New Friends

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My husband Philip and I recently moved to Phoenix for his job. We had lived in Wisconsin for the last six years so this new weather is taking some getting used to. But I really love the warmth.

Philip is an architect; he designs tall buildings and some nightclubs. He’s a good provider. And we are still in love. We like most of the same things and our sex life is fantastic!

Oh, by the way, my name is Rhonda.

About two months after we moved here, I decided that I needed some new lingerie to add a little more spice to our lives. I love being spontaneous and planning at the same time. I just had a need to turn up the heat a little more.

You see, with this new area, he was under a lot of stress and he wasn’t being as attentive as I am use to. I needed something special to bring back the boil!

So I jumped in the Volvo and headed downtown to do some shopping. I found the greatest little sexy shop. The window had leather in it. I think I came.

I casually walked in side hoping none of our new neighbors saw me going into this every so wonderful decedent place.

The shop was pretty empty; maybe one or two other women were browsing and there was one young couple feeling the merchandise and each other. They were totally unashamed of their love and sex. It made me envious.

I had to find something to bring back the spark in my marriage. I was getting really horny at this point. I was a little afraid that when I got started fucking again, I wouldn’t be able to stop for days.

I walked slowly around the shop touching the soft fabrics that formed the sexy attire. Silk was my favorite. I want to be buried in it when I die. But I want to fuck in it while I’m young.

I guess I was unconsciously stroking the fabric and staring out into space when someone lightly touched my arm. I was shocked back to reality and before me stood a very pretty woman.

She smiled and said, “Are you all right? You looked zoned out.”

I giggled nervously and said, “I’m sorry, I was just fantasizing how beautiful this would make me feel. And how much my husband would love to literally rip it off of me. A hundred and fifty dollars is a lot to get ripped off of.”

“Yes, it certainly is,” she agreed. “Do you wear a lot of lingerie?” She asked casually.

“Sometimes, when I really want to get seduced,” I confided in her, but I don’t know why. She just looked friendly and I hadn’t met many friends since we moved here.

“I’m having a lingerie party at my house next weekend. I’d love for you to come. I think you would have a good time and at least make some new friends. Would you like to come?”

For a moment I zoned out…. Cum, oh yes, I’d love to cum my mind repeated over and over. I felt her hand on my arm and returned to reality.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I guess I seem really flaky to you, huh? I’m just slightly distracted this afternoon,” I apologized.

“No problem! My name’s Caroline and I’m looking forward to having you as a friend. Here’s my card with my address. Where do you live?”

I told her the subdivision we lived in and she said that she lived just a mile from me.

“Please come to the party. I promise you won’t regret it. And you will definitely make some new friends.”

I took the information and she walked with me back to my car with my $150.00 soft leather lingerie.

“See you on Friday,” she called as she drove off.

I returned to my car with a smile on my face. I had finally made a friend.

That night, when Phillip got home, I had on the soft leather and it curved perfectly to my body. My full breasts were perky and erect and begged for him to suckle them.

His smile was wide as his hands caressed them and his mouth licked at the animal skin that covered them.

It seemed such a long time since he had looked at me that way. I smiled the entire time his tongue licked the hardness there.

Then he laid me back onto the table and pushed the soft fabric above my mammaries. He slipped off the shear thong I had on and bent over me. His hard dick slipped easily into my wet pussy and he teetered in and out of my cunt until his load spilled deep in me. I felt warmth run down my legs and my body shook with pleasure.

Recovering from our coupling, Phillip tongue kissed me and pulled me up to my feet.

“That was great baby! I really needed that and I’m sure you did too. Why else would you go buy something so sexy?” He smiled, kissed me hard and left for work.

Today was the when Caroline was having the lingerie party. I was so excited that I could get nothing done. I tried vacuuming and dusting and I cleaned the dishes in the dishwasher.

Then I took a long, luxurious bath and masturbated. I seemed to be horny all of the time lately. But I was sure finding new friends would be a great help. And I would come home with yet another sexy tantalizer for Philip.

I splashed a little Curve on my cleavage and put on a sexy summer dress, all I wore anymore. I slipped on a thong and headed out the door.

I had no problem finding Caroline’s home. It was very stylish and it Gaziantep Oral Escort looked like I thought it would. The inside was beautiful. She must have had a maid, because no woman keeps her own house this clean.

