Winter Wonderland

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It was midwinter, and my best friend and I decided to take a weekend trip to my family’s cabin in the mountains with our significant others. It was a long weekend, and none of us had Friday classes, so we figured if we took off on Thursday afternoon we could get back on Monday night. Thus, none of us would miss any classes, and we would have a cozy, romantic weekend full of cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and, of course, lots of sex on the bear skin rug in front of the fire. Yes, we really have a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace in our Great Room. It has seen a lot of action, too.

My current flame, John, had never been to the cabin, since we had only been dating for a month. My best friend, Neil’s girlfriend, Sheila had been to the cabin the past summer for the annual Fourth of July party and had been shocked at the displays of hedonism. That was what the fights she kept having with him were all about; he wanted her to be more open minded, and she was afraid of what he had done before she came along. She was also really afraid of me and what kind of “influence” I was.

Stupidly, Sheila gave Neil an ultimatum on Wednesday night, as they fought over the upcoming weekend. She told him that she did not want to go to the cabin, and he replied that he did. She told him that I was a bad influence on him, and at that, he laughed. She then told him that he had to choose between us, and he did. He chose me. He left her apartment and never looked back. After all, was he going to choose the girlfriend he had known for less than a year, or the best friend he had grown up with?

Unfortunately, this meant he did not have a date for the weekend. I tried to set him up with a couple of my friends, but they had made plans already, since I did not hear about the break up until Thursday morning.

I convinced Neil to come with us anyway. At least he could join in the daytime activities, and John and I would be careful not to rub our nocturnal fun in his face. The cabin is, after all, rather large.

Getting up there was rather involved. It was about two and a half hours of driving, then finding a place to park the truck we had to use because of the snow, and finally riding the snowmobiles we had towed up there for another half hour until we got to the cabin. To say it was remote was an understatement.

The only entry to the cabin at this time of year was on the second floor because the snow was so deep. There was a covered port for the vehicles next to the house that was built with this in mind.

We entered the freezing cabin and then we each took off for our different tasks. John was to bring in our bags from the vehicles, and Neil was to start a fire in the Great Room. I headed for the back porch by the kitchen to start the generator. After I got that going, I could cook some dinner.

It was dark, and we were all making our way by flashlight, so when I suddenly felt someone come up behind me and grab me around the waist. I wasn’t sure who it was and I reached my hand up to the top of his head and felt Neil’s slightly spiky hair.

“Hey, buddy, got the fire going already?” I asked. It was pre-laid; all he’d had to do was strike a match.

John, being unfamiliar with the layout of the cabin, had not found his way to the kitchen yet,

“You want to start the generator so we can have some light around here?” I asked with Neil’s arms still around me playfully. I had managed to get it ready to start, but sometimes when it was this cold it liked a kick or two.

“Come on, beg me, baby.” Neil laughed.

“Oh, baby. Please. Start my engine. Fire me up. Do me good!” I joked, turning and pressing into his tall, lean body.

Suddenly I looked over his shoulder and saw John standing there, one eyebrow cocked, obviously having caught our exchange.

“I can come back later, if you two want to finish,” he quipped.

I stepped out of Neil’s arms and grabbed John’s hand. “No way, lover, I want you both.” I giggled, and drew him further into the room. “Besides, once lazy butt over here,” I kicked Neil gently in the offending area, “gets the generator started, this will be the warmest room in the house for a while.”

“Well it wouldn’t be the warmest room in the house for long if some lazy butt,” Neil slapped my ass harder than I had kicked him, “had lit the stove in the kitchen while passing through.”

I stuck out my tongue at him. “Didn’t want to do it in the dark.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot, you like the lights on when you do it,” he made the most of the double entendre, then turned and with one pull started the generator.

The night lights through the house that were there to tell us whether the generator power was working flickered and stayed on. I turned and flounced into the kitchen, grumbling about cheaters and how I had warmed the machine up for him and various things like that until I was out of earshot.

