Dressing But Not Passing

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It was a beautiful spring day and I had an errand to run that took me about an hour from home. The area is mostly rural with towns of five to ten thousand every 20 miles or so. Sometimes on these types of trips I get the incredible urge to dress and drive, but I didn’t have any girly stuff with me except the panties I was wearing. After I picked up my package, I looked around for a store that could provide me with the relief I desperately needed. I found a small business area with department store a few miles away.

Walking through the parking lot I started to get that really horny feeling. I was about to buy girly clothes for myself. I needed an entire outfit. There would be no doubt I was buying the outfit for myself, because I was not going to buy anything else.

I wanted to get some leggings and a tunic. I’ve gained a little weight and most dresses don’t look so good right now. I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything that struck me. Several lady shoppers gave me funny looks. I was going back and forth and back and forth between sale racks yearning to find something girly enough. Then I found this dark blue blouse with a square cut neck and lace and beading across the front on sale. I liked the way it draped and immediately had to have it.

Since leggings were not to be found I walked around the sale racks with the blouse looking for something to match it. This was very amusing to two teenage girls who didn’t say anything, but kept looking at me and smiling. Just then I found a discounted pair of really girly jeans in my size. Flowers stitched in silver with beading adorned the pockets. They were a slim fit. As I held them up and put the blouse against them one of the girls gave me the OK sign. I smiled, nodded, and the two of them doubled over in laughter.

The jeans were a good idea because I had hurt my toe and could not wear high heels or nylons. My flip flops went with the new outfit very well. Still I could not leave without completing the ensemble. Although no one would see that my panties did not match, I had to get a pair that did. That would require getting a matching bra too. I just have to do those things.

I found a dark blue lacy pair of panties. I could tell this particular bikini cut was going to be a little tight, not because I have a lot to fit into panties, there just was not much material up front. Looking through another sale rack I found a bra that matched. 36A is hard to find sometimes, but that’s my sissy size. Sometimes I stuff a bigger cupped bra, but today I wanted to look like a sissy in girly clothes.

The checkout lady looked at the clothes. I had just the four items. She had to get the plastic anti-theft devices off the blouse and jeans. As she popped the security tags off she was looking at the sizes and then looking at me. A little smile crossed her face. The panties would not scan. She called for a price check. The manager came up and took the panties back to the lingerie department. There were now three people in line behind me. The checkout lady held the bra up and kept turning it around to find the tag. All three ladies behind me knew I was buying a bra for myself. The manager came back with the panties and the SKU and hurried off. She thanked him then took the tag out of her pocket and scanned it. She had pulled the tag just to get the manager to do a price check.

Then slightly louder than need be she said, “Are you having fun?” She had a big toothy smile. “Cmon, honey, are you having fun?”

I swiped my credit card and the machine buzzed.

“Does your card have a chip, missy?” she said.

“Oh, yeah it does,” I said.

“I guess you’re just too excited about your new clothes. Go ahead and put the card in the lower slot.”

We completed the transaction and she gave me the two bags and with that big toothy smile said, “You have a nice day girly girl.” That got a chuckle out of the lady next in line.

I was about to leave the store when I thought, “Where should I change?” I hadn’t been in this area in years. This shopping area was new to me. It was the middle of the day and I wasn’t sure where to go. Then I thought, “They already know I’m a sissy here.”

So I turned around and went to the changing rooms in the back of the store. I was so much easier than fighting the steering wheel and having things fall between the seats in the car.

The bra didn’t have any clasps. I slid it over my head and pulled it in place. The new panties were a little small. My little sissy bits were very visible through the lace. I was checking them out and getting ready to take the manufacturer’s tags off the jeans when I heard a “What the?” just outside dressing room. I thought I had latched the door, but I guess I was too excited and didn’t notice that it didn’t catch. The door was half open and the store manager was looking at me. He had caught me tracing the outline of my little cock head in my new panties.

“You can’t act like that in here. If you keep doing that I’ll have you arrested gaziantep escort for indecent exposure!”

“I thought I latched it,” I pleaded.

“Likely story pervert. Close the door.”

