Cousin Jane

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Hi my Cybermate whoever thanks for your prompt reply. I am pleased you managed to cum reading my story and I can just imagine that. Here is the sequel to the first one. Please feel free to cum again for me when you read it. My cock is very hard now as I write and the thought of you reading has made the precum flow already.

* * * * *

The years have gone by and many a fantasy was visited on “my first time”. I guess a few gallons of spunk had been let go to that memory and I often wondered if Jane like I had relived that eventful moment of illicit lust and desire. The chance never came again until!!!!!

Right out of the blue I needed to visit a town to do some company business. I was sitting in my motel room wondering what to do for the evening and cursing my luck not knowing anyone. I was idly thumbing through the phone book when I saw a name. It gave a sudden inspiration and a stir deep within my groin. There it was Jane’s name and number. It was just after 5pm and although I hadn’t seen her for many years and no idea her status or life style. It was with a dry mouth and with lots of courage I dialed the number. It rang for quite some time and just as was about to give up she answered the phone. “Hi, Jane speaking.”

“I bet you don’t know who this,” I said. She didn’t recognise me and for a moment or two I teased her. Then I finally let her know. She was very warm in her response and I discovered she was on her own as her husband was out of town for a few days and she would be delighted to join me for dinner at 6.30. It had been 35 years since the first time and at least 10years since I had seen her last.

Our meeting as she walked into the motel room was electric as we embraced it was sensuous and as if time had stood still her aroma and presence could be sensed even if I had been blind and we held each other for an extra second or two reliving the thoughts of that short but sweet relationship now some thirty years ago. The subject was not spoken of and as we sat and talked of family and friends Jane sat in a chair opposite allowing a view of her still lovely legs and body I had admired so long ago. She then poured out her heart of her loveless marriage and the difficult time she was having. We eventually went and dined.

It was great and the carafe of wine added to our enjoyment. Jane seemed not to be in any hurry to leave and welcomed my invitation to a cup of coffee. As I made the coffee sat back in the large chair kicked off her shoes and took off her jacket as it was a very warm evening. On the small table there was a Playboy magazine I had forgotten to hide. Even as it was hidden partially by the daily paper she spied it and as she started flipping the pages I felt a stir between my thighs. I took my time making the coffee all the time watching her body language.

Her legs began to part slightly and she just thrust her ample breasts another centimeter forward now strained at the buttons of her blouse and giving me a glimpse of a black bra that was struggling to hold her sweet curves. Knocking over a cup and spilling some sugar was a direct result of not concentrating on the coffee making and letting my imagination run away. With a glance in my direction she exclaimed, “still studying the female form, Pete.”

Stammering I explained, “Yes, I have an eye for beauty.”

Unfolding the centerfold and holding it up she said, “Do you think I could match her?”

“She hasn’t any clothes, but I bet you could,” I replied.

With a sly grin, “We will have to see then!” she said.

No more was said on the subject as we sat and sipped our coffee but the air was suggestively Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort electric. Jane lent forward a little as she spoke and her breasts were have some difficulty with that blouse as my cock grew another inch and began to get uncomfortable. We were beginning to search for words as the tension began to mount. A comfort call for her broke the ice and I could readjust my cock and wonder if she was leading me on or was it in my mind only. I didn’t have long to wait. Her chair was perfect for lounging in and when she returned that is what she did but with a sensual grace.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Just in view from her hand bag placed under her chair were a pair of frilly knickers and I am sure she didn’t know as the clasp had sprung open as she inadvertently kicked it with her feet. I almost gasped aloud as I saw it and it gave me the opening I needed. As if to speak first she had opened her legs sufficiently for me to see for certain there was nothing to hide her womanly charms between her legs. It was not obvious but very subtle. Suddenly our eyes met. Hers were softly smiling but the message was clear and although no word was spoken for at least a minute we both new what was coming. An invitation was beckoning as her legs slowly parted revealing a sight no man could resist.

