Houseboating Ch. 02

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As told by Him

Catherine was right in a way. I had organised Glen to be at Mungo Brush. Isn’t that the strangest name for a village? Sorry, I’m digressing.

I had actually placed an ad in one of the Sydney sex contact papers, Sydney had quite a lot of them at the time, and this was before the Internet sex contacts became so popular. Glen was one of about 40 replies, but seemed to be the most likely. I met him at a hotel in the Hills’ district, near where we lived at the time.

Not wanting to sound snobbish, but the Hills is a beautiful treed area North West of Sydney CBD, quite accessible to the city but remote enough to be uncluttered. Catherine and I have friends who live in New York State, I believe about one hours drive out of New York. (I’ve been there and stayed for a few days, don’t ask me where it was!) Where we live, is similar, but only about 30 mins from the CBD. Anyway I’m digressing again.

When I met Glen he told me he was bi-sexual. This didn’t worry me, I was more interested in his appearance and how he would appeal to Catherine. Like most women in their forties, married to someone in their late forties, Catherine can always lust after a good looking young stud. My gift to her was to supply that stud and share some great sex.

Back to the houseboat.

That evening (the one after the day’s activities) after we’d cleaned up from dinner, we sat around and discussed the events of the day.

Glen said he was stoked. Although I had shown him a photo of Catherine, he just didn’t expect her to be so attractive.

Catherine blushed, “ I wasn’t expecting anything like this. ‘Though I should have guessed when you insisted we go to Mungo Brush, Rob.”

“Ah sweetheart, could you imagine seven days on a boat without some sort of diversion?”

The conversation started to drift around again to matters sexual. It was very obvious to all that Glen was starting to get aroused again. Frankly I was tired. The sun, sex and booze had done it for me. I was ready for bed. Fuck it, I thought. If Catherine wants to fuck him again, she can.

“I’m off to bed,” I announced.

“Me too,” Catherine said.

Glen looked visibly disappointed.

“Let’s get some rest so we’ve plenty of energy for tomorrow,” Catherine advised, “we may need it.”

That turned out to be a very prophetic statement.

Next morning I woke early. Early for a holiday that is.

It was about 8am and it was already 25 degrees (Celsius). It was going to be a hot one.

Leaving Catherine asleep, naked I went to the stern of the boat and dived into the crystal clear waters. It was magic. Not another sole to be seen, and just the sound of the morning birds.

I floated lazily on my back in the fresh waters and thought, it doesn’t get much better than this.

After about half an hour of this private bliss I swam to the back of the boat and climbed on board, my naked body dripping water on the deck. I towelled myself off and went inside.

Catherine was just emerging from the bathroom. Freshly showered, she looked beautiful. She was wearing a short, white negligee that stopped just below the cheeks of her bottom. It was almost totally transparent and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her nipples were already erect.

I kissed her lightly. “Good morning sweetheart. You look good enough to eat.” I said.

“Good, I was hoping someone would eat me,” she smiled.

“Where’s our visitor,” I asked.

“Just gone to the shower.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Mmm,” she replied, “famished.”

“All that exercise from yesterday,” I leered.

“No. Preparation for today’s,” she smirked.

“OK. I’ll go up on deck and start the barbecue. How does bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes sound?”

“Great. I’ll go and cut the tomatoes and bring them up.”

Standing in my nakedness in front of the barbecue I felt a hand slide between my legs and caress my balls. My cock started to stiffen. Another hand started stroking my stiffening cock and it sprang to full hardness immediately. Before I could realise it wasn’t Catherine, Glen dropped to his knees and took the full length of my member in his mouth. He started sliding his mouth up and down my shaft, Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort gently squeezing my balls at the same time. I just stood there and let it happen. I had never been sucked by a man before and he certainly knew what he was doing.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and looked across to the top of the stairs. Catherine was standing there. Her eyes wide to the scene before her. She had her left hand pinching at her right nipple, the fingers of the other hand stroking the wet lips of her cunt.

I meanwhile was starting to rock back and forth, plunging my cock deep into Glen’s mouth. I felt his hand slide around my arse cheek and his finger probe at my arsehole. Instead of involuntary pulling away I actually felt myself pushing my bum back onto his finger. It slid into my crevice and after the first initial bit of pain I actually encouraged his activities by holding his head with my hands and fucking his mouth for all I was worth whilst pushing my arse back onto his finger, I felt his finger slowly withdraw only to be replaced with two fingers, which he plunged deeply into my rectum. He stroked my prostate and I stopped rocking back and forth. He worked his fingers in and out of my arse while his tongue and mouth lavished attention on my cock. I felt my orgasm building. I could see through my haze Catherine was stroking her clit frantically.

We came together. I shot my load in what seemed to be never ending spurts down Glen’s throat. He swallowed it all. Catherine’s orgasm was just as powerful as she collapsed to her knees, her fingers still buried in her pussy, a crazed, lust filled expression on her face. She seemed to be totally “out of it”, just in a sexual daze.

