Dear Karen Pt. 04

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Dear Karen,

You helped me explore the fantastic feelings that breasts can produce when properly handled and I yearned to replicate the feelings that you elicited from my tits. So, since my last letter I have been training BJ to be the consummate breast lover. I have coached him in techniques that I recall you using and he has become very adept at manipulating my erect nipples with his lips, tongue and teeth. I’ve also taught him your finger to nipple techniques and whole breast hand massage. I can now enjoy long sensuous evenings or weekend mornings of sexual arousal and even orgasm produced solely by BJ’s dedicated attention to my breasts. What a wonderful gift your advice has turned out to be. I now have my husband and marriage firmly under my control and am enjoying the best sex I’ve ever had, excepting of course your wonderful ministrations. What a treat to it is to have my little boy bitch always ready and willing to pleasure me on command.

BJ’s has become the perfect homemaker that I needed so that I could fully focus on my corporate law practice. Recently, I decided that it was time to have a few of the “girls” over for a little social. The “girls” are a small group of successful women attorneys here in town that gets together once a month for lunch to talk about methods for being successful in high-powered law firms dominated by men. I thought that I would invite them to my condo for lunch and have BJ prepare lunch and serve us. To be honest Karen, I really wanted to show off BJ. I was certain that having taken over the dominant role malatya escort in my marriage and molded my spouse into the perfect sissy husband to support me in my career would make me the envy of the group. I contacted the girls and they agreed to hold the lunch meeting at my condo.

BJ was excited about having a party and very anxious about everything going well. He cleaned the condo until it was spotless and prepared a very nice but light lunch. I had purchased him a very nice black satin serving uniform with a ruffled white apron just for the occasion. When the girls began arriving BJ looked great. He had done a perfect job on his make-up and had his hair pinned up with a little cap perched on top of his head. He also had some small, pretty earrings adorning his pierced ear lobes. The uniform was impeccable and his legs looked great in the white nylons covering them and ending in black pumps. BJ answered the doorbell each time it rang and invited the guest in then showed them into the living room where he took their wraps and purses and whisked them off to the bedroom where they would not be in the way. BJ’s movement was very graceful and fluid as he conducted himself around the condo giving the impression of efficient professionalism. I was so proud of him that I am sure I was just beaming.

After everyone had arrived, we moved to the dining room and took seats at the nicely decorated table that BJ had furnished with our best china. BJ then proceed to serve lunch and attend to our every need while giving the impression malatya escort bayan that he was enjoying his work. While we ate our lunch, BJ removed himself to the kitchen and began cleaning up. We had the usual conversation about the male pigs that we all had to deal with in the firms where we worked and related things we had used to minimize their effect on our work and move up the career ladder. When everyone was finished with this topic, I suggested that we go back into the living room and have a glass of wine to finish off our lunch. We sipped on our wine and gossiped a bit about this and that until someone asked me where I had found such a wonderful domestic. I stood and called BJ in to the living room. I took him by the hand and told the ladies that my wonderful domestic was actually my wonderful sissy husband and that I had not found him but created him.

There was a look of disbelief on their faces so I told BJ to show the ladies my toy. With a smile BJ said, “yes madam” and reached under his skirt, unsnapped his garter belt, pulled down his panties and released his gaff. He then lifted his skirt up around his waist and my compacted toy became visible. I told the ladies that anyone who still had doubts had my permission to come up and feel out the authenticity of what they saw for themselves. One adventurous soul actually came up and cupped BJ’s shaved balls in her hand and then turned to the other ladies and with a big grin said, “nuts.” The room was filled with nervous giggles and whispered comments. BJ excused escort malatya himself and retired to the bedroom to repackage my toy.

Karen, the girls were really envious and just full of questions about how I had managed to take control of my marriage and transform my husband into the perfect homemaker. I pointed out that it was much easier than I had ever imagined. I told them that I had recently met an attorney in San Francisco who had suggested that I simply take control of my marriage by asserting myself and insisting on my husband making a significant contribution to our home life. The idea to transform him into my sissy husband followed naturally from his acceptance of the idea of his becoming a homemaker. By this time BJ was back and the girls fawned over him and asked him several questions about his wardrobe, make-up and hair. A few of them were even bold enough to squeeze his silicon tits and butt pads. Most of the questions were about his household duties including compliments on how well he obviously performed them. As my guests departed, they couldn’t resist giving BJ one last look and as they said their good byes to me, there were grins on their faces and envy in their eyes.

After we had the luncheon, I noticed the beginnings of a regular stream of ladies calling for appointments to view BJ’s artwork. These ladies were clearly excited about the turn that BJ’s artistic expression had taken and were anxious to purchase his paintings. He has even gotten several very nice commissions to do specific paintings desired by his lady patrons and is now making a pretty nice income from his art. It was also pretty obvious to me that the ladies had an interest in meeting and getting a good look at the artist as well as the art. I am regularly amused at the look upon their faces when they see him and the envy in their eyes when they speak with me.



To be continued…

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