My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 09

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Jane met me in my room afterward along with the girls and after a long passionate kiss, lips on lips, we strolled into the garden and she briefed me for what the girls have agreed to. As arranged, Jane soon disappeared with Daina, leaving me with Lucy, who at first was very shy and timid, but when she found that I did not touch on the topic of her sacrifice, she soon regained her usual easy and charming demeanor. Soon she returned to her rooms while I stayed back to make some arrangements.

While returning to my room, I passed her room. Lucy was curled up in a long chair, reading. Twisting her legs from under her petticoats, with a sudden movement that brought into full view her delicately embroidered drawers, she rose and came towards me, a rosy flush upon her cheeks, her eyes shining, her whole bearing instinct with an enchanting mixture of girlish coyness and anticipated pleasure. Her short white skirt swayed as she moved across the room, her breasts stood out firm and round under the close-fitting woven silk jersey; what man of mortal flesh and blood could withstand such allurements as these! Not I, for one! In a moment, she was folded in my arms.

I invited her to my room and asked her about the proposed arrangement and about the arrangements for her. I asker her ‘Lucy darling, will you become my dear little first lover?’ Lucy flinched, her slender body trembling in my hold, and she looked up at me. ‘ I am so lucky for you to have agreed to take care of me.’

‘Lucky?’ I wondered, not only stunned by what she had told me but also feeling honored that she had trustingly bestowed such confidence on me.

And Lucy blushed and spontaneously smiled. ‘Yes, very lucky. I’m indeed very lucky to be your first Virgin lover, to be deflowered by you and to enjoy your virgin cock.’

That glorious, utterly unexpected smile was more than I could withstand. Lucy looked up into eyes as bright as liquid starlight and marveled at the beauty of them.

And then I set her back from me and dragged in a shuddering breath while still looking at her as though she was the only woman in the universe, a gift that yanked at her heartstrings. ‘I’m thankful to you for bestowing me this honor,’ I breathed in a raw undertone. I lowered my head and kissed her soft pink mouth.

The thunder boomed. Lightning strafed the ground, lighting up the walls, but Lucy didn’t hear or notice Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort any of that because there was a kind of magic in our kiss and it was like no kiss she had ever had before. When I slid my tongue between her parted lips, an insistent heat she had never felt before flared between her thighs. My hands stroked through her hair and she felt her breasts swell and her nipples tighten and tingle. The warmth of my skin and the weight of me against her led to the discovery that her body liked those masculine aspects of me. Even more, she appreciated the aromatic smell of me, an insanely attractive combination of musky male and designer cologne, which tugged at something very basic inside her. My tongue brushed hers and withdrew, leaving her aching for more, every nerve ending on fire.

I rained kisses on her hair, her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and then, grasping her body closer and always closer to me, I glued my lips upon the scarlet mouth and reveled in a long and maddeningly delicious kiss-a kiss to be ever remembered-so well remembered now, indeed, that I must make some attempt to describe it. My hands were behind Lucy’s head, buried in her long brown hair. Her arms were around my body, locked and clinging.

At the first impact, her lips were closed, but a moment later they parted, and slowly, gently, almost as if in the performance of some solemn duty, the rosy tongue crept into my mouth, and bringing with it a flood of the scented juices from her throat, curled amorously round my own, whilst her hands dropped to my buttocks and standing on tiptoe, she drew me to her with such extraordinary intimacy that it seemed our bodies were already in conjunction. Not a word was spoken on either side-indeed, under the circumstances, the speech was impossible, for our tongues had twined together in a caress of unspeakable sweetness, which neither would be the first to forego. At last, the blood was coursing through my veins at a pace that became unbearable and I was compelled to unglue my mouth from hers. Still silent, but with love and longing in her eyes, she pressed me into a low chair, and seating herself on the arm, passed her hand behind my head, and looking full into my eyes, whispered my name in accents that were like the sound of a running stream. I kissed her open mouth again and again, and then, feeling that the time had come for some little explanations I withdrew.

