don’t mind functions like these. It’s nice to step out of the norm, get all dressed up, and just enjoy yourself. Plus, a good tux drives women wild, which is why I never rent, I own. If you’re going to make an investment, make it worth it – and the tux was worth it.

I had spent the evening hob-nobbing, and of course I gave a little speech about the companies future and how proud I was that blah blah blah blah. The party was at an awkward stage, where it was nowhere near ending, but didn’t really have anywhere else to go – so I found somewhere else to go. I had been in this house before, Bob’s house. Bob would have parties in the summer for the board, usually horribly boring cocktail parties that served no purpose other than for him to show off his house. Too his credit, the house was amazing. Large beyond all measure, and reasonably larger than he and his wife needed, especially with no kids in the house. Which reminded me, my kid’s in the house. I had brought my son with me, and had realized he had vanished.

In the last few years my son had really come into his own. 6′, just shy of his old man, but same athletic build, broad shoulders and dark brown hair. He was the spitting image of me, except his eyes, which he got from his mother. He was born when I was 20, and soon afterwards his mother passed, which left me an only father – which I credit to being the driving force to make me as successful as I’ve become. And now that Jason was 25, and I being 45, the two of us were really staring to build a relationship based on being equal adults, not just father and son. Either way, he had discovered that these events were always loaded with very beautiful women in elegant evening gowns, and had always been my guest for the last 5 or 6 years. I had seen him earlier in the evening with an absolutely gorgeous blonde in a red dress, but that was over an hour ago. I assured myself that he was using that McDougal charm of ours and had probably stained a pair of very nice bed sheets with his new blonde companion somewhere in one of the ‘x amount’ of guest rooms this house contained.

I made my way from one very crowded corner of the main room, which was large enough to hold the 150 people in attendance, and started to head down one of the side hallways. I was careful not to draw too much attention to the fact that I was darting out of the room, mumbled casual small talk, but mainly tried not to knock my cigar into anyone’s back or side, or spill my scotch as I made haste. Maybe I was starting to head down the east wing. I doubt they called it that, but it was definetly a ‘wing,’ and definetly in need of an application for its own zip code.

As I continued down the hallway the people started to thin out, mostly coming and going to a bathroom that must have been down one of these side halls. I just remember one of them leading to an outside deck, a place where I could get some fresh air and enjoy the Dominican cigar that everyone inside was giving me crap for.

I came to the end of a hall, which had a very nice (I’m sure) painting hanging on the wall, and a door to my right and my left. I remember the porch being one of these two doors, figured it to be a crapshoot and went for the room on the right. I held my cigar in my right hand along with my scotch, and with the left hand, turned the knob and opened the door. Very quickly I realized I had wandered into one of the guest bedrooms. With the light on, the first thing I noticed was the backside of a gentleman standing in front of the side of a desk, against the right hand wall. Sitting on the desk was a redhead in a blue dress, her legs wrapped around the young sir’s waist, his pants around his ankle’s, and giving it to her double time. They didn’t even make it to the bed on the other side of the room. I may have been noticed by the young woman, who was facing me technically, but I very quickly closed the door, not wanting to interrupt.

That obviously wasn’t the deck.

So I crossed the thin hallway, and opened the door that had been previously to my left.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

And no, I never found the deck.

The room was dimly lit, but enough so that everything was visible. It was Bob’s study. A large square room, decked in hard wood and leather. The walls were covered with bookshelves and photographs. Directly at the center of the room was a large wooden desk, which was facing me (so the owner sitting at the desk would bursa escort be facing the door), and in front of the desk, facing the desk, were two leather chairs. Sitting in the right chair was the blonde my son had taken a fancy to. Sitting on the corner of the desk, in front of that particular chair, was my son. His trousers were down just below his butt, and from where I could stand, I couldn’t be immediately sure, but I figured the young lady was doing amazing things to his cock with her mouth. He sat on the desk, propped up soley by his right arm, with his left hand on the back of the head of his new special friend. In his right hand sat an unlit cigar – probably pulled from the box on Bob’s desk.

