The Farmer’s Sons

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I was driving down I-75 and it had literally become a trip through hell on earth. A trip that would normally take 8 or 9 hours had stretched already into 13 with no end in sight.

I had left Detroit that morning at 6 AM and I’d been on the road ever since. I had told my cousin that I’d arrive in Nashville in the early afternoon but it was 6 PM and I was still on the road, somewhere between Lexington and Richmond in Kentucky.

Just across the Ohio border I had run into construction, my first delay. On the other side of Toledo there was a massive accident that took forever to clear, my second delay. In Dayton, it seemed as if the entire stretch of highway through the city was undergoing reconstruction and traffic was like something from a third world country. Now, outside of Richmond in Kentucky, traffic was at a virtual standstill, the radio stations all sucked and I was running low on gas. The first day of my new life was a total disaster.

I had left Detroit to escape a relationship followed by a bad breakup. Scott and I had lived together for 2 years. Actually, he was the reason I’d moved to Detroit in the first place. From the very first I had loathed the city. It was an urban war zone, miles of abandoned and rotting houses. I’d grown up in the country and the only countryside I could see were weed grown vacant lots and the only wildlife had four legs and a long scaly tail.

Everything worked fine at first, and then Scott lost his job. At first he was too depressed to job hunt, and then it seemed to become an unimportant thing to him. I wound up going every day to a job I hated while he stayed home doing who knows what. All of the bills, all of the responsibility fell on me.

Then, the day before yesterday, I had forgotten my phone when I left for the day. I went to work and took care of a few things and then took an early lunch so that I could go home and pick up the phone. Normally, I wouldn’t have been back until at least 6 PM and it was just around 11 AM when I let myself into the apartment.

It was totally quiet and I wondered where Scott might have gone. Then, I heard the unmistakable sound of our bed. Not just the bed itself, the sound of the springs straining over and over as someone was getting fucked. I walked to the closed bedroom door and quietly opened it.

My current best friend, Billy, was lying on his back with his knees hitched over Scott’s shoulders and Scott’s big hard cock was sliding in and out of Billy’s ass hole.

“Has anybody seen my phone?” I asked the room at large.

Scott jumped up, his hard dick swaying in front of him and Billy struggled to cover himself with a sheet.

“Ah, there it is, right on the nightstand where I left it.” I said.

I walked in, not looking at either one of them, picked up the phone and called my job.

“I quit.” I told the receptionist. “Yes, that’s right, I won’t be coming back. Just throw away anything I left behind.”

I walked into the living room and Scott followed me, jabbering behind me. I ignored him and called my cousin in Nashville.

“Hey, cuz! Guess who?” I said. “Remember telling me that I could bunk on your couch if I ever wanted to relocate? Well, the time has come. I’ll be leaving first thing in the morning so I should get into town sometime in the afternoon. Is that okay? Great! I’ll see you then.”

After I hung up I walked into the bedroom and started taking my clothes out of the closet. Scott and Billy were both jabbering at me by this time but I couldn’t seem to concentrate enough on what they were saying to understand. I made several trips to my car with my clothing on hangers and stuffed into Ikea bags, then went back and filled my arms with books and papers, all of the accumulated stuff that I’d piled up over the past two years. Scott had slipped on pants and a shirt by then and he followed me back and forth, still jabbering away.

After I had loaded everything I wanted into my car, I went back upstairs to make a final sweep. Scott and Billy had stopped yammering and were standing in the kitchen.

“Scott, it’s been real. Billy, he’s all yours. The rent and all of the utility bills are due and I suggest you pay them if you want Scott to have someplace to fuck you.”

I walked downstairs, got into my car and drove to a motel. I rented a room and slept until 4 AM the next morning. I was sad but so relieved that I felt 10 years younger. At 6 AM. I hit the road and descended into highway hell.

The sign up ahead said “Richmond 20 miles” and I knew that I didn’t have enough gas to make it that far in the crawling traffic. I came to an unmarked off ramp about a mile further on and I took it, reasoning that if there was a ramp there must be a gas station. Wrong. And even worse, there was no re-entry ramp. I was in the middle of Kentucky on a two lane road with no idea of where I was.

I figured if I kept driving I was bound to come to an on ramp and that might have happened except that the road suddenly veered to the right, away from the interstate.

