Night Out

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The heat of the night was finally starting to die down as we entered the club. I could feel the pulsing of the music grow louder as we neared the dance floor. Laser lights were flashing in time with the music. There were so many people on the dance floor it seemed impossible that we could join them, yet we did. My mind was already hazy from a few too many drinks. My friends had been pulling me from one bar to another as we celebrated my 30th birthday. Each bar was the same, we walked in and went to the dance floor, someone went for a round of drinks or shots and after a little while we moved on to the next one. Luckily someone was smart enough to hire a limo for the evening so we didn’t have to worry about driving.

This dance floor was so packed you rubbed against the people around you as you danced. Being shy I tried to minimize my movements but after a little while I just went with the music, sliding against those people around me. It was sensual to feel so many bodies touching you. A new song started to play, the rhythm harder and faster the beat throbbed threw me. I felt hands on my hips from behind, a hot body moving against my back dancing with me. Moving to the beat, the hands caressed my hips and sides. I could feel myself becoming warm all over as the music throbbed.

My partner’s body pressed against my back and I could feel the softness of her breasts against me as we danced. Her hands moved to my stomach as we kept time to the music. I looked around me to see if anyone noticed how close our bodies where and found my friends gone, and that all the people around me were dancing in a similar fashion. Letting myself go I melted against my partner and moved with the music our hips moving as one rubbing against each other as we danced.

The music changed to a slower beat, couples dancing closer. I turned to face my partner seeing her for the first time. Her pretty brown eyes looked deeply Gaziantep Escort İlanları into mine. I reached up a hand and brushed her blond hair away from her face. Smiling I moved closer to her and started to sway to the music. Her full lips smiled back at me, her hands caressed my hips as we moved. I ran my hands up her arms threading my fingers into her hair, feeling the dampness of her sweat. Her hands moved up my side to just below my breast her thumb rubbing the underside softly.

Our eyes met and I bent my head to softly kiss her lips. They parted under mine and I flicked my tongue ever so gently inside. I could feel her moan as I deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth, learning her taste. Her hand moved up to cover my breast finding the hardened nipple with ease. I could feel heat pooling between my thighs as desire flowed through me. I wanted more, I wanted to be able to touch her, taste her. From out of nowhere my friends returned and pulled me away, laughing, saying they can’t leave me alone for a minute and start to lead me from the bar. I resisted their hands, looking for my dance partner. Not able to see her I allow them to lead me away. Wishing I had at least gotten her name.

Since the next club was only down the street the group of us walked. We were all pretty far gone at that point. It was well after midnight and the bars would soon be closing. There were many people on the street by then, heading to cars or into one last club. As soon as we got to the last place, we all went to the bar. Everyone got a shot and we drank a toast to my birthday. Afterwards we headed out to look for the limo. As I was climbing inside I felt someone bump into me from behind. Looking back I almost drowned in a very familiar pair of brown eyes. Smiling she pushed me the rest of the way into the limo, then plopped down on my lap since it is the only place left to sit.

I felt my heart start to beat faster as the limo took off and started dropping people off. The lovely package of womanhood on my lap jumped right in talking with all my friends like she has known them for years. I just sat quietly listening to the conversation and ran my hands up and down her back. Leaning back she pulled my hands around her and snuggled against me and kept on talking. One by one they are all dropped off, leaving me and my luscious lap friend alone. The driver then headed out to my house, a good 20 minutes from the last person dropped off.

Turning carefully, she moved so she was facing me straddling my lap. No words are spoken as she slowly brought her mouth to mine. My hands caressed up her thighs and her sides to softly claim her breasts. She moaned against my lips, her fingers buried in my hair as she plundered my mouth. Pulling her shirt up I found she didn’t wear a bra and I immediately begin to lick and kiss my way down to her breasts. I licked slowly around the nipple before sucking it gently into my mouth. I could hear her moan of pleasure and it electrified me. I kept sucking her beautiful breasts as I worked my hands under her short skirt. I rubbed against her panties, feeling her moisture seep through them to my fingers.

Pushing aside the wet fabric I found her clit and pinched it between my fingers and she cried out. I traced a finger over her slit, sliding easily over her wetness, then ever so slowly slipped inside of her. Her heat is incredible! I slid in and out of her, my thumb still rubbing her clit and my mouth still sucking her nipples. Her hands were tangled in my hair holding my mouth to her as her hips thrust over my hand. Cries of pleasure poured from her and excited me further. I quickened the thrusts of my fingers and then bit down softly on her hard nipple. She froze for an instant and I stroked deeply and worked her clit firmly until she exploded.

She held tightly to me as her whole body trembled. Her pussy was twitching around my fingers, her juices soaking me. I looked up and met her eyes and she smiled at me with those deep brown eyes. I slowly pulled my fingers from her and brought them to my lips and licked them.

With a moan she crushed her mouth to mine, thrusting her tongue inside. Her hands worked on slipping my skirt up and feeling my damp panties. When she moves to kneel in front of me, I was grateful we were in a limo with lots of room. She pulled me to the edge of the seat and then buried her face in my lap. She held my panties aside and began licking me. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of her sucking my clit into her hot mouth, then her tongue licked my slit from bottom to top over and over again.

Arching against her mouth I could feel my climax building. My hands caressed her head, tangling in her hair as she licked me. I felt her stroke a finger through my wetness, then thrust deeply inside of me. At the same time she sucked hard on my clit and I was lost. I spasmed around her finger, my juices pouring out to be cleaned up by her greedy tongue. She moved to sit next to me and I turned slightly so I could pull her face to mine for a deep kiss, loving how I taste on her lips.

The limo came to a stop. Seconds later the driver opened the door with a smile. It was only then that I realized he had been able to see the whole thing. With a smile of my own I climbed out. I pulled some cash from my pocket for a tip. When I tried to hand it to him, he closed his hand over mine and squeezed softly and shook his head. I guess seeing the action in the back was tip enough for him. Turning I looked inside the limo and smiled at my new friend. She climbed out next to me, then kissed the driver deeply allowing him to taste me on her lips. I led her away with me to my house, and what I hoped will be a long night of discovery. I glanced back for a moment and saw the driver lick his lips and smile just before he slid back into the driver’s seat to leave.