New Play Thing Ch. 02

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Denise woke up in a strange bed in a strange room.

She sat up, trying to remember the events from the night before.

She remembered the club.

She remembered drinking.

She remembered being completely spread open in a booth.

And she remembered having the biggest and most intense orgasm she’s ever had in her life!

All on account of a woman and her nails!

She felt so dirty. Even though it felt amazing, she should have never done it. She decided to get dressed and quietly leave.

But it was too late, because the bedroom door opened up and in walked Nancy. She looked incredibly sexy – she had on a pink silk kimono with her blonde hair piled on top of her head.

“Well,” she said, “I see that my little girl has awaken.” Nancy came over and sat down on the edge of the bed next to Denise.

“You were asleep for so long,” Nancy said, as she lightly dragged her nails up Denise’s leg, “I was getting anxious to play with my new toy.”

Denise just closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation that was traveling up her leg and to her pussy.

“Now that you’ve awaken from your little nap, I think it’s time for you to take this,” Nancy said, pushing her kimono aside and revealing a HUGE pink strap-on. It must have been a good ten inches long and three inches thick.

Denise looked and felt absolutely panic stricken! No way has she ever taken anything of that size!

“N-n-n-no, I can’t, I’ve never…,” she stuttered. She was almost in tears at the thought of that monster penetrating her.

“Shhh….”Nancy said, as she caressed Denise’s cheek with her index fingernail, “I know you’re scared, and I’m truly sorry you feel that way. But you can take my cock and you WILL take my cock. But let’s get that Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort pussy warmed up and ready, shall we?”

Nancy pulled off away the top sheet that Denise was using to cover her naked body, “Let Momma see those big beautiful tits,” she said, as she reached out with both hands and started to lightly scratch Denise’s breasts with her nails.

Denise closed her eyes, as she tried to enjoy the feeling and ignore the nervousness in her stomach.

“I knew you’d like that,” Nancy said, “and you should see how pink the scratch marks are against your pale white skin.” Nancy then took a breast in each hand and squeezed them, pushing them upwards and down again.

“I love big tits,” Nancy stated simply.

Denise loved the tit massage that Nancy was giving her. She then felt Nancy run the smooth tops of her nails over her hard nipples.

“That feels amazing, doesn’t it? Let’s try this,” Nancy said. She clasped both nipples between her index fingernails and her thumb fingernails and pulled gently, causing Denise’s nipple to be stretched out a good inch of so.

Denise just gasped in pleasure.

“So sensitive,” Nancy commented. She loved how responsive Denise was to every little touch, every little movement that Nancy made, especially with her nails. She was extremely lucky to find herself such a compliant nail slut.

“Let’s get that pussy warmed up,” Nancy said, dragging her nails down to Denise’s waiting pussy. Nancy leaned down and spread Denise’s pink pussy open, examining it.

“Mmmm, someone is certainly wet. Maybe the thought of taking Mommy’s big pink cock excites her more than she admits,” Nancy said, as she ran her index fingernail up and down Denise’s moist slit. She then put her nail in her mouth, tasting Denise’s juices.

“Absolutely delicious. I think Momma needs to have a little snatch snack,” Nancy said. She spread Denise’s pussy open with her nails as far as she could and she stuck her tongue in her slit, licking straight up from her hole to her clit in one long move.

Denise moaned loudly.

Nancy ran her tongue around Denise’s clit, as it got harder and harder with every touch of her tongue. Once it was rock hard, she started to flick her tongue against it.

Nancy looked up and saw a look of complete bliss on Denise’s face. She continued the assault on Denise’s poor little clit with her experienced tongue, with Denise’s breathing getting heavier and heavier.

But all of the sudden she stopped. She wanted to make sure Denise saved some for the extreme fucking she was about to get.

“I think it’s time, darling,” Nancy said, getting up from in between Denise’s legs. She wrapped her fingers around the big pink cock and guided the head of it to Denise’s innocent hole. She felt Denise tense up immediately.

“Just relax, darling. It will hurt at first, but I promise it will be the best fucking you’ve ever had,” Nancy said. And with that, she slowly stuck the head of the cock into Denise’s tight waiting hole.

Denise felt her pussy stretch immediately. She didn’t know how much was in her, but it was already causing some pain.

“Enough,” Denise whispered.

“Enough?” Nancy asked with a chuckle, “darling, this is just the head – you have a full ten inches to go.” Nancy slowly pushed some more of the big pink invader inside of Denise’s pussy.

Denise groaned. It must have reached her womb, because she felt SO incredibly full. It seemed like every inch of her pussy was hurting.

“Just relax – you have about five inches in. And here comes the rest of it, my little slut,” Nancy said, as she gently, but firmly, pushed the rest of the pink cock inside of Denise.

Denise couldn’t believe that she took in all ten inches! It hurt so much, but she tried to relax so the pain would subside.

“There,” said Nancy, “see how your pussy took Mommy’s cock so nicely? Now, let’s have some fun.” Nancy slowly slid the cock back out and then slowly inserted it back into Denise’s tight pussy. She continued the slow long strokes, letting Denise feel every ridge and movement of the cock. After a couple minutes of Nancy’s thrusting, Denise started to moan and buck her hips slightly.

Nancy grabbed onto Denise’s hips and picked up the pace, “So, my little slut, do you like Mommy’s big cock in your pussy?”

Denise just moaned in response.

“Of course you do, because you’re nothing but a whore. But you’re MY whore, aren’t you?” Nancy asked.

Denise nodded.

“This is the best fucking you’ve ever had, isn’t it?” Nancy asked as she started to slam her cock into Denise’s soaking pussy, ” isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Denise whispered.

“Yes, what?” asked Nancy.

“Yes, Mommy,” answered Denise.

“That’s my good girl. Mommy’s cock feels so good in babies sweet little pussy, doesn’t it?” asked Nancy.

Denise nodded.

“You’re such a dirty girl – you never thought you would be raped by another woman. But you like it, don’t you?” said Nancy, “you like how I take control of you – take control of your pussy…”

Denise moaned.

“I think my baby wants to cum. Let Momma help you out some,” Nancy said. She reached over to Denise’s pussy and started to flick her hardened clit with her long, thick fingernail.

“There we go – Momma knows what her baby girl likes. Now I want you to cum for me,” Nancy said, as Denise bucked her hips harder and her moans became louder.

“Come on baby, cum on Momma’s cock!”

Denise moaned even louder.

“Cum, my little nail slut, cum for Momma!”

And Denise did just that. She came all over the big pink intruder in her pussy, while Nancy continued to play with her clit.

“There we go,” Nancy said, as she slowed down her thrusting, letting Denise ride out one of the most intense orgasms she’s ever had.

Denise was totally exhausted. Her pussy has never felt so good, so on fire. Even though she had the biggest cum in her life right then, her pussy tingled with pleasure, due to Nancy’s consistent nail play on her clit.

“You have five minutes to rest up – then on your knees, my sweet baby girl,” Nancy said.