I leaned weakly back against the railing as Glen stood up, his erection pointing stiffly skyward. He walked over to where Catherine was still semi-sitting/kneeling on the deck.

“Take off your negligee Catherine,” he ordered.

She didn’t seem to comprehend so he reached down, took the hem in his hands and ripped the garment from her. He stared at her lovely nakedness then reached down with both hands and very roughly squeezed both her breasts. She didn’t flinch, she still seemed to be in a daze. He forced his cock into her half-open mouth. She didn’t actually suck him, just let him use her mouth as a crevice in which to satisfy himself. He held her head steady in both his hands and mercilessly ploughed his erection in and out of her mouth, her lips just closed over his cock as he pounded it down her throat. She didn’t gag or choke, just let him have his way, the euphoric daze seeming to numb her completely. Her fingers were still deep inside her cunt, but not moving.

I watched Glen’s climax approaching, my own cock starting to harden again as I watched my wife being used so brutally. It was an awesome scene, yet one I felt powerless to do anything about. Catherine just seemed to accept Glen’s rough treatment without any actual comprehension of what was happening.

I realised I was frantically pumping my own cock with my hand as I took in the scene before me and as Glen pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth and quickly stoked himself to orgasm I shot my own load onto the deck.

Glen’s first spurt hit Catherine in the face, then he seemed to aim the next spurts down her body, hitting her neck, breasts, stomach and her thighs. He then leaned forward, in the final act of depravity and wiped his dripping cock across my wife’s lips.

To my complete amazement she took hold of his rod and sucked and licked it clean.

I went over and helped Catherine to her feet. “Come on honey, we’ll get you cleaned up.”

She smiled weakly at me and I helped her down the stairs to the bathroom.

We showered and while we were showering she said, “I put Glen up to that, you know?”

“What!” I said.

“While you were out swimming, Glen and I were talking and he told me he was bi-sexual. I asked him how bi-sexual and he said he had fucked and sucked men as well as having been fucked and sucked by men. As he was telling me I felt myself getting wet at the thought of watching the two of you together, so I asked him whether he would suck you off while I watched. He told me he’d be delighted and so there you are. Mind you I didn’t realise the effect it would have on me, nor the finish, when he just used me so roughly. I have to say it was one of the horniest, most sexually charged, erotic times of my life.”

“You didn’t mind being abused like that?” I asked incredulously.

“Not at all. Mind you I was in a bit of a sexual haze. It’s not every day you see your husband get sucked off by a man and obviously enjoy it!”

“He’s certainly a great cock-sucker honey, but he’ll never replace you.”

“Hey you two, are we gunna eat breakfast or what. I’ve finished cooking it.”

Perfect timing Glen, I thought.

After breakfast we sailed further up the main lake and found another lovely little deserted cove in which to anchor.

“I’ll make us some coffees’,” Catherine said.

“I’ll help.”

So Glen and Catherine went down to the galley while I tied the anchor, and arranged some chairs for us at the bow of the boat.

They seemed to be taking their time, so I went down to the galley to help. There was nobody in the galley and just then I heard moaning from the stern. I looked out and Catherine was doubled over the rail, legs spread wide apart, both her hands clasping each ankle, her beautiful arse pointing in the air as Glen pounded her arsehole with his 7” cock.

“Give it to me Glen,” she screamed, “Fuck my arse hard with that beautiful cock of yours.”

Now I know my wife likes anal sex, but you’ve usually got to work her up to it.

Apparently glen just stroked her butt while she was filling the kettle and said, “Bend over Catherine so I can fuck that beautiful arse of yours”

And she did!

So now I’m standing here watching my wife getting fucked furiously up the arse.

After about what seemed a long time Glen looked over and saw me wanking my stiff cock.

“Here Rob, want to have a go.”

So Glen withdrew his cock from my gorgeous wife’s, beautiful arse and I pushed mine in. As I’ve already told you, my cock, ‘though not as long as Glen’s’, is much thicker.

Catherine screamed. “No. No. Take it out, you bastard!”

That just really got me going and I steadily pushed deeper and deeper ‘til my balls were resting against her cheeks. She kept begging me to take it out but I stayed, not moving, reaching around and caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples. After a minute or two the protests stopped and the soft moans returned.

“Oh yes, give it to me. Give it to me hard!”

For the next twenty minutes or so, Glen and I just kept swapping over, so Catherine was never without cock in her. Finally Glen said “Maybe we’d better get her off the rail, it might be starting to hurt.”

“What about it honey, do you want to go inside and lay down?”

“Just give me your come, you bastards. Spurt your loads into my bowel. I want to feel you both come in my arse!”

Glen and I looked at each other. As he was in her at the time, he increased his tempo and within a few minutes was emptying himself into Catherine’s bowel.

