My Wife’s Best Friend

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I love my wife. Don’t get me wrong. She is very sexy and hot. And I can’t keep my hands off of her. But, she has this amazing best friend. She is a tall blond with a slender body. Amazing legs, and a perfectly shaped body.

Any time I see her I feel a tingling sensation run through my body. I try not to think about her, but the thoughts just come into my head. Sometimes I let my imagination wander and picture what her naked body would look like.

Oh how I longed to see it. The other day she came to my door while my wife was out of town. She had come to see my wife of course, but I invited her in.

She was wearing a short blue skirt and a short blouse letting her stomach show. We have known each other for years and had become good friends. So she accepted and entered my home.

We sat on the couch and talked. The conversation was just casual. She told me about the day she was having.

She had worked hard and her feet were sore and tired. Without thinking, I grabbed her feet and swung them around onto my lap. I unlaced her shoes and took them off. Followed by her socks. Her feet were beautiful. They had a perfect shape.

I slowly began to rub them for her. She thanked me and said it felt good. And that it was just what she needed.

I reached to the end table near the couch, and grabbed a bottle of oil. I put some on my hands and slowly rubbed it into her feet. I rubbed the bottom of her feet in slow long strides. I rubbed her toes, and the top of her feet.

At first my only thought was to help her relax from a long day. But as my hands glided along her feet, I began to get aroused. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. I had planned to simply massage her feet, but now I was starting to rub them in a more erotic way.

I slowly moved my hands to her ankles. Then to her calves. As I made long strokes up and down her calves she again told me how good it felt. So I continued to massage and rub her lower Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort legs.

I began to extend the glide of hands to just above her knees. I watched her face to see her reaction. I didn’t see anything to indicate she was opposed. So I continued to inch up higher to her mid thighs.

I applied more oil to make the glide easy and smooth.

Her legs felt so good in my hands.

I could feel myself getting hard. I hoped she hadn’t noticed.

As I began to work more on her upper legs, she leaned back and closed her eyes. She seemed to really enjoy what I was doing. I rubbed my hands up and down her thighs from her knees to the bottom of her skirt. Each time I would get to her skirt, I would slightly bump it, to get just a little bit higher.

Without warning, she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her skirt, and gently pulled it up to expose her whole leg. I didn’t say a word. I immediately worked higher up her leg.

I could now see her lacy black underwear showing under her skirt. I could see the slight bulge of her pussy.

I was rock hard now.

I massaged up and down her thigh. Slowly working towards her inner thigh. I rubbed my hand up the inside of her leg until I slightly bumped her underwear. And then back down.

I saw her body become a little tense, and then relax as I brushed near her pussy. I was unsure if she was tense with pleasure, or if she was uneasy. So I did it again, and got the same reaction. I continued to slightly brush by her pussy. Each time, she seemed to get a little more intense.

I noticed that the mound in her underwear was beginning to get wet. I could see she was beginning to get aroused.

This built my confidence. I decided to see how far this would go.

I moved my hands to her bare stomach below her blouse. I softly massaged the skin that was showing. Her short top was loose. So I would move my hands up and down her stomach, inching a little higher each time. I worked my strokes up until I was bumping into the bottom of her bra.

She didn’t seem to mind.

Her breath was slow and deep.

I got on my knees beside the couch and helped her spin around to lay on the couch. Her legs were stretched out and I could still see just a bit of her underwear. With her on her back, I could see her bra from under the bottom of her shirt. It matched her panties.

My heart was racing.

Her hands were at her sides. One right on the edge of the couch. I positioned myself so I was kneeling against the couch, which pushed her hand against the top of my pants. I began to rub her belly again.

I worked my hands to her sides, and as I got to her shirt, I carefully moved it up just a bit so I could rub higher up her sides. Doing this exposed about half of her bra. I could see the shape of her breasts through the black lace.

I pushed my body harder against her hand. As I did, I felt her fingers start to move back and forth. They moved around until they were touching my rock hard cock through my pants.

She slowly moved them up and down the bulge that was now very obvious in my pants. This build my confidence. So I carefully lifted her shirt up above her bra.

I used just my fingertips to caress the top of her breasts above the lacy bra. As I did this she started to squeeze my penis in her hand.

I reached down and unbuckled my belt. I let me pants fall to my knees. She then reached her hand inside my underwear and grabbed my dick. I pulled my underwear down to make the access easy for her.

She began to stroke me slowly with her hand.

I removed her bra.

I almost gasp out loud as I saw her beautiful breasts for the first time. Perfectly rounded with perky nipples. I cupped them in my hands and caressed them.

Her breathing was getting faster.

I moved my hand down to her pussy. I pulled the skirt up to her stomach and put my hand over her panties on her wet mound. It felt so good.

I had to see it.

I pulled her panties off revealing her beautiful shaved pussy. I touched it softly. It was so wet and warm. Her now naked body lay before me on the couch.

I could not believe it. It was an image of perfection.

I massaged her pussy with my hand. Her chest began to rise and fall with each stroke. My heart was pounding. I needed to be inside her.

I brought her to the floor and laid her on her back. I brought her legs up along my chest with her feet to each side of my head. I scooted close to her on my knees so that my penis was at the entry of her pussy.

She softly moaned as I pushed myself inside her.

With her on her back and her legs in the air, I pushed deep inside her. She was so tight. I slowly moved back and forth inside her.

The intensity was building in my swollen penis. I began to go faster and faster. My balls were slapping against her ass with every motion. Her back was arched. She reached down and put her hand on her pussy, and began to rub her clit as I pounded her hard.

My hands were squeezing her breasts.

Both of us were building fast to orgasm.

Suddenly I felt her warm cum surround my dick and that was all I could take. I exploded inside of her like a volcano. The cum was rushing from my body and filling her pussy full. It felt so good.

As the gushing stopped, our bodies relaxed. I pulled out of her pussy followed by a flow of hot cum.

Not a word was spoken. We were motionless for several minutes, taking in what had just happened. Then she got up, put on her clothes, and left the house.

We have never spoken about it since. It was our first time, and maybe our last. Only time will tell. But when I see her there is a twinkle in both our eyes, as we both think about our little secret.

When ever she comes over to see my wife, I just smile and leave the room. Maybe one day, I could have them both at the same time. I can always dream!