Susuruss Pt. 09-12

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Part IX

The wedding of Kate and David had gone off without a hitch. It had been a quiet affair with only their closest friends. Kate’s only attendant had been Stephanie and she had once asked, jokingly, if the bridesmaids’ gifts would be mackintoshes?

Kate surveyed her closets and her large suitcase and tried to come to terms with the inevitable compromises as David walked into the bedroom. “Well,” he announced, I’m packed!”

“Typical,” Kate grinned, “You don’t have as many clothes to start with and you always seem to wear the same stuff anyway. Tell me again, about the weather in England at this time of year?”

David sat on the bed, “As you know I’ve never been there either, but everything I’ve read and everything Stephanie says is to expect a very changeable climate. Rain for sure and the one absolute is don’t bother packing a bikini. How is she by the way?”

Kate wrinkled her nose, “Not good I’m afraid; I’ll explain later.”

“What clothes are you going to travel in?” asked Kate.

“Just chinos and my suede jacket” replied David.

“Sounds like as good a choice as any and we are going to be sitting on the airplane all night,” mused Kate, “Ok, ‘outta’ here, I’ve got work to do.

Twenty minutes later, Kate came downstairs, flopped into a chair, which signaled the completion of that chore. “Did you pack your mac?” she asked, “I’m going to carry my rubberized polyester as it’s light although I have a feeling I’ll be returning with more than that.”

“Any ideas of what you’re looking for,” he asked.

“Not really,” she responded, “I just want to know what the rainwear capital of the world has, although I was wondering about a cape or maybe two, one for public consumption and the other just for ours.”

Dinner consisted of reheated leftovers and then they cleared from the refrigerator anything that wouldn’t last for the three weeks they planned to be away.

Then it was bedtime and Kate slipped on her latex caftan and asked David to wear his rubber robe. After oral foreplay both given and received, Kate straddled David and began a slow, steady thrust while he stimulated her erect nipples through the taut latex. Kate’s pace began to quicken and David, sensing his impending climax as well as hers began to lift his hips to meet hers. Not 30 seconds later, Kate cried out “YES oh YES!” And collapsed onto David’s chest. The lovers rested for a couple of minutes and then Kate rolled off David on to her side and whispered, “Thank you; I love you, good night.”

Part X

The next day dawned and it found Kate checking off lists. Eventually, she concluded there was nothing left to check but the cab was due in 10 minutes so Kate panicked any way. David assured her that all was well and loaded everything into the cab. That, and a bus ride later saw them at the International Terminal at San Francisco International Airport.

The lines were not too bad for Kate and David because they’d used a bunch of frequent flyer miles to upgrade to Business Class. Check-in completed, they found they had lots of time to get to their gate. As their seats were in Business Class they were invited to board early. As they entered their part of the cabin, a flight attendant who directed them to their seats greeted them. She took their carry-on bags and helped to stack them into the overhead bins. With her other hand, she took Kate’s crimson, rubberized mackintosh over her arm and said, “Leave this with me; I’ll hang it up safely.”

The cocktail hour over and the dinner service picked up, the cabin crew distributed more blankets and pillows. They then dimmed the cabin lights and the flight crew announced that they were coming up on Hudson’s Bay and wished them good night. An hour or so after that David was very much asleep and Kate was very much awake.

She sat again for as long as she could stand and then walked back the full length of the airplane to the tail and back up the other aisle. As she brushed aside the curtain that separated Coach from Business class, a flight attendant was preparing glasses of water and juice. She saw Kate and asked, “Can’t adana escort sleep?” Kate shook her head, “Maybe a Scotch would help,” she added. The flight attendant explained that she should deliver these to the flight deck and then she’d be back. True to her word, she returned and poured Kate’s drink.

“I hung up your rainmac in our crew section because it’s too gorgeous to get crushed.” She then went to explain, that although she was an American, she’d been based in England for ten years. For Kate, fatigue and the Scotch were kicking in so she felt little or no compunction in asking if England was indeed the “rainwear capital of the world?”

Karen, the flight attendant whispered, “If its rubberized rainwear you’re interested in I can list a few companies to check out.” Kate nodded her acceptance as Karen asked, “Can I try on your mac?” She did, and Karen preened herself, tightening the belt and drawing the hood up around her face, she inhaled the rubber scent. Just then the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign was illuminated and an announcement form the cockpit warned of possible turbulence ahead so Karen stowed the mackintosh back on its hanger and Kate returned to her seat.

