Alicia , Shelly Get Caught

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All characters in this story are 18 or over.
The story is fiction. All characters, places, events and information in it are fictitious.


My name is Alicia. I’m an eighteen year old recent graduate from high school. My eyes are blue but I had to dye my hair blond. I was born blond but my hair turned darker as I grew older so I decided to change it back. My friends all say I’m a pretty girl but sometimes I question their wisdom on that. You may catch me from time to time in front of the mirror making faces, trying to determine whether my nose is too wide or my cheekbones are too high.

My best friend in all the world is Shelly who is five months older than me which would make her almost nineteen now. She is a natural blond with blue eyes and oh, so pretty. We were both varsity cheerleaders so you know we are in very good shape. But more than best friends, Shelly and I have been lovers since around the first of December.

Shelly has a sister named Melissa who is twenty-one and has moved back home now since her marriage fell apart. Melissa is a pretty girl, too, though not as pretty as Shelly. She works at a small women’s clothing store downtown so she is also a smart dresser. I’ve known Melissa since childhood, but now that I’m into girls, I could very easily find her sexually attractive.

Shelly is working at the local ice cream store now so she has some extra money to spend on clothes and such to keep up with her sister. You know how that goes. She could always borrow Melissa’s clothes since they’re about the same size but naturally she wants her own clothing.

We were in the clothing store one afternoon while Shelly tried on some new dresses. She was looking for something sexy but the store is not exactly Victoria’s Secret. Melissa showed her an orange knee length dress which had thin straps over the shoulders but was modest in the front.

Shelly took it to the dressing room to try it on and asked me to help her. She undressed down to her panties and pulled the dress up over her lovely legs. She looked so gorgeous I had to playfully grab her bare breasts to give them a loving squeeze while I had the chance.

“Behave yourself, Alicia,” Shelly giggled. “We didn’t come here to make out.”

The sexiest thing about the dress was that it was so thin and clung so tight all over that you had to wear it without underwear or show everyone your panty lines.

“Your panty lines are plain to see,” I told her. “You’d better take your panties off with that one.”

She started to pull her dress up but I knelt in front of her and hooked my thumbs under the hem of the dress.

“Here, let me help you,” I volunteered.

Shelly held the dress while I slid her panties down to her knees. With her freshly shaved pussy inches from my face I couldn’t help but give her a friendly kiss on her pussy lips.

“Alicia! Don’t start something we can’t finish!”

The curtain to the dressing room slid open at that instant and Melissa handed Shelly another dress.

“I found a similar -, What the – – excuse me!” she stammered.

Melissa stood with her mouth open in surprise at the sight of me kneeling in front of Shelly, her naked, shaved pussy inches from my face as I pulled her panties down her legs.

“It’s okay, we just decided that the dress would look much better without panty lines,” Shelly explained.

“Oh,- right,” said Melissa with a dubious look in her eyes. “You know, – there are whispers around town that you two are queer for each other.”

“We’re not ‘queer’ for each other,” I said, miffed at the expression.

“It’s okay, Alicia. I don’t care whether you are or not. I’m just saying that you two need to be more careful of your actions! What I saw just now made you look like a couple of dykes.”

“Some dirty minded people around here would say stuff like that no matter what we did!”

“Okay. So? You have to admit that what I saw just now is pretty damnable evidence.”

“We weren’t doing anything!” Shelly recoiled.

“Shelly, it’s not what you’re doing, it’s what it appears you are doing that’s the problem,” Melissa explained. “When rumors fly around people start watching for evidence, – and people are watching you closely. You don’t know what I hear about you.”

“Melissa, I’m sorry, it was my fault, I was just being silly,” I said. I remembered what Maria, a mature, experienced lesbian, told us when we first started making love to each other, that girls who like girls send out signals even when they try not to that most people miss but girls who like girls or perceptive straights can easily detect.

Melissa hugged me in a friendly way but pressed her breasts against mine a little longer than needed. It also felt like she was trembling. But after all, we’re good friends.

“Aw, Alicia, it’s not anyone’s fault,” she said. “No harm was done. All I’m saying is, be careful what you do from now on. I’m just lucky Shelly is my sister, I guess.”

Melissa left and closed the curtain again. I handed Shelly acıbadem escort her panties and watched her put them back on. I puzzled over Melissa’s words, ‘I’m just lucky Shelly is my sister,’ wondering what she meant by that.

