College Party

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All characters mentioned are 21 or older.


It was a party, or at least that is how it started out, but let me start from the beginning.

The first rule of being in college is that you have to have at least one party during your entire stay. So I had invited around ten of my closest friends. It was going to be small, maybe everyone could sit back, watch tv and drink.

I made sure the house was perfect, spending all day cleaning it and buying chips, beer, whiskey, and just about every other type of alcohol that was legal. I threw covers on all of the furniture just in case someone had too much to drink. I had thought ahead so much that it never occurred to me that things may change.

The first person arrived around 5:30. The party wasn’t supposed to start until around 9 but I could really use the help. I opened the door and immediately felt three things hit hard. The first was that I was completely underdressed, being in a throw on t-shirt and a messy pair of shorts. The second was my jaw hitting the floor. Standing before me was what my mind imagined female perfection would look like. Cammie had her hair let loose around her face, she had just enough make up on to try to cover any imperfections she thought she had, and topped it off with ruby red lipstick. She wore a very tight fitting strapless dress that clung to every inch of her body, and matching 4″ heels. The third thing was a tightening in my jeans that I had to hide behind the door until her back was to me.

“Hey Cammie! Thanks for coming early! I could really use the help.” I said, giving her an embarrassed smile and trying to look into her deep brown eyes. She smiled back and it was as if the entire room lit up. “However I have to ask, why so dressed up?”

“No problem Adrian, and this old thing?” She asked running her hands over her magnificent body. “I just had it lying around the house. Thought I would wear it tonight. That a problem?” She gave me a look that had less than honest intentions but I shrugged it off, trying to act decent.

“None at all. Come on. You can help me set the coffee table up.”

We set to work, she was grabbing drinks and I was making chip bowls. Cammie was a 5’2 Asian girl, with DD breasts and a small but firm ass, who could be the closest thing I had to a best friend. We had known each other all through high school and she had always tried to hide her body. But here she was almost teasing me with it like a hungry wolf with a piece of meat dangling with in inches of it. She would stride past me, her dress going up ever so much to give me an amazing view of her thighs. I knew this was going to be a long hard night in more than one way.

We got everything set up in record time, and by 8:50 we were sitting on the couch already drinking and laughing. When everyone else started to arrive I began to feel incredibly overdressed. My body is nothing special. I have an average face, average hair, 5’7, and a fairly athletic build, with 8 inches below the waist. However that wasn’t in question now. My appearance failed to even come close to the beauties walking through my door. Jamie was next to show up after Cammie. She wore a blue silk dress that showed off her cleavage amazingly. Then Brandi came in. She wore a red latex dress that made her already impressive rack seem impossible, having matured before her high school years, her breasts were E cups and her ass made the dress itself strain with every step. Kamryn showed up shortly after, and she was probably one of my favorites at the time, giving my hard on a well needed break. She wore a simple dress that came about to her knees and was, as I noticed, the only one so far that was wearing a bra. Next came Victoria, which was one of the most shocking. She was a Pentecostal escort fatih girl who usually wore as much as possible. However know she was wearing what could be described as the sluttiest dress a Pentecostal could own. It came to her mid thigh and had a built-in push up bra that showed off cleavage I didn’t know she had. Joanna, Kenzie, Rebecca, and Mallory came next, all wearing identical low cut dresses. And my final guest of the evening was Taylor. I almost laughed as I opened the door. She was wearing a cut up shirt and booty shorts that really showed off her body, but she, like most of the others, was not wearing a bra and her massive breasts pushed the shirt to its limit, not only showing her nipples through the material but also giving me a fair amount of under boob to enjoy.

I closed the door and turned back to my guest, eager to hear what they were discussing in my absence, when another knock came on the door. I counted everyone in the room and that was all that I had invited. I turned back around with a sigh, thinking it was one of the neighbors complaining about the noise already, which, when you have ten girls in one room, can get pretty loud. However, opening the door, I realized it was not one of my neighbors at all. Natalie stood in the doorway, not making eye contact with me, and had a fairly good reason for not doing so. Throughout most of my high school years she teased and tortured me.