I closed the door and my heart rate went way up. I did not want to be arrested. I quickly detagged and put the rest of my new clothes on and put my guy clothes in the bags. As I walked out, I looked in the mirror. I was clean shaven. My long hair was down, well past my shoulders. But with no makeup, at close range I was obviously a guy dressed in obviously girly clothes.

Walking through the store I got looks from everyone who saw me. One guy evidently saw me from behind and was following me. When I turned to go down another aisle he got a good look at my front and scowled at me. As I reached the front of the store I had to go through the checkout lane next to the one I had used.

That big toothy grin showed up again, “My, my what a pretty girly outfit you bought. How does it fit?”

At the front of the store in the open area that lead to the exit I gave her a twirl with my hands crossed, feeling my A cups. The bottom of my blouse belled out like a little skirt. The silver stitching and beading on my butt flashed.

I smiled and said, “Very well, thank you.”

That big toothy grin got as wide as it could get, “Don’t you go teasin’ the boys too much!”

As I was going through the door I heard, “What a sissy!” and what seemed like a crowd laughing. The return trip across the parking lot was just as exciting. Just before I got to my parking space a car honked at me. I turned around and it saw the two girls who helped me pick out my outfit: with two boys. The girls were pointing, laughing. I think they were telling the boys where they met me. One of the guys sneered. I think I saw the words “fucking faggot” cross his lips. The other guy was looking me up and down but caught himself before his girl noticed. I smiled, waved, did another pirouette which cracked them all up. I waved and left my hand up by my chest, limp wristed. With that I turned and swung my hips like a cheap whore the rest of the way to my car.

I had not been in this area in 15 years. On my way here I noticed the gentlemen’s club that I had been to a few times was open 24 hours now. It was on the alternate route home, so I headed that way.

Way back when lap dances were pretty strict. You had to keep your hands on the couch while the girl rubbed her thonged ass on your crotch. That was another reason I wanted leggings. They are thinner than jeans, but I had to be satisfied with the jeans’ sissiness. I had never gone to a strip club dressed sissy before. I was hoping this place was as friendly as it used to be.

I pulled into the gravel parking lot. The club was out in the country, but on a very busy corner. There was an hispanic guy smoking a cigarette at the front door. There was a small crowd at the gas station across the street. They looked like a caravan of three of four cars stretching their legs on a long distance driving. I put my driver’s license in one of the front pockets. It barely fit. I stuff some twenties into the other pocket. As I got out of the car the hispanic guy smiled at me.

As I walked across the parking lot a girl’s voice from across the street said, “She doesn’t look like a stripper.”

Somebody with a much deeper voice said, “That’s cuz it’s a guy!”

“OH MY GOD, IT IS!” She started laughing and the caravan joined in.

The hispanic guy said, “It’s ok honey. C’mon in.”

I waved at the people across the street then turned, hiked up the back of my blouse a little and shook my silvery flowered butt at them. The bright sun danced off the little jewels and the silver stitching.

That started another round of laughter and some guy called out, “Watch out, there’s horny guys in there!”

The hispanic guy cupped my left bun with his hand and nudged me toward the door. I heard “Whoa, the skank already has a customer!”

The difference between the bright outdoors and the dark club blinded me for several seconds. As my eyes adjusted I saw the counter just inside the front door. This is where you used to pay the cover charge. My hispanic friend gave my butt a couple of love taps and went back to his beer at the bar. Since no one asked me for any money I just walked in.

As my eyes adjusted a bartendress appeared. She chuckled as she looked me up and down. There were four or five guys around the L-shaped bar who checked me out. The strippers they were talking to checked me out too.

“Sorry, there wasn’t anyone to greet you. There’s a $6 cover charge,” said the bartendress. She was dressed a lot like I was, a blue top and jeans. Her high heel boots were an improvement over my flip flops though. She went behind the front door counter and made change for my $20, a lot of ones and a five. She knew how to take care of the girls.

I followed her to the bar and order a escort gaziantep Sprite. There was an Hispanic girl dancing. She had the whole Selena look going on. I sat down at the stage and put my money on the table. The guy she was fawning over saw me and his face screwed up a little. He kept talking to her, but I had obviously distracted him in an unsettling way. After a few minutes he gave her another dollar and went to the bar.