She introduced me to three of her other guests/friends. There was Sherrie, a flaming red head with bright white teeth and a perfect smile. I later found out that her husband was a dentist.

Madeline was a bit shy, with a tendency not to look you in the eye. But she was very pretty too. She had a nice shapely body that men adore. Her husband was a banker.

And, not to be outdone, there was Aimee. She had a beautiful smile and I’m sure that every man who saw her wanted her. She had a million dollar body. She even made me wet.

Her hazel eyes sparkled with stars in them. Her shape was perfect and the red lipstick she wore on her pouty lips made her smile bloom. She was really chatty and personable. I took a quick liking to her.

Caroline pulled out the line of lingerie she was selling today. All of it was sheer and sexy and just looking at it I knew it would drive Phillip crazy. I wanted it all, but I knew that I only needed one more little thing to heat up the bedroom.

As I browsed through the sexy clothes, my hand fell on a light green, silk Teddy. Just the touch of it on my fingers made my nipples hard and I caught my breath. It was so loud that the other ladies looked my way.

Embarrassed, I said, “Sorry, but is so soft! I just want to rub it all over my body!”

“Try it on,” Caroline suggested. She took it off the rack and handed it to me. “Go try it on!”

I took the Teddy and slipped into the bathroom. As it fell over my head, a shiver ran through me and I felt liquid form in my pussy. I was afraid of leaving my scent on the fabric, so I put some toilet paper between my legs before I slipped on the pants.

Then I ran my hands all over my body, just feeling the silk play with my skin. I sat on the toilet and let my hands explore my body and before I knew it I was masturbating. A knock on the door brought me back to reality.

“Sorry, I’ll be right there!” I called and quickly changed clothes, throwing the paper into the toilet as I left the room.

“I’ll take it”, I said as I joined the other girls.

“Wow!” Aimee said, “I wish you would have modeled it for us.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, want me to?” I asked.

All three of them smiled and said yes in unison. I slipped back into the bathroom and put the soft material on again.

Then, a little subconsciously, I stepped back into the living room to join them. They all gathered around me and started touching the Teddy and in doing so, touching me. I felt a little awkward, feeling their hands on the fabric and my skin.

But it felt a little good too. I was embarrassed again.

“So, do you think I should get it?” I asked them.

“Oh definitely, get it” Sherrie prodded. “It is definitely you!”

Madeline licked her lips and said, “If you don’t get it, I will!”

Aimee reached over and ran her hand across my breast to feel the silk. She touched a finger to her lips. Then she smiled.

“Let’s have a drink,” Caroline suggested. “Then you girls can find something you like as much as Rhonda.”

She pulled out a Carafe of wine and handed each of us a long stem wine glass. It was a good wine. I drank my glass in a short period of time and it was quickly refilled.

We all gathered back in the living room. Each of the others found a night set that they adored. The five of us wandered around the house, half dressed, sipping wine and laughing about silly things.

Once each had modeled her choice, for some reason we all ended up in Caroline’s bedroom, sitting on the bed. Talking, touching and laughing.

I felt a little out of place but was having a lot of fun; glad I had some women to share things with.

I thought it was the wine that made me paranoid. But then I realized that Aimee had laid her hand on the inside of my thigh. Her touch was warm and soothing so I just figured that she wasn’t aware of what she was doing.

I pulled my leg closer to my body. Her hand slipped off.

Caroline ran her hand down my back; her breath tickled my ear as she laughed at something someone said.

I just guessed it was because we were all getting drunk that we were bumping into one another.

Sherrie was sitting beside me; her foot lay across my calf. Her fingers traced the curve of my breast. You have such lovely tits. I’d love to suck one of your nipples,” she said.

Shocked, I asked, “Why would you want to suck my tit?”

“Because they’re so perfect and full. I like full breasts.

I felt Madeline’s hand on the small of my back. Then she reached around me and found the smooth skin that was my shaved pussy.

Then the four of them lay back on the bed and their lingerie fell open. Their supple, toned bodies exposed to me. Two of them were smooth, one had a heart about her clit and the other had full hair.

Seeing them like that made me really nervous. I tried to crawl off the bed, but their hands caught me and then I felt lips on my tit. It felt so good and my pussy filled with fluids to be fucked.

The one that kissed me was Aimee. Her tongue darted into my mouth while her fingers traced my nipples.