“Okay,” sex hikayeleri I thought to myself, “the road must lead to a town and there’s sure to be gas.”

So, I kept driving.

It was early summer and still light out so I wasn’t too alarmed. That is, until the road started rising and becoming less and less maintained. I hadn’t passed another car the whole time but I kept driving.

Finally, after about an hour, the road had turned into whatever the modern equivalent is of a dirt road and I was totally lost and running on gas fumes. Plus, it was getting dark.

I drove on another few miles before the car just died, dry as a bone. I was in the middle of a dark wood with night coming on and no one around for miles as far as I could tell.

I thought about just staying in the car and waiting till morning, hoping that someone was bound to happen by but after a half hour I was ready to go nuts. I got out of the car, locked it and started walking.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in the wilds of Kentucky at dusk but let me tell you, there is no romantic sunset. It’s like it is light one minute and then the next someone turned off the light. Blackness crashed down around me with a thud and I had trouble even keeping on the road.

I stumbled through the night for a while and then suddenly, up ahead on my right, I saw a glow of light. I hurried toward it as fast as I could in the blackness and soon was able to see that it was a house with softly glowing window panes. I started up the hill toward it and promptly fell ass over elbows into a ditch which caused an unknown number of bloodthirsty sounding dogs to set up a racket of barking and baying.

From where I was lying, I could see the front door open and a figure silhouetted in the soft light.

“Who the hell is out here?” a man called.

“Help. I’m sorry. I’m lost.” I called back.

A flashlight came on in the figure’s hand and I watched as it bobbed down the hill toward me. He stopped a few feet away, the flashlight shining in my face and illuminating my predicament.

“Hell, you sure do look lost. What are you doing out here rambling around in the dark?”

“I ran out of gas down the road.” I said. “I got off of the interstate to look for a gas station and then I got lost on the road. I got out and started walking and I saw your lights.”

“Well, are you hurt? Can you get yourself up out of that waller?” he asked.

I struggled to my feet and he shone the light so that I could see the path up to the house. I climbed the porch steps and as I stood on the porch he shone the light up and down me.

“Don’t look like you got damaged.” he said. “Just a little dirt and that’ll brush off.”

He started swatting at my shirt with his other hand, then grasped my shoulder and turned me around to dust off my back. His hand moved down and soon was swatting the dust off of my ass.

“You sure like to wear those jeans tight, don’t you?” he said as his hand thumped my butt.

“We’ve got a visitor, boys.” he called through the open door, then grasped me by the upper arm and pulled me indoors.

At first, even the soft glow of oil lamps blinded me and I had to blink a couple of times before the room swam into view. We were in a kitchen with a big center table and oil lamps placed around the room. At the table there were two men seated. The first looked to be in his early twenties. He had hair that was almost white and pale skin. Even in the semi-dark I could see that he had bright blue eyes. The other man was around my age, late twenties, and he was dark with dark curly hair and a thick mustache. They were both wearing tee shirts and I could see they had muscular arms and torsos.

I turned and looked at my rescuer. He was an older man, probably in his late forties. He sported a short cut beard and had the same blue eyes as the younger man. His hair was dark and curly and he had a weathered, handsome face. He was wearing a pair of old overalls with no shirt on underneath and I couldn’t help but admire the thick muscles of his biceps and shoulders and the forest of dark curly hair spouting out of the overall bib top.

When I looked back up at his face he was half smiling, obviously aware that I’d been admiring what I could see of his body.

“These here are my sons.” he said. “The younger one is Tate…”

“You can call him Tater Head if you want.” the older son said.

“…and the older boy with the big mouth is Willy” he finished. “They just call me JT.”

He stuck out his hand to shake and I was aware of how strong and warm his hand was. He was giving me that sly half smile again.

“How in the hell did you come to be rolling around in our front yard in the dark?” Willy asked and I explained again about being lost and out of gas.

“Shoot, you’re only about twelve miles from Richmond.” Tate said. “Just a little more gas and the road would have taken you right into town. There’s no gas station between here and there, though. How far are you headed?”

“I’m porno hikayeleri on my way to Nashville.” I said. “I left Detroit early this morning and I’ve been in traffic jams ever since.”

“You planning on being a country star?” Tate asked.

