The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 11

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Seeing someone whom you’ve never met or seen before, twice in one day might be written off as coincidence, but three has to be fate. When it happened to me, I didn’t question the fates, I took advantage of them.

I continued seeing Tammy on a regular basis, and her sexual skills were improving greatly. We got together at least once a week, usually more, and her knowledge and self- confidence were starting to emerge.

She still insisted, however, that I continue to date, which I did, but not nearly as much as before. However, when I did date, Tammy made sure that I filled her in on all of the details. And I do mean ALL of the details. Tammy was wearing me out with her enthusiasm and renewed sex drive, and was proving to be almost everything that I needed at this point in my life.

Towards the end of summer, Tammy told me that she was taking her annual trip down south, to some land that her Grandfather had owned and had given to Tammy when he died. There was a cabin on the land, and Tammy took her girls every summer, for two weeks just before school started. This year was going to be a special trip, because her youngest daughter was entering her senior year of high school, so this would probably be the last trip for all of them together.

As she was saying good-bye before she left, Tammy made sure to tell me that she expected me to have some stories for her when she got back. I laughed, telling her that I would do my best, and saw her and the girls off.

The first week was pretty good. I got a lot of work done on the property, and I got some needed rest at night. After about a week-and-a-half, though, I decided that the property could wait, grabbed my work-out gear, and went to the gym.

The health club that I work out at is, for me at least, perfectly set-up. I usually start off riding a bike to loosen up, and the bikes are behind the treadmills and stair machines. They are all facing a long wall with a number of TV’s, so you can watch as you work out. Being in the back row of the cardio machines, I usually have the best views of the backsides of the women working out.

As soon as I got the bike programmed, got my MP-3 player set up, and started going, I started to peruse the sights in front of me. As usual, I was not disappointed.

Almost right away, I noticed two women that seemed to stand out. One was a strawberry- blonde, on a treadmill, and two machines over, on a stair machine, was a blonde. They were both well into their workouts, and were bouncing along. They both were slim, with nice legs, firm asses, and tone bodies.

When I was about half-way through my ride, they both got off of their machines, a few seconds apart. This provided me with a better view of both women.

The strawberry-blonde was very pretty, with a small but fit frame, and an impressive chest, especially for her size. I guessed her age to be a little older than me, putting her into her late forties. The blonde, who appeared to be in her mid-30’s, had a slightly larger frame, still slim and trim, though. The two women looked like they were related, possibly sisters, or maybe aunt- and-niece. They were both beautiful.

After I finished my bike ride, I went to hit the weight machines, and saw both women there. This allowed me to get a better view of both of them as I worked out.

At one point, the older woman, the strawberry-blonde, asked me if I knew how to use one of the machines. Being the helpful sort that I am, I showed her, and the other woman came over and watched. I managed to get a little bit of conversation in with them as we both continued our workouts.

As they finished, they both thanked me, and said good-bye. I made a mental note to start coming more often, so I could run in to them again.

After I finished my work-out, I soaked and showered and went to do some grocery shopping. Walking down one aisle, I spotted the younger woman, looking for something on the shelves. As we passed each other, we both smiled, chuckled, and said hi.

I turned the corner, went down the next aisle, and saw the other woman. We made eye contact and smiled at each other as we both heard “I found it mom!” coming from the aisle that I had just left.

I was shocked, to say the least. “Mom?” I asked her.

She just nodded.

“Wow!” I said aloud, and I heard her chuckle as we both kept walking.

A few seconds later, as I was going to the next aisle, I heard the sound of two women giggling, and I thought to myself that these two women looked to be about ten years apart, not a mother and daughter.

As I was driving home from the store, I noticed that my favorite bar, which just happened to be just outside the back gate of my property, was having a tropical party that night. They had an outdoor patio, and were going to have a band.

I drove home, made sure that my favorite Hawaiian shirt was clean, that I had other clean clothes, and then decided to turn on the baseball game and do what comes naturally …take a nap.

When I awoke, Pendik Escort it was dark outside. After a quick shower, I dressed and took a walk to the back of my property, and went to the bar.

