Aye Ma’am Pt. 01

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Michael’s hand hovered in front of the Admiral’s door, unsure whether to proceed. Why had he come here? He’d come because she’d ordered him to of course, but why had he obeyed? Was it simply habit? Years in the navy will do that to you. He was just lowering his hand to reconsider when the door swung inward.

“There you are, right on time.”

Too late.

She stood aside to give him room. “Well, in you come.” His legs betrayed him, obeying her command all on their own while his mind struggled to come up with a countermand.

The door clicked shut behind him, the sound of the bolt sliding home prompting a nervous sweat to break out on his brow. He was trapped now, trapped with this woman.

He eyed her nervously. The white officer’s jacket with the stars of an admiral, one empty sleeve folded and pinned neatly in half. Her boots tapping softly on the planks as she strode leisurely round in front of him, and surely those pants shouldn’t be that tight?

“Eyes forward Lamon.”

His gaze snapped upward to end up looking her right in the eyes. Hers is the gaze of a seasoned commander, confident in her authority, but not complacent. The faintest quirk of her mouth warms her eyes and sets a swarm of butterflies loose in his stomach.

“Well, are you just going to stand there?” One eyebrow arcs halfway up to her bob cut as she poses the question.

His racing mind comes to a crashing halt as he attempts to comprehend her meaning. She lets out a mock sigh and her eyes roll before swivelling back around to pin him in place once more. She takes a step forward, bringing her close enough he can catch the smell of juniper on her.


One word, uttered with the same tone she’d request an engine reading. As if complying was the only possible response.

“Strip Michael, I want to see what I get to have fun with.”

He can feel his face heat up and the butterflies form a tornado. He says a silent prayer of thanks that his well tanned skin will hide most of the blush.

The eyebrow arcs again when he continues to stare dumbly at her. Finally, mercifully, he manages to stammer out the beginnings of a sentence. “I- I th-“.

“Ah-ah-ah”, she moves even closer and presses a slender finger to his lips, gently sealing them closed. “You speak only when spoken to. Now, let me make this easier for you.” The slightly condescending tone of her purr sets yet more confusing feelings loose in his head, the growing stampede making it impossible to form coherent thoughts.

“Engineer Lamon,” she speaks now with her battle commander voice, the sound washing away the stampede as his training takes over. “Take off your coveralls.”

He complies.

Oh sweet goodness what am I doing screams a tiny voice in the back of his mind as he unbuttons the red coveralls and steps out them, noticing in the process that he’s more than a little hard.

Septima murmurs her approval, and he feels her eyes roaming up and down the muscles of his bare arms, before lingering on what must now be an incredibly obvious bulge in the front of his underwear.

“Good boy, now take off your shirt.”

His face burns, and his underwear is strained even further. He slowly complies, exposing his well toned torso as his shirt joins his coveralls on the floor. She speaks so condescendingly, but instead of stoking irritation he finds it fills him with a burning lust. He’s finally forced to accept this is turning him on, and that just stokes the flames even higher.

“Now lose those, and then keep your eyes ahead.”

He hits full hardness as he bends to pull his underwear down, cock briefly catching on the fabric before springing free. With his last scrap of clothes discarded he straightens up and stares at the wall in front of him, his whole body standing at attention.

She steps out of his field of view, one that’s slightly clouded by lust, but he remains acutely aware of her as she moves. Slowly, casually, she begins a full circle, admiring her prize. Listening to her footfalls, and her gentle purr of admiration it takes all his willpower not to turn around. He remains fixed in place by, not fear, desire? A desire to please, to be as good as she wants him to be. His cock twitches as that thought is slotted into place. The picture of what’s happening to him is becoming clearer.

Her circle is completed, and she steps in closer, the smell of juniper returning as she draws close enough to touch. And touch she does, her hand lightly brushing his arm. He jumps a little, and she lets out a low chuckle, “Easy boy. It’ll be your turn to move soon enough, for now be a good boy and stay still.”

