My Time with Roni – Adventures Ch. 02

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Before I get to Roni’s step-cousin Constance Marie, I need to share with you something I discovered shortly after we were married.

A month or two after the wedding, we had fallen in to our routine. Roni always went to bed before me, by about an hour. One evening she stated that she always fell asleep faster if I was there with her so I started watching my 10pm programs in bed. Roni would be sound asleep within minutes.

A few weeks later, KFC opened a local store in the town where the broadcast originated so the local advertising started. Roni was mostly vegetarian so, I didn’t even think to tell her. The commercials ran 2 or three times between 10 and 11pm after she fell asleep.

On Saturday, after a little more than a week of these commercials, Roni said we should go to that town for whatever reason and that we could grab lunch — she was craving KFC chicken. She isn’t really partial to deep-fried food and had never eaten KFC chicken. I thought it was really weird… but my brain filed the thought away.

A week later, there was a new guy on the online “find-a-fuck” website where Roni had first seen Damian. I contacted “New Guy” since was nearby and I had seen Roni checking his profile. His name was Dennis. — I had him send an intro mail to Roni and introduce himself. He did, but she said she had little interest in him, that he wasn’t her type. I decide to see if I could plant a “KFC” thought in her head.

Each night, I’d wait for her to fall asleep and for her breathing to slow way down so I knew she was deeply asleep, then I started to whisper in her ear — Roni wants to fuck Dennis; Roni wants to ask Dale if she can fuck Dennis. I would repeat it several times. I did this each night for almost two weeks. Roni never mentioned him after the first message and had stopped checking his profile. Also, up until that point, Roni had never verbally asked me for another cock without prompting.

One nice sunny warm day, we were out in the city shopping. It was teaming with all sorts of nice looking men and women. Guys of course, kept looking at her and doing their best to flirt. Roni enjoyed it and seemed distracted and excited. I asked her what she was thinking. She said, oh nothing. I let it drop but also noticed she was trembling slightly.

After the 100th guy flirted with her she while we were sitting on a bench she couldn’t hold back any longer. Roni leaned in and when she whispered in my ear; “Remember Dennis from the site? I can’t stop thinking about him. Can I please fuck him, please?”

I added that encounter to the future story list.

Was it really that easy? It couldn’t be. Well, years later I did kick a 10+ year smoking habit using self-hypnosis tapes after many failures to quit cold-turkey. Call me a believer, then and now.


One day, I had gotten word that I had to go to a 2-week training out of the city. Roni was upset, now that she was used to having me there; she had trouble falling asleep alone. I told her I’d make her a tape to fall asleep by.

I used a musician friend’s 12-track recording equipment to make a quick tape. It had some nice mellow music and I added a voice over track.

Relax now

I love you; sleep well.

Relax now

Sleep now; I love you.

It went on over and over for about 20 minutes or so and faded out, barely audible. Then a second whispering track started behind the first.

I knew she’d be asleep by that time so I added, barely audible at a level below the music and “I love you” track: Roni loves to fuck. Roni wants to fuck anyone. Call Dale and masturbate while you fuck yourself and tell him how horny you are. Over and over again it went on, for the rest of the hour-long tape. I would make several versions over the years.

I had Roni test the tape that night and it worked like a charm. She was sleeping deeply within minutes. Now to wait and see how it worked. She started using it every night. Each night when I heard the click of the tape shutting off at the end, I’d gently remove her headphones. The next week I left for my training.

On the fourth night I was away, Roni called me. She told me she her 10-inch “Mason” dildo buried deep inside her pussy, telling my how horny she was, how badly she needed to fuck and how she couldn’t wait for me to be home.

Up until that point, Roni was always a willing participant in our extracurricular activities, now she had come out of her shell a little more — she was getting more verbal about it and how much she liked it.

I ended up making a similar tape for her after work meditation hour, adding little unheard prompts.

OK, now that that backstory piece is there, we move on to Cousin Constance.


At the time I first met Roni’s step-cousin Constance Marie (it was always both names or just Coni) I had no inkling what would transpire during her 2 month long visit before she began her studies at a nearby university.

Coni was the daughter of Roni’s uncle’s second wife, a few months younger than Roni. Coni’s father had died in a car accident when she was only 2.

