How I Became a Daddy Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Another oddity of dating Ali was all the weight I was gaining and by weight I mean mass.

I wasn’t getting fat, I was getting “swole” as the guys at the University Rec Center would say.

While I was never overweight or out of shape, most women would probably have described me as frail.

Slowly at first I started to notice more mass in my arms and torso, and then slowly my legs.

After almost a month and a half of dating Ali, those same women would have generally referred to me as a meathead.

I was a big guy to say the least. Not bodybuilder big, but big enough to make Ali and Maddie even more affectionate toward me.

They settled into a routine of touching my muscles even chance they got.

Surprisingly, their attitude toward me became more submissive. Before they would test me or talk back, now I usually didn’t hear another word out of them if I decided something.

My early morning fucks with Ali continued, at this point I barely made it back to my own dorm room.

A few weeks ago Maddie and Ali cleared out my dorm, only leaving a few odds and ends.

They triumphantly declared their room, my room.

The craziest part of my transformation was my growing dick.

While most guys would be excited to have their penis grow into a porn star sized battering ram designed to mold women to their shape, my ever growing dick caused a momentous concern.

I was constantly horny, my balls literally needed to be drained right after a workout. I was a man in constant need.

The amount of testosterone in my body was insane. The way I treated Ali and Maddie was downright rude and egotistical.

I would boss them around, making them bend at my will, I even stopped listening to them when they talked about anything other than serving me.

While before I treated Ali like my fuck toy and Maddie like a close friend, I simply started to look at all women as objects. Or as Ali liked to remind me “fuck toys!”

My mind was going in circles. At one moment I was self conscious about my actions, telling myself I knew I needed to treat women with respect. While on the other hand, my balls needed release, I had to control women, make them sluts to my needs.

Whenever I had a moment of clarity post fuck, really anytime my balls were empty, I would try to engage with Ali.

“How was your day?” I would ask or a compliment about her over the top outfit.

Ali and Maddie would just laugh, “Oh daddy, that doesn’t matter!”

Conversations would revolve around how well Ali was pleasuring me, if her lips were big enough, did she have any wrinkles showing during a blow job, could she get skimpier lingerie that still kept her tits in place?

No, definitely not to the last one!

Her need to objectify herself simply increased to a point that she was simply holes for me to use.

She was even right about Maddie. I needed two sluts to meet my needs now.

I had decided, I was ready to take Maddie, she needed to become my second Fuck Toy.


(About a month later)

My plan to “take” Maddie was interrupted by my growing needs. In the last month alone I went from decently sized muscles to bodybuilder big.

To make matters Gaziantep Anal Escort worse, my so called cock went from Porn Star sized to Guinness Book of World Records large. While “IT” was easily over a foot long, the girth and overall shape lent to its scariness.

It’s size, weight, and the amount of veins showing caused me to shutter any time I made eye contact with the beast. My opinion was morphing away from pride and more towards fear of its scale. A battering ram is what it had become, but also it’s own life form, in an odd way it was controlling me.

In more ways than one it was causing me to make ridiculous decisions.

Here is one of those times…


Just last week while leaving class I ran into Abby, Ali’s friend from the coffee shop.

She immediately spotted my newly imposing size and gave me the all too familiar look I received from all females “that’s a fucking stud, literally a fucking stud!” That’s at least what I thought was going through their minds.

Abby immediately perked up, straightening her posture making her Double D’s pop off her ridiculously skinny frame.

The blonde hair helped seal the deal for me.

“Hey Jonny, is that you?!”

Not fully remembering her name, but I could definitely spot that body anywhere.

“Oh hey babe”

She immediately moved in for a hug. Expertly pushing her perfect spherical breast into my abs.

At this point in my growth and transformation into a pig of a male I accepted her hug by patting her cute little bubble butt and then holding it as she held on for far too long.

“You’re looking sooo good!!”

Abby told me with some serious excitement in her voice.

As she stepped away I gave her ass one last soft pat and pinch. Quickly coming to terms with the fact that I was also going to to fuck this chick in the very near future.

Hopefully not remembering her name wouldn’t be an issue.

After pinching her tiny butt, she wiggled and giggled in a way that helped me understand that she liked my forceful touch. A smile never leaving her face.

“Thanks, do you want to hangout or something?” I offered, expertly understanding what she was after.

Being the slut that I would eventually know her to be she immediately agreed.

“I thought you wouldn’t ask! Let’s go to my dorm, it’s perfect.”

My balls were about to burst from my morning workout and a few hours of class. I was pretty excited to say the least. The usual morning fuck with Ali was a distant memory at this point.

Abby expertly lead me to her dorm and quickly informed me that her roommate had class late.

I started to make myself comfortable. Not giving a shit I quickly shed my shoes, gym shorts, and tshirt while Abby was trying to straighten up her room.

When she finally looked over and made contact with my body her eyes practically left her head.

“Wow. You really are a big boy!”

I could tell she didn’t know where to focus.

“Well you haven’t seen much yet” at that I peeled off my underwear.

I wasn’t even hard and the look on her face was complete fear. A long pause set in, neither of us saying anything. Her fear was real.

Abby gulped, breaking the silence “can I touch it?”

I simply nodded.

Abby motioned toward me, but before she had the chance to take my girth in her tiny hands I made a demand.

“You gotta be naked.”