The light was dim enough, the desk far enough away, and their distraction great enough that they didn’t immediately notice me walk in, or hear me close the door behind me. I stood there for about 5 minutes, watching this woman do horribly naughty things to my son, occasionally drawing on my cigar and enjoying the warmth of my scotch.

I guess it took about that long for the cigar smoke to waft over to Jason (my son) and his lady friend, because that’s when he looked up and noticed me. He made a faint startled noise, which the young woman picked up on, and ceased her oral performance. He sat there, a little stunned, and she turned her head to see who had entered the room.

The shock had warn off a bit, and where once I would expect him to be embarrassed, like I said, he was starting to come into his own.

“Dad, I’d like you to meet Claire.”

Claire stood up, walked around the chair and started to walk towards me. This was the first chance I actually had seen the young woman. She couldn’t have been more than 23, and had the smoothest skin I had ever seen. Her hair was about shoulder length, mildly curly, and dirty blonde with highlights. She must have been about 5’10” and wore a very elegant full length, but sexy and revealing blood red dress, and heels to match. Her breasts may have actually been perfect by definition. Large, but not comically large, and even though compressed under the dress, seemed to be no doubt quite perky.

She slowly sauntered over towards me and said, “Mr. McDougal, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” and with that she raised her right hand up, but with palm down – not like in a handshake. I took the cue, and with smoke and drink in my right hand, took her hand in my left, kissed her fingers in true gentlemanly fashion and said, “The pleasure’s all mine.” Which it was, and if things went they way they were headed, that wouldn’t be the only pleasure that was mine.

With the kiss on the hand and my reply she turned around to face Jason, who hadn’t even covered himself, he just took that brief moment to light the cigar he had been holding.

“Well now I see where the good looks and manners come from.” she told him. He didn’t reply, he just slowly drew from his cigar. She turned back around to face me.

“But the beard,” she said while looking into my eyes, “the beard makes you just a bit sexier.” And with that she raised her hand to my face and placed it on my jaw, lightly stoking my trimmed but full beard. “You should grow one Jason. You’d look good too.” With that she took her hand off my face and moved it down to my shirt. This beauty standing in front of me was enough to get the captain stirring, but with her admiration of my beard, I was standing at full attention, or at as full attention as my dress slacks would allow me to muster, causing quite a strain and a little discomfort. With that she unbuttoned the button of my dress shirt closest to my waist, reached her hand inside, grabbed the undershirt below, and tugged it up from where it was tucked. Her motion was swift, but before I had time to wonder what it was that she was getting at she had her hand under my undershirt and was running it up my chest.

“Oh and a full hairy chest! Like father like son…” she said as she looked into my eyes. She turned back to look at Jason, “Oh I could have a lot of fun with you two.” With that I gave my son a raised eyebrow. Sure, my mind had run through half a dozen positions I would like to contort Claire into, and she was obviously insinuating the same, but this wasn’t my call. Jason had struck gold, I just happened to walk in the room at the right time. What kind of father wants to cockblock his own son? He gave me an approving nod, and Claire having noticed it too, took my left hand, and walked me back over to the desk, but not before I locked the door.

She sat me in the chair she was previously sitting in, turned to face Jason again, used her hands to hike up her dress a bit and quickly bent over to go back to town on Jason’s crotch. Not one to waste time, I sent my drink and my stogie on a short table off to the side, raised her skirt the rest of the way, and marveled at the most perfect ass I’d ever seen. Somewhere there was a magic mirror giving J.Lo the bad news.