Shelly tried on the second dress, a light blue sun dress type pretty thing that was lower cut on top and a higher hem line. Both dresses looked good on Shelly so she decided to buy them both. Melissa met us at the cash register to ring up the sale.

“Melissa, I’ve invited three girlfriends from school over for a slumber party tonight,” Shelly informed her. “I figure since Mom and Dad are going to be away for two weeks while enjoying a second honeymoon, we might as well take advantage of it and enjoy ourselves.”

“Okay, that’s alright,” she replied. “Just don’t get too crazy and make the neighbors call the cops on you.”

“Oh we won’t,” Shelly assured her. “How much noise can five girls make at a slumber party?”

“How about, ‘no noise’? she asked. “Be on the safe side. – Is Alicia going to be there?”

“Of course, Alicia is my best friend in the whole world.” Melissa raised her eyebrows but said no more.


Shelly and I had stopped to get some Chinese take-out food and were in the process of unwrapping everything when Melissa arrived home from work. She was dressed in a short, white dress which she wore to work in. It was a pretty dress which hugged her butt closely showing off the delicate curves of her jiggling ass. Melissa looked fabulous in it and, naturally, I enjoyed such beauty in front of me as much as I could without staring. She was the same size as Shelly but the extra two years in age added a little more curve to her breasts, ass and thighs.

Melissa put plates and forks on the table and we sat down to enjoy our meal. We all ate quietly for a bit because the food was delicious and we didn’t have much to say anyhow. The scene in the dressing room that afternoon was still on my mind and was curious about just exactly how Melissa felt about it. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and just had to bring it up.

“Sorry if I shocked you today in the dressing room,” I apologized. “We were getting a little silly, I suppose.”

“No, you didn’t shock me, Alicia,” Melissa explained. “I was a little surprised is all. It was just such an erotic scene from where I stood – even if it was as innocent as you say.”

“It turned you on?” I asked.

“Well, my sex life ended weeks before my marriage did, Alicia,” she confessed. “I haven’t had sex with anyone but myself for so long, everything with sexual overtones turns me on.”

“Watching girls make love to each other turns you on?” I asked.

“Not really. Oh, the eroticism of it makes me tingle a little, but I’m really not interested in that sort of thing,” she argued.

I accidentally knocked my fork off the table with my elbow. The fork hit the tile floor with a noisy clatter and I quickly bent down to retrieve it from under the table. Melissa was sitting with her legs slightly parted and when I looked up, I could see her creamy thighs and a portion of her pink, lacy panties. I was amazed at how much she looked like Shelly down there. The sight made my pussy start to tingle so I quickly sat up, hoping my face wasn’t flushed.

“What did you mean when you said you were lucky Shelly is your sister?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe for a brief second or two I was tempted, I said ‘tempted,’ to try girls when I saw you two in the dressing room together. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had sex with someone, you know. But Shelly is my sister so that is entirely out of the question, I mean, that would be incest! Anyway, I’m not into girls.”

“Is today the only time you ever thought about doing things with a girl?” I pried.

“No, – I’ve occasionally wondered about it when I would see two girls together in a porn movie making love. I don’t think I could ever do that though.”

“So, you’re not repulsed by the idea then?” I asked.

“No, not really repulsed, – just not interested is all. What about you?” she asked me.

“Oh, I don’t see anything wrong with girls playing with each other. After all, we all masturbate anyway, don’t we? So what’s the big difference? It’s only when girls start hating men that I have a problem with it,” I replied.

“I would have to agree with you there,” Melissa said as she began to clear the table. “A man-loathing attitude goes against nature completely. The human race would cease to exist if we all felt that way, although I fully understand how a man can thoroughly piss you off. I speak from experience.”


Melissa had changed clothes and put on shorts and a tank top. She sat and watched TV as Shelly filled a bowl with chips and made some onion dip to get ready for the slumber party that night. No sooner than she finished the dip when the doorbell rang. I was in the middle of filling a bowl with pretzels for a party snack.

“I’ll get it,” Melissa called from the other room. We atalar escort heard the front door open and Melissa say, “Samantha! Good to see you again.”

Samantha is a tall girl with dark hair and dark brown eyes that seem to sparkle when she looks at you. She was a varsity cheerleader also who was on the squad with Shelly and I, and a fun loving girl as well.

