Assistant Principal Ch. 01

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When you’re an assistant principal at a high school, your main job is to be the ass-kicker. You get stuck dealing out the punishment to problem students and troublemakers. You try to straighten them out while they’re still in never-never land, so when they get into the real world they don’t get their asses kicked in a permanent way.

And once in a while, one of those troublemakers prove they can straighten you out, too.

Rural high schools can be a challenge. You’re dealing with a lot of students with less than stellar home lives, which occasionally leads to less than stellar behavior and less than stellar grades. Sometimes the less than stellar behavior and grades comes from really bright kids who are bored out of their minds and liven things up to break the monotony.

It was the Saturday after the last day of school. I was dealing with ten little smart-asses that figured they could get away with things during that final week. Not so much, since they had to come back to school eventually. Picking up trash all over school property in the hot summer sun is an antidote for kids acting like assholes to their teachers. The problem was, there was supposed to be an eleventh smart little smart ass to deal with, the toughest kind of all. We’re talking a senior who had passed and walked in graduation, but who wasn’t given the diploma until they worked off their stupidity. If the paper doesn’t matter to them, you have no real hold on ’em.

The difference was that this student was someone who actually had potential to move on to college and make something of herself. Her name was Katherine House, shortened to Kat, which of course meant all kinds of grief. She and her mom had moved into the district right before her senior year, winding up in a rural trailer. Mom had had marriage issues — multiple marriages with multiple issues — and wound up in my little corner of the world.

Oh, joy.

Kat was 18 and cocky and figured that she had the world by the tail. She acted up as you can imagine, but got away with an awful lot of it because, quite frankly, she was a little fox who wasn’t above wiggling her ass around and playing it up to get out of trouble. That and good grades got her a pass from almost all of the teachers.

Not from me, it didn’t. At least, mostly it didn’t.

But her last week of school proved to be the last straw. She was caught vandalizing school property. Yeah, the teacher whose room she trashed was a real bitch that even I couldn’t stand, but there are limits. That had her on trash patrol the Saturday morning after graduation, instead of hanging out with her friends or one of her boyfriends or whatever.

Then she pulled the no show. I was already cranky. Coming in at 9 am on a Saturday really doesn’t make my heart glad, and to have one of my wayward charges complicate my day put me in an even worse mood. At least I was able to wear a t-shirt and shorts since it wasn’t a school day.

I had just gotten rid of the ten little twerps that ruined my first summer Saturday when she finally came charging up in her POS Camaro. Yeah, a ten-year- old, beat up Camaro, Trailer Park Car of the Year. Lovely.

Of course, she was a showstopper getting out of the car. All 5-foot-1 of her, big tits, ripe ass, nice legs, everything that drives guys nuts. Well, she was driving me nuts. I just wanted to get the hell out of there and go home and take a couple of weeks off and get away from all the teenage nightmares for a little while.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Mr. Spears,” she said. “My alarm clock didn’t Bycasino go off. But I’m here now.”

I didn’t believe her, of course. She had the look that said I’ve-been-out-all-night-partying. I really didn’t want to cut her any slack, but on the other hand, once she had that diploma, she wouldn’t be my problem anymore. Fine, it was time to take one for the team.

When I got a closer look, I realized why she had that partied-all-night look. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that said “I’ll be using these to my advantage” and neglected to put on a bra. And with her big tits, it was definitely to her advantage. She must have figured that, combined with the boy shorts she was wearing, she was going to get away with it one last time.

Au contraire, little vixen. She wasn’t going to get off that easily. I was going to make sure of that. After all, if she was going to taunt me and flaunt it, I was going to make her sweat a little bit. “That’s okay Kat,” I said calmly. There’s all morning to take care of things so you can work off your punishment.”

Her face fell just a little bit. Not a lot, but enough to know that she was hoping I’d just say the hell with it and let her go. Nice try. “What do I have to do Mr. Spears?”

“Let’s go into the building and get the trash bags. You’re going to do what you would have done if you’d been here on time, and that’s pick up trash around the school grounds.”