“Do you remember??” I said and even before I could finish she replied, “Of course, a thousand times.”

“Shall we, then?” I stammered.

“I’m game if you are,” she said opening her legs further again to let me see there was a smooth pussy waiting to be caressed and admired. I held out my hand she came to me and I felt the warmth from her body and the Twin Peaks of her breasts as we hugged. We agreed to mirror the events of 35 years ago and I tossed her my robe as she went and showered. Stripping all my clothes off with the Playboy in one hand I lay back on the bed and waited.

It wasn’t long, as she was obviously eager and very willing. Just as before her entrance wearing my robe and just her panties and bra was very erotic. This times however she was not quite as concealed but exquisite none the less. The sight was beautiful and very sexy. When she came to me I was not shy to caress her breasts and feel the nipples digging into my palm as I cupped them. A sigh or two revealed how she was feeling as I traced the outline of her breasts beneath that very sexy bra. I cupped her firm but swelling mound between those shapely thighs and detected moisture that was not the result of her showering. We lay down beside each other to savour the moment and to let the sexual tension build slowly but with an excitement that was multiplying by its own desire. She reached between my legs as I had hers and gently held my aching erection. I couldn’t resist twitching it in her hands as I put my arms around her. She lifted one leg to allow me to get between and to feel that warmth and wetness that only desire can produce from her cunt as it snuggled it against my upper thigh.

As we lay I though how beautiful it was and how sensuous her body felt so close to mine. Reaching for the clasp of her bra I quickly let go the hooks and eyes. Released from her bra those awesome mammies with hard and pointy nipples flowed into view as the garment fell away. Immediately I had to suckle like a newborn child but to excite like a lover as I caressed them. Her body language told me how much she was enjoying the experience. Presently we broke our embrace and lay back together. I watched as a flush spread over her and as she relaxed a sight of complete abandonment.

My cock was leaking profusely and responding to a wild thought I straddled her upper body and slowly wanking I let drop after drop of precum descend like a long string on first one nipple and then the other until quite a little pool had collected on each. She began to dip a finger to tease her nipple but gently I pulled her hand away and from below I lifted her right breast and motioned her mouth toward it. Resisting at first but I felt this fall away as I teased the nipple with my thumb while at the same time firmly placing my other hand between her thighs. She strained forward and easily reached her nipple with her tongue and began to slowly circle it taking with each sweep of her tongue another drop of my slippery cum. Soon it was gone and she eagerly repeated the event on the other.

This time it was my turn to lie back and wonder if I could last much longer. There was now a very visible wet patch on the crutch of Jane’s blue knickers. A playful finger was now searching for a place to stimulate. I lay on my side watching as she began to stroke where I’m sure her swollen clit was. For a moment she was the master of her own arousal licking her nipples and with legs now wide open searching for her clit still hidden by her very wet blue knickers. With a sly glance toward me she began to remove her panties; slowly at first but as the first cleft of her slit came into view I saw that it was as smooth as a babies bottom; my jaw dropped in awe at this sexy sight.

The sweet musky aroma was almost overpowering as I felt my balls twitch and tighten another notch. Her outer lips were swollen and puffy and almost hid her clit hood and inner lips. Placing a finger on each lip at the uppermost end of her cunt she gently pulled the lips up and opens for me to see a sweet, sexy and desirable sight. Now her inner lips and the swell of her clit hood were clearly visible as was the wet folds of cunt. The little clitoris was peeping out like a small white pearl.

She held it there fore me to gaze in awe for a moment. With her cunt muscles she was pulsating her cunt hole and her juices were now visible as they began to leak with each pulse. She began to circle her clit slowly yet rhythmically and with each circle the clit began to grow.

Another drop of precum appeared on my knob and I positioned myself so as to let it drop directly on her clit making it even more slippery. Jane was now making those noises that I remembered the first time.

“May I cum for you now?” she asked coyly.