Coni was extremely shy, Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort way beyond the shy Roni when we met, by a factor of 2. In any type of setting, she could not look anyone in the eye and for days, I never heard her say a single word.

If you were to look at a standard deviation curve, with the far right end being 10plus hot and the far left being 1minus, is it a boy or a girl, Coni would fall just short of far left in the 99th percentile, total frumpy range, beyond plain.

Coni was barely 5′ tall and if she weighed even 100 lbs., it was because she was caring a grocery bag or had rocks in her pockets. She had jet-black hair that she always wore in a somewhat large, tight bun on the back of her head and she wore no make up.

Coni also wore what could qualify as the most god-awful pair of glasses I have ever seen and they nearly completely hid her dull emerald green eyes. She always looked extremely sad.

The way she dressed only added to her invisible appearance. She never wore tight clothing of any kind. She wore baggy jeans and big bulky sweatshirts or flannel shirts. Any type of shape she may have had was covered head to foot. I asked Roni why she did that. Roni told me that her uncle (Coni’s step father) was ultra religious and domineering and didn’t “allow” her to have any freedom. Coni was a by-product of her upbringing in his home. Roni and Coni talked a lot and as far as Roni knew, Coni had never dated, much less could she have ever had sex with anyone.

After the first few weeks, Coni had started to get used to me and actually smiled and laughed when I was around — I even heard her voice!! Even those little things made a difference in her appearance. Her dull eyes actually almost sparkled a bit behind the hideous glasses when she laughed and smiled.


When I got home from work one day, Roni and Coni were sitting out on the patio drinking tea. I asked how their day had gone. Roni said they did some walking and gotten groceries. When they got home, Roni had asked Coni meditate with her. She explained to her how she good she felt after doing it a while and showing her how she did it. “Coni really liked the tape too. She said your voice really helped her relax and let her thoughts go.”

I walked in to the kitchen and got a beer. As I closed the door to the refrigerator it hit me: THE TAPE!! Nah, it might just have worked a little on my uber-horny wife, but it couldn’t on anyone else, especially Coni. I let the thought drop and rejoined them on the patio.

Another 2 weeks went by and we were all into a routine. Coni had grown very comfortable and even started cracking almost funny joke; sort of like Mason. She was 100% used to me now and liked the fact she could be comfortable and be herself around me, just as she was around Roni. Her shyness didn’t allow her to have many friends.


It was quickly coming up on bi-annual PT test time, so I had started running several miles every morning and doing push-us and sit-ups in the back yard when I returned home.

It was a warm Saturday morning. I had finished my 5-mile run, pulled of my t-shirt and did my workout sets in the yard. I sat and enjoyed the early morning sun for 45 minutes since I figured no one would be awake yet. I was in the kitchen having some breakfast and coffee when Roni came in. She was startled and jumped when she saw me, as if she’d seen a ghost. That was strange.

I asked her why she looked so flustered. She asked if the two of us could go for a walk and talk — alone. The look on her face worried me. I told her to give me a few minutes while I showered and changed. I came down about 15 minutes later, Roni called out to Coni and said we were going out for a while, and we were out the door.

We walked to the park in silence. Once there we sat down on a bench. Ok, Roni, spill it.

Roni began relating her story to me:

This morning, when I got up, I went to the bathroom. As I was leaving and walking down the hall, I heard a noise from Coni’s room. It sounded like a moan. I looked through the cracked door and Coni was standing by the window, naked, looking out the window through the curtains. I could clearly see her hand between her legs; she was masturbating. Roni saw the shocked look register on my face; Yes Dale, Coni was masturbating while watching you in the back yard. This was the second time I caught her and she saw me.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t mad and she and I talked.

Evidently, Coni had heard us having sex one night the previous week. She told Roni it had sounded so hot and nice. She could hear all of Roni’s moans and orgasms and was surprised at the hot, wet feeling she felt between her legs. She said that was the first time she had ever masturbated and couldn’t believe how good the orgasm felt. She also told Roni she had started imagining me doing that to her, that I would be her first man. Coni was a virgin, which didn’t surprise either of us in the least.

My brain froze again: THE TAPE!!

That was when Roni shocked me to the point of being completely mute; I couldn’t move, I was unable to talk.