Amid mild slurping noises and a few low grunts from Jason, I started to kiss and rub Claire’s ass, moving my hands slowly down her legs, and then slowly up the insides. I was in no rush, but I started to move her legs farther apart. At first her feet were a foot apart, then a foot and a half, and by the time they were two and a half feet separated, I had my face buried in Claire’s backside. I had started to move over her rosehole, but having created the wonderful access to her pink pussy, I found it hard to divert my attention elsewhere. With my hands on either buttcheek I ran my tongue up and down either side of her pussy, my moustache tickling her as I went, sending chills up her spine and down her legs. As she got wetter, I lapped harder, and eventually moved my right hand to her honey spot where I inserted two fingers into her and as I finger fucked her I used my thumb to play with her clit – my fingers and thumb hitting her clit and gspot with every thrust.

As her moans got louder, mine and Jason’s moans became louder and her tongue work obviously increasing over Jason’s cock as my fingers played her clit like a violin.

As my speed and her moaning increased, she came all over my hand, her juices dripping down my forearm and sleeve. It was my tux anyway, what did I care? With her orgasm she stood straight up and turned to face me.

“Get up” she said, panting for air. I stood in front of her, and watched as she raised her arms. It only took a minute for Jason to realize she had given him the opportunity to unzip her dress, and moments later it lay crumpled and layered at her feet, having slipped off of her curvy body quite easily. She lowered her arms and immediately started to work on my belt, feverishly undoing the notches, pulling it through the pant loops. While she worked on my pants, I took the opportunity to take off my jacket and unbutton my shirt, while my son did the same. In under a minute all three of us stood there completely naked, and very excited. She had made the ‘like father like son’ comparison earlier, and she was pretty much dead on. Standing there au natural it was even more apparent how far the apple fell from a now very hard, very wooden tree. While neither of us were built like models, we were both very active and our bodies showed that. Defined muscles and abs, and the occasional scar, with chests covered with dark hair.

She stood facing me, inches away, and breathing very hard. The heat we had created was palpable, and when she placed her hands on my stomach, and moved them up towards my chest to my shoulds, I made my move. I quickly grabbed her around her waist and raised her up, wrapping her legs around my torso – my hands under her perfectly shaped ass. I kissed her deeply, my tongue parting her lips, only to be met by her tongue, equally as aggressive. When our kiss broke, I started to lower her down, down onto my cock. I was standing at full attention, and even though I hadn’t gotten any of the mouthplay Jason was enjoying earlier, she was so wet I wouldn’t have needed it anyway. I slipped right into her and within seconds I was buried to the hilt. As she adjusted to her new seat on my crotch she started to rub her hips into mine, rubbing her clit into my pubes. I knew what she was getting at and decided to help her out. I started lifting and dropping her slowly at first. Enjoying the feeling of her nubile pussy around my cock. She obviously knew what she was doing, and what she wanted, but was tight enough to make you think this could be her first time. As my speed picked her moaning got louder, and her nails dug into my shoulders. I knew I could only stand another minute or two before blowing, and not wanting it to end, I slowed down our rhythmic humping, and dismounted her from my throbbing tool.

I sat down in the chair I had been in, and took a second to kiss her breasts, to lightly bite her nips. As my head moved away she moved without hesitation and bent down to my crotch – almost as if she was hinged at her hips, and it was the only way to lower herself. Her hair flipped upside down over my stomach and as I ran my fingers through her hair, both of my hands ended up around the back of her head, and I found myself almost humping her face.

Jason, being his father’s son, took the opportunity to get his winky wacked, and slid in to that perfect pink pussy I had just inhabited. He started off slowly at first, then building speed. Soon you could hear the clap of his balls against her thighs and he fucked her with abandon. Taking the situation in stride, I leaned back in the chair, and with my left hand on her head, I took the opportunity to pick up my cigar and take a long drag, thus perfecting the moment. As I closed my eyes and enjoyed Claires tongue as it slid down my shaft and onto my balls, I realized she was making more and more noise, and her moans were getting lower and rougher. Now any responsible parent has the birds and the bees talk with their children, and being an only father raising his görükle escort bayan only son, ours had gone a little farther into detail. Where ever he picked up the technique he was apparently using unfortunately didn’t come from my teachings.

