Nikki’s Awakening

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I had my first sexual experience the summer I was eighteen. It started when my boyfriend Mark and I were watching a movie on TV after my parents had gone to bed. Mark started kissing me and then started to slide his hand up my skirt. “No” I told him and pulled his hand away. Meanwhile my mind was racing. I didn’t really want him to stop. Ever since we had started dating, I’d been fantasizing about having sex. At night I’d lie awake after a date and imagine my boyfriend licking my pussy or fucking me. I’d think about his hard cock…what would it feel like? What would it be like to suck it?

I could feel my pussy getting really wet as he continued to kiss me and I thought about having his hand on my sex. What would he do? What would it feel like? Ten minutes later I found out because he tried again, and this time I didn’t stop him. He slid his hand under the elastic of my panties and ran one finger all the way down between my lips. I could feel my lips parted around the slender hardness of his finger, and I felt a shiver. He dipped it just a little into my hole and got his finger super slick in my wetness. Then he started to gently rub my clitoris with his wet finger in little circles. It felt so good. I wanted nothing more than to take off everything and put his hard cock inside of me. But I was way too shy to try anything so bold.

He rubbed his finger around and around in little circles, periodically dipping it in my hole again, which was getting to be soaking wet. My breathing was getting faster and more ragged as he went on and on. I felt like I had climbed a long hill and now I was teetering at the precipice. Just a little bit more was all I needed. Then suddenly, finally, it hit and I tipped over the edge. A small orgasm gripped me. My muscles tensed up as the wave of pleasure rippled through me.

After it ended Mark started kissing me again. I knew he wanted something too, and after what he did for me I was inclined to give it to him. I was totally determined in the safety of my dreams to give him a blowjob. Confronted with the reality I was scared, but my recent orgasm gave me the courage to try. I gently pushed Mark down on the carpet in front of the movie we were supposed to be watching. I knelt beside him and unzipped his pants. Then I pulled them down far enough to expose his already very hard cock.

I Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort studied his cock as I pulled it out. It looked to be thick and long, with a pronounced bump running up the underside to the darker head. Gripping it, it felt smooth and warm with a strange feel of a very soft skin laid over a steel hard center. I bent forward to confront this intimidating shaft. Tentatively I started to run my tongue up and down his length. Then getting a little bolder I took him into my mouth.

At first I just bobbed my mouth up and down on him for a while. He seemed to like that OK, but then when I pressed my tongue against the underside of his shaft he started to moan a little. I kept going, and then he wound his fingers into my hair on the back of my head. I don’t think he meant to, but steady light pressure from his hand urged me to take his cock deeper into my throat. It kind of pissed me off to have him pushing me, but then I held my breath and slid his cock all the way into the back of my throat until my nose tip was buried in his pubic hair. I held it there for several seconds, backed off and then repeated. After a dozen strokes he was clearly getting closer to coming. His thigh muscles were tensed up and he was breathing harder. I felt like I was in control of him, I got a certain power from my ability to excite him so much. My previous annoyance passed and I started to become aroused by my own power to give him pleasure. Right then I made a decision that when he came I would take his come in my mouth and swallow it.

I kept going until I felt his cock get bigger and start to throb. He was really breathing hard and all tensed up. Not wanting to choke right then and there I backed off a little and just held him in my mouth while stroking him in and out slightly. His cock pulsed hard a couple times and then started filling my mouth with semen. There were about five or six good pulses of hot come and I wound up with what felt like a very big load in my mouth. It was very slightly tangy, kind of salty and very thick. I had to carefully pull my mouth off of his cock so as not to suddenly dribble the whole load all over him. I would have been mortified if that happened. Then I sat up and swallowed the whole big load. I nearly gagged on it because it was so thick, but I managed to get it down without embarrassing myself completely. It was really erotic to suck him off and then take his load like that. I could taste his semen strongly on my tongue, so I gave him a big kiss to share the erotic flavor with him. The memory of it replayed in my mind through the next week until another date with him..

The next goal was to go ‘all the way’. I was on the pill but I wasn’t brave enough to get naked in the living room with my parents sleeping upstairs. Not yet anyway. So instead we snuck into the nearby nature park after dark carrying a couple blankets. We found a secluded spot in the dark woods and laid between the blankets together. We stripped each other naked and cuddled together. I was hugely randy having been thinking of this moment all week.

Mark slid under the blankets and gently licked the insides of my thighs. I was really nervous about having him stick his tongue down there, but in the end it was very worth it. He gently ran his tongue up my outer lips which sent chills up my spine. Finally he parted my lips and directly licked my clitoris. He ran his tongue back and forth over it, and then occasionally placed his mouth on my clit and sucked me. It was incredible, and I started to feel an orgasm build up like a tension in the center of my body.

Having him eat my pussy was even better than rubbing my clit with his finger. I could tell that this was going to be a bigger orgasm than the previous week. Suddenly my boyfriend slid a finger all the way into my pussy while licking my clit hard and a few minutes later I went right over the edge. I moaned steadily as the muscles in my vagina clamped down hard on my boyfriend’s finger.

Mark stopped licking my pussy and slid up between my legs. I felt his cockhead bumping my vulva and I tilted my hips to place it right at my opening. I was super wet, and with a little push he started to slide right in. I felt my lips stretch apart and then I felt solid pressure in my vagina as he slid into me. He kept going until he bottomed out inside me, and the fullness of his cock felt delicious. He slowly stroked his cock in and out of me while his pubic bone rubbed directly on my clitoris. The orgasmic peak that had receded after the oral sex resumed building with a vengeance. I moaned in ecstasy and thrashed my arms as I came. My pussy clamped down on his hard cock as he pumped away inside of me. His breath was ragged too as he neared his own climax.

Just as my orgasm was ending my boyfriend came. He pressed his cock into my pussy as deep as it would go and held me tight. I could actually feel his cock pulsing deep against my cervix as he shot a pretty big load of semen into my body. After he finally stopped coming he lightly slumped onto me and held me while his cock softened inside my body. Then he rolled off of me and held my hand. I glanced over and saw his soft cock glistening in the moonlight with the wetness from my pussy. A small drip of semen hung from the tip of it. I could not resist leaning over to suck his softening cock into my mouth. I again tasted his erotic flavor as his penis became soft in my mouth.

We laid together there for about five minutes and then we decided to get moving. I pulled on my clothes and we started walking back towards his car. After about a dozen steps I suddenly felt a huge wetness flood the crotch of my panties. There was so much of it that it leaked past the panties and started to run down my leg. In all my fantasizing about sex and planning this first time I had never considered where all that semen would go after the fact. Well, where it goes is right back out. I wound up walking a good mile back to the car with the crotch of my panties absolutely soaked in cum, and with a trail of semen running down my leg. I told Mark about it and the idea of my come soaked panties clearly aroused him.

When we got back to the car Mark laid me back on the seat and pulled off my soaked panties. He crouched down between my legs and inhaled the musky scent of my well fucked pussy. Then he ran his tongue all over my lips and up and down my slit, licking our combined juices off of my pussy. What he was doing was so nasty and his tongue felt so good I was desperate to have his cock in me again. Fortunately he found it so hot too that he got hard again.

Mark crawled up on me and slid his cock back into my cunt. I was so hot, wet and aroused that he bottomed out in one quick stroke. He fucked me there in the car for several minutes and a couple orgasms before he finally stiffened again. Mark pressed his hips down forcing his cock deep into me. Then he held still and I once again felt his cock throbbing strongly in my cunt. He sent spurt after spurt into me again to coat my cervix and I laid back and relished the feeling. It was an incredibly good awakening to my sexual life.