After what seemed like an instant, Kate was aware of David climbing out of his seat on his way to the bathroom and, glancing at her watch and juggling the time zones in her head, realized that she had been asleep for a little over three hours. When David returned he told her that breakfast was on the way and as it arrived the captain announced that they were less than two hours from London Heathrow. The weather forecast for their arrival was overcast with rain showers, heavy at times, with light winds out of the west.

Following breakfast Kate joined the line of those waiting outside the bathrooms and, after about ten minutes, she was able to clean her teeth, touch up her makeup and fix her hair. Going back to her seat, she found David looking out of the window and he pointed downwards excitedly towards the west coast of Scotland. Some twenty minutes later the seat belt sign came on and the airplane began its final approach. As it descended out of the overcast, Kate and David were able to see the River Thames and Westminster and then they were over the threshold of the runway. As they taxied to the gate, raindrops spattered their window and the cabin crew started handing out coats and jackets. Karen handed the crimson mackintosh to Kate and said, “Check the pocket for that list. Have a great visit and maybe I’ll see you on your way home.”

Part XI

As they stepped out of the door onto the jetway, Kate shivered in the cold damp London air and slipped her arms into her mac and fastened the buttons and belt as they walked into the terminal. They passed through Immigration, retrieved their bags and cleared Customs. While David had reserved a rental car, he was not scheduled to pick it up for a couple of days. Everyone had told him that a car in London itself was little more than an expensive nuisance, and the prospect of driving on the left hand side of the road especially when compounded with jet lag was not an attractive prospect. So they climbed into a cab and gave the driver the address of their hotel in the West End.

Thirty minutes later they were delivered to the hotel’s front door with David feeling profoundly grateful that he hadn’t driven as the British drive very fast and give no quarter to others on the road. A doorman appeared and loaded their bags onto a cart while David paid the driver with bills that were a complete mystery. Again, Kate shivered in the cold, dank morning and ran into the lobby. Fortunately, their room was available and they were shown straight up to a pleasant room overlooking a park. The bellhop handed David the keys, pocketed his tip and left while Kate’s first action was to raise the thermostat and then to check out the tiniest bathroom she had ever seen.

Meanwhile, David was opening his suitcase and grinned when Kate said, “I’m freezing and I don’t think this mac is going to be warm enough.”

“Funny you should say that,” replied David eskişehir escort as he threw back the lid of his bag and drew out Kate’s shiny white rubber mac with a flourish. “At your service Madam,” he proclaimed, “I had room, so I put it in.” Kate grabbed it with gratitude and put it on over her rubberized polyester and gave David a “thank you” hug. This became a kiss that increased in intensity, as they were both aware of the layers of rubber she was wearing. Kate reached inside her macs, slipped off her slacks and panties and fell back on the bed.

“Put your mac on,” she urged.

Within a few seconds the couple were joined in one of the most sensual embraces ever. As soon as Kate had guided David into her he began to thrust fast and deep. Kate urged him on with her body and her voice. All this, together with their scents, the aroma of the rubber and the wonderful sounds made by the macs as they moved over their bodies led to one of the most stunning orgasms Kate had ever experienced.

Kate had gone to shower as David finished unpacking and she came out of the bathroom toweling her hair. She kissed him and said, “you smell of rubber and me and sex. If we could bottle the combination, we could sell it and make millions. Sex is wonderful, sex in rubber is incredible but sex in layers of rubber, with rubber next to my skin under me and rubber on top of me, is out this world. Just talking about it makes me hot but, now go shave and shower, and we’ll explore.

While he was gone, Kate unpacked her suitcase and put her things into the dresser drawers. She couldn’t help noticing that she had packed rather more lingerie than was strictly necessary but she was on her honeymoon she rationalized. Underneath the more modern lingerie she slid the Playtex girdle she’d got from Stephanie as she was still keeping this as a surprise for David. Her plan was to wear it underneath a cocktail dress she’d brought, perhaps tomorrow night. They had already concluded that tonight would be an early night although they planned to stay awake as long as possible to minimize the effects of jet lag. For today though, Kate dressed in a long sleeved shirt and slim-leg slacks that she tucked into knee-high black boots with a modest heel. Another purchase she’d promised herself was some boots with perhaps a 4 inch heel; hardly suitable for sightseeing. Then to ward off the cold, she donned a cotton sweater and took her shiny white rubber mac from the closet. The problem, she realized, was that her SWR mac had no hood and she’d brought no umbrella.

In the meantime, David was back in the bedroom getting dressed. “Did you bring an umbrella?” she asked. He shook his head and said that he hadn’t thought of it. She looked out of the window and saw that the rain seemed to have stopped, at least temporarily.