Shelly and I put the snacks on the coffee table and greeted Samantha with a friendly hug. It was hard for me to keep my hands in proper places hugging her in front of Melissa since she and I have already done just about everything in the book. Samantha’s back was toward Melissa so when she cupped my butt cheeks while hugging me, Melissa couldn’t see it. I could tell right away that, even though I told everyone Melissa wasn’t into girls, it was going to be hard for everyone to keep it secret that they liked girls as well as boys. Oh, well, we’ll just have to deal with it as we needed to.

“Sorry if I’m early but Randy dropped me off on his way to the bowling alley,” she said apologetically.

“It’s no problem, girl,” Shelly replied. “How are you and Randy getting along these days?”

Samantha held up her hand to display a friendship ring on her finger and said, “We’re going steady now.”

“Good for you! This calls for a celebration!” I cheered.

“Melissa, do you think Dad would mind if we drank some of his stash in the kitchen?” Shelly asked. “We’ll replace it if we have to.”

“I guess it will be all right,” Melissa agreed. “You already bought some colas and some lime sodas we can use for mixers and there’s some vodka and some whiskey in the cabinet. I’ll help you mix them though so you get it right.”

“If you have orange juice I’ll have a small screwdriver,” I said.

“One screwdriver, coming up,” Melissa said, trying to sound like a waitress.

The doorbell rang again and Shelly hurried to the door. She welcomed Brea and Rose Marie in to join the party.

“Melissa, this is Rose Marie and Brea; this is my big sister, Melissa, girls,” Shelly said. “They’re both new this year but they’re already among our dearest friends.”

“Hi. Come into the kitchen and I’ll mix some drinks for everyone,” Melissa offered.

“Drinks? What’s the occasion?” Rosie asked.

“Samantha and Randy are going steady,” I informed her.

“That’s wonderful! That cowboy is a real hunk!” Rosie said as she kissed Samantha on the cheek.

“Congratulations, Hon,” Brea said giving Samantha a big hug. “That’s almost as good as being engaged.”

We got our drinks and sat around the living room to talk about our boyfriends and other girl stuff. I was acutely aware of how quiet Melissa was as though it pained her to hear us talk about our boyfriends. I moved and sat close to her so we could talk quietly about something different. I drank up my drink while trying to think of something to say.

“Do you need another drink?” Melissa asked me.

“I sure do,” I answered truthfully. “A strong one.”

We went into the kitchen where Melissa busied herself making drinks for me and for herself.

“You’re not having much fun tonight, are you?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m alright,” she said as she poured a double shot of whisky in her glass and a double shot of vodka in my glass. “I just can’t join their enthusiasm for having a boyfriend.”

“I figured that much,” I said as she poured the mixers into our glasses. “Let’s just sit at the table here in the kitchen where we can talk about something else.”

“Alright, I’d like that.” she said as she put the glasses on the table.

“You must be very lonely now without your husband,” I began.

“A little lonely, yes, but so much better off in the long run.”

“Have you tried to find someone else?” I asked.

“Not really,” she said. “The last thing I want to do is rush into another mistake. I’m so thankful I didn’t get pregnant.”

“I know what you mean about that,” I said. – “Shelly and I have been best friends since childhood and I’ve known you for almost as long, I guess. I want you to know I’m here for you if you need anything, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, whatever.”

“Thank you so much, Alicia. I’ll remember that,” she said with tears welling up in her eyes.

“You’re so up tight, let me give you a backrub,” I offered.

Without waiting for an answer I stood behind her and began kneading the muscles at the base of her neck. I felt her begin to relax almost immediately. From her neck, I moved down the soft, bare skin of her back to her tank top and massaged her back muscles firmly.

“I mean what I say, Melissa. I would even loan you my boyfriend Travis, if I thought it would help you out.”

She turned in her chair to look up at me. Her tank top fell forward enough to expose her breast and pink nipple. I had all I could do to resist reaching down and squeezing the creamy white globe like I would have if she were Shelly.

“You’d do that for me? Why?!”

“Yes, I’d aydınlı escort do that – because I trust you and I trust Travis completely. I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem. I have zero tolerance for any kind of jealousy.”

“Oh, god, that’s kinky, Alicia,” she stammered. “I’d have to think about that.”