“Not hardly.” I said. “My mother used to tell me I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. I’m just looking to start over.”

They all three laughed and JT asked, “When’s the last time you ate? If you been on the road all day you must be starved. Sit yourself down, I made a stew and some biscuits and we were just getting ready to tuck in. There’s plenty, so don’t feel shy.”

I was suddenly achingly aware of how hungry I actually was. I sat down at the table and JT served us each with a big bowl of stew and a fluffy biscuit, and then put the rest on the table in easy reach. The stew was delicious and the biscuits better than I was used to. The boys and JT were finished long before I was and sat and watched as I stuffed myself.

JT got up from the table and moved to a spindly rocker in the corner. I glanced over at where he sat and I was conscious of the considerable size of the lump filling his denim covered crotch. Again, he noticed me noticing.

“How’s that possum stew taste?” he asked me.

“It’s delicious.” I said. “And these biscuits are light as feather.”

“It ain’t possum stew.” Willy said, rising and gathering up the dirty dishes. “That’s chicken he bought at the Save-a-Lot today. He’s just trying to spook you.”

“I don’t spook too easy.” I replied.

I looked over to where JT sat rocking and he let one hand slide into his lap and cup the huge bulge there.

“I bet I know something that would spook you.” he said, smiling.

“Don’t bet on it.” I replied. “You’d be real surprised how brave I can be when it’s called for.”

I turned and watched as Tate and Willy washed the dirty dishes. Both of them were tall and rangy. Their tee shirts showed off their hard muscular bodies and both were wearing loose blue jeans. When they moved, the large bulges at their crotches shifted and moved, too, and I wondered if they were wearing underwear.

“So, how do you like KY?” JT asked.

I turned back to him and the surprise must have shown on my face because I immediately thought of the popular anal sex lube. He was looking at me with that same shit eating grin.

“Kentucky?” he said. “How do you like Kentucky?”

I composed myself and replied, “I’ve liked every experience with KY so far. I can’t say I’ve had a single bad time.”

“I’ll just bet you haven’t.” JT said.

He unhooked one of the straps on his overalls so that the flap fell forward on one side. His fur covered pec muscle was sculpted and broad, standing out from his chest and his dark nipple was a perfect cone shape that shone in the lamp light. “Getting’ kinda warm in here, ain’t it?” he said.

I tore my eyes from that delicious looking tit and looked up at him.

“So what are we going to do about my car?” I asked. “Can you give me a ride to a gas station?”

“Hell, you’re used to the big city, boy.” JT told me. “You won’t find any place open after dark around here and those roads are dangerous besides. I’ve got a couple of jerry cans of gas out in the shed but we can’t do anything until daylight. You’ll just have to stay the night.”

“I appreciate that but I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

“Won’t be no trouble.” JT replied. “Only thing is, we don’t have an extra bed so you’re going to have to share up with one of us.”

Before I could reply, Tate blurted, “He can share with me, I don’t mind.”

Both JT and Willy gave him a long cool look and then JT turned to me. “Will that suit you?”

I imagined what Tate’s nude body probably looked like, his pale skin and blond hairlessness and the promising bulge in his jeans.

“I think that’ll suit me to a T.” I replied.

We spent a few hours after that just talking and shooting the shit. I told them I had headed South after a nasty breakup but I didn’t go into detail. I asked how they survived out in the middle of nowhere and JT told me that he used to farm but the “guvment” paid him more per year not to grow than he had made before. He said that they harvested ginseng in the woods and made good money at it and that he and the boys were always finding odd jobs and ways to make more money. Willy had served in Afghanistan and received a monthly pension.

I told him that he didn’t look like he needed a pension and his dad said, “What have I been telling you, boy?”

Willy stretched his right leg out in front of him and knocked on it.

“It’s fake from here on down.” he said. “I stepped on some kind of land mine. I’m lucky that’s all it did. At least I didn’t come back needing dope all of the time or alcoholic. Lot’s of guys had it worse than me.”

“I’m really sorry that it happened anyway.” I said. “But a good looking guy like you isn’t going to find it a hindrance. I bet you’ve got the girls following seks hikayeleri you around town just waiting to be noticed.”

“I’m not much the type for girls.” he replied.

“So it sounds like a pretty good life out here.” I said to the dad. “I wish I had your lives. What do you do for fun?”

