Taking a Chance Ch. 02

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This story contains a moderate amount of anal sex, a dose of pegging(when a girl fucks a guy), girl on girl action, rimming, interracial sex and fetish of the foot variety. So if any or all of the things I listed above bother you or turn you off then I urge you to skip this story. Criticism and praise always welcomed.


“I hope you’re ready for tonight, because that ass is going to be all mine.” Brittni softly hissed in Chris’s ear as she draped her arms over his shoulders.

“Oh is that so? What about Emily? I thought both of you were going to have a turn tonight.” Chris joked, trying to push Brittni’s buttons.

“Don’t you worry, Emily will get her chance, but you better believe I’m going first.”

“So you’re not going to be a good friend and let Emily go first.” Chris said while clenching his jaw to keep from laughing.

“Hell no! And if you keep on joking with me Chris, your anal cherry is not the only thing you’re going to lose.” Brittni said as she grabbed onto Chris’s chest and firmly grasped his nipple through his shirt.

“Are you seriously gonna try and take off my nipple for asking a simple question?” Chris said while bracing himself in case Brittni decided to give his nipple a twist.

“Well now that I think about it, that is a bit harsh, maybe I’ll just take your ear instead.” Brittni said as she released Chris’s nipple and bit down softly on his left ear.

“Dammit that’s worse.” Chris said as he felt his cock come to life.

“Well that’s what you get for trying to be a smart ass Chris, anyway I’m done teasing you for now, because it looks like my work here is done.” Brittni said as she stopped biting Chris’s ear and raked the palm of her hand against his budding manhood. “Good luck walking to the meeting with this thing trying to poke out of your pants.” She whispered as she moved her hand from Chris’s crotch and started walking towards the door.

“You could be a good girlfriend and throw me an ice pack or something.” Chris said while trying to will his cock to stop growing.

“And where is the fun in that?” Brittni said while stopping mid-stride and looking over her shoulder to give Chris a mischievous smirk.

“You are bad, you know that right?”

“Well what can I say, I’m good at being bad.” Brittni said while shooting Chris a wink then slowly sauntered out the door, giving him ample time to admire her ass and finely sculpted calf muscles.

“How the hell did I get so lucky?” Chris thought to himself as Brittni disappeared into the hallway.

Chris was not only referring to scoring with Brittni; he was also thinking about the arrangement he had with Emily. He never would have guessed in a million years that Brittni was into men and women. It was something he was glad he found out when he came back home from vacation, because if he knew she was bi from the get go he would have been scared to approach her, since he figured that he would not be enough to satisfy her.

The day after Chris made it back home he thought it was odd that Brittni insisted on him meeting her roommate so soon. But after meeting her and them explaining how they had an arrangement prior to Brittni hooking up with and essentially getting into a relationship with Chris, he understood the reason for the meeting.

Chris’s initial thought was to just treat Brittni like a casual fling, since he thought that she was not looking to be serious with him. But after hearing them out, Brittni and Emily were able to convince Chris that their involvement with one another was purely physical and they only loved each other as friends. Brittni took it a step further and ensured Chris that she wanted a serious relationship with him and if at any point he was uncomfortable with her hooking up with Emily he could voice his concern and she would stop.

It didn’t take long to convince Chris, since Brittni seemed to be genuine about stopping if he had concerns. The icing on the cake was when Emily offered to join them from time to time. Chris was hard pressed to say no because even though Brittni was a stunner, her roommate Emily was just as stunning. Emily was about three inches taller than Brittni with crimson-colored hair that spiraled into loose ringlets and stopped right above her shoulders. She also had a pair of emerald-green eyes that seemed to radiate if the light hit them right. Not only did Emily have a pretty face, she also had a magnificent body. Her stomach was a solid sheet of muscle with faint signs of a six pack showing and while her breast were not enormous they formed nice little c-cup sized mounds. Though Chris loved how slender and delicately shaped Brittni’s feet were, he also loved how Emily’s feet were slightly thicker and wider than Brittni’s, giving him a variety to choose from.