After stopping first for a burger at the bar, I went to the patio, and joined the party already in progress. I worked my way towards the bar, got a rum punch, and surveyed the crowd and the band.

As I was looking over the crowd, I saw them again! The two women that I had run into twice already today, were sitting at a table at the edge of the floor.

I asked the bartender, a cute little bi-sexual named Candy that I flirt with on a regular basis, who their waitress was, found out that they were drinking the same thing that I was, and bought a round for all of us.

As I walked up to their table, I put the drinks down and said “Seeing you ladies once today was nice. Seeing you a second time was an added pleasure. But a third time? … Are you ladies stalking me?”

They both laughed, and smiled at me as I handed them their drinks.

As we started to talk, the ladies introduced themselves. The strawberry-blonde, the mother, was named Christine, and her daughter was named Liz. I introduced myself, and the conversation was on.

I found out that both ladies were divorced, that Liz was Christine’s only child, and that Liz had a daughter that was twelve. Liz’s divorce was just finalized, and the ladies were celebrating with a girl’s weekend. Liz’s ex had her daughter for the weekend, so they decided to go out and “get silly”, as Christine put it.

As the night progressed, and the rum punch flowed, so did the conversation. Both ladies also convinced me to dance with them, which I did several times. Each time that I danced to a slow song with each woman, I had to fight from pulling them in any closer, for fear that they would feel my semi-hard cock in my pants.

I had a big laugh when the band played a Jimmy Buffet song. The played his infamous love song, “Why Don’t We Get Drunk …”, and both ladies sang along, loudly.

Eventually, though, as the party started winding down, Liz had met some guy that was trying to hit on her, and Christine and I were left alone to talk. I found out that after Liz was born, Christine’s husband, the only man that she had ever been with, told her that he was gay, that he wouldn’t give her a divorce, but that he would take care of her needs as she acted as the dutiful wife. It seems that he was in a high profile position, and couldn’t afford to be outed.

Eventually, though, after Liz was married, Christine demanded a divorce, and he gave in. Before she was able to file, however, he died of a heart attack, and Christine inherited everything. Since then, she has dated a bit, even had a one-night-stand while on vacation, but had basically been alone.

Liz, on the other hand, caught her husband screwing the 300-lb. neighbor lady, in her own bed when she came home from work early one day, and kicked him out. She then sold her house, moved in with her mother, and was getting used to being single again.

When Liz was finally able to shake her admirer, she returned to the table. At that point, both ladies realized that they were in no condition to drive. Christine asked me if I could drive them home, and they would come back tomorrow, and I told her that I had walked there, and that I was in no better condition than they were.

“You walked here?” Liz asked. “Where do you live?”

“Do you see that fence?” I asked, pointing to the rear of the parking lot.

“Yes,” they both answered.

“Well, those trees on the other side of the fence are mine,” I told them.

“Nice,” Christine said.

“Well, I know we’ve only just met, but, if you ladies would like, you can stay at my place tonight, and just walk back here in the morning to get your car. I’ll even talk to Kenny, the owner here, to make sure that your car will be OK overnight,” I told them.

Realizing that their choices were slim, and reassuring them that they would be safe, and that they could share a room if they wished, they agreed.

As we left the bar, I walked us towards my back gate, and we walked onto my land. I guided the two ladies up the path through the woods, until we reached the back lot. Here, the path widened, and the ladies walked on each side of me as we approached the house. I put an arm around each woman, and they both closed in as we walked.

I let out a big sigh as we continued towards the house, and Christine said, “That wasn’t a yawn, was it?”

“No,” I responded, “That was a sigh of contentment. I was just thinking that it doesn’t get any better than this.”

“Why is that?” Liz asked.

“Well, here I am, walking on my back lawn with two beautiful women, the hottest mother-daughter combo that I’ve ever seen, taking them to my home for the night. Even if we are going to be on different floors all night, I’m still taking you two home with me.”

Both ladies laughed, and Anadolu Yakası Escort I swear that I caught Christine looking at me for a second with raised eyebrows, before settling back in to my arm.

When we reached the house, both ladies were oohing and ahhing at the pool and the patio set-up that I had. Liz immediately walked up to the pool, took her shoe off, and dipped her toes in .