Shaken by my sudden withdrawal while her body was still humming and pulsing like an unfamiliar entity, She wanted more. But for the first time in her life, Lucy had wanted a man and she knew that she wasn’t likely to forget the excitement that I had unleashed inside her. She reflected in mortification, had been more tempted than I was because he had quickly called a halt.

And what had she wanted to do?

To her eternal shame, she had wanted to snatch me back and make him keep on kissing her and, not only that, in the back of her mind she had been well aware that she craved more than that. Somehow, and she really didn’t know how or when it had happened, she was finally ready for sex.

I looked on her and she said, “Sir, I hope Ms. Jane has briefed you that we have accepted your proposal and I want to personally reassure you that Daina and I will both be fully obedient and subservient to your wishes and do everything you say, and I am sure we can make you love us, we will be such good girls.”

“Well then, that’s settled,” said he. “Come over and sit upon my knee,” I commanded. She rose immediately and gracefully came over to me, her face crimson, and sat upon my knee. She was apparently confused and embarrassed, but could hardly refuse the first request I made, after having just agreed to obey me in all things.

I put my arm around her and drew her to me, kissing her passionately; she permitted my embraces and returned them passionately.

My hand fell to her knee and he began to rub up and down her leg. Her face flushed a deep red, her eyes were closed and she murmured softly, “Oh, Sir, I don’t think you ought to do that; the sisters taught us at Convent that it isn’t very nice for a girl to permit a man to touch her body.”

“Now, Lucy,” I said, with a laugh, “My baby, the first thing we are going to do is to do away from your mind a great many things that the sisters have taught you. I am your Guardian and I certainly have a right to mend you,” pinching her thigh, which swelled beautifully from her knee to her hip. Her soft body lay in my arms and I could feel the round buttocks pressing against my leg as she sat upon my knee. I kissed her repeatedly-hot, passionate, sensual kisses which embarrassed the girl seeming to provoke a response in kind as her face was turning red with excitement. Holding her flaming face close, I kissed her entire face, her eyelids, her rosy cheeks, and her wildly throbbing temples. Finally, loosening my arm from about her neck, I lifted my head, my sensual eyes staring at her.

“Oh, Sir! Your kisses,” she murmured as if about to swoon fairly away. “Your kisses, they seem to burn me so”.

I was, by this time in a perfect ferment of passion; I held the tender girl close to my chest and dropping an eager and trembling hand to the front of her dress, squeezing her two swelling buxom bosoms that seemed to be strained as if to the bursting point. The confining hands held their perfect contours and squeezed them through the silken coverings. Lucy, her maidenly modesty aroused, strove with a weak hand to push this intruder away from her orbs of womanhood, but found me stronger than her.

Then the bell for dinner rang and we disengaged, In due course came dinner, then we all saw a romantic movie together and music in my room. After that, Ms. Jane showed us some photographs of a girl with a low dress showing her breasts with pink nipples and circles around them.

She followed it up with another picture showing the girl in a sitting posture showing her shapely legs, and her beautiful white globes above her waist.

Then she showed us several photographs of partially naked ladies exhibiting their secret parts.

Then Ms. Jane showed some more absolutely explicit nude pictures of girls showing the complete view possible of all their secret charms and parts. Ms. Jane told us that the lovely opening between her legs is called Cunt or Pussy.

Then she showed the photograph of a Man with a beautiful erect Cock or Dick, which perfectly enchanted Lucy and Daina, as it was the first time she had really seen the picture of a fully developed long and hard, standing prick. It made their eyes glitter and their faces blushed on seeing it.

We all looked at them with great interest, evidently excited, and both the girls were blushing.

After that, Ms. Jane explained and satisfied our curiosity about the sexes and their mutual desires and modes of gratifying them as couples then it was bedtime and we all retired to our respective bedrooms.

A vision of naked Lucy troubled my rest as I wanted to have sex with her only when she wanted to have sex with me. I wanted her to surrender to me unconditionally and what has transpired on that day, It seemed she was ready. And I thought I will make our first sex special, very, very special for both of us.