She didn’t look thrilled, that’s for sure. She shrugged, said “Okay,” and we headed in to pick up the garbage bags. It was impossible not to notice her tits jiggling when she shrugged, but I did my best not to let my face betray the fact that I’d noticed. As if it was possible NOT to notice.

The crew that had been there early in the day had done a good job. It wasn’t like they were enthusiastic about it, but with ten of ’em picking up all the crap that was lying around, they did a pretty good job. Because of that, we had to head to the very back of the school grounds, which bordered on about 15 acres of undeveloped woods. It was a good quarter-mile hike, and with the temperatures in the 90’s, both of us were sweating a little bit even though we were dressed for the weather.

At the edge of the woods there was still some trash to be picked up, blown there by the wind. She got to work, walking around, stooping over, and putting the junk into the plastic bag. I enjoyed watching her, that’s for sure. Her tits bobbed up and down, and when she bent over, her ass practically begged to be grabbed. The shorts were so tight that there was a hint of camel toe in the crotch. It was, shall I say, a stimulating sight.

After a while, it hit me. She was posing for me as she picked up the trash, making sure her big tits bobbed, sticking her ass out provocatively. She was trying to bait me. I was doing my best not to rise to the level of her challenge. It was hard, literally. And she noticed that when she was looking over her shoulder at me as she bent to pick up a stray water bottle.

That’s when she stood up and walked into the woods. I followed her, wondering what the hell she was up to. She stopped after going about 30 yards. We could no longer see the school building through the trees. “What do you think you’re doing, Kat?” I asked her.

“There’s trash here, Mr. Spears,” she answered. “See?” She bent over and picked something up, and held it out. It was a used condom.

“What the hell?”

“You didn’t know about this area, Mr. Spears?”

“No. It’s not actually part of the school grounds.”

She Bycasino giriş smiled. “I know. This is where kids sneak off to when they can during school. It can be a lot of fun.” She smiled at me again, and licked her lips. “I’ve been watching you while I pick up the trash, Mr. Spears. You keep staring at my ass when I’m bent over, and at my tits when I’m not.”

I didn’t say anything, just looked at her. She walked toward me. “I know what you want to do Mr. Spears. Here’s your chance.” She dropped the bag, reached out and grabbed my hands, and put them on her tits. “You want to touch me, don’t you?” She pressed on my thumbs, rubbing them over her erect nipples. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

I was screwed. There were no witnesses. We were in the woods behind the school, all alone. She could really fuck up my life, get me fired or worse, if she wanted to. She could accuse me of all kinds of things and I would have absolutely no defense. There was only one thing to do. Go with it.

“Yeah, Kat that feels good.” Then I smiled. I pulled my hands away from the front of her shirt and peeled it off of her in one quick motion. Her tits bobbed as she raised her arms and I completed the task of getting her half-naked. “You know what? This is even better.”

I put my hands back on her tits and rubbed the nipples with my thumbs. The skin-to-skin contact made her let out a little moan. That’s when I bent forward and took her right nipple into my mouth and began sucking and caressing it with my tongue. After about ten seconds, I switched breasts and repeated it with her left nipple. She moaned again and put her hands on the back of my head.

“Oh my god, Mr. Spears,” she muttered. She exhaled loudly. “Yes. Suck on my big boobs.”

Who was I to say no? I cupped her heavy breasts in my hands and continued to enjoy the taste of her tits. Those who say more than a mouthful is a waste have no idea what they’re missing. Then, with no warning, she pushed my head away.

“Take your shirt off, Mr. Spears.” I peeled it off quickly. “Do you know why I was late this morning?”

“Tell me.”

“Remember Mandy Cummings?”

“The blonde that graduated three years ago? She got married right out of school to a kid that went into the Army.”

“She’s divorced now. She caught him fucking someone else and dumped his ass. I was over at her house last night, partying after the graduation ceremony.”


“Just in case you didn’t know, she’s not a real blonde. The carpet and drapes don’t match. I spent the night confirming that.” She gave me a sexy smile.

