Room With A View

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I was living in a seventh floor apartment overlooking the city of Seattle. The living room had a wall of windows that allowed you to look out over downtown, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. The scene was so incredible I took down the curtains that obscured a portion of the view. I wanted to be able to look out without any of the panorama being blocked – I didnÕt give much thought to anyone looking in from neighboring buildings. Besides, if they wanted to look I wasnÕt ashamed of what they could see at all. And in all fairness, I had done my share of checking out what was going on in the world with a telescope mounted on a tripod at the window.

At the time I was dating a really amazing guy. We had been introduced through a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. Mike was tall, tan and incredibly handsome. Addicted to his daily workouts, his body was in top form. His perfect six-pack of abs was a major turn-on for me. With a weakness for gorgeous men with southern accents, all Mike had to do was utter a few words and I was ready to fall on my back with my legs up in the air.

I had invited Mike over for dinner. He was impressed by the fact I had fairly good cooking skills. Gourmet cooking was not one of his strong points. He volunteered to bring the wine and the entertainment. The usual romp in bed was all the entertainment I needed.

Mike arrived with two bottles of wine and a black video case, which I soon learned was the latest Falcon Video release. We were certainly on the same wavelength when it came to plans for the evening. With dinner in the oven and the timer set, Mike opened a bottle çekmeköy escort of wine. After pouring two glasses, he handed one to me and we clinked glassware with the toast “to us.” A sip of wine was followed by a passionate kiss from Mike.

Everything about this guy oozed sexuality. His nearly black eyes, his accent, his strong arms and the large piece of hardening man-meat between his hairy legs. Just the smell of him got my juices flowing. In fact, I had difficulty changing the sheets on my bed after heÕd spent the night because I loved being surrounded by the aroma of Mike – and the smell of having sex with him.

Mike suggested we start the movie since dinner was about 40 minutes away. With the combination of several glasses of wine, muscled hunks going at it on the television screen and the fact Mike had been out of town for a few days, clothing started flying every direction. We were soon a tangle of naked limbs and grinding body parts. IÕd never been involved with a guy who was so crazy about my body and enjoyed sex so much. Usually we were able to make it into the bedroom where our sexual escapades were more comfortable on the bed, but not tonight. Seated on the couch, in the glow of the television, Mike was kneeling on the floor between my legs giving my stiff prick and balls a good washing. His big, strong hands cupped my ass cheeks, pulling my crotch into his face. His fingers constantly teased my puckering hole as he massaged the globes of my butt.

When I felt as if I would lose it, I pushed him back onto the floor and, without allowing my cock to escape from his mouth, cevizli escort somehow managed to get into a position where I could return the favor of a fantastic blowjob. We were lost in a fog of sweat, lust and mansex when the timer went off. Both stopping at the same instant, Mike raised his head to ask, “Can dinner wait for a while?”

I laughed and answered, “IÕm eating the only thing IÕm hungry for right now.” Running into the kitchen, with my throbbing shaft bouncing in front of me, I pulled dinner out of the oven and shut it off. I returned to the living room to find Mike on the sofa with his wineglass in one hand and eight inches of beautiful man-meat in the other. He was slowly stroking himself and sipping his wine while watching a guy on the video take one cock up his ass and another in his mouth.

I stepped up onto the couch, straddling MikeÕs beefy body, and squatted to line my prick up with his wine-filled mouth. He opened wide, being careful not to spill any wine from his oral cavity, and I plugged it with my fleshy cork. It was incredible fucking his face with the cold wine sloshing around my cock. He swallowed the wine and I could feel some dribble down my hairless balls. His tongue rushed to catch every drop.

Having set down his glass of wine, MikeÕs hands were again concentrating on my ass. With the ease one of his fingers slid into me, I knew I was ready at any time for a larger, more exciting invader. His hand rested on my waist and began to pull my body to the couch at the same time I began to lower myself onto his glistening shaft. In one smooth, constant movement erenköy escort I lowered myself until I felt his pubic hair tickling my pink hole. My gasp was met with a wet kiss as he began to flex his groin into me. In a very short time we had established a rhythm of my ass pounding down to meet his pulsing probe on the upswing.

Using his powerful legs, Mike lifted us both up and lowered me down onto the floor without slipping out of me, giving him a better position to plunge into me. My legs wrapped around his back, with my feet encouraging his ass each time he pounded my hole. With each movement his shaft rubbed against my prostate sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. His teeth found my hard nipples and began to give each a working over. Then, again without leaving me ass, he was able to flip me over to continue his fucking of me doggie-style. I raised my body up until I was able to grab onto the window ledge and take in the night view of the cityscape below us. As I balanced myself with one hand, I began to stroke my dripping cock with the other. MikeÕs relentless probing of my ass continued. I felt my balls tighten up against my body and begin to churn. My ass muscles began to squeeze and release MikeÕs hot piston. His teeth dug into my shoulder and the combination of pain and pleasure sent me over the edge. I began to squirt hot jism all over the window as my asshole gripped MikeÕs cock and began to milk the juices from it.

Exhausted we made our way to the shower, with dinner cold on the kitchen counter and snowy static coming from the television.

A few days later, at a local coffee shop, I was reading the new issue of the Seattle Gay News. I could feel my face turning red as I spotted the ad with the boldface headline: To The Guys On The Seventh Floor. The ad read: “Thanks for the great show the other night. When is the next performance?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32