I tried to push her off me, “I’m not into this!” I cried.

“How do you know you’re not? Have you done it before?” she whispered softly in my ear as her tongue lightly licked at my ear lobe.

“NO! I’m a married woman, I love men!” I protested.

“I’m married too, so what. You think only men can pleasure us?” she retorted.

“That’s all I need!” I declared.

Caroline ran her tongue from my knee to just below my cunt. The feeling made my pussy prepare for penetration. I was shaking inside. Yet giddy with wonder.

“Here, have some more wine, relax! We’re going to have a good time. You will never feel deserted again,” she assured me.

She filled my half empty glass and then took a sip of her own wine. With the fluid still in her mouth, she held my full breast in one hand then suckled it into her mouth. The sensation of the wine and her tongue around my nipple made me cum.

I couldn’t believe the feeling it gave me. I wanted to fuck her, but she didn’t have a dick.

“Just relax, sweetheart. You’re going to be just fine,” she whispered as someone stroked the inside of my thigh and pinched my clit.

I reluctantly surrendered to their touches. The hot breath of their mouths on my skin was exhilarating. I caught my breath.

Madeline spread my legs open. She licked at my erect clit then pressed her long fingers into my cunt, quickly finding my Venus spot.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned. Then I protested. “No! This is wrong!”

“Does it feel wrong, or do you just think it’s wrong,” Madeline asked in a whisper.

I couldn’t answer truthfully, because it didn’t feel so wrong. It was the best feeling I had had in years. The touching was soft and sweet. Gentle breath on my nipples really exited me.

When Aimee licked my nipple, my body shuddered with a pleasure that no man had ever given me. But this was just wrong.

I closed my eyes and tried to pretend that it was men touching me and pleasing me. But hearing their cooing took the fantasy away.

I opened my eyes and saw them kissing one another as they ran their hand gently over one another’s breasts and mine.

I now wanted to watch as they gave me pleasures I had never dreamed possible. They were gentle and giving and seemed to worship my body and my soul.

Caroline rolled off the bed. As she walked toward the bureau, her tiny breasts bounced slightly. Her hand slowly massaged her clit.

She opened a drawer and pulled out something. Then she returned to the bed. Sitting up on her knees, she pulled an elastic band around her waist that had a piece of leather in the front.

To that leather she attached a large, phallus that, when she moved, bounced up and down.

“No!” I cried. “You’re not going to fuck me with that thing. I don’t even know where it’s been!” I protested.

The other three women stood on their knees and pointed to their own pussies.

I had to laugh!

They pull my legs open wide, Aimee split my pussy lips to allow the dong to slip into my now liquid cunt. The she moved behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and as Caroline fucked me with the dong, she massaged my throbbing clit.

The resulting orgasm was magic! My body shook with such power that my teeth chattered. And when I finally relaxed I was smiling.

Madeline crawled to my tits and started suckling them and she was so gentle and caring that I held her there as a mother does her child.

She licked and sucked and nibbled until my body cried out in pleasure and she received a little fluid that I had no idea where it came from.

Sherrie lay back on the bed. Her fingers playing in her own cunt. I was so turned on, that I bent over her and my tongue jutted in and out of her tasty pussy. I was so hot and horny that I ate her out for a good ten minutes before I felt the cock slip into my butt.

It hurt at first but then Aimee slipped under me and sucked my clit which took all of my thoughts away from the fucking my ass was taking.

Time passed and when I finally opened my eyes, the room was dark and the others were passed out.

My skin was slick with body fluids and I felt I should take a shower. I slipped into the bathroom and took a quick dip. I dressed and left $100 for the silk Teddy and slipped silently from the house.

As I drove home, my fingers found their way into my still vibrating pussy. I had new friends and a new sex life and I didn’t feel like I was cheating on my husband.

When Philip came home, he asked me what I brought at the party and I modeled the silky red Teddy.

He slipped it off of me and fucked me madly. But I was disconnected from the sex I was so use to having. My mind translated his touches to those of the women that had pleased me that afternoon.

When he rolled off me, I turned over and masturbated, rubbing my clit and finger fucking myself.

Two days later, I was shopping for groceries and ran into Madeline.

“How are you doing?” I smiled and asked.

“Good! I really enjoyed being with you the other night. It was nice to have someone new,” she told me.

“Well, I was a bit shocked, but I have to admit that I loved it too. It was my first time, you know.”