“Like, okay!”

With ease she quickly removed her yoga pants and top, leaving a pretty basic bra and thong for my viewing.

I gave a knowing glance her way.

“Oh I know boys like you get their way.”

Didn’t know that for a fact but I was quickly learning.

Without ceremony she lost all of her undergarments. After, she gave me a cautious look, making sure I liked what I was seeing.

Nothing at this point was going to stop me from using Abby how I saw fit.

The sight of Abby totally naked and overall feeling of what I was about to do was different from my fuck marathons with Ali.

Ali had a toy body, huge tits that occupied your field of vision, tiny waist and huge bubble butt atop an amazing set of thighs, oh and those long legs. A fuck toy, a prize of a female, not really much more or less. A pinnacle female, a trophy built for a purpose.

Abby on the other hand was skinny, with huge boobs, not Ali huge but perfect none the less. Her slim size meant she didn’t have the supple huge thighs of Ali, Abby had a small pert butt designed to welcome slaps and pinches. Not a whole lot to play with but the shape was nearly perfect.

What was even more intoxicating was the tiny waist she had. My hand could practically wrap around it all as if she was a living flesh light.

Looking down my cock was wavering and shuddering at the site of our size differences.

What was weird was the fact that while she didn’t give off a smart vibe she didn’t have the total brainless bimbo attitude Ali exuded all the time.

I could tell she had a growing conflict between her desires and what was practical. Months of fucking a bimbo made it exciting to see another perfect ten like Abby melt at my touch.

Her face said everything, complete fear. Unlike Ali, Abby knew that fucking a cock longer than a foot, would definetly destroy her pussy and even possibly change her life.

While I needed release, I was trying to ask myself if I should really destroy her pussy or ask for an attempt at a blowjob or even a titjob and simply finish up with Ali later.

Who was I kidding!, I was going to fuck the living shit out of this chick.

She would probably drop out of school afterward, but as I was reaching full hardness I knew there was no chance one female would be enough for me anymore.

I had needs, god damn it.

Her tiny hands had started to really explore my manhood. Touching me all over with significant attention to the head of my cock she was completely silent as I grew.

Finally at full mast I realized the scale of my manhood. Sex with Ali was animalistic, so far Abby felt like a real person and dear I say it, someone who could be a true girlfriend.

The energy was different, not the feeling that was wheeling up in my balls, but the reality that I was going to plunge 14inches with a girth slightly bigger than a beer can into Abby. As she continued to play I finally understood the scale of my transformation and what I had become.

A monster.

When I finally popped out of my own thoughts, Abby was lost in the moment and planting kisses to the head of my cock practically making out with my manhood.

I was oozing pre cum in a solid flow at this point.

Seeing the shine of my pre cum so expertly smeared over my cock by Abby, I needed to enter her.

Without a thought In my mind I grabbed her and flipped her around. Grabbing that perfect butt, pointing it into the air.

It was so fun to see my big hand envelop her two firm butt cheeks with ease.

Abby let out a loud shriek but didn’t protest my advances. Grabbing my manhood, I placed it on the flesh of her labia. Teasing her with my size.

All I heard was calm moaning.

Placing my head at her entrance I made my first attempt to push in. She opened a bit but I knew it would be a fight.

Abby was continuously moaning at this point.

Muttering different things, I couldn’t tell everything she was saying.

Paraphrasing it sounded like “sooooo biggg, please slow …so biggg…”

Taking a few seconds between painstaking advance I almost had the helmet in her perfect pussy. She was beyond tight.

(Looking back getting this far took about five minutes of hard work.)

Working more and more of my length into her I was reaching a happiness I didn’t know I had in me.

Abby under me at this point was short circuiting. With only three inches in her, she was cumming all over me. She was wet, she had purpose and already hit a few high pitched orgasm.

Lots of heavy breathing.

Seeing Abby soo turned on sent me over board and without care I slammed into her.

Truthfully, it sounded like I was ripping her apart. She was shrieking, crying, and hyperventilating at the same time.

Loud yelling was occurring but I couldn’t make out if she was saying “NO! or “MORE!”

Her language was so discombobulated at this point the words didn’t sound human.

Hitting home into what felt like a cervix I applied a bit more force and quickly bypassed the roadblock to her womb.

At that very motion I heard laughing and crying, happy to know she was kinda enjoying herself I landed a few hard smacks to that tight little ass of hers.

By that point I lost consciousness of what I was up to, the pleasure was so amazing.

After letting her get accommodated to my size, or a halfhearted attempt I simply went into self relief mode. Losing count of her climaxes I started to saw into her at hyper speed.

My strength and her small size allowed me to pick her up from her hips and really use her.

After rearranging her insides I quickly pulled out feeling my ultimate need to release. Covering her back with my cum in the process.

Abby was crying and softly moaning as if her body was buzzing with energy. It was like she just been electrocuted.

Finally feeling relieved, I was hesitant to flip her around and see the look of pain on her face.

Grabbing her yoga pants from the desk chair I quickly wiped my dick off and proceeded to get dressed.

Abby wasn’t in a place to understand her surroundings yet.

I needed to leave, just like my first time with Ali, I couldn’t come to terms with what I had just done.

With Abby still withering on her bed, I placed a pillow under her head and put a blanket over her, quietly leaving her dorm room.