“Holy shit.”

“That doesn’t mean I play for the other team. I was just bored and she’s pretty hot looking. It was fun, but even though she’s pretty good at eating pussy, it left me horny. I need a dick, and I need it bad.”

That’s when she dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts and underwear in one swift move. My cock bounced free and smacked her in the chin. Her eyes went wide. “Holy shit, Mr. Spears. That’s big.”

I’m not that big, just a little on the big side of average; about seven inches long with a little more girth than normal. Any bigger might be too big for most women. I’ve never had any complaints, either way. She wasn’t complaining either. In fact, without another word, she opened her mouth and started giving me a blowjob.

And it was a good blowjob. It was obvious that she’d had plenty of practice. She did the tongue swirl, the head bob, the underside shaft lick, all the moves that experienced Bycasino güncel giriş blowjob queens use to make it a heady experience, if you will. And from the little humming noises she was making, she was enjoying every minute of having my dick in her mouth.

Hell, so was I. The humming was part of it too, the vibrations felt exquisite along the bottom of my shaft. When things started to get really going, I was the one that surprised her as I pushed her head away from my crotch. “My turn,” I said.

She didn’t argue. As she lay down in the clearing, she skinned out her shorts and panties in one motion and tossed them aside as she pulled her knees back and spread her legs. Her pussy was nicely groomed, trimmed down just like I like it. The lips were already darker pink, obviously engorged and glistening wet with her arousal.

The fact that she’d spent the night getting eaten out by another woman only added to my excitement. I began to lick her slit in an up and down motion, making sure I hit her clit on both the upstroke and the downstroke. “Yessss,” she hissed, “eat me Mr. Spears.”

She tasted good. And she was definitely into it, grabbing the back of my head and pushing me deeper into her crotch. I slid my tongue deep as I could into her pussy and began to tongue-fuck her in earnest. Her breathing quickened and then she let out a small cry as I felt her hit a peak and begin to cum. Her juiced flowed over my face as she shook.

After she stopped with the shaking, I got into a kneeling position between her thighs, my cock sticking straight out, pointed at her sopping puss. “Ready to fuck, Kat?”

“Hell, yes. Now!”

As the old saying starts, in for a penny. Well, she was in for a pound(ing). My dick slid into her, but not all the way. Wet as she was, her pussy was still super-tight, so it took a few strokes to get all the way in. But after about six or seven thrusts, I was balls deep, going at a slow, steady pace. No sense in rushing this one. It felt too damn good inside her tight 18-year old pussy.

“Oh you’re deep, Mr. Spears,” she said. She began bucking to meet my thrusts, going “fuck, fuck, fuck,” in time to the fucking. I sped up, and then I went over the edge at about the same time she hit her second orgasm of the session.

It had been a long time since I came that much. Maybe it was the fact I was fucking a semi-former student. Maybe because we were outdoors. Maybe it was because she was so tight and wet and enthusiastic. Maybe it was because I knew she could run me out of town if she wanted to blackmail me. Whatever the case, I pumped so much jizz into her pussy it spilled out of the sides. And I think she came so hard herself that she squirted. It’s all still kind of a blur, to be honest.

All I know is that when I finally came back to my senses, I was no longer inside her. In fact, she was standing up and getting dressed. She already had her shirt and panties on, and was slipping on her shorts. A little trickle of cum ran down her leg. She saw it and used her index finger to wipe it up, then stuck her finger in her mouth. “Yum.”

All I could do is lay there and catch my breath. She smiled at me. “Mr. Spears, that was an amazing fuck. But you know what? I think I’m done picking up trash. Right?”

“Yeah. You did your punishment duty. In fact, you did it perfect.”

“Damn right I did. And I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

“About your diploma….” She cut me off.

“Tell you what. Bring my diploma by my trailer in about two hours. We can discuss things again. I’d really like that.”

“So would I.”

“See you then.” She started to walk away, then turned back and smiled. “You can give me another graduation present.”

Being an assistant principal is sure a tough job. But it does have its perks. Yes, indeed.