Catherine screamed as she orgasmed.

He quickly withdrew and I slipped in easily with the added lubrication of his come in her passage. I started to gain momentum as Catherine screamed “Oh god! I’m coming again!”

I slammed my cock as far into her as it would go and shot my load deep into her, spurt after spurt splattering inside her. She shuddered and screamed again, and slid helplessly off the rail and onto the deck.

Catherine just laid quite still on the deck, come dribbling out of her and down the back of her thigh, her arse cheeks and onto the deck.

We let her recover then Glen and I both helped her to her feet.

“Would you like to have another shower, honey?” I asked.

“No. I’ll just fall overboard and float in the water for a while. It’ll help me recover.”

Catherine leaned over the steps at the stern and fell into the water. She disappeared under the surface for what seemed to be a long time. Just as I began to worry her head broke the surface, she smiled up at Glen and me and said, “Aren’t you two coming in. the waters fine.”

Glen and I both hit the water at the same time and the next half-hour was spent frolicking about in the lake. Hands were grabbing tits, cocks, bums, pussies etc.

We eventually climbed back on board.

Now everyone was hungry and it was lunchtime.

This afternoon we had to take Glen back to Mungo Brush so we decided to have a barbecue for lunch.

“Catherine, why don’t you star the salad. I’ll go up top and get the barbecue going. Glen how about you bring us up a couple of beers. Sweetheart, would you like a glass of wine?”

“Yes, I’ll have a red please darling, seeing we’re having steak.”

I opened a bottle of good South Australian Barossa Valley Shiraz and poured Catherine a glass. I went up onto the sundeck to the barbecue.

Glen appeared a few moments later with two beers.

“Here Rob, it’s nice and cold.”

“Thanks mate,” I said.

“Rob I can’t thank you enough for inviting me on this trip. Your wife is the hottest, most uninhibited piece of arse I’ve ever come across. Or in for that matter,” he smiled.

“She has always been horny but we never started swinging ‘til we’d been married about 15 years. It’s been great, but the MFM threesomes seem to be her favourite. I certainly get a buzz out of seeing her get down and dirty with other guys. I once watched her with three guys one night, she had come coming out of every orifice.”

“Boy, can I come to the next one of those?”

“Mate, it’s up to her. She likes these encounters, particularly when she’s surprised, but she’s not that keen to help me organise them. That’s just the way she is.”

Catherine arrived with the salad and the bottle of shiraz.

Lunch was delicious, Catherine and I finished the Shiraz and Glen had a couple more beers.

Catherine and Glen took the lunch things back to the galley and I cleaned up the barbecue. When I went down to the cabin they were nowhere to be seen. Then I heard sounds coming from the lounge area. I went up to the lounge.

Catherine was face down on the lounge, a pillow under her stomach and Glen was astride her buttocks, his cock sliding in and out of her arse.

Boy this guy liked anal sex!

Catherine was moaning but grimacing at the same time.

“Are you alright honey?” I asked.

“My arse is so sore from all this fucking,” she moaned.

“Do you want me to get him to stop.”

“No. No. The pleasure is outweighing the pain,” she gasped.

Needless to say my cock started to harden.

Glen lay down on Catherine’s back and proceeded to nibble and gently bite her on the neck as his cock slid in and out of her.

Catherine responded by lifting her buttocks up to meet his every thrust, moaning with pleasure at his gentle ministrations to her neck and arse.

I moved over to the side of the lounge, gently turned Catherine’s head to me and slid my rigid cock into her mouth. She started sucking like there was no tomorrow, taking my thickness deep into her throat.

Glen reached out and grabbed my buttocks, pulling me closer and further down Catherine’s throat, if that was at all possible. He then started fondling my balls as Catherine sucked me furiously. I felt my orgasm approaching quickly and as I did Glen pushed me out of Catherine’s mouth and quickly pulled me back and took my cock in his mouth.

My approaching orgasm didn’t seem to lose any momentum and as I started to spurt my creamy load into Glen’s mouth Catherine screamed and orgasmed violently.

Glen kept sucking ‘til I was completely drained then, letting go of me, increased his tempo in Catherine’s arse and quickly brought himself to an almighty orgasm, exploding his semen into Catherine’s bowel once more.

She orgasmed even more violently!

When we had all settled down I suggested it might be time to set sail and take Glen back to Mungo Brush.

Catherine smiled up at me from the lounge. “Yes please. I don’t think my body could handle any more penetrations in any orifice, no matter how much pleasure you both have given me.”

I looked at Glen and said “Well mate, I think we could describe this as a lady well satisfied!”

“Any time you need me for further satisfaction, just call me. I’ll only be too happy to oblige. And Catherine, I’ve already told Rob, you are the most amazing, sexual women I have ever had the great pleasure of meeting. I hope it won’t be the last time we see each other.”

Catherine smiled. “Well Glen, you just never know!”