“Oh, that water feels nice!” she exclaimed . “Can I take a dip?”

Before I could respond, Christine responded, “You don’t have a suit, Lizzie .”

“Well, my bra and panties are just like a bikini. Kurt won”t mind, do you?” she asked.

“It doesn’t bother me,” I told her. With that, Liz stripped off her summer dress, and dove into the pool.

I looked at Christine as Liz swam around, and said, “If you’d like, I can give you a tour of the house, and show you your rooms for the night.”

“That sounds good,” Christine answered, laughing at Liz acting like a kid in the pool.

As we walked in the house, Liz yelled out, “You”d better be careful, if she gets you alone. She”s drunk, and she may attack you.”

I laughed as we entered the house, and guided Christine around. As we went up to the second floor, we eventually got to my room. I was showing her the view I had, overlooking the lawn, woods, and pool from my balcony. I knew that Liz couldn’t see us from here, so we quietly watched as she swam around. At one point, she stopped, looked around, and reached back and undid her bra. She threw it on the patio, and started swimming again.

“I’m sorry about that outburst as we were walking in,” Christine said softly. “She does mean well.”

“Hey, it didn’t bother me,” I said. “I thought it was kind of funny. Unless, that is, I really do have to be careful being alone with you.”

“Why,” she asked, “Do I look dangerous to you?”

“I don’t know. You never can tell,” I joked with her. “But I think that I’m willing to take the risk .”

“You think so, huh?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I told her, as I stepped in towards her, taking her hips in my hands.

I heard her whimper and breathe in sharply as I pulled her in. I took her in my arms, and kissed her softly on her lips.

As we kissed for a couple of minutes, Christine pulled away for a second, and whispered to me, ” If you keep kissing me like that, I just may attack you.”

I answered her by pulling her in close, and kissing her passionately. My hands were roaming all over her back, and I felt her moan as I pulled her ass in tight, and she felt my erection against her belly.

As she started increasing her passion, I slid my hand up to the zipper at the back of her dress. I started working on her neck, following her jaw line towards the tender spots just under the ears, as I slowly worked the zipper down her back.

When the zipper was open all the way, I moved back just enough, keeping my lips on her neck, so that I could slide the dress off of her shoulders, and down her body.

Her dress hit the floor, pooling around her ankles, and I started to guide Christine into the bedroom. As I looked over her body, Christine, said softly, “You are the first man to see me like this in a long time. A very long time.”

She was quite a sight, with her long, reddish hair, her lightly tanned skin, and her turquoise bra and panties. “I am honored,” I told her. “I promise to be slow and gentle.”

“Only at first,” she answered, as she pulled me in close, and started to undress me.

She pulled my shirt off of me, and then started working on my shorts. I could still hear Liz splashing around in the background as Christine lowered my shorts, kneeling in front of me to remove my shorts from around my ankles.

As she stayed on her knees, she looked up at my hardening cock, and I could hear her whisper, “Oh, wow.”

I stood her up after a couple of seconds, and resumed undressing her. I removed her bra, and leaned in to kiss her erect nipples, causing another sharp intake of breath. Her breasts were exquisite to look at and to touch. Christine’s tits were quite large, especially for her body, but there was little sag, and her nipples were almost perky. They almost seemed to be thanking me for freeing them from their lace confines.

I kissed and licked her large, reddish nipples, as I slowly worked my way down her body, and when I reached her panties, and sexy black pair of boy-shorts, I kept kissing. When I reached the thin piece of lace covering her pussy, she gasped, and I could feel her legs shake a little as I placed a kiss right above where I could see moisture soaking in.

At that point, I stood up, gave Christine a passionate kiss, and then scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my bed. Christine was laughing as I was doing this, but her laughs quickly turned to gasps and moans as I got between her legs, and started kissing my way up her legs, towards her steaming pussy.

Eventually, I arrived at my destination, and I reached İstanbul Escort up and slowly pulled off her panties. I knelt upright, and held her legs in the air as I pulled them off of her legs. As I lay back down on the bed, I kept her legs up, and slowly opened them as I lowered my face to her moist center.