“Be my guest!” I said. It was beautiful to see this woman getting herself worked up and I uttered a few words of encouragement. Then almost as if she read my mind she reached to her left breast again, cupped it and then lifted it upward and toward the straining tongue, which snaked forward to-wards, its large nipple. This time I directed the next drop of precum to land on that sexy nipple.

I had to grasp my cock and stroke it as I watched Jane all the time slowly building my excitement. She was getting quite vocal now as her climax neared. “Spunk for me”, “Lick me”, “Fuck me”, “watch me cum” and many other uncouth words were coming thick and fast. I had to stop wanking and just watched and waited.

It wasn’t long before her thighs began to thrust and she threw her head back and arched her back. She came with a great force almost screaming as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. The climax lasted for quite a time and the spasms of her cunt looked awesome with the juice forming little rivulets running down her thighs. I know I could have spunked if I even dared to just touch my cock the sight was oh so sexy.

I lent forward after a moment as she lay there wide open and placed a gentle kiss on her wide-open lips. Reaching with my tongue I felt and tasted her beautiful cunt. Slowly I moved my tongue up first one side and then the other pausing to circle her clit. Again and again until I could feel her clit beginning to swell with desire. It wasn’t long and she began to cry out “Don’t stop”, “Don’t stop!”

It was another 20 seconds and she was coming again only inches from my face. As the last little spasm’s subsided I put my knob against her clit and felt the last of her climax. Pushing gently my knob slowly disappeared with a feeling like liquid velvet I was soon up to my balls. It was warm it was slippery it was sexy it was awesome. I let it rest there to lap up all those feelings. Our eyes met again; this time with lust and the gentle moving of her hips told me she was more than ready.

I wanted to make sure she was going to climax close to me so I took her hand and placed a finger on her swollen clit and she got the message and began to stroke. I kept still for a while to let it build up again. It was hard not to start thrusting but she wasn’t long and kept exclaiming how nice it felt with my big cock stretching her cunt and making it easy to get to a big climax. Soon she was the one thrusting but I still kept as still as I could. Her breath was coming in short gasps now “fuck me, fuck me,” she said.

It was oh so close now as she looked at me with pleading eyes and making little cries of lust. I started with long but slow strokes pushing hard on the upward stroke and grinding against her clit as I did. I could feel it cumming as my balls got tighter and tighter; but kept it slow and hard. Soon I got that familiar feeling in my balls and with some control I slowed to a stop just before the point of no return. She was writhing under me and the movements were too much. It started with a little tingle and then with terrific force as I squirted deep into her cunt. It triggered her climax and I felt the spasms as she met hers with mine her cunt walls milking the spunk from my balls.

“Give me all of it!” she said. “Fill me till it runs out!”

I kissed and held her tightly. It was truly a great fuck” I pulled out slowly and as it popped out I could see spunk and cunt juice now intermingled flow out and down her thighs. It was very sexy indeed. I reached down and felt my slippery cock and was amazed to find that when I rubbed it a little it was not as sensitive as usual but felt nice and in fact as I rubbed some more it became very hard again. She looked up and started to encourage me.

“Squirt on my titties,” she said. I was amazed it was cumming again. “Let me finish it,” she said.

I moved up straddling her body as she reached out and took over. Her hands were so soft and she new just how to stroke. I felt I was in heaven as she guided my very slippery cock close to her awesome titties. Her nipples were like mountains waiting for the snow. Within seconds I felt it starting I looked down just to see a sea of white spunk squirting all over her titties with a large drop of snow on each of those very erect nipples making a lovely contrast of white on the dark brown of her nipples, she leaned forward to capture the last drops on her tongue sucking gently to get the last drop.

“WOW, WOW!!!” we both said in unison as we held each other in a hug as our heart beats returned to normal. She looked a picture a beautiful women, totally satisfied and relaxed and in a second I took the photo that was to be a source of many a fantasy in the years to come. She left me with her panties that even today have a sweet aroma to remind me.

* * * * *

I sure your panties are an inspiration for Chris at time (What do you like to wear when you feel sexy)