She leans antalya escort in close enough he can feel the warmth of her breath on his ear when she whispers, “The correct response, is Aye Ma’am.”

“Aye Ma’am,” he repeats back immediately, the thrill of the word leaving his lips stoking his lust to heights he hadn’t thought possible. A phrase he’s uttered countless times suddenly takes on a new meaning.

“Good boy,” she purrs into his ear, and resumes gently touching him as he stands trembling in place. She takes her time as her fingers slide softly up and down his arms and his back, tracing the muscles back and forth. She slips lower, her hand sliding up one leg to gently grasp his butt. That purr, that sexy purr, grows louder as she gives him a squeeze.

The anticipation has him sweating and shaking as she moves, agonisingly slowly, returning to his front. Her fingers run across his pecs, one then the other, then down to his abs. She traces each of them one by one, top to bottom. He barely holds in a whimper as she goes lower and lower, pausing at the last.

One finger lightly traces a line along the top of his cock, base to tip, and he can’t help but gasp. Her response is another chuckle, and to run some more fingers up and down his length. The fingers go lower still, giving his balls a gentle stroke, and he can feel it when he leaks.

It doesn’t go unnoticed by Septima, who looks him right in the eye as she gently cups his balls in her hand. “You like when I touch you?”

“Aye Ma’am,” his response is a lusty gasp, his mind lost to the pleasure of her touch.

And then her hand goes away.

It’s too much, his own hand flies to grip his achingly hard cock and begins to stroke. A split second later a painful slap across his face knocks him from his daze. When his vision clears he can take in Septima’s hand as she brings it back around to slap him the other way. Her eyes are narrowed as she grabs a rough handful of his hair and tugs downwards, “Kneel!”

His knees crumple at the order, this time unable to keep from whimpering as he looks up at the angry woman still clutching his hair.

“I did not give you permission to touch yourself.” He whimpers again, cheeks stinging, cock twitching, thoughts stampeding once more.

“You’re here to follow my orders, that’s why you came to me, isn’t it Michael?”

He stares dumbly up at her. He tries and fails to form words, torn between conflicting thoughts.

“You want me to use you. To own and control you, that’s why you came here.”

She leans down, hand pulling his head back so he’s staring straight up at her face, only inches from his own.

“Tell me what you want Michael”.

His mouth is dry, and after licking his lips it’s still a struggle to form the words. “I- I want you- to use me.” The words finally leave his lips and it’s like a wildfire breaking free.

“I want you to use me, Ma’am”.

She smiles down at him, her eyes hungry.

“Beg for it slut.”

The fire burns out of control, the degradation only adding more fuel. “Please Ma’am, please use me. I need it.”

“Good boy. From now on, you belong to me. I’ll use you for my pleasure, and if you’re good, I might let you get off as well. Does that sound good slut?”

It does, nothing has ever sounded so good in his life. “Yes Ma’am, please do what you want with me.”

She releases her grip on his hair and his cock gives another twitch. She stomps one polished leather boot forward in front of him.

“Kiss it. Show me what a good boy you are.”

There’s no doubt left in his mind that he’s going to obey. He lowers his head into a bow, wetting his lips before puckering them up to kiss the proffered boot, the submissiveness of it making him lightheaded with lust.

“Mmm yes, good slut, keep going.”

He continues to plant gentle kisses around the toe of her boot, switching to the other when it’s presented to him.

“Lick them slut.”

He licks in short strokes, tasting the leather and subtly wiggling his hips, trying to rub his painfully hard cock on something.

“What a good boy you are,” she leans down to scratch his head.

He’s practically panting as he responds, “Yes Ma’am, let me be good for you.”

She chuckles again, “I will little slut, don’t worry, but first I need to get comfortable.” She begins undoing her belt, amazingly easily for only having one hand, and his cock feels like it’s going to burst. Yes! Yes he’s never wanted to see anyone naked as much as he has her. His eyes follow her every movement, desperate to drink in every last beautiful inch of her. antalya escort bayan

She must have noticed because she pauses, “Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you slut? Well I’m not going to let you get off that easy.”