The first time they all slept together was a little awkward since it was something none of them had done before, but things got less awkward after each coupling, and once a few months went by and things reached a certain comfort level, Brittni kocaeli escort and Emily revealed to Chris a long time fantasy they both shared. Which was to find a guy that was comfortable enough to let them use a strap-on on them. They figured Chris would be the perfect candidate since he was already into anal play.

Naturally Chris was a little hesitant since a strap-on was quite different than using a finger or tongue, but once again Brittni and Emily used their convincing powers to talk Chris into it. After all parties reached an agreement, they chose a time in which they would all be free, and after much anticipation that day was finally here.

“Damn you Brittni.” Chris griped, as he adjusted his pants, while making his way to the conference room for the monthly staff meeting.

As he made it to the conference room Chris noticed that his friend Josh had saved a seat next to him, which he sort of dreaded, since they were seated directly across the room from Brittni. Chris dreaded his seat placement because he knew that Brittni was going to take this opportunity to tease him unmercifully during the meeting.

“You bang the hottest chick here then you show up late like you own the place, if only we could all be so lucky.” Josh whispered as Chris sat down next to him.

“Man shut up. I had to finish up some stuff, and for the record we are in a relationship so we are doing more that just banging.” Chris said lying about his tardiness, since he was too embarrassed to tell the real reason as to why he was late.

“Well when it comes down to it y’all are still banging.”

“Well maybe if you actually tried to spend time with a girl outside of the bedroom you would see the joy in doing more than just banging.”

“Whatever dude I’m only twenty-four years old, I’m trying to be a Pokemon master and catch ’em all.”

“And that right there is why you will forever be alone. No grown man can be taken seriously after making a Pokemon reference.” Chris said while rolling his eyes.

“Fine by me, just as long as I get laid, besides women are fucking crazy, I can’t see myself attached to a piece of ass for more than a month.”

“Whatever makes you happy Josh.” Chris said as he shook his head.

While Chris and Josh finished up their conversation, the meeting went underway, and just as Chris predicted Brittni did all she could to tease him on the sly.

“Fuck! I wish she would stop doing that shit.” Chris said to himself as his eyes were fixed towards Brittni’s direction as she slipped her feet in and out of her pumps before crossing her legs and dangling her pump just enough to keep it from falling off her foot. Chris’s phone vibrating in his pocket was the only thing that brought him back to reality.

“Enjoying the show.” The message from Brittni said.

“Yeah I am, a little too much. I can barely concentrate on this lame ass meeting because of you.” Chris replied.

“I’m sorry Chris, I can’t help it. I have a hard time keeping my shoes on when I’m around you. Like take right now for instance. I wish you were over here so I could be slipping my feet in and out of your mouth, instead of these pumps.” Brittni messaged, as she uncrossed her legs and began to slowly slide her feet to the top of her pumps, giving Chris a quick glance before pushing them back into her pumps just to repeat the teasing process all over again.

“Whatever you just like making me squirm.”

“Maybe, but just so you know you are not the only one turned on. I’m a little damp right now thinking of those soft lips of yours giving my feet the attention they need.”

“Really. Well how turned on would you be if we were the only ones in here right now and I had you bent over a table, licking you from your pussy to your ass.”

“Oh you naughty boy. That would definitely turn me on, but not as turned on as I would be if I had the chance to bend you over and peg the shit out of you.”

“You are really into the idea of letting you have my ass huh?”

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to try it and now that the time is almost here it’s all I can think about.”

“Well if it turns you on then I’m happy to try it at least once.” Chris replied.

“Hopefully you let me do it more than once babe. Anyway you are off the hook for now because it is my turn to go over the in-services for the month.” Brittni messaged, before standing up and making her way to the front of the room.

“Finally.” Chris whispered to himself as Brittni stood up to go over the in-services.

After Brittni finished up, everyone was free to leave for the day except for Brittni and a few other people on the administrative team, since they had to discuss how they were going to improve on the concerns that were brought up during the meeting.

Before leaving, Chris was able to briefly talk to Brittni privately in her office.

“I’m serious Chris you better keep it in your pants until I get home.” Brittni said as she lightly kocaeli escort bayan punched Chris on the arm.

“Don’t worry I can behave myself. I mean Emily is attractive and all, but I’m not about to fuck up what I have with you. It’s just not worth it.” Chris said while rubbing the area Brittni punched him at, as if it hurt.