“Well, we all hope it won’t be your last,” she assured me.

“Believe me, it won’t,” I assured her. That night after having sex with my husband, I masturbated and fantasized about fucking the girls!” We giggled.

“We are all getting together with our husbands next week. Our annual wives swap. Do you think you and your husband would like to come to that?”

“Hmmmm, maybe so; I’ll talk to him about it tonight. I think he would like to get his dick into your body!” I teased.

“Good, just give Caroline a call and let her know after you’ve talked to your husband,” she smiled and went on with her shopping.

When Philip got home that night, I told him about the party and that it may be a little risqué and asked if he were interested.

“Hell, what man wouldn’t!” he smiled devilishly. But I’d fuck you before I’d do those other women,” he tried to reassure me.

I just laughed, thinking any man would rather fuck another before his wife. I called Madeline and told her that we would be there. She gave me directions to her house.

The following week, Philip was called out of to do a consultation on a building. “I should be back before the party, but if I’m not, you go by yourself. And have a good time. I won’t get mad if you fuck all of their husbands.”

I called Madeline and told her that Philip couldn’t make the party so I wouldn’t be there either.

“Oh, don’t be so silly. No reason you should sit at home alone when your friends are having all the fun of going sex crazy! You come or I’ll send Sam there to fuck your brains out!” she demanded and I relented.

On Saturday night, I put on the sexiest dress I had and some stiletto heels and drove myself to Madeline’s house. A very handsome and interesting man greeted me at the door… her husband.

“Well, hello there beautiful! Are you lost and all alone?” he laughed.

“Yes, I am actually,” I replied.

“Well, lets just see if we can’t fix that,” he said as he took my hand and led me into the house. I felt his warm hand on my butt.

Turning to Madeline, I said, “I’m sorry, but Philip was called out of town and couldn’t make it. He said to tell you that he’s sorry.”

“Well, you’ll just have to have fun without him and you can tell him all about it when he comes home,” she laughed and kissed me on the lips.

Caroline’s husband, Joshua was a real hunk. Six-foot-two with deep blue pools for eyes, his laughter was music. He smiled when she introduced me.

“I get first dibs on you sweet thing!” he bent and kissed me, his tongue slipped into my mouth. His hands grabbed my ass; his dick assaulted my pussy.

“Oh what have we here?” A voice asked from behind me. “A new present! A pretty new present! And to whom do you belong, my dear?”

“I belong to Phillip, but he couldn’t make it tonight; he was called out of town. I’m Rhonda, and I’m new in town.”

“Well, I’m glad that you are; because you’re a pretty little thing! I’m Eric.”

He turned to the others and said, “Everybody, this is Rhonda. Her hubby can’t be here tonight so we have to take real good care of her!

And I’m second with her only ’cause Phil called first dibs.”

Everyone laughed.

Eric is married to Aimee and also a good specimen of a man. Azure eyes and blond hair. Arms of a fighter and from the looks of his crouch, a ten-inch dick. He walked up to me and French kissed me, then ran his hand under my short skirt and touched my wet pussy.

“Yelp! She’s hot!” he announced to the rest of them. Sorry your husband couldn’t make it; maybe next time. He’s going to miss some sweet stuff though!”

“He’s really sorry he couldn’t make it. He was really looking forward to this party.” I explained.

“We’ll leave our mark on you so he’ll know the kind of men we are. You’ll make him proud.” He reached up and squeezed my erect nipple and kissed me on the lips.

Tom is married to Madeline. He was really handsome. With dark hair and eyes that sparkled as he approached me and kissed me deeply. “Maybe I can be number three… And I promise to try harder.”

Everyone laughed.

Finally, Sherrie’s husband stood before me. Michael was quieter than the other three. And seemed gentler. He took my hand and kissed it. “Welcome pretty lady. I hope to serve you well.”

Looking at my female friends, I blushed. “What does this all mean?”

“Well, even though we won’t have the pleasure of sharing your husband between us tonight, you will be pleased by all of ours. We will also be exchanging them, but you get everyone of them, Madeline explained.

“Oh wait! Yeah wait! I’m going to be fucking four men tonight?” NO WAY!” I turned to leave and Joshua came up to me and whispered, “It would be a shame for a beautiful woman like you to go home alone without at least the benefit of a few good orgasms, don’t you agree?”