Cousin Lynne Ch. 03

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“Ah, now a little higher. Yes, feel that little nub? That’s my clit. Lick around it, not right on it yet. That’s good, yes yes…. And put two fingers in my pussy….”

Lynne was teaching me how to give oral sex to a woman. It was only fair, since she had given me oral sex many times. Now, at last, we were alone on a Sunday afternoon, my parents gone. We were in my bedroom, and Lynne was lying with a pillow under her ass, lega wide apart, her wet sex pink and open.

“Now,” she said, “lick the clit gently while you finger- fuck me. Oh, sweet cousin, so good, so good,” she whispered softly. “Keep going, oh, lick faster, fuck harder, I’m cumming.”

Her hips were moving up and down and sideways, she began to moan, and I licked and then sucked her clit. Suddenly her body stiffened, her breath caught, and she began to shake, and she hissed like a snake.

When she quieted and I moved up and kissed her, she said she liked the taste of her own juices, did I? I told her it was nectar. Meanwhile, my 18-year-old cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I craved relief.

Lynne just lay there, legs still apart, Gaziantep Escort Reklamları pussy dripping, nipples hard, and a flush on her face and chest. She looked so….so…..fuckable.

“Can we fuck?” I asked. Not too cool, but I was very young and very horny.

“Yes, my dear one, we can. I’m on the pill now, so no problem. But do you really want to fuck your cousin?”

“What?” I said, bewildered. “We’ve done everything else, why not?”

“Well, not everything, but I can see you need to get off really bad. I think you’ll cum almost before you get it in me, but go on, fuck me.”

I rolled over on her, and she took my prick and put it at the entrance to her vagina. She was right, like she always was, and I could feel the sperm moving up my shaft when the head of my cock was barely in her.

“Slowly, slowly, now,” she said. “Just inch it in me, baby. Take deep breaths.” She smiled.

I eased in a little further, breathing slowly, and somehow managed to keep from cumming. I was in her! My first fuck! Man, did it feel wonderful, that soft warm wetness. She did something that made her cunt grab my cock, release it, and grab again. That did it, I began pumping for all I was worth, and in seconds shot all I had into her. I groaned and lay still, panting like I’d run a mile.

“OK, OK, you’re fine. You’re still hard, so now keep moving in and out; and every time at the end of stroke, push hard against me and wiggle. That puts you right on my clit. Yeah, like that, very good.”

I never did get soft. I felt her muscles working and her cunt rippling on my shaft. It was indescribably wonderful. Then she told me to roll off and lie on my back, and she climbed on top and put my cock back in her. I really liked that, her large breasts swayed and she leaned over so I could take one nipple in my mouth and suck. She began riding me faster and faster, then she reached down and fingered her clit. It was wild.

“Oh yes yes yes,” she cried out. She came again, even more strongly this time. I was getting closer too. She collapsed on me for a minute, then kissed me and said I was to tell her when I was about to cum. She moved up and down my still-hard cock and I began to feel it, the nearness of my orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” I yelled.

Lynne reached back and found my ass, my crack, and my anus. Just as I began to spurt, she pushed a finger up my ass. I swear, it was like entering a new world of sex, it was so great. My hips pistoned up, and what little cum was left in me pulsed out. Lynne stayed on me a little longer, then got off and lay beside me. I told her this had been the best yet, the absolute greatest feeling there could be.

She smiled again. “I know, it’s good. But we’re still just getting started. There’s so much more sex we can try, new things to explore.”

“What more can there be? I naively asked.

Well, there’s this girl that works with me, and she swings both ways, likes men and women. She has come on to me already, and we’ve played around in the ladies room. I told her about you and asked if she’d like a threesome. She said yes. How about that?”

My god, two women at once? I could scarcely conceive of it.

“Then there’s anal sex, and maybe a little spanking, and all sorts of new things for you, sweet cousin. Won’t it be fun to try everything?”

My mouth hung open, wild scenes flashed through my head, and all I could do was nod yes.

“And we’ll try it all,” Lynne said.