Black Model Ch. 01

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My wife Ann is a great looking woman, especially when she wears her tight fitting jeans. The material accents her ass and thighs perfectly. At age 33 Ann keeps in good shape with petite uplifting breasts capped off with pink nipples what a sight.

Recently Ann enrolled into a photography class at the local high school the outdoor landscape portion of the class just completed and the portrait session was about to begin.

Ann asked if I would buy her a tripod to steady the facial and full body photo shots. Since she really enjoyed the class, I purchased her a tripod, which she thanked me, by giving me one of the best blowjobs ever. She placed her lips on my pulsating cock and sucked on the head until my cum ejaculated onto her quivering wet tongue.

I’m surely a lucky guy, since I’m not in the best of shape and with only a 4-inch cock when it’s hard Ann was a great catch. Ann approached me halfway through the portrait session indicating she would need to photograph a subject in the nude, which would count for 25 % of her grade.

Since I was out of shape with a potbelly and blessed with undersized equipment, I knew I could not be the subject. Ann asked Maltepe Escort for suggestions, I mentioned Ron, a fellow I workout with at the gym a well proportioned Black fellow, good looking, muscles and when I told Ann about the time I saw him nude in the shower room, her eye’s opened wide.

I described the size of his cock hanging down between his legs. That’s when Ann suggested we invite him over, She thought I was exaggerating. Ann wanted to see the size and was I telling the truth.

I told Ann I would approach Ron with the idea, I would tell Ron my wife is a professional photographer, We decided to buy special lighting equipment to make the photo session more realistic, Ann thought that was good and also make for better detail. We would offer Ron $100 dollars per hour to persuade him. If Ron agreed I suggested it best that I not be they’re for professional integrity. Ann was nervous about that so I suggested hiding in the closet during the shoot, that made her feel better.

I was concerned about my approach to Ron. Actually it went well the $100 dollar per hour fee did the trick. Ron agreed to a two-hour session I gave him our phone numbers Kurtköy Escort to confirm with Ann, since I could not be there.

As the photo session day approached Ann asked my opinion on what she should wear. I suggested casual work attire, her form fitting jeans with a tight pull over top. That would get Ron aroused for sure, I didn’t say that to Ann but that’s what I was hoping for so Ann could see his full manhood.

The week went slow but Saturday finally arrived just before 2 p.m. I hid in the closet with a comfortable chair and a peephole to observe the entire room. I heard the door bell ring and that’s when I started to get excited wondering what would culminate.

Ann escorted Ron into the studio, the first 30 minutes Ann took facial and fully clothed body shots. Then Ann suggested for Ron to pose in his work out shorts for the semi nude photo shoot. when Ron reappeared from the bath room I could tell Ann was hard pressed not to express her joy, she held her professionalism very well. Because Ron’s muscle’s were really pumped and I could tell Ann was really intrigued.

Ron posed in his shorts for about 30 minutes, Ann then Kartal Escort suggested the fully nude session, I must admit Ron was a gentleman through out, he worked with my wife to get the right poses I noticed when Ann turned to get more film, Ron look at her ass I knew he was turned on by my wife plus her breasts looked so good in the tight pull over.

Ron quickly recovered when Ann came back. At that point Ron removed the shorts. He had on a skimpy thong jock strap underneath which was just holding in his manhood. That was when I caught Ann looking down at his equipment, yet trying to be professional. At that point Ron turned around to place his shorts in his gym bag and I caught Ann looking at his powerful butt, she must have been extremely wet at that point.

Ron then removed his thong and turned around to face my wife, that’s when I got a good look at his enormous cock it must be 9 inches soft swaying between his legs I know Ann was taken back, my wife is so use to seeing me nude and now looking at a cock three times bigger then mine in a soft state must have set her legs weak.

How my wife got through the shoot I’ll never know. When Ron dressed and left, Ann said “wow” did you see the size of that thing, it was gigantic, I asked Ann if she would like to do another shoot with Ron she said yes immediately, That night we had great sex, I asked my wife if she was thinking about Ron when we were fucking, she said yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32