“OK,” she said, “Here’s the plan. Let’s go for a walk and find somewhere to have a late lunch because, I don’t know about you but I’m starving. Then I need an umbrella or my hair is going to look like Medusa.” They put on their rubber macs, she adjusted his belt while he picked up the room key and they left the hotel to explore.

Part XII

The streets were busy as they strolled towards Knightsbridge and Kate remarked that her shiny white rubber mac was proving to be a lot warmer than the rubberized polyester but she missed the feel of the rubber lining. As they crossed the street having to concentrate hard to compensate for the “wrong-side of the road” traffic, Kate’s stomach started to growl.

“Look,” she said, “There’s a pub; do you remember what Steph said about ‘pub grub’? It’s supposed to be good value but please, no kidney pie.”

They entered the public house and were able to find a place at the bar as most people had gone back to work. Both he and Kate unbuttoned their macs as the bartender came over to take their order. Kate ordered a glass of white wine while David settled for a pint of, what he expected to be warm, draft beer. When it came he took a sip and was pleasantly surprised that, while it wasn’t icy cold like American beer, sakarya escort it was cool, refreshing and with a lot of taste. He offered the glass to Kate who tried it, agreed it wasn’t bad but decided she’d stick to her wine.

David asked the bartender for a couple of menus which he provided and told them that the “steak and kidney pie” was sold out. “Oh no, said David, “And that’s just what I was thinking about ordering.”

“Sorry about that sir. Usually Americans won’t go near it but I could ask the kitchen if they could squeeze out just one more order.”

“No that’s quite alright,” said David hastily, “I’ll be just as happy with something else.” The bartender directed them to a small table at the side of the bar and told them to order at the bar when they were ready.

“At least,” he said as they were picking up their drinks, “You’ve come prepared for England. The macs I mean! Most Americans seem to wander round London in shorts and tee shirts believing that, if they’re on holiday, the weather will have to be warm. It’s probably what the tourist brochures tell ’em.” And, he went to the other side of the bar to serve another customer.

Kate and David tried hard to translate the menu items into something recognizable. She settled for fish and chips while David opted for the “Ploughman’s Lunch”, only because he had no idea what that it was but a question to the bartender revealed that it was bread, cheeses and salad. While they waited for their food, Kate dug out the note that the flight attendant had stuffed into the pocket of Kate’s rubberized polyester mac. She took out her glasses and pushed the note around the table so that David could see. On it, there were four names, some with telephone numbers and some without and they concluded that their best resource would be the local Yellow Pages.

A minute or two later, a couple came in, both laughing and both very wet. She was wearing a shiny black PVC raincoat which had no buttons but whose sides were held together with a tie sash belt. He had only a man’s umbrella which he shook before he folded it. Some splashes fell onto Kate’s shiny white rubber mac. He apologized and bent to brush off the drops. As he did so, he stroked the outer surface and also noted David’s trench coat. “It’s pouring out there again,” he said.

“Oh great,” responded Kate, “And I’ve no hat and no umbrella.” She learned that if they went around the corner to their right there was a store that may be able to help.

In a little while, David paid the bill and they went out into the street. By this time, the rain had subsided to a heavy drizzle but they hurried around the corner and found a store whose sign proclaimed the name to be, “Mac Persons”. It was, however, closed but the display in the window looked very interesting consisting as it did of a variety of rainwear from traditional riding macs to women’s shiny PVC to full-length capes. Kate and David made a note of the store’s business hours for a return visit.

Back on the main street, Kate noticed that they were close to a department store and they decided it was worth a try. In the ladies rainwear department there was little to interest either of them but the assistant noting Kate’s shiny white rubber mac and hearing her request suggested a PVC rain hat and a large clear PVC umbrella. While not what they had in mind, “They will serve the purpose until something better comes along,” observed Kate as they left the store with their purchases. And not a moment too soon, as the previous drizzle turned into a steady rain. Kate pulled the rain hat over her hair and David raised the umbrella that was just big enough for both if David put his arm around Kate’s rubber covered waist.

In this fashion, they walked for about an hour seeing the local area before they returned to their hotel. Arriving back in their room and shaking off droplets from her mac, Kate also noted that they must make another addition to their shopping list. “If this weather keeps up,” she said, “I’m going to need some boots and I think I’d like to look at rubber ones, perhaps knee length with a heel.”

“Noted, and on the list,” replied David.

They sat and watched the BBC television news broadcast, then went downstairs to the hotel bar, enjoyed a pre-dinner drink and then ate in the adjoining restaurant. By 8:30pm they were both feeling the effects of trip and the jet lag and decided that an early night was in order.

And so it was!

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