Dale, I would like to give you to my cousin, to be her first cock. I want us to teach her about kissing, men’s bodies, cocks, blowjobs, everything, all of it. She looked at the blank, 1000-mile stare on my face and then she laughed – louder than I have ever heard her laugh. You weren’t expecting that from me were you Darling; more laughter with a huge smirk on her face.

OK, Dale, you don’t have a choice; I already told her you’d be fine with it.

She and I are going out shopping this afternoon. Have a beer or two and make sure your cock is ready.

Before I could even muster an answer, Roni stood up and walked away.

I turned as she walked away and there, about 40 yards behind us, was Coni, waiting by a tree. I could see her blushing, bright red face, even from that distance. Coni smiled and looked at the ground.

Off they went while I walked home in a daze. What the fuck just happened? She’ll back out; her shyness won’t let her go through with it. I am not remotely attracted to her, she’s nice, but…


About 5:30 my cell phone rang, it was Roni.

You need to go out for a while. I’ll send you a text message when it is OK to come home. So, doing as she asked, I went down the street to the little neighborhood pub and had a beer, then a second. I’ve never had sex with any woman I did not find the least bit attractive, nice or not. I almost dreaded going home. Was Coni REALLY going to go through with this?

At 7:15 my phone buzzed; time to pay the piper.


The walk home took only a couple minutes. I took a deep breath as I slowly opened the door. When I entered, all the lights were off and several candles were all that lit the room. While my eyes were adjusting, Roni met me in her sausage dress and kissed me, then lead me to the sofa and sat me down. The smile on her face was almost enough to light the room, yet it was somehow confusing to me.

Close your eyes; do not open them until I tell you to open them and even then, do not speak. I said OK and closed my eyes. I heard Roni walk away then several seconds later come back and felt her hands cover my eyes.

Are you ready dear? I nodded since she told me not to speak. Roni took her hands away from my eyes and said, open your eyes. Please meet Constance Marie.

When my eyes focused, my jaw nearly fell out of my skull on to the floor. Standing in front of me was an extremely petite, absolutely stunning woman. Barely 5′ tall, 95 pounds of OMG HOT!! It was if someone had taken a 5’8″, 36-24-36 playboy model, washed her in hot water and tossed her in an extra hot dryer and shrunk her. Every proportion was perfect, just really tiny. — “Honey I shrunk the Vixen” style.

The ugly glasses were gone. (Roni later said she only needed them for reading but always wore them) The always-present bun on her head was gone as well. She had her jet-black hair trimmed a little. Her bangs were cut straight across the front and her hair was long, reminiscent of Anne Baxter as Queen Nefertari in the movie “The Ten Commandments” except that the length went nearly to her mid-back. It flowed down, straight, shiny and silky.

Coni was wearing make-up that perfectly highlighted her eyes and made them stand out in the candlelight, flickering like little greenish stars.

As I slowly took her in I began to notice the body that had for years been hidden under her bulky clothes. She had smaller breast than Roni, but I could tell in the light creamy yellow dress she wore that they were firm. Just a small handful, but perfect on her little body. The dress matched perfectly with her creamy, white, untouched by the sun skin. Her small round hips, perfect ass and legs were magnificent. Like Roni, Coni, sorry… Constance Marie walked everywhere. You could see the definition of each muscle. She was like a mini version of Roni. Is there such a thing as a woman’s ultra petite, size -3?

Constance looked at Roni almost in tears as she said; “He doesn’t like it.”

Roni smacked my shoulder. Say something. I look back at Constance and said; Oh-my-god, I do like it. Roni smacked me again. Constance was beaming ear to ear. I sat, dumbfounded.

Roni knew my brain was sputtering to form coherent thought just at that moment, so she leaned over the back of the couch and told me to stand up and kiss her. I didn’t hesitate.

I stood in front of Constance, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. That was difficult with her being so short so I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her dress rolled straight up around her around her waist and her legs spread. After a few minutes I set her back down, with her dress still around her waist, her presumable freshly shaven for the first time pussy right in front of me as I sat back down. With nothing to hide nor left to the imagination any longer, Roni moved in behind her and just slipped the dress over her head and tossed it aside and then cupped her small firm breasts.

Aren’t they perfect, Roni asked? Yes, I replied, they are.

Constance, you need to help him catch up. Take off his clothes slowly and feel his body like I explained to you.