“I believe you Chris, I’m sorry I’m like this sometimes. As odd as it may seem, I am scared that you may get mad at me or something and try to sleep with Emily behind my back and then try to justify it because of the arrangement we have.” Brittni said as she brushed Chris’s hand aside and gently caressed the spot she struck him at.

“Don’t be silly Brittni.” Chris said as he flashed a reassuring smile. “Yeah this is definitely a unique arrangement but if it ever makes me uncomfortable I will be man enough to tell you, plus I think Emily just kind of puts up with me sometimes because she has to.”

“It may seem that way Chris, but please don’t let your guard down around her. Emily may come off as uninterested, but I think she is really starting to like you and not just physically.”

“You think so?” Chris said with a puzzled look on his face. “Why do you say that? We are always throwing jabs at each other. I mean it is playful but still.”

“Trust me Chris I know Emily, we have been friends for a long time. I don’t think she would try to do anything, but the way she acts around you sometimes makes me think that she wants more than just sex. I think it’s because you are not easily offended by her abrasiveness. Anyway let me quit blabbing, just be careful ok.”

“I will beautiful.” Chris said as he cupped Brittni’s face in his hands and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. “See ya when ya get home.” Chris said as his lips parted from Brittni’s.

“Ok.” Brittni breathlessly replied, as a droplet of nectar seeped from her pussy and moistened her panties.

After saying goodbye to Brittni, Chris got in his car and made his way to her house, since he already had overnight and morning clothes in his car. As he pulled up in the driveway He noticed that Emily was already home. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the talk he had with Brittni left him on edge.

“Ahh ain’t nothing gonna happen. I bet I’m the last thing on that girl’s mind.” Chris said trying to reassure himself, as he went inside Brittni’s house setting his bag at the door, before plopping down on the couch and making himself at home.

Chris was in his own little world watching television when Emily snuck up on him and tried to scare him.

“What are ya doing?” Emily quickly blurted out, while standing out of Chris’s line of sight.

“Just watching television.” Chris said evenly, as he tried to pretend that Emily didn’t startle him.

“Oh mind if I join ya?” Emily said as she came in from behind Chris and sat on the couch wearing almost next to nothing.

“Not at all. I mean it is your house after all.” Chris said as he made a poor attempt to keep his eyes wandering over Emily’s body.

“Don’t act so modest Chris.” Emily said as she caught Chris’s eyes wandering over her body. “It’s not like you haven’t seen any of this before, hell as a matter of fact just last week you were almost balls deep inside my pussy, so need to be shy all of a sudden.” Emily said matter-of-factly, as she stretched out her legs to place her feet in Chris’s lap.

“I know but I still feel a little uneasy being this close to you without Brittni being here.” Chris said while trying to keep his eyes from wandering, as he thoughtlessly ran his hand across Emily’s foot and up her leg, before withdrawing it and creating some space between Emily and himself, after realizing what he was doing.

“For fucks sake why do you have to be such a goody two shoes?” Emily said as she furrowed her brow in frustration.

“Huh?” Chris asked as he was bewildered by what Emily was talking about.

“I’m talking about how you reacted to me just now. Any other guy would have just said fuck it and went for it, which was what I was hoping for, even if I would have regretted it later.” Emily said while tucking her feet underneath her.

“What are you getting at Emily? Why would you hope I try something knowing that if Brittni found out it would destroy her.” Chris asked.

“Because.” Emily said then paused before continuing. “I feel kinda silly for saying this, but I’m a little jealous of Brittni. I mean you guys are so great together. I’ve never seen a guy make her as happy as you have, then the fact that you are ok with me and her fooling around from time to time is like the cherry on top of the fucking ice cream sundae.” Emily paused again, and shook her head while throwing her hands up in frustration, before finishing her statement. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that you are freaking perfect and I’m having a hard time trying to find a reason not to be attracted to you.”

“For real? As much as you insult me I escort kocaeli thought you slick hated me, or just wanted me out of the picture so you didn’t have to share Brittni.” Chris said with a bewildered look on his face.