Truthfully, I had always been a little afraid of the large propane stove that we used for heating as Escort bayan well as for cooking. You had to light it by hand, and if you let it run too long you could end up getting your eyebrows singed, much like you can with a barbecue. I turned on the lights in the kitchen to see what I was doing, and turned the knob to LIGHT. I was getting ready to strike the match, when Neil pushed me aside; telling me that this was man’s work and proceeded to light it himself.

It was a good thing he did, because he got singed a bit.

We sat in the shuttered kitchen, listening to the faint hum of the generator and the stillness all around that told us we were the only people for miles, relaxing for a moment.

Finally, I looked at the boys and asked them what they wanted for dinner.

“STEAK!” they cried in unison.

“Will that be elk, moose, cow or buffalo steak?” I replied, grinning.

“When did you get buffalo in?” asked Neil suspiciously.

“Last Fall when we were stocking up. Our neighbor bought a whole buffalo and we bought a quarter of it from him. Half of it is jerky, half of it steaks, and a good portion of it lives up here now.”

“Just how often does your family come up here?” asked John.

“As a family we don’t drive up all that often. We are more likely to go someplace with Room Service because of my mom. We have had a few family gatherings here. My dad comes up here with his hunting parties or business associates, my brother brings the football team up here, my mom avoids it like the plague, my cousins have use of it if they need it, and we have the cleaning service that comes in whenever we need it to. Like, after my brother and the boys come up here, the cleaning crew comes up and stays a couple of days. Back to the subject, guys, what do you want to eat?” I emphasized the last few words by doing sign language.



Again, they spoke in unison and I was too ashamed to admit that I couldn’t tell who wanted which steak. I figured I would figure it out when I put the plates on the table.

I sent Neil down do get a bottle of wine in our well insulated cellar, and began cooking our meal. The steaks turned out juicy and delicious, and were perfectly complemented by the red wine Neil chose. I recovered from my faux pas by saying that I had forgotten who had ordered which steak and held up the plates so they could grab their own.

All went well until after dinner, when we retired to the great room to sit by the fire. We had opened a second bottle of wine and were all feeling quite mellow by then. I was sitting between the two men, who I was rapidly coming to think of more and more as my boys, when suddenly John popped the question. No, not THAT question, just the very loaded question that started the whole weekend off in a whole different direction than we ever expected.

“So, Neil, you and Renee have been friends for like 10 years now?”

Neil and I nodded.

“And you have never had sex with each other?”

We shook our heads.

“Why not, I mean, Renee is HOT. And if you have known her that long, you have to know that she is a wild thing in the sack,”

John looked at me, “I mean, if you had made moves and been rejected, I would understand, but to have all this,” he gestured at me “and her personality, too, and just sit back and never make a move– Dude, are you a moron?”

I blushed, while John just looked expectantly at Neil.

“Sounds like you want me to make a move on your girl, there, John.”

“Well, first of all, I am asking about the past, and second of all, Nee is not my girl. She will never BELONG to anyone. I happen to be her primary lover right now, and for that privilege I am grateful, but she is not the type to ever be anyone’s girl.”

I smiled, though I was blushing furiously at this point, and linked hands with him, glad that he understood me well enough to understand that without freedom I would suffocate.

“So if I made a move you wouldn’t be mad?”

“No, not really. I don’t see where I have the right to be mad.”

“Good to know,” Neil replied.

“Back to my question,” John prompted.

“Ah, I thought I had distracted you. You are just too sharp for me, I guess.” “When we met, Renee and I were ten,” he continued. “We were still marginally in the ‘I hate boys/ I hate girls’ age group, but both of us had grown out of it and definitely thought the other sex was interesting. Come to think of it Renee, was there ever a time when you didn’t find boys fascinating?”

I shook my head adamantly, no.

“That’s what I thought.” he continued. “So, being the only ones in our age group of opposite sex who would talk to each other, let alone touch each other, since the whole ‘cootie’ thing was an issue, we soon became friends.”