I felt bad about chasing her customer away. She danced in front of me and pulled out the side string of her blue bikini bottom. I gently placed a dollar in there and she let it snap. She put her hand on my shoulder and felt for my bra strap. Finding it made her grin a little. I placed a few more dollars under various straps of her skimpy costume then her last song ended and another dancer was announced.

A young black girl walked up and took off her skimpy robe. She was wearing a green, pink, and yellow, skinny, skinny skinny, little two piece. The lights of the dance floor made it look like neon bikini. My little sissy thing stirred right then. She was thin, smooth, had a nice smile. When she started stripping she just pulled her top under her titties and left it on. The jewels pierced through her nipples and navel glittered in the club spotlight. I was hard now. Like everyone else who saw me dressed like an effeminate sissy she smiled. I think she knew she had some cash coming.

By the middle of her first song no one else came up to the dance floor, so she concentrated on me. By the second song she asked me if I liked spanking. I smiled and nodded. She picked my hand up and told me to give her buns a slap. I did and she said, “You can do better than that.” So I gave her a smack that echoed a little.

Throughout her set she put every part of her an inch from my face. In her third song she leaned over grabbed me by the hair with both hands and asked, “You like to be spanked?” My eyes lit up and she pulled me as close as she could without kissing me and started laughing right in my face. When she let go, I fell to my seat with a plop and grinned. I was now almost out of singles. I didn’t have any left when her last song ended.

The PA blared something about lap dances, but I couldn’t understand it all. I asked her. It was three songs of lap dance for $35. I told her I had to go out and get some more money. She smiled and said, “Don’t you skip out on me.” I told her I’d be right back.

As I walked through the bar and outside, I did not think about how I was dressed. I just needed to get some money from the car. As I hit the daylight I saw two guys getting out of their car which was parked right next to mine. When I tried to walk by them they stood shoulder to shoulder in my way. They were average sized white guys around 40.

“You’re not leaving because of us are you?” said the guy on the left.

“No, I forgot my wallet in the car,” I said.

The other snickered and said, “Wallet? You have a wallet?”

“No. I need something from my purse.”

“So, you’re not leaving. You’re going back in?” said the first one.

“Yes, I am.”

The guy who snickered looked at his buddy and said, “If I get drunk enough maybe I’ll let her blow me.”

They stepped away from each other and invited me by with a low wave. I brushed against them both squeezing by. Then one of them grabbed my ass. When I turned around to see who they were both a few steps away, walking toward the club, laughing.

I opened the driver’s door and bent over to get my purse, keeping my shiny butt in view of anyone who walked or drove by. Just a few more twenties, I didn’t want to spend everything I had. As I went back into the club Selena was talking to the doorman. He motioned for me to come to the counter.

She put her hand on his arm and said, “It’s ok. La chica already paid. She’s back to see Mesmerize. Aren’t you baby?”

I nodded and went back to the dance floor. I found my Sprite but Mesmerize was nowhere to be found. All of the sudden I felt my hair being grabbed into a ponytail and my head being pulled slightly back. “I have to go wash up a little.”

She turned my head toward the rear of the club and pointed at the door. “I’ll see you back there when I’m ready.” She gave me a little push in the small of the back to get me going in the right direction.

I went into the back room. It had a bar on one side and booths lining the other. I was still sipping my Sprite so the bartendress went about her business. I stood around not knowing what to do. Selena walked in. She was pulling on her shiny blue dress. It had a skinny straps over her breasts and a big keyhole that showed her round belly. I wanted that dress, even though I’d look like shit in it. I stared as she made her adjustments.

As she walked by me to go back to the main bar she brushed the smooth fabric at her hip against the back of my hand. I started to move but she reached down and kept the gaziantep escort bayan back of my hand on silky smoothness. “No freebies, you horny little bitch.”

I looked at the floor as she let my hand go and said, “Mesmerize will take care of you.”

I looked up and saw her walking back to the main room, that lovely blue fabric stretched over her big round bouncing butt. Then the door closed.