“I’m sorry. Cammie told me she was coming to your house and I thought i could use the excuse to get away from Vidalia for a change.” She said in a small, quiet voice. Her hands were moving over the slit in her low cut dress, pulling it down more and I couldn’t figure out if she was doing it intentionally or out of nervousness. I sighed again.

“You’re already here and you look amazing so,” I paused and she looked up at me eagerly, “come on in.”

Now that entourage was complete and everyone was having a good time, I thought it may be the perfect opportunity to start the movie. “Okay! Everyone can I have your attention!” I yelled over the talking. Everyone hushed and I blushed as all eyes fell on me. “We need to decide on a movie. I’m impartial to Avengers but are there any other ideas?”

The group looked around and most were agreeing with me until it got to Cammie.

“Why don’t we watch one of your dirty movies Adrian?” She said, a wicked smile on her face. “I mean, we are all adults here and I for one am pretty drunk. Let’s see what kind of shit he’s into!” Brandi was the first to agree and soon all the girls were yelling their enthusiasm. My face turned even darker as I realized this was going to be unavoidable. I quieted them down and took a breath, calming my nerves.

“One movie. Then we watch an actual movie.” The girls shouted with glee and began looking around my tv for the dirty things they wanted to watch.

“Hey! Where’s your porn?” Heather asked. A smile creeped onto my face.

“It’s hidden.” I replied. “But let’s play a game with it. The first one to find it gets to pick which one we watch.” The girls looked around before Cammie stood up.

“Okay. I’m in.” One by one they began to stand up and announce they were for the game. I sat down and smiled at the 11 beautiful girls.

“Alright. There are rules though. You can’t get any hints. All rooms are available to you for you to search. When you do find it, everyone has to help clean up the mess. And finally,” I couldn’t help but chuckle as I said the last rule, “you aren’t allowed to kneel down to look. If it’s too low down to see, you must bend over.” I thought that would deter them but the girls nodded eagerly. “Okay then. First one to find it wins. Go.”

They took off, tearing apart the house. I stood up and escort istanbul watched with what could almost be described as glee. No matter what room I went into, the girls that were searching there, no matter how far up they were originally looking when I came in, always found an excuse to search lower and bend over, giving me an amazing shot of their panties or, on the rare occasion I was standing in front of them, their impressive cleavage.

After almost an hour of looking, I heard “I found it!” from a distant part of the house. My heart sank. I was actually having fun watching them search. We all ran to where the shout came from and found Taylor holding the box of my porn DVD’s in the spare bathroom. “How about this one?” She said, a smile lighting up her face from her victory as she held up the DVD titled “Busty Babe Orgy.” All the girls agreed and quickly set about putting the house back in order. Once done the girls all piled on the couch, leaving a spot in the middle between Natalie and Cammie. I squeezed in and found myself shoulder to shoulder with them.

“Oh I’m sorry. Are you comfortable?” Cammie asked, looking truly concerned. Before I had time to answer, she looked at Natalie and said, “Natalie move your arm behind him.” Once they did so, there was a shift on the couch and I felt both of their tits pressing against my arms. I was fine with it at this point due to the fact that I could cover up my raging boner with my hands by putting them in my lap. Taylor put the movie in and pressed play while Rebecca turned off the lights. All the girls began watching intently as the first scene began playing. It was a girl on girl scene that I had watched so many times that I had memorized every line. I looked around the room and saw that Bradi hand her hand softly circling her nipples. By the time the girls on the TV had climaxed all the girls circled around me were either twitching, stroking some part of their body, or just groping themselves. I knew what scene was next and as I watched, a guy was surrounded by beautiful huge breasted girls.

I heard a soft moan escape Cammie’s lips and looked over to see her openly kneading her tits, however her eyes weren’t watching the tv, but scanning the other girls around the room. Her eyes met mine and I quickly averted my gaze. I felt a hand on my thigh, slowly tracing up my shorts and looked over to see Natalie with her dress pulled up, rubbing herself through her red panties. My eyes followed up her body and as looked at her face, she kissed me hard.

At first I was shocked at the sudden attack but then all of the teasing and sexual frustration of the night began to be unleashed. I kissed Natalie back passionately, causing her to moan. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and it was met by hers. It was then that I realized what was happening. I broke the kiss and looked around.

All the girls were staring at me.

However, it wasn’t disgust in their eyes. I saw ten beautiful women staring at me with pure lust in their eyes.

Cammie grabbed my hand and placed it on one of her tits and I began to grope her as everyone watched. Taylor stood up and walked over to me, taking off her shirt in one fluid motion. Her giant tits resting high and defying gravity as they jiggled to a halt. I placed my free hand over Natalie’s snatch and began rubbing her clit hard, releasing a torrent of juice and moans from her, my eyes never leaving Taylor’s huge tits. Taylor sank to her knees in front of me and began to rub her tits up and down my leg slowly. I could feel how soft and firm they were as my cock began to rise to full mast. I looked over at Cammie and saw her hand had disappeared down her panties. My hand, reluctantly, left her ample bosom and grabbed her arm, gently pulling escort bayan taksim her out of her panties. I began to suck her fingers clean and saw her respond immediately by moaning loudly, her chest heaving, threatening to burst her dress open.

I decided to leave her finger in my mouth and continued to suck it hard as all the others began to gather around me. Within seconds I was standing before them naked, my 8 inches saluting them. Mallory was the first to make a move toward it. She lick over my shaft once, making me moan quietly before she wrapped her small hand around my cock. Mallory began to move her hand slowly and expertly up and down my shaft. Heather came up to me next, as Mallory was jacking me off, sucking one of my balls into her mouth noisily. Brandi soon followed suit as she kneeled down in front of me and started slurping the head of my cock. I moaned loudly, in absolute heaven.

Eventually Mallory moved back and Bradi began to suck my cock hard, taking me to the base with no trouble at all. Her head began bobbing up and down. I looked around the room, taking in the site.

Natalie was in between Cammie’s legs, making small bites and nibbles up and down her thighs while Rebecca sucked on her fingers and fondled both of their tits. Joanna had taken off her panties and sat on Cammie’s face, grinding hard. Kenzie laid next to them, one hand on her pussy while the other was softly stroking up Cammie’s thighs. Jamie, Kamryn, and Victoria were forming a line and eating each other out doggy style.

I moaned loudly again and turned my attention down to see Brandi and Heather with their mouths around each side of my dick, their tongues licking the underside while their mouths moved in sync. I could feel my orgasm approaching and so could they as Heather moved in front of me, her tits pushed up and her mouth open as Bradi jacked off my wet cock. I bit my lip to keep from moaning too loud as I shot my cum all over the blonde beauty sitting in front of me.

I thought I was finished for the moment until Brandi told me to lay down, her hand still jacking me off. She sucked the remaining cum out of me and I laid down on the floor.

Cammie took the first opportunity and sat on my face. I clawed down her thighs and grabbed her ass hard as I began to eat her out, my cock still hard as a rock. I felt something hot envelope my dick Cammie moved up just long enough for me to see Taylor bouncing on me, her tits being held in place by the two hungry mouths of Mallory and Jamie. As Cammie lowered herself back onto me I looked up and realized that I couldn’t see her face, only two massive orbs of flesh that swayed and slapped against themselves as she rode my face. As more people moved in I couldn’t see anything due to the amount of titflesh that surrounded me. I felt two people grab my hands and I immediately felt two wet pussies. I fingered one while I rubbed the other’s clit, not caring who was who. I could feel Taylor cumming over and over as I fucked her.

Then I felt it. A sharp pain in my arm and my mind became fuzzy. “Holy shit it’s working!” Kamryn said. “This should keep him hard and cumming like a horse all night!”

I tried to talk but my mouth was muffled as someone else took their turn on my face. All I could do was moan as I pumped my cock into Taylor, feeling my orgasm coming again. She pulled off just in time and I immediately felt two globes of soft flesh around my dick and I came mercilessly, shooting more than I thought humanly possible.

And that’s how it went for hours. Each person took a turn riding my cock til I came then sitting on my face until they had cum more than a dozen times. The only way I could tell when the switched was by the taste and the feel of their pussies When they finally finished and I was able to see again, I looked around the room.

Every girl was now covered head to toe and cleaning cum off the others. Cammie sat down next to me, licking cum off of her fingers, and whispered in my ear “So same time next week?”

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