I Join A Couple In Their Hot Tub

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This is a hot MMF threeway, based on real life. If you are bothered by some male bi-sex action, move along.

I was consulting at XYZ corporation and the plant manager invited me to dinner with him and his wife after work. She was a nice piece of work. She had met me earlier that day at the plant. She quite pretty, sophisticated, confident, about my age (50) and obviously very fit. She had jet black hair cur short and curly, about 34 B breasts, and long legs. Here in there home she now was dressed to impress me. You know how some women should never wear yoga pants? Well, she is not one of those. When viewing her from behind all I could see of was physically fit gluteus maximus muscles, able to crush walnuts with those buttocks.

Then, viewing her from the front, all I could see was her amazingly full, oversized, prominent labia, also capable of crushing walnuts. She was hot. She seemed to enjoy me looking at her because every time she caught me looking, she smiled with approval. Her husband was a very lucky man, I concluded. Dinner was very nice. Nothing untoward happened that evening despite suggestive innuendos and an invite for me to return the next day after work for drinks. I could not get her off my mind over that next 24 hours.

That second visit was much more interesting. Her yoga pants had been upgraded to even more revealing almost sheer tights that presented the perfect example of “camel toe.” This was accented by a halter top that was painted onto her breasts. She seemed very proud of her nipples. I certainly got the impression she was horny for action.

After a drink, she suggested another, but this one taken in the hot tub. Both us men most happily agreed. John and I went out onto the deck to the tub to check it out while she got ready Gaziantep Olgun Escort to move the party there. He told me I should not be offended by Kim as she was lately feeling really horny from her hormone replacement meds prescribed for her menopause hot flashes. He said she was in rare form from this and hoped that I was not uncomfortable with her this way. I assured him I was not at all put off by this… and that he was a very lucky man.

He agreed that he was, indeed very lucky, especially with her on these new meds. He said she had always been free-spirited, but this was a whole new Kim and he loved how she was feeling. I took this as him gently priming me for what she might have in mind tonight.

He was right. She got our attention when she came out to the deck ready for hot tubbing, carrying a tray of drinks, now wearing only panties. My cock instantly began to harden. She handed each of us our drink refill and proceeded to strip off her husband’s shirt, pants, and briefs, leaving him naked with his own substantial erection. “Very nice,” she said, giving his cock a squeeze. She turned to me and did the same, stripping away off my clothes. She remarked again, “also very nice,” and gave my cock a squeeze. “You are really hard,” she remarked. Yep, I sure was.

Being stripped naked by this woman was intensely erotic. John and I watched as she slithered out of her panties then took her time nursing to her own drink, allowing us to appreciate her. I was quite taken with how prominent and engorged her labia appeared, decorated with a huge fluff of thick curly pubic hair trimmed well back from those full lips. It was a very erotic scene, the three of us standing there naked.

She finally climbed into the hot tub and we guys followed. She seemed to hesitate, then decided to act. “I am dying to play with you boys,” she told us, taking the plunge into seducing us. “But I have three rules we must follow. Rule one, there will be no fucking.” I got it; she wanted to play naughty but did not want to cross certain boundaries. I had no problem with that. She continued, “Rule two, I expect us to share enjoy lots of really nice orgasms.” I can certainly live with that. “Rule three, I get all your cum. I want you to cum on me when you climax. As for cumming in my mouth, I haven’t yet made up my mind.” Nice; I can easily live with that, too. This was going to be really fun, I concluded.

John soon lifted her out of the tub and sat her on the edge, her feet in the warm water and her thighs spread wide. I immediately noticed her clitoris. It was huge, as large as her thumb, framed by those full labia. John and I spent the next hour making this woman climax. She was very orgasmic, cumming repeatedly in short quick bursts.

We had a blast doing her, especially when she ordered John to go retrieve her vibrators. Her orgasms then became really intense when we began to use these on her and in her. We guys went to work on her, making her delirious with lust. I soon had almost my entire hand carefully eased into her pussy while John filled her ass with his fingers as we took turns humming her clit with the vibrator. We drove her crazy.

Eventually she begged us to stop, which we did only after forcing her to endure one more thunderous climax. We were afraid even the distant neighbors would hear her. That was when she suggested to John that they do me next. I soon switched places with her on the side of the tub, lying on my back and my feet in the water. She placed a towel over my face so I could not tell who was doing what to me. Being blinded like this added a whole new level of excitement for me. They spent what felt like an eternity working on my sex, bringing me exquisitely to the edge, only to back off and let me fade. My balls were soon aching with backed-up cum.

They stroked my cock, licking and sucking. They worked my ass first with fingers then with a small but intense vibrator, all the while teasing my cock. I finally heard her tell John, “Let’s make him cum on me.” It was mere seconds later that I had a massive climax, ejaculating the biggest load of semen I had ever produced all over her. When I finally sat up, I saw my cum all over her face, neck and chest. She and John was massaging it into her breasts, so I reached over and smeared the rest all over her face. She loved me doing that to her. John seemed to approve with an excited smile.

She then announced it was John’s turn. He took my place in that same passive position, lying back to allow her and I to go to work on him. She loved watching me play with his body. She and I took turns between his cock and his ass, bringing him to the edge, then relaxing to let pressure build in his balls. We tortured him like they had tortured me. “Make him cum for me,” she begged softly. She slipped him into her mouth and sucked as I gave his prostate a good deep vibrator humming in his ass. He climaxed powerfully. I felt his balls lift in my hand as he ejaculated.

The three of us spent the next hour soaking in the tub, polishing off her bottle of wine before climbing out and returning to the kitchen where she prepared us a tray of nice fruits and cheeses. We dined naked and laughed at how each of us had enjoyed being double-teamed by each other. She congratulated both of us for being so cooperative with her suggestions through the encounter. But she was now thinking of other ideas, How would she dare to proceed now?