After a few minutes standing around feeling self conscious about my looks, Mesmerize walked in on her 6 inch clear acrylic heels. The neon bikini looked great.

She put her hands on my bra cups and said, “Ready baby?” I nodded.

“I need money for the songs.”

“How much?”


$3 a song? I didn’t care. I gave her the money.

She took off her shoes and put them behind the bar.

“Put the $35 here.” She pointed at the corner of the bar.

“Go get a booth honey. Sit on a couch. I’ll be right there.”

I took a booth in the back of the room furthest from the bar. It was not fully enclosed. I could see three other couches from where I sat. The music started up. I didn’t recognize it. It was sort of hip hoppy but seemed to lean a little toward pop. She walked into the booth. I was stunned again. That tight body, neon bikini and really pretty face made me wonder what we could do. She was certainly more forward at the dance floor than dancers were years ago.

She straddled my lap and put my face between her tits. “What’s your name?”, she asked.


“No, your girly name.”


I kept my hands on the couch. That was the rule. She leaned back and picked up my right hand and put it on her breast. I was a bit shocked.

“It’s ok. You like that?”

“Oh, yes.”

I couldn’t think of anything else to say. She was so soft. I envied that smoothness.

She started gyrating on my lap. I tried to arrange myself under her so that my sissy thing could be a little squished. She pressed her whole front against me and smashed my face between her tits again. She was a dynamo.

Then she got up, turned around and shook her buns in my face. I leaned forward to get a better whiff. She put my right hand on her bun. I cupped it gently. I brought my left up to cup the other. She moved away from me a little and jiggled. Her buns felt fantastic in my hands. The triangle of neon holding the thong in her butt crack stood out in the dim light. I was so turned on. I really didn’t know what to do. I just sat there stunned.

She wasn’t about to let me get complacent. She dropped her butt onto my lap and started rubbing my crotch. She ground away. I bit my lip. My panties were getting wet. My girly jeans were tight enough to hold my little erection in my panties. I know she felt it coming up. She pushed my knees apart and got her butt crack right on me. I was about to cum when she stopped and got off me.

I think the song changed. When she turned around to face me and straddle me I moved to sit up. She wasn’t expecting that and slipped. She caught her balance with one hand on my shoulder but her knee fell right on my crotch. I let out an excited girly little, “Oh!” Her look of concern immediately changed to laughter.

Then she stood on the couch in front of me and pressed that delectable neon triangle that covered her pussy right against my mouth. I could feel a mild amount of perspiration seeping through. She kept that pretty bikini pushed against my face and ground it around for a half a minute. Then all of the sudden she hopped off the couch, went down to her knees and punched me in the balls. I let out another high pitched, “Oh.”

She commanded, “Turn around and stay on the couch.”

As soon as I put my ass in the air she started spanking. I have no idea how many spanks. I was loving the whole feeling.

She pulled my hair to get me to turn back around. “You like that?”

“Yes, I love it.” I paused and cocked my head to the side and gave a pleading look.

“What?” She stared right into my eyes.

“You know the close up you gave me of your pussy? Could I get a close up of the other side?”

She said, “You better tip me good!”

Then she turned around and smashed the other neon triangle and her butt crack right over my mouth. She was even more sweaty than before. The fabric was a little musky. I kept trying to inhale as much as I could. But she kept the bikini tight against my lips. I concentrated on enjoying this moment, this scent, this moist beautiful bikini bottom…

Then she grabbed my hair again.

“Get off the couch! Face away from me! Put your forehead on the floor!”

I did as she commanded. My butt was high up in the air. She pushed my thighs apart. And then she kicked me in the balls. I let out a sissy, “Oh.” Then she kicked me again and again and again. After that the kicks came so fast I have no idea how many times. I kept yelping like a sissy having an orgasm, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh,” over and over.

I didn’t even realize how I sounded until she stopped.

She pulled my arm and helped me onto the couch then sat on my lap facing me with her forearms on my shoulders. The music stopped. I was in shock.

“Have a good time? she asked.

“Oh, yes.”

“Do you want to go again?”

“I can’t. I didn’t bring enough money.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32