He lets out a pathetic little moan as she she seizes him roughly by the hair again, “Crawl slut.” She tugs him painfully across the room on his hands and knees, making him kneel facing the corner. “Now be a good boy and wait there while your Ma’am gets ready, and don’t you dare peek.”

With only the wall to stare at his ears strain and his imagination runs wild trying to picture her movements in his mind. The rustling of fabric, the thump of boots hitting the floor, the faintest pop of buttons. Each sound leads him down a rabbit hole of fantasies, his head shaking with the urge to peek.

When he hears her bare feet move towards him his heart soars and his lust peaks, finally about to get what he needs.

He lets out a cry of pain as the boot presses hard into his upper back. “Hold still slut, Ma’am needs your help getting these on.”

On!? His head spins with the pain of her boot and the confusion of her words. Wasn’t she taking everything off? The boot leaves his back and is replaced by its twin. The pain isn’t so bad now he’s expecting it but she still presses so hard. The abuse causes both his eyes and cock to leak. At last she takes her other boot off of him.

“There we go, good boy.” Tender head scratches replace the the pain, and he melts into her fingers. “Thank you Ma’am.”

“Awww, what a sweet boy.” She stops scratching and slaps him in the face again, less hard this time. The pain is a lot but good, oh so good. A tiny voice in his head says that’s weird, but he’s having too much fun to listen.

“Well slut, are you going to sit there all night? Or are you going to get over here and serve me?” He realises he’s been sitting here staring into space, and turns to face Septima.

He barely manages to keep his hand off his cock as he takes her in. Her jacket is still on, but unbuttoned and with nothing underneath. From the waist down she’s naked but for the boots that were just on his back. Her breasts are half hidden from view, but the dark triangle of hair at her crotch is on full display.

She taps a boot impatiently, “Get back to licking my boots slut”.

“Aye Ma’am”, He’s more than happy to crawl over and keep licking her boots. It feels so good to surrender to her, to become her property. Listening to her purring above him he gathers she also enjoys it, and that just makes him love it even more. What little rational thought is left in him decides he should probably put some hard thought into this later, but for now this feels way too good to stop.

Lost in a haze of lust the spell only breaks when Septima speaks again, “Head up slut, mouth open.” He complies without word or thought, and immediately she sticks two fingers in his mouth. “Suck.” He does, and is surprised to find them sticky and salty sweet.

His fogged over mind takes a second to process the surprise, and then he groans around her fingers as he works his tongue all over them, finding every last drop.

“Look at you, you like that don’t you?” He can only nod, unwilling to take her fingers from his mouth. “Well then why don’t you get over here and have some more?” She removes her fingers and steps back to sit on the edge of the bed, leaning back and spreading her legs wide. Her obviously wet pussy now on full display he crawls over to get his face between her legs, smelling that same musk as he gets close.

A hand in his hair pulls his head gently up to look into her eyes, “Have you ever done this before?”

He thinks back to his couple of times in the hidey hole everyone on the ship knew as ‘The Love Nest’ before responding, “Aye Ma’am.”

“That’s good to hear, now, show me what you can do.” She lets go and leaves him free to do as he pleases. Trembling with anticipation he takes his first lick, brief and tentative. He follows with another, and then a long wide lick right up the height of her pussy. Above him she moans, “Good boy, keep going”.

And so he does, moving with confidence now, beginning to branch out and explore. He moves his tongue into every part of her, discovering how she feels, trying to listen for her favourite spots. As he traces a path round her outer folds, brushing lightly past her clit near the apex of his route without touching it directly, she grabs him by the hair again. “Enough teasing slut,” she pulls his mouth directly onto her clit and holds him there. “Make me come slut,” the order comes husky with escort antalya lust and he gladly dives in to obey.

Giving it all he has now he moves faster, tightening his movements so he’s circling right around and over her clit. She grips his hair tighter as he goes and he knows he’s found what she likes. His tongue moving quicker and firmer her hips begin to buck.