“That’s what I wanted you to think. Believe it or not Chris I get lonely and crave male companionship sometimes. I mean sure I get hit on all the time, but I know it’s because most guys just have one thing on their mind, and when I do find the occasional guy that wants more than just sex it never works out because they can’t handle my strong personality. So the fact that you can put up with my personality and not want to kill me is a huge turn on. That’s why I hoped you would crack and try something, then I could convince myself that you are like every other guy, which would make me lose interest. But nooo instead of being a dog, you do the exact opposite, and become a freaking knight in shining armor.” Emily said as her facial features were still hardened after she made her confession.

“Wow ok then.” Chris said as he took a deep breath and processed what was being said to him before speaking again. “You know Emily I’m far from perfect, once you get to know me I am a complete pushover, and I even snore at night sometimes, and I still believe in the tooth fairy.”

“Nice try Chris, but it’s not working.” Emily chuckled dryly and softened her expression, before standing to her feet. “Well I’m going to be a good girl and head upstairs. I hope I didn’t ruin our plans for tonight by acting like an emotional teenager on you just then. Anyway thanks for hearing me out and not being mad at my poor attempt to seduce you.”

“Don’t even worry about it Emily. It’s all good, we’re still cool.”

“Well good, I hope things stay cool between us, and if we could, I would like to keep this conversation just between me and you if possible.”

“I agree one hundred percent. It would just make things awkward if Brittni found out.” Chris said omitting the fact that Brittni already had her suspicions.

“I’m glad we are thinking alike. Anyway enjoy sitting down while you can, because I know you won’t be able to after we are done with you.” Emily said, while dragging her fingertips along Chris’s jaw line, before going upstairs to her room.

“It’s feast or fucking famine.” Chris grumbled before focusing his attention back towards the television.

Chris spent the next forty-five minutes in silence watching t.v. before Brittni made it home. Soon as he heard her car door shut, he turned off the t.v. and stood up to unlock the door. As he went to open the door to let Brittni in, she was already standing at the door. Without saying a word, she lept into Chris’s arms and attacked him with kisses while tightly coiling her legs around his waist so she would not fall.

“I missed you too.” Chris said as he managed to briefly break away from Brittni’s lips.

“I’m glad. So are you ready to take a bath then give me a shot at that ass?” Brittni said before nipping at the left side of Chris’s neck.

“More than ready.” Chris moaned as Brittni went to work on his neck.

“Good, but let me stop before I get carried away.” Brittni asked as she unwrapped her legs from around Chris and placed her feet on the floor.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Chris protested.

“Don’t worry there will be plenty more from where that came from.” Brittni said, as she softly caressed the side of Chris’s face. “Anyway I saw Emily’s car outside as I pulled up, is she around here anywhere?”

“Yeah she’s upstairs in her room.” Chris said.

“And did you two behave?”

“Yes dear, she came down and spoke to me then went back to her room.” Chris said, leaving out some details.

“Ok, well I wanted to speak to her about tonight. Would you mind running some bathwater? I’ll be in there shortly.”

“No problem. Just don’t take too long, because I may turn into a raisin.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, because I think you would make one sexy chocolate covered raisin.” Brittni purred, as she caught Chris’s bottom lip between her teeth and sucked on it for a moment before releasing it.

“Well since you put it that way, take your time.” Chris laughed while blushing at the same time.

“Aww you have such a cute little glow when you blush.” Brittni said while planting a soft kiss on Chris’s nose. “And don’t worry babe, I won’t be long ok.”

“Well the bath and I will be waiting on ya.” Chris said as he grabbed his bag and took it upstairs to Brittni’s room.

While Chris put his things in Brittni’s room then started preparing the bath water, Brittni made her way to Emily’s room only to find her staring intently at something on her tablet.

“You ready for tonight?” Brittni whispered hoarsely, causing Emily to focus her attention in Brittni’s direction.

“You know I am.” Emily said as she jumped up to greet Brittni. “I can’t believe you found a guy that was willing to not only let us still play with one another, but also let us act out our fantasy and fuck him too. I mean literally fuck him.”

“Yeah I know right, Chris is such a great guy. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have him and you in my life.” Brittni beamed as her eyes locked onto Emily’s. “As lucky as I am, I feel like a greedy slut sometimes, since there are people out there that have no one.”

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