My Daughter’s Roommate

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I sat on the window seat looking out at the pouring rain streaking the window. The gray day was totally in keeping with the way I felt and had felt, mostly, during the two years since my husband, Richard, died from a stroke, suddenly, without warning, one moment alive, the next dead.

My name is Diana Hart, I’m 45 years old and a widow, as I’ve already mentioned. I’m a large woman, with big breasts, but far from fat, and am considered good looking. I have one daughter, Susie, who is 21 and attends college in a small town about two hours from here.

A car pulled into the driveway, windshield wipers flashing. I recognized it immediately as Susie’s, and she had someone with her. Now who could that be?

Susie and her passenger dashed for the door and threw it open, laughing, giggling and splashing water all over the hall floor.

“Hi Mom,” she gasped, “I’ve brought a friend home for lunch. That okay?”

“Just fine, Susie, no problem at all.” I replied as I embraced my daughter, who had already removed her wet coat.

“Mom, this is Jenny, she’s my new roommate, just arrived this week. She’s the same age as me.” exclaimed Susie as she pulled her friend forward. “Jenny, this is my mom.”

Jenny stepped forward and I was immediately stunned by not only her beauty but by an aura of sexuality that surrounded her. This was surely the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and I felt a stirring in the pit of my stomach and between my legs. “Jenny, you’re very, very welcome, it’s so nice to meet you,” I stammered, “come on in and make yourself comfortable.”

“So nice to meet you too,” replied Jenny in a husky voice, “Susie’s been telling me all about you, but she didn’t tell me you were so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Jenny,” I answered, blushing furiously, “thats’s really nice of you to say so, even if it is an enormous exaggeration. You, however, are gorgeous.”

I led Jenny to the living room and seated her on the sofa across from me.

“I’ll make us some coffee,” said Susie, “while you two get to know each other. As Jenny’s my roommate, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of her.”

Unfortunately not as much as I’d like, I thought to myself as I replied. “I’d like that, I’d like that very much.” and studied this beautiful girl sitting on the sofa opposite me. Her hair was blonde and hung below her shoulders, encircling a lovely, oval face. She wasn’t very tall I remember from her arrival, about 5’1 or 5’2 I’d guessed, a beautifully proportioned, petite body, small, firm breasts with long pointed nipples thrusting against her white cotton top. Her beauty was having an amazing and incredible effect on me and the more I looked, the more I felt my juices pooling in my panties.

“Do I meet with your approval?” asked Jenny gently.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” I spluttered, blushing furiously, “that was so terribly rude of me, Jenny. Please forgive me, I’m so embarrassed!”

“Please don’t be,” said Jenny, reaching across the coffee table and taking my hands, “I was watching you too and like what I see. Very much. But you must be used to being looked at, you are such a beautiful woman.”

“No, it’s not something I’m used to. I’m just a middle-aged widow who leads a very boring life. Seeing you is the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Oh my, doesn’t that sound terrible!”

At that point, Susie entered the room with a tray of coffees and noticed Jenny and I holding hands. “Hey, you’re getting to know each other,” she said with enthusiasm, “I’m so glad.”

We had a very pleasant afternoon chatting, exchanging stories, laughing a lot, until Susie looked at her watch and said “Time to go, Jenny, I’ve got a class in just over two hours.” She and Jenny put their coats on and prepared to go back out into the miserable weather.

“Bye Mom, thanks for the coffee. Great to see you again. See ya later” said Susie and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you so much Mrs Hart, it was lovely to meet you.” said Jenny and kissed me as well, at the corner of my mouth.

“It’s Diana, Jenny and you’re welcome here any time at all. I mean it, any time at all.”

Life went on as it had, slowly, boringly until, late one Friday afternoon a couple of weeks after Susie and Jenny’s visit, I was back sitting on the window seat, looking out at the seemingly never-ending rain and cold when a car I didn’t recognize pulled into the driveway. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it, a bedraggled Jenny was standing there.

“Hello Diana, may I come in please?”

“Jenny dear, of course you can! Come in out of that miserable weather. How lovely to see you again.”

She entered, removed her dripping coat and boots and stood in the hallway dressed in a short white skirt and tight t-shirt, shivering,

“Oh Jenny, come here.” I said, enfolding her in my arms and rubbing her back to warm her. She was short, coming only up to my chin.