“Let’s pull your top up a bit so I can do your lower back,” I suggested.

She pulled the top from her waistband of her shorts to allow me to pull her top up to her shoulder blades. I massaged her smooth back firmly like I did the top part. She relaxed even more and even her breathing became slower and steadier as though she were about to go to sleep.

“Hey, you guys starting already?” Rosie asked as she entered the kitchen. “We thought we’d get another drink before we put on our pajamas to watch some movies before bedtime.”

“Sure. Help yourselves,” Melissa replied dreamily.

They came in and fixed fresh drinks as I massaged Melissa’s back. They soon left with their drinks as I pulled Melissa’s top back down.

“I think I’ll go change, too. Would you like to join us?” I asked.

“Yeah, I believe I will,” she smiled. “You can use my room to change in if you’d like.”

We went upstairs to her room, passing Shelly’s room with the door open. Rosie and Samantha were putting on their night wear in there. I guess Shelly and Brea were in the parents bedroom at the other end of the hall. As I undressed and put on my red transparent nightgown, I made it a point not to watch Melissa take off her shorts and tank top. I did take a glance though as she put on a loose fitting T-shirt over her pink lace panties.

“I’m all set,” she said.

“I’ll be with you in a second,” I said as I reached under my nightgown to pull off my white panties, aware that she was watching me intently. “These just don’t look right.”

When we returned to the living room, it looked like a Victoria’s Secret commercial or something. Everyone was wearing the sexiest sleepwear possible. Shelly was wearing a flesh colored, sheer baby doll with matching sheer panties. Samantha was wearing a full-length, black sheer gown with no panties. Brea was wearing a light blue, short gown trimmed with fur around the hem and matching sheer panties. Rosie was wearing a white, full-length sheer gown with matching panties. Melissa stopped short, taking in the amazing sight in front of her.

“I think I’ll make another drink now, that way I won’t have to get up during the movie,” she said. “Anyone else want one?”

“I’ll have another,” Shelly answered. “A whiskey and cola.”

“I remember what everyone is drinking,” Melissa said. “I’ll just make everyone another one.”

“I’ll help you,” I volunteered.

I followed Melissa into the kitchen and put ice in glasses while Melissa poured the drinks. She tossed back a shot of whiskey while making her drink with a generous double or triple shot of whiskey and a little cola on the top. The bottles rattled on the glass rim as though she was struggling with something within. We carried the drinks in as the movie was beginning to play. It was a romantic comedy which had us all laughing all through it. It also had some nudity in it.

I was sitting next to Melissa on the love seat and, since we had to look sideways at the TV, our necks got tired. I put a pillow on the arm and laid my head on it. I pulled Melissa back so she could lay her head on my shoulder and chest. She didn’t object and settled back contentedly with her head on my shoulder and her cheek against the side of my breast.

Samantha and Rosie were cuddled up on the sofa with Rosie’s head resting on Samantha’s shoulder. During the nude scenes I noticed Rosie squeezing Samantha’s breasts I’m sure Melissa saw it too because she would look around from time to time and would raise up enough to take a sip of her drink. During a steamy love scene they even kissed passionately and fondled the breasts of one another.

“Samantha is going steady?” Melissa asked me in a low voice.

“Yeah, with Randy from the riding academy,”

“My goodness, she doesn’t act like it!” Melissa said as she watched them.

“Oh, girls don’t count. They don’t date, they just help each other masturbate,” I explained.

“Oh,” she said as she settled back against my shoulder. Her last drink made her drunk enough that my explanation seemed perfectly logical to her. I squeezed my thighs together to appease the tingling in my pussy as I watched her fingers slowly scratch herself at her panty crotch.

“Anybody want another drink before I start another movie?” Shelly asked as the movie came to an end.

“Yeah, everybody have another drink. I’m a little tipsy but I’ll have another little tiny one,” Melissa said, struggling to stand up. She lost her balance in the process and started falling back onto me. I put my hands up to stop her from falling and caught her by her ass cheeks. She put her hand back to break her fall and placed it on my breast. Her butt is slightly bigger than Shelly’s but it’s oh so sexy and firm. I kept my hands on her delicious ass until she got on her feet, relishing the feel of her warm butt cheeks in her lace panties beneath my hands.

“Oops, I’d better watch out. I think I’m a little drunk,” she giggled.

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