When I had her legs spread far apart, I slowly and softly started blowing on her shiny, wet clit. That caused her to gasp loudly, and when I gently licked my way up her slit, from her wet seepage all the way up tp her clit, she moaned loudly, and gave a shudder.

“Oh, my god,” she said softly. “I’ve never had anyone do that to me before. That feels incredible!”

“Good. I’m glad you like,” I told her. “Now, you feel free to lend a helping hand, if you want, but I am going back and have some more of this tasty snack.”

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, as I resumed my oral love assault. I varied the speed and location of my tongue for the next few minutes, and when I heard an increase in Christine’s breath rate, and she started moaning and squirming more, I went in for the kill. I quickly wrapped my lips around her stiff clit, and started sucking on it, as I slowly slid a finger into her wet pussy.

That caused Christine to yelp sharply, and then she grabbed my head and pulled it in tight to her flowing pussy. I placed her hands o the backs of her legs, so that I had wide open access to her pussy, and resumed licking and sucking. I also turned my hand over, palm side up, and started stroking and looking for her spot.

I knew that I found the spot, when she started to shake and groan louder. I looked up and noticed that she had let go of her legs, and was squeezing and playing with her big tits, and pulling on her nipples.

Suddenly, Christine started a low, throaty moan that increased in volume and intensity. She kept this up for a few seconds, as I started sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy, flicking up at her spot each time I had them in deep. That was the final stimulus that she needed, and Christine yelled, loudly, “Oh, my god! I’m cumming!”

Christine was loud enough that I was worried that Liz would hear us, but it didn’t seem to matter. She kept moaning and groaning, trying to catch her breath as she came down from her orgasm.

While Christine was recuperating, I removed my boxers, and lay next to her. I felt her hand go down to my cock and softly encircle it.

“Would you mind if I didn’t return the pleasure to you, this time?” she asked softly. “I would really like to feel this inside of me right now.”

“That’s OK with me. I can wait until next time to feel your soft, hot lips sliding up and down my cock,” I told her. “Right now, I wouldn’t mind feeling your hot, juicy pussy sliding up and down on me.”

“That sounds good,” she said with a whimper, and started to straddle me.

Christine started to lower herself onto my pole, and she was gasping and moaning the whole time. When she was about half way down, she stopped for a second, and looked at me with glazed eyes. I felt her raise herself up a little, as she whispered “Oh, my, god,” and then dropped her body all the way down on to me, impaling herself on my thick cock.

That caused her to yelp loudly, and I reached up and held her hips still as she got used to my cock. Soon, Christine was bouncing up and down on my shaft, going faster and breathing heavier. I stopped her, holding her hips tightly, and thrust up at her. That caused her to yelp again, and then she started to move her ass and wiggle her hips around, grinding her pelvis against mine.

After a few minutes of her riding me, grinding against me, Christine’s breath started getting heavy, and she started that throaty moan again.

I started bouncing my ass up and down, matching Christine’s strokes. It didn’t take long before she loudly proclaimed, “I’m cumming again. Oh, my god, I’m going to cum again!”

I pulled her down to me and held her tight as I started pumping my cock into her. I soon felt her pussy contracting and milking my cock, and it took everything I had not to cum right then, Christine felt, looked, and sounded so good.

I held her still as she calmed down from her orgasm, feeling the heat radiating off of both of us. After a minute or so, Christine asked softly, “Can we try it from behind? I’ve never done it like that.”

“Never?” I asked.


“Well, I can’t think of a better time to start,” I told her.

She let me get out from under her, and she got on her hands and knees. I got behind her, and rubbed my cock head along her wet slit. I teased her a little by tapping my cock against her clit, which she really liked.

I put her shoulders and chest on the mattress, raising her ass, and then I tapped my cock against her tight back door, and that caused her to gasp, moan, and wiggle her ass. I made a mental note to remember the fact that she liked having her ass played with.

When I knew that it was time, I placed my cock head at her hot, wet opening, took a hold of her hips, and leaned forward.

“Are you ready?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Are you sure?” I asked, wiggling my hips around, making my cock tease her waiting pussy.

“Oh, yes,” Christine whimpered.

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