“Come with me.” I said, took her by the hand, led her into the living room and seated Starzbet her on the rug in front of the blazing fire, knelt down behind her and rubbed her shoulders to help warm her up.

“What on earth are you doing out on a day like this? It’s horrible out there.”

“I came to pay you a visit, Diana.” she replied, still shivering. “I didn’t realize it was going to be this bad when I left, but I would have come anyway.”

“You silly girl,” I said “you really shouldn’t have come out in this, but I’m very glad to see you.” and gave Jenny a big hug.

Jenny leaned back into my embrace and whispered “This feels so nice, Diana, I’m warming up quickly now, but please don’t let go,” and gripped my encircling arms, kissing the back of my hands.

We sat there for a while, the only light coming from the flickering firelight, enjoying the warmth and closeness. I didn’t remember when I’d felt this good over the last two years and wondered if Jenny was feeling good too.

“I think we should eat something, Jenny, ” I whispered. “I was going to have a salad. Will you share it with me?”

“I’d love to Diana, can I come and help?”

“Sure, honey.” I replied and we headed for the kitchen where we made and ate the salad, together with a bottle of wine.

We cleaned up, put the dishes in the dishwasher and I turned to Jenny. “Jenny, you’re staying here tonight. I’m not letting you drive back in this weather, and especially after that much wine. Not a chance!”

This suited Jenny just fine as it had been her intention from the beginning to spend the night. She had no classes on the following day, or Sunday, so today seemed like the ideal opportunity to come. She had become totally infatuated with Diana since their meeting, wanted to spend time with her but had waited a couple of weeks to come back, though the waiting had been extremely difficult.

I set up a bed for Jenny in the spare room and we both sat in the living room, sitting on the sofa, my arms around her, loving the sweet, clean smell of her hair, watching the fire and as we were so comfortable together, we told each other the stories of our lives. It didn’t take long before our eyes got heavy and our heads were nodding.

I shook myself awake, woke Jenny and said “Right young lady, time for bed. I’ll show you the way,” and led her to the bedroom. “Here you are, dear, and you have your own private bathroom.”

“Thank you so much.” said Jenny, rose on her toes and kissed me on the lips, which surprised me but I didn’t let it show. “Good night, Diana, sleep tight.”

We closed our doors and I undressed. I decided to put on my favorite sheer, silk negligee in tones of light blue and light gray. I slipped it over my head, the soft, smooth silk teasing my large, fat nipples until they stood straight out, tenting the negligee over each full breast. So sheer was the negligee that my large, brown areolas and the thatch of black, curly hair between my legs were clearly visible. I’d never shaved because Richard always said that he loved to bury his nose in my black curls as he licked and sucked my clitoris, something that we both loved.

I used my en suite bathroom and was on the point of climbing into bed when there was a knock on the door. “Yes?” I called.

“Can I have some towels, please, Diana? I think I’ll have a shower.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Jenny, that’s inexcusable of me.” I replied, went to the door, opened it and there she was, in a white bra and g-string. As we stood there her eyes dropped to my oh-so-evident black thatch and widened. For my own part I couldn’t help noticing the wet patch on the front of her g-string and wondered if her juices were flowing as much as were mine.

I stepped out of the room, walked to the linen closet and selected some towels. Oh yes, I did notice just how incredibly gorgeous Jenny was but this time tried not to be rude by staring! What a beautiful little thing she was. She took the towels, thanked me and as she walked away I watched the beautifully rounded, naked globes of her bottom jiggle in front of me. Oh my!

I returned to my own room, climbed between cool sheets, thinking of how beautiful she was, but it didn’t take long for me to nod off into a deep sleep.

I awoke with a start. Someone was climbing into bed with me.

“Diana,” came a whisper “It’s me, Jenny. Can I climb in with you, I’m so cold? Please let me stay.” begged Jenny and reached out to grasp my arm.

I felt Jenny’s fingers on my arm and all resistance melted away. I opened my arms to my new friend who came to me, I felt her body against me. Jenny was naked, her skin so soft as my hands followed her contours.

She did feel cold, but she also felt wonderful, so I held her, caressed her, to warm her up. She moved under my hands with little pleasure-filled moans.

“Take it off, Diana, please take it off.” Jenny whispered urgently and I must admit that It took very little persuasion for me to allow her to help me remove my negligee. As I lifted Starzbet Giriş it over my head I felt her small hands cup my full, heavy breasts, pinch my big, hard nipples and I breathed in sharply.