Claire had started to take longer breaks from sucking to focus more on gasping for air as Jason speared her in apparently all the right places. He used his left arm to get under her left leg, so she was supporting herself on her right leg, and her arms which were on the arms of my chair. Also, his right arm was wrapped around her waist frantically playing with her clit as he rammed her from behind. Pulling almost all the way out before plowing all the way back in, barely giving her time to breathe. Within minutes she came on his 9″ cock, and when she started to shake, she stood all the way up, and Jason pulled out. Panting like she had just run a marathon, she stood in front of me, a look of cock frenzy in her eyes. She may have been young, but she knew what she wanted.

She took me by the hands and stood me up, turned around, and maneuvered Jason in to the chair I had so kindly warmed up for him. She then moved me to where Jason was standing earlier, and using my arms and the chair for stability, she lowered herself onto Jason’s hard pecker, reverse cowboy. When she regained her footing, she humped him for a minute, enjoying the new but familiar angle of Jason’s cock within her. But she wanted more.

Bracing and lifting her self up using the arms of the chair, she raised her legs up, Jason popping out of her until she could reposition herself. Braced on feet and left arm, she used her right hand to guide Jason’s cock under her, aiming it at that oh so perfect ass. As she lowered her self through the backdoor onto Jason, the look on her face was one of pain, but her moan was one of pleasure. Jason on the other hand grunted so loud I thought he was going to bust right there. When Jason was to the hilt in her rear end, she started to bob up and down, getting used to the sensation. When she was finally comfortable she raised her head and looked at me.

“Fuck me, and you better fuck me hard.” she said. I told you she knew what she wanted. Jason had very similar equipment to my own, with only some minor but important differences. We were both just over 9 inches, but Jason was fairly thin, and had a pair of gigantic balls. I was perfectly happy with my slightly smaller balls, because the girth of my cock was probably twice that of Jason’s, and slightly thicker than Claire’s delicate wrists.

Jason’s legs were pretty closed, and Claire’s legs straddled his. I won’t bore you with where I worked myself in, but needless to say – I got in there. I slowly wedged the head of my cock in her pussy, and as I started to push into her, I moved my hands to the back of the chair to stabilize myself. As I increased the paceI could feel Jason beneath me, his cock rubbing near mine, only barely separated by Claire’s thin inner walls. Any wierdness at all was quickly dissipated when Claire’s pussy started convulsing in another orgrasm. We had only just begun this position and already she was spasming around our cocks and screaming, “oh god yeah, oh fuck! Fuck me, fuck me harder!” And oblige her we did. I started to pound her so hard, my balls slapping against her taint, that I started to push her up, raising her up higher than Jason could (being buried under two people), only so she could drop down harder onto Jason’s cock, so we could repeat the same thrust pattern again. With Claire putting all of her weight, laying against Jason, I took the opportunity to focus some attention on those beautiful C Cups, taking the left nipple into my mouth, and making sure to bite down with every thrust.

Two minutes later she had another orgasm, and as I started to grind my pelvis against hers, targeting her clit, you could tell she was building for another one. Her pussy muscles contracted harder, her breathing increased and within two or three more humps, Jason exploded into her ass. I saw no reason to stop, and so continued my assaulting, fucking her like the world was going to end. As her climax grew harder I could feel my own balls started to bubble over. When she finally climaxed on my cock, clamping down on it for all it was worth, I told her I was going to come.

She put her hands on my chest and with all her strength, pushed me away, and out of her, almost throwing me off balance. I stumbed against the desk behind me, and she immediately leaned forward, her mouth clamping down on my cock like her life depended on it. With her hands rubbing my hairy nuts I lasted maybe another 10-12 seconds before blasting the back of her mouth with my come. The first spurt somewhat surprised her, and a little leaked out of the side of her mouth. She swallowed the rest like a champ, and came back to wipe up anything that had initially escaped. With that she stood up, Jason’s softening cock, popping out her her behind, and wrapped her arms around me. She pressed her entire body against me as I in-turn wrapped my arms around her, and she found a spot on my neck and bit it, lightly licking and playing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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