“Of course, you realize that sex was really not an issue until we got into high school. I mean, some kids in middle school sucked each other off,” I hung my head, guiltily, as he gestured Bayan escort in my direction, “but I was totally oblivious to the whole sex thing until I made it on the high school basketball team, and the cheerleaders started paying attention to me. I mean, here I was a freshman, and I was starting. The cheerleaders all thought I was cute, but in more of a malicious way than an ‘I want to date him’ way. Renee saw what was going on, and how they loved to tease me. They would rub their tight little bodies up against me between periods until I had a hard on, then let me go to class with blue balls. She figured I needed a little education.”

“She took me aside one weekend and showed me how to get them back. She showed me exactly which buttons to push. Monday morning the head cheerleader walked up to me and stuck her ass in my crotch, so I reached under it and stuck my hand under her trunks. I got her right in her hole, found her clit with my forefinger, and I just held her still and wiggled my fingers.”

Neil held up his hand, showing John his big hand and long fingers, perfect for palming a basket ball– or for finger fucking.

“She came in about thirty seconds flat. I had to wash my hands before class because her scent was all over me, but I didn’t have to deal with blue balls. From then on, I pretty much always have had a girlfriend. Word gets around I guess.”

John raised his hand, interrupting the narrative for a moment. “So, exactly how did Renee show you which buttons to push? Was it on herself, or a life size model, or with a copy of Gray’s Anatomy?”

I slapped his knee. “John, he was a total virgin. Like, I would have shown him on me! Sure, I had a book. I don’t even remember what it was called. I gave it to him. Maybe it was ‘Sex for Dummies’ or something like that. Anyway, it told him where the clit and the G Spot are, as well as some other interesting facts that, judging from the rumors, he has made good use of over the past few years.”

“Anyway,” Neil continued, “I guess the short answer to your question, John, is that, since she helped me out with those first few pointers, one or the other or both of us have always been committed. I know she is great, and I am sure that the sex would be incredible, but what do you do when there are other people involved? Besides, it might ruin a great friendship.”

“As far as the other people, invite them to join! God, how long have you known this woman? Also, maybe it would put strain on your friendship. Maybe it would make it better, though,” John replied.

“John, Dear, I think you are beginning to shock my poor dear Neil. I don’t think he has ever been in an MMF before. You HAVE been in an FFM, haven’t you?”

“Um, yeah, a few, but now you want…” he looked at John, then at me, not believing what he was being offered.

“Neil, honestly, this is John’s idea. Now that he has shared it, I kind of like it, but he came up with it all on his own. If you are uncomfortable, no worries, we will leave you alone. Won’t we John?” I looked at him, nodding, to get a similar response from him.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to cause trouble in paradise. I’ll just go ahead to bed and if either or both of you decide to join me I’ll count myself lucky.”

When both Neil and I looked at him quizzically he re-thought what he had just said and said, “Yeah uh, Neil, you are only invited if Renee comes with you. I am open-minded, but I have my limits.”

I laughed as John made a hasty exit, and then turned to face Neil.

“Well, this kind of came out of the blue. I mean I have always been attracted to you on various levels, but to tell you the truth I never really thought I was your type Neil.”

“Come one, Renee, you’re sexy as hell, have an incredible body, and an inventive mind and you’re not afraid of your own sexuality; what man wouldn’t be attracted to you?”

“I don’t know. Honestly I have never really had to think about it. Men are pretty much always there, women too if I want them. I have never thought of how to attract one.”

“You make me sick, you know that?” Neil laughed. “You seriously have never had to chase a man?”

“I just thought you knew that. When I told you that I told you everything, I was telling the truth. Except for some of the details of my sex-capades, because I thought you would be uncomfortable. But when I have gone from one guy to the next, I didn’t leave anything out.”

“Wow, Nee. You are amazing. But someday it’s all going to catch up with you. You are going to fall for someone hard, and he will hurt you or not want you or something. Nobody can go through their entire life without their share of heartbreak.”

“Granted, now what are we going to do about the rest of this weekend? I don’t know if I will feel right going about my plans for having tons of wild sex on the bearskin rug with John now that we have…” I trailed off, gesturing helplessly.

“Now that we have figured out that we have ‘the wild, wild lust’ for each other?” Escort Neil smiled.

“Exactly,” I offered, “what do we do about this?”