Constance moved forward and with trembling fingers, unbuttoned my shirt, sliding it off my shoulders. As she did, she started running her fingers over my skin. Between the trembling of her fingers and their softness, it was a rush.

After she took a few minutes to explore my skin, she moved her hands to my belt, unfastened it, unbuttoned my jeans and worked them down over my legs and off, taking my underwear with them. She kneeled there staring, as she was now up close and personal with her first cock.

She ran her hands over my body and lightly brushing my cock, unsure what to do or exactly how to do it.

At that point, Roni became teacher.


Roni lead Constance to the sofa and had her sit on my right side, facing angled toward me. Taking a place next to her.

Roni took her right hand and placed it on my cock, gently moving it from base to tip, caressing gently. Constance touched it lightly, getting to know how it felt. After a few seconds, Roni wrapped her small fingers around my cock; her fingers were barely long enough to encircle it. She didn’t even have to move her hand to have it feel good, the trembling was like a tiny vibrator buzzing against me.

Roni had her start to stroke with her hand. My cock looked huge in her tiny hand. It felt so good. Roni showed her how she likes to tease a cock. Running her hand loosely over and round the tip and down. Constance kept moving her hand as Roni put her other hand on my balls and showed her how to caress them.

By this time, a large drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip of my cock. Constance was staring at it, unsure how to react. Not saying a word, Roni scooped it up on her finger and with Constance looking at her; Roni licked it off, mmmm.

Roni asked; would you like some Coni, while at the same time taking Coni’s other hand, wiping up pre-cum on her index finger and guiding it to her mouth. Coni hadn’t had a chance to respond but she didn’t even flinch as she licked it off. Her eyes opened wide; “Mmmm, salty,” was all she said with a slight twinkle in her eyes.

Roni, then directed Coni to lean over and kiss my cock, lick it, learn every inch. Coni looked me in the eyes and her eyes were glowing in the candles.

I leaned forward and kissed her gently and whispered to her: “Please, lick my cock, I really want to feel your lips on me.

Not letting another heartbeat pass, Constance leaned forward and touched her lips to the tip of my cock. She licked all the drops of pre-cum that were now oozing down from it.

Her tongue was amazing; warm, quick, and wet. It darted around my cock like a little water bug on a smooth puddle. Roni told her to put it in her mouth. And Coni slowly complied. My cock looked so huge parting her lips. She was able to get only about 3 inches of it in to her little mouth.

Roni backed her off, sensing she was beginning to be a little overwhelmed and as if she wasn’t doing something correctly.

Roni explained to her how she sucks a cock. Relaxing her throat, dropping her tongue and sliding the cock back deep in to the back of her mouth. Coni’s eyes were huge and said that can’t be possible. Roni then leaned over and dropped her mouth on to my cock and covered me completely in an instant, showing her it was possible. Roni then told her to take her time. Learn how you enjoy it and how YOU want to pleasure the man you’re with. Every woman does it a little different.

Constance, I think just a little defiantly, not wanting to be shown up, tried again.

Coni slowly tried to get it all in. Gagging here and there, she finally managed to get all but the last inch or two in to her mouth, sliding her small face up and down over my cock. Truth being told, I was shocked her small mouth let her get that much in.

Her mouth was so small and tight she needed to completely remove my cock several times to breath. It was during one such moment that I lost control and shot a huge load of cum all over her face. Coni tried to catch as much of it as she could in her mouth, as Roni had told her men like, but still ended up with more than half of it all over her face. Her angelic face looked beautiful covered white dripping cum all over it, glistening in the candlelight.

Roni, being the loving, helping person she is, slowly pushed every last drop in to Coni’s mouth. It was so sweet of her to help clean up. LOL

Now it was my turn to return the favor. I looked at Roni and she knew what I was thinking. She straightened Coni up and laid her back on the sofa as I positioned myself between her legs.

As I lowered my face between her legs, I noticed the big wet spot on the sofa. The closer I got to her pussy the more I could feel the heat. This little woman was on fire and her juices were literally running down between her legs, over her ass and on to the cushion. As I got closer I spread her little pussy lips, to be greeted by a large, swollen clit. It was as if it was saying “Hello!, looking for me!!” You couldn’t miss it. Coni’s clit stuck out so far, the hood was nearly completely retracted. When my tongue hit her clit, it only took a few licks to send her over the edge. She shuddered in an orgasm.