She gasps to him, “Yes, yes like that, don’t you dare stop now.” Her grip on his hair becomes overly tight, the stinging of his scalp is distracting but he dares not stop. Ignoring the pain he keeps up the pace, not letting his tired tongue slow down even a little. The bucking grows more erratic and her breath is now coming in gasps. “Yes! Yes like that. Ah! You slut. Yes! Serve me you filthy little sluuuuuut!” Her last words are drawn out into a scream as her hips buck upwards and stay there, thighs gripping his head, fingers digging into his scalp as her whole body shudders. Barely able to breathe between her thighs and eyes near watering from the harshness of her grip all he can do is ride out his pain while she rides out her pleasure.

After an eternity of seconds drowning in her pussy she finally unclenches, he lets out a gasp of his own as he’s released and they both lay there panting.

After a minute she ruffles his hair, gently, “Good boy.” She sits up, still breathing heavily, and looks down at him on the floor. Her mouth twists into a mocking smile, “I’ll bet you want your turn now don’t you?”

“Aye Ma’am!” He surges up from the ground, desperate to be inside of her, and is brought up short by her hand against his chest.

“Woah boy, you don’t think I’m going to go all the way on the first date do you? What kind of woman do you think I am?”

Once again he finds himself staring in confusion, surely she’s not throwing him out? He can’t help but feel betrayed.

Her look softens and she purrs to him, “Now now, don’t look like that. Even if you are a filthy slut, you’ve been a good boy.” She wraps her hand around his cock and slowly strokes it, his doubt burned away by a fresh burst of lust.

It almost dies again as she chuckles and takes her hand away, “Michael, you’re a sweet boy, but you really are a stupid little slut sometimes. I’ve only got one hand, I’m not going to waste it jerking you off am I?” She stifles the beginnings of a protest with her still musky finger against his lips, “But I will admit you deserve to come tonight. As an aside, I normally like to come in threes, but I’ll let you get away with just the once tonight. Now if you want to come, kneel like you’re so good at.”

He complies more slowly than before, still unsure what she’s getting at. He’s not enlightened when she once more presents him with a boot. “Here you go slut help yourself.” He continues to give her a dumb look.

She shakes her head, “Well you only really need something to rub that nice hard cock of yours with right? And since you’ve been such a good boy, I’m going to let you hump my boot.”

He stares at the knee high leather and tries to process this new level of degradation. She’s taken all the pleasure she can from him, and in return he gets to desperately rut against the boot he’s been worshipping. He should be furious, that’s the sensible response. So why is it making him leak?

His face burns as he moves closer, wrapping his fingers around the soft skin of her thigh, moving his cock right up against her leg. He begins to press himself into her and groans with pleasure. Denied all direct stimulation for so long his cock leaks now at the slightest touch. He begins to slide up and down, finding the right angle to get the most stimulation he can out of the surface available.

Looking down on him with contempt all the while is Septima, making no attempt to provide him any pleasure and that just makes him rut against her even more desperately. The humiliation of being reduced to a lust crazed animal at her feet, following her orders like a well trained dog is too much.

He lets out a pathetic keening whine as he rubs his incredibly sensitive cock against her boot. The whine becomes a wail as at last his balls tense up and he erupts. He spurts all over boots, and the floor, and his own stomach as he lets loose everything that’s been building in him since he walked in the room.

When he’s done Septima withdraws her leg and he kneels there alone, chest heaving, cock twitching. She’s moving but he’s only half aware of it, too busy riding his high back down to earth.

While he’s basking in his afterglow Septima deposits her removed boots in front of him.

“What a messy little slut you are. I’m going to go wash now, I expect this floor clean before I return. You can take the boots and return them cleaned and polished tomorrow morning. You are dismissed Lamon.”

She departs through the door to her adjoining bathroom, a privilege of officer’s quarters, and Michael is left staring at the closed door.

He whispers softly, “Aye Ma’am.”

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