“Maybe we’re making moonshine out in the woods, too.” JT said.

“Well, if you are, keep it out there. That shit smells like vomit and gives you a hangover that makes you wish you’d died. I wasn’t always a city boy.” I told him.

“I’m beginning to see there’s a lot more to you than I first suspected.” he replied.

The talk dwindled down and finally JT said, “Okay, boys, time for bed. We’ve got to get this fella on the road bright and early.”

He walked over and opened a door on the opposite wall.

“The boys both sleep upstairs.” he said. “My room is in here.”

He stood with his hand on the knob and a questioning look on his face.

“Come on, time for bed.” Willy said, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me up before I could say anything. He and Tate herded me over to the stairs and when I looked back, JT was still standing in the doorway watching me go.

Upstairs was one big room under the slanted roof. A bed stood off to the left against a low wall and another stood with the headboard up against a brick chimney that divided the room.

“This is my bed over here by the chimney.” Tate said, leading me to it.

“Is it okay if I just sleep in my shorts?” I asked.

“Shoot, you can sleep without them if you want. Me and Willy do.” Tate replied.

Tate set the oil lamp down on the table by his bed and I turned my back and began to undress. I could hear the rustle of the boys disrobing and my cock started to grow thinking about it. Shielding my stiffening cock, I turned to face them.

Tate, as I suspected, was the kind of blond whose body hair is so light and fine that it almost disappears. His body was well muscled, the kind that comes from hard work, long and smooth instead of bulky. His pubic hair was almost non-existent and a sizable circumcised cock that was a darker red than the rest of his body and hung down over a hairless ball sack.

Willy was just the opposite. His body was muscular, too, but in a bulky, built up way. His thick shoulders and arms looked almost as large as his father’s and he had the same dark red conical nipples standing out from his curly chest hair. The fur trailed down his torso to a thick nest of curls over a thick cock that looked like it was swelling as I stared. His prosthesis started at about mid thigh and I was surprised at how natural it looked.

“Pretty disgusting, huh?” he said knowing that I was looking at the limb.

“Don’t give yourself so much credit.” I replied. “It would take a whole lot more than prosthesis to make a hot looking guy like you stop turning heads.”

By now, my poor cock was fully hard and standing straight up and throbbing. I was having a difficult time keeping it hidden.

“Like you said, time for bed.” I said and reached over with one hand and turned down the wick of the light.

I slid between the cool sheets and felt the bed sag when Tate got in on the other side. I was acutely conscious of the beautiful man lying next to me and my rebellious cock continued to throb and my balls began aching. I turned onto my right side, my back to Tate and tried to go to sleep.

After 10 minutes or so, I assumed from his steady breathing that Tate was asleep. I had just began to doze off when Tate turned over, facing me. I felt his smooth chest against my back and even better, a hot, hard shaft of meat nestling in the cleft of my buns. Unsure if he was sleeping, I moved my hips backward to get more of his cock between my buns and I was rewarded by him thrusting his hips nearer. I felt his hand slide down in the bed and then his fingers probing between my ass cheeks until he found my puckered hole. I reached behind me and grasped his stiff cock. It was bigger and thicker than I had expected.

“Is this alright?” he whispered as his finger pressed its way into my ass.

“This is better than alright.” I replied. “This is exactly what I need.”

I turned over so that I was lying on my stomach and spread my legs so that my ass was open and ready to get fucked. Tate climbed up on his knees behind me and I felt a gob of hot spit land on my ass hole, then the thick head of his cock pressing against my opening.

My tight hole expanded, eager to get his meat inside and then the wide head popped through the tight ring. He pressed harder and the length of hot meat slid into my guts and filled me up. Lying on top of me, his cock buried to the hilt in my ass and his heavy balls resting between my legs he whispered, “Are you doing okay?”

“I’ll be a lot better as soon as you start fucking me with that fat cock.” I whispered back.

He started slow, sliding the length of meat in and out of me, making me feel every inch. I clamped my ass muscles down around the big invader and he responded by beginning to thrust faster into my ass.

“You’re so tight.” he whispered. “I don’t know how long I can last.”

“Shoot whenever you’re ready.” I replied. “We’ve got all night for you to fuck me as often as you like.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32