“I am not so sure we can do anything about it this weekend. I am not exactly game for a threesome, and I wouldn’t feel right moving in on John’s turf when he was the one who knocked us upside the head.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, isn’t there Neil? If you and I get together that would in no way move in on John’s turf. Insatiable is my middle name, honey.”

“Oh. And here all these years I thought it was Dawn.”

Neil drained his wine glass and put it down, then took mine and set it next to his. He then leaned in for our first kiss ever. It was soft and sweet and tasted faintly of wine and the chocolate we had eaten after dinner. Slowly he pressed me back on the couch, deepening the kisses we were sharing as he did.

Body to body, Neil and I enjoyed some heavy making out as we explored each other, running fingers through each others’ hair, stroking each other and generally acting like teenagers. We weren’t far from being teenagers, so I guess the comparison is somewhat apt. I could feel his hardening cock under his jeans and I slipped a hand between us to fondle him through his jeans. He moaned into my mouth, and then sat up.

“Neil? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing except that I don’t think I can do all the things I want to do to you on this couch. We are going to need to bank the fire and go up to one of those cold rooms and start over.”

“Oh, no we aren’t.” I sat up and bit him gently on the neck just above where his soft sweater’s crew neck hit him. “Remember what I said about the bearskin rug?”

We both looked down at the large brown bearskin lying in front of us, soft and inviting but with a wildness to it at the same time.

I knelt on the rug and looked at him, expectantly. Neil slipped off the couch and knelt opposite me. We kissed again, letting our hands wander freely. I pushed mine up under his sweater, feeling his long, lean, defined muscles. He was not gym fit, but active fit. He played basketball and various other sports and as a result his arms and chest were very tight, as well as his legs and ass. His skin was soft under my hands, since he was not a hairy man. I swept my hands gently down to his stomach, where a trail of hair started, leading into his jeans.

I broke off kissing him long enough to strip his sweater over his head, and then continued feeling his soft skin with the hard muscle underneath. He had been tangling his fists in my hair, but when I stripped him of his sweater he took the opportunity to do the same for me. He looked appreciatively at my 40DD breasts and lacy bra. He brought his hands up to cup my breasts commenting that at last he had found someone large enough to fill his large hands.

I looked down and, sure enough, my breasts filled his large hands. He used the break from kissing to start kissing and nibbling my neck. He also massaged my nipples at the same time, sending thrills down my spine and into my belly. I tilted my head to give him better access to my neck and began fumbling at the button to his jeans. I got it open and, unzipping him, yanked his pants and briefs down to his knees.

At this point I wrapped my right hand around his hard shaft and leaned in close to him. I was enjoying very much the attention he was paying my neck and my breasts, and could tell he liked the attention I was giving to his cock. My nipples pulled free of the lace of my bra and finally he reached around behind me to unsnap the clasp, letting my breasts fall free. He then kissed his way to one nipple, then the other, sucking on my nipples alternately while he teased the other with his fingers. With his other hand he began to caress me between my legs. My panties and jeans were already damp, and as he rubbed they grew even wetter.

As I slowly stroked his cock, Neil unfastened my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. He pushed those long fingers under my moist panties and put two of them in my steaming hot cunt, while his thumb searched for and found my clit, much as he had done for his cheerleader friend years ago at my urging. I had never realized just how long those fingers were until that moment. This man had some reach. His thumb brushed my clit as he moved his fingers, fucking me with two, then slipping in a third.

“Wow, you got good at that!” I gasped, beginning to ride his fingers to orgasm.

He looked up at me and smiled. “Well I had to. The cheerleaders passed me around like a pet through 4 years of high school, and I had to do something while my dick recovered. Teenage girls can be insatiable!”

“You ain’t seen insatiable yet, babe.”

I threw my head back and moaned as he threw in a stirring motion that stimulated me incredibly. His thumb began moving quicker and quicker until it was flying over my clit, and he began sucking on my tits more strongly. I let go with an orgasm that left me too wobbly to even kneel on my own. Neil slowed his fingers and took his thumb off my clit so that I could recover. As I clung to him he gently guided me until I was lying down facing him. Quickly stripping off our clothing, I pushed him over onto his back.

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