Jenny kissed me on the lips, her tongue probing deeply into my mouth, meeting my own tongue thrusting back. Her hands were still touching my breasts, teasing my nipples, so I reached out to feel her small cone shaped breasts with their long pointed nipples, the first breasts, other than my own, that I had ever touched and they felt so very, very wonderful. She moaned in my mouth, again and again.

We were both on our knees, close together. She released one of my breasts and I felt a hand on the fur between my legs, the fingers probing until they found my slick, wet slit, caressing my clitoris, making me moan loudly in excitement, moving further, further, fingers probing into me then deep inside my body.

I reached out between Jenny’s legs to find that she was smooth, no hair at all, her lips swollen, wet and slick. Her body quivered as I stroked and rubbed her. I did what I do to myself when I masturbate, which is fairly often, the only sexual outlet I have had since my Richard died two years ago. Until tonight, that is.

Jenny played me like a guitar. I was shaking, quivering, moaning, whining as her fingers slid in and out, driving me to distraction while I caressed her small, firm, wet body, rubbed her clitoris, felt her respond as I was responding.

We came simultaneously, cum flowing, spraying from our cunts, groaning, screaming, bucking, jolting, oh God, oh God, it had been been so long, so very, very long since I came. I was so happy that Jenny seemed to be experiencing the same pleasure that I was having.

We collapsed into each other’s arms. I held Jenny’s small body against mine, kissing her face, her eyes, her mouth, her neck. What was I doing? I had just made love, passionate love to a girl, a girl less than half my age and I had loved it, loved it, loved, loved, loved it, loved the feel of her, the sensation of her body pressed against mine, her breasts against my breasts, her hard, pointy nipples digging into my breasts.

Jenny pulled away from me. “I was your first woman, wasn’t I?” she panted.

“Oh dear,” I replied, “was it that obvious?”

“You were sweet, Diana.” said Jenny smiling, climbed to her knees, straddled me and clasped and kneaded my my breasts, their nipples still hard. “You’re such a beautiful woman, you drive me wild, have since I first saw you. Just look at these wonderful breasts, so big, so soft and your nipples are to die for. I just want to stroke them, caress them.”

“You’re very welcome,” I gasped, loving the sensations flooding through me. I reached up and stroked Jenny’s small breasts, felt her nipples grow under my fingers. “You know,” I whispered, “I’ve never been with a woman until tonight, but the moment I saw you I knew absolutely that you excited the hell out of me and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on you. My juices were flowing from the moment we met and I was so afraid that you would smell them pooling between my legs.”

Jenny grinned and whispered “I did, and you smelled wonderful. You have no idea how hard I had to struggle to keep my hands off you.”

I knew that I was blushing furiously, but was feeling so happy that I decided to take things to the next level. “Jenny, when I was married, my husband loved to go down on me, to lick and suck me. Will you let me do it to you so that I can find out what he liked so much? Please?”

Jenny looked at me, stroked my face, squirmed up my body and turned so that she was straddling my face.

I looked up at my first ever view of a cunt, wet, slick, distended lips, split apart, feathery inner lips hanging, waiting for my mouth, my tongue. It was so very, very, beautiful and I wanted it. I reached up, grasped Jenny’s hips and pulled it down.

Jenny spread her knees and the wetness of her cunt descended to cover my nose and open mouth, filling both with her juices.

I was entranced with the experience, sucked the juices, swallowed. Now I knew what Richard loved so much. But wait, Jenny leaned forward, I felt hot breath on my own cunt, lips, a tongue, closing over my wet, slick slit, probing, sucking, just as I was doing. Oh God it felt so good, so very, very good, it had been so long. I turned my head a little, drew a breath, sought out and fond the hard little shaft of Jenny’s clitoris, sucked it into my mouth, flicked it with my tongue, reveling in the fact that Jenny was doing the same to mine. Stomachs fluttered, pressure built, orgasm approached until suddenly, at the peak of sensation, dams broke, cum splashed, we coughed and spluttered, our faces running with liquid sex.

Jenny climbed off, turned, fell into my arms and gasped into my ear “So, lover, was that what you thought it was going to be?”

“No, dear,” I panted back, “it was a thousand times better. I never in my life imagined doing anything like that Starzbet Güncel Giriş and when you went down on me I thought I was going to explode. Wait, I did explode, but so did you.” and we both giggled loudly. “Thank you so much, Jenny, I think that without you I’d never have experienced the joy of what we’ve just done. Thank you! I just hope I haven’t disappointed you, my dear, that would break my heart.”

Jenny took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, her tongue again plumbing the depths of my mouth then replied. “Dear Diana, you couldn’t disappoint me if you tried. I knew from the first time I saw you that you were a very special person, that I simply had to get to know you and that you would play a big part in my life. I want to know everything about you and spend time with you. I want to enjoy your body and give you mine. May I? Please, Diana?”

“I’ve met you only twice,” I whispered, “but I’ve become so very fond of you, Jenny dear, I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing you, not being with you, but have you thought about this? Not only am I a middle aged woman but we’re going to have to be very, very careful. Susie is a dear, dear girl, a wonderful daughter and I love her dearly but I’d be prepared to bet that she wouldn’t understand us. If she came in right now, this room positively reeks of sex. I love it and so do you, but she might not. It doesn’t help that you share a room, but I’m sure we’ll figure out a way.”

We embraced, gently, lovingly. We were so different. I was a substantial, middle-aged woman she was a small, young woman, but they do say that opposites attract, so why shouldn’t we be happy, at least for now. Happiness should be grabbed by the throat at every opportunity. There’s not so much of it in the world that we could afford to ignore it when it’s offered.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke rested in the early morning. My eyes opened and memories of the previous night came flooding back. I realized that I was happier than I had been in a very long time. Jenny muttered in her sleep and snuggled closer. This felt so good, the feeling of her skin against mine, that this beautiful little girl would want to be with me.

I disentangled from her warm body and relieved myself in my bathroom. When I returned, Jenny was on her back, legs spread, so I climbed between them, looked at the beautiful, smooth folds of her cunt lips. They were dry, needed moistening, so I lowered my mouth and slid my tongue along their length, the tip slipping into the slit between those beautiful lips. Her lips got wetter, swelled, split apart and began to provide their own moisture, more and more until they were wet and slick. Jenny’s breathing became harsher, a hand touched the top of my head, her breathing changed to moans, building in intensity until I clamped my lips down on her clitoris and she arced off the bed, screaming, spilling cum as she exploded in a huge climax.

I licked her until she began to calm down, wormed my way up her body and looked into her face, my cum-smeared face breaking into a huge smile.

“Good morning, my darling! I whispered grinning down at her, “wake up sleepyhead”

“Oh God,” she gasped, “I’ve created a monster!”

“And you’re glad you did!” I whispered as she licked my face clean of her cum.

She finished and we lay side by side, close, looking at each other. “When did you know you liked women, Jenny?” I asked ” and do you only like women?”

“I must have been 14 when I began to realize,” she replied, ” but it wasn’t until I was 18 and actually went out with a boy that I knew for sure that I didn’t like boys at all. Since then I’ve only been out with women, not that there have been that many.”

“So what made you pick an old woman like me, my dear? I’m no catch for anyone?”

Jenny looked at me, her face crumbled and she began to cry, “I didn’t ‘pick’ you, Diana, I just knew from the moment I first saw you that I wanted to become your friend and more than your friend. It was something over which I had no control. I saw you, I wanted you, it’s as simple as that.”

I folded her into my arms, kissed her eyes, kissed her tears, “I’m so sorry I questioned you, dear Jenny, you have no idea how happy I am to have you with me. Please forgive me.”

She kissed me, her eyes sparkling, “I would forgive you anything, dear, anything at all.” and we lay there, relaxed, happy, just looking and touching. “Tell me something about you, Diana. I would love to know more about you.”

“My life has been relatively uninteresting, Jenny. I was actually born in this house then inherited it when my parents died. My husband, Richard, was my high school sweetheart. He’s the only man I ever made love to in my life and we lived here together until he died two years ago. Susie, as you know, was born 21 years ago, and that’s my life.”

“No-one in the last two years?”

“No-one. I just didn’t meet anyone who appealed to me. Until you, and that was totally unexpected.” and I giggled. “If anyone had told me yesterday morning that I would be making love to another woman, and loving it, I would probably have fallen over laughing. Then you knock at my door and, if I’m being totally honest about this, I just couldn’t wait to get into your panties.”