Caught in Panties , Dominated Ch. 03

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Rick’s big hard cock, ramming in and out of my sweet mouth. Past my tonsils and into the back of my throat. My heavy breasts bouncing inside my tight blouse, my stiff nipples poking straight out. On my knees, in my tight skirt, toeing my high heels into the floor behind me. And my dick getting harder and harder and harder in my panties. I could feel my precum leaking out through my panties, maybe staining my skirt. Flash! Rick took another picture. Now he was taking a video…

I pulled back and made love to the head of his cock with my mouth. This was my first real cock, and I was in love! I grabbed the base of his meaty shaft with my left hand, and cupped his big, cum-filled balls with my right. Oh… yes, yes… oh YES! I felt so sexy, just like a woman, a woman with needs… a slut. Yes, I was Rick’s slut!

My dick was SO HARD in my panties now. Aching, aching, I wanted to cum, slobbering all over his cock, tasting more precum… I just loved cupping and caressing his hot balls… I NEEDED his hot cum, bebek escort his thick sperm, I wanted him to spew his hot, hot semen into my mouth, just, oh, SO badly… I needed him, urgently needed Rick to make a woman out of me!

He set down his phone to further record me sucking his dick, and he grabbed the back of my head with both hands, grabbed my hair, and yanked my head onto his big swollen cock, jamming the head of his cock right past my tonsils into my throat. And then I came, hard, right into my panties! Oh god, oh God, Oh GOD!! Spurt, into my panties, spurt, spurt, OH MY GOD, I’m such a CUM WHORE! I just screamed on his cock, humming and vibrating on the head of his cock in the back of my throat. Cumming in my panties!!

Often at this point I would whip my panties off and gobble my own cum right down, but no, this time, this time, I actually had a real cock, another man’s hard cock, ramming into my mouth, and fucking my throat. I wanted HIS cum, I needed HIS cum, I needed istanbul escort to feel him shooting into my mouth, shooting thick streams of cum into my throat. He grabbed my head even harder and rammed his dick into me, fucking me, fucking my mouth. He groaned loudly. And his cock THROBBED, and got even BIGGER!! Oh My GOD… was he going to cum now? Cum inside me? Please, oh please Rick, I thought, I LOVE your big dick, please give me your sweet cum!!

He screamed and pulsed! Yes, yes, OH YES!! Hot cum pulsing deep into my throat. His big cock was a firehose of cum, shooting into me, cumming into me. He pulled almost all the way out and pulsed again, filling my mouth with his hot cum. OH YES!! I swallowed and gulped and swallowed, and he throbbed and pulsed again, over-filling my mouth, and thick cum spurted out of both sides of my mouth, around his cock.

He pushed again, all the way into the back of my throat and pulsed yet again, but I was already so full of his cum, beyoğlu escort there was nowhere else for all of his hot cum to go – it rushed up the back of my throat, instantly filling my sinuses from behind, oh god, I couldn’t breathe, his cum filling my nostrils, until it poured out of my nostrils, so hot, adding to all of the cum leaking from my mouth, dripping down onto both of my big, bouncing breasts, cum filling my mouth, my throat, my head, and cum all over my blouse.

I’d finally been christened, I was a true cum slut now, a cum whore, my own panties filled with my own cum, and my sweet puckered anus so wet, wet and itching for cock, for his hard cock.

Rick was my God, now, my master. I was so lucky to worship on his big cock. He took me, he took my oral virginity. And I wanted him to take me again, to take my sissy anal pussy. I wanted him to make me his sissy anal whore.

He pulled his cock out and I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, until my sissy belly felt so full of his cum, until I could finally breathe again, my heart pounding so fast behind my big, swelling breasts. I was such a slut now. And Rick had it all on video.

“What a slut you are!” Rick said. “My friends are going to love this. I’m gonna make some good money off of your slutty ass!”

